Karl Vs. Lester


Karl led the two younger muscle bulls out into the work yard at the back of the warehouse gym. The yard used to be the loading area for the old warehouse. It was half littered up with old scrap metal, tires, and other debris. There was an old pickup truck in the back, with the bed overloaded with cinder blocks. Karl leaned over and picked up what looked like an empty beer keg. He turned toward Lester and said, "Think fast, boy," and hurled the keg like he was throwing a basketball into play. Lester's reaction was fast, and he caught the keg as it flew toward him, but was taken back by the weight of it. It threw him off-balance and knocked him back against the warehouse wall. "Ah," said Karl, " forgot to mention that I'd filled the thing with buckshot." Lester hoisted the keg in his arms and realized that it had to weigh about 500lbs. This pissed Lester off. It was time to show this old dude some power. He put one hand on each end of the keg and started to press. The striations on his soccer ball-sized delts began to explode. He pushed and pushed, the veins on his 24" neck popping out thick. The keg slowly began to give. Lester snarled as he felt the metal crunching, and he pressed harder. The keg began to crumple in like an accordion, the pressure of Lester's arms growing stronger and stronger. As the keg got smaller, the buckshot inside began to compress into a ball. Lester leaned into it and pressed harder, his monstrous chest swelling from exertion, crushing the metal down and down, folding it in upon itself. He shifted it around and around, smashing it into a balled up shape. Then he pressed some more, using his hands like a metal compactor, until the keg was reduced to the size of a basketball, with the buckshot inside one solid lump of lead, the hardness of a cannonball. "Think fast yourself, old man," said Lester, firing the wadded metal directly at Karl like a missile. Karl didn't put up his hands. He let the balled up keg hit him dead-center of his gut. It smacked into him hard, then plopped to the ground. Lester and Mikey looked down at it. The side that had hit Karl's abs was flattened out from the impact. Karl swiped off his thick hairy 8 pack with his fingertips. "Not bad, boy, not bad at all. Now how about this?" And Karl leaned over, and picked up the wadded metal ball with one hand. He squeezed his fingers into the metal, improving his grip. Then he took a wide sidewinder toss, and hurled the crushed keg like a rocket into the fourth floor of the warehouse, embedding it 12 inches into the wall. Then he picked up a tractor tire and tossed it at Lester like a frisbee. Again, the surprising weight of the tire hit Lester hard, this time knocking him clear off his feet and sending him back into the side of the warehouse wall with a thud. "Sonofabitchh," growled the stunned Lester. He reached down and grabbed the thick rubber with two hands. He gripped the edge of the tire hard, and began to pull. The thick hard rubber of the tire began to curl up and stretch. Lester's intense hand strength tore into the tire, ripping it apart as his huge forearms twisted with muscle. As he ripped the tire open, he could see that something filled the tire up. "Ah," said Karl. "Did I fill that thing up with concrete?" Lester ripped the tire rubber apart, and exposed the concrete ring that had hardened inside it. He slid his arm into the ring and wedged it between his forearm and biceps. Then, staring directly at Karl, he brought his arm up slow and hard. As he pressed against it with his meaty forearm, his huge biceps balled up against the other side of the ring. There was a giant CRACK as the concrete gave under the pressure of Lester's mighty arm strength. Lester crushed his way through the ring until it crumbled apart and fell to the ground, looking like a massive nose ring. "How'd that feel, sonny?" asked Karl. Lester was raging with the best pump he'd ever felt. Part of him wanted to tear into Karl right then and there, but the other part was so turned on by his own feeling of strength and power. He flexed up his arm, all ruddy from blasting thru the concrete, and watched as it rose up into a freaky peak. His cock got hard from the sight of it, and the feeling of power. Karl laughed. "Yeah, I thought so. Now let's try something else. Mikey, come over here." Mikey followed Karl over to the pickup truck. Near the bumper on the back end, Karl had bolted two handles, one on each side. The cinder blocks in the bed were piled up higher than the cab. Had to be 400 of them. "See how many deads you can do with this baby, goodlookin'," said Karl. Mikey grabbed hold of the handles, and gripped them tight. He pulled himself in closer to the back end of the truck. He pulled up. The truck's back tires slowly left the ground. Mikey crunched up his big traps and pulled it higher. Then he lowered it slowly, and without letting it touch, lifted again. And again. Over and over, slow powerful reps as he deadlifted the back of the truck, his back muscles heaving and rolling. Thickening. His knuckles whitened from the grip, and his fingers were on fire, but he muscled out 20 reps before dropping the truck back to the ground. He stepped back, dizzy, but totally jacked up. Arms jutting out to his side, back hulking out like an ox. "You like that, Mikey?" asked Karl. "Fuck," was all Mikey could muster. "Yeh, thought so." Lester strutted up. "My turn," he said, and grabbed the handles. He hit it hard and fast, pumping out rep after rep, determined to outdo Mikey. The cinder blocks bounced up and down as he jacked the back of the truck with all his strength. By his sixteenth rep, he was steaming with sweat, and slowing down. Veins were snaking across his back as he grunted out 17 and 18. He powered up number 19 and held it at the top, his giant traps burning like a blowtorch was on them. He gritted out the 20th with sheer will power. He started for number 21, and was halfway up, when his grip slipped from all the sweat that was pouring off him in buckets. The truck crashed down to the ground, its shocks busted out by the force. "FUCK," said Lester, pissed at his tie with Mikey. Karl laughed, then stepped up to the truck. Lester and Mikey both looked on, anxious to see how many deads the old fucker could pump out. They were puzzled when Karl put an underhand grip on only one of the handles. They were stunned when Karl smirked at both of them and slowly began to curl the truck off the ground. "jeeezus," said Mikey, as Karl repped out one after the other. When he hit 30 reps, he stopped, lowered the truck, and switched arms. After another 30 with that arm, he stops. "Not bad for a warm up," he says, flexing out his arms. The muscle piled on top of muscle. As he flexed into a hard double bi, he said, "Why don't you boys try to unflex these suckers?" Mikey and Lester moved quickly to each side of Karl, both aching to test out the strength of this freaky old dude. They grabbed onto his wrists and began to pull. "Ah, yehh," said Karl, as he felt the two younger muscledheads pouring on the power. His nostrils flared out as he battled against them, his arms shaking and bulging. Lester and Mikey dug their feet into the ground and leaned back hard , pullling on Karl's huge guns. Suddenly, they felt Karl's arms moving downward. Psyched, they pulled harder, and Karl's arms stretched downward even more. They poured on all the power they could, till Karl's arms were fully outstretched. "Nice job, boys, feels so good," grunted Karl. Then he began to pull his arms upward again. The two younger dudes were stunned as they felt the old man powering them up. Their feet slid across the ground as his arms went up higher and higher, to a full flex. Lester had had enough of this bullshit, getting beat out by an old muscledude like this. He looked at Mikey and nodded toward Karl's back, then switched pulling Karl's arm downward, to behind his back. Mikey caught what he was doing, and twisted back on Karl's arm too. The young bulls, taking Karl by surprise, managed to muscle his huge arms behind his back, pinning them with a leverage advantage. Lester jacked Karl's arm up as high as he could, trying to register some pain. "Oh," said Karl, "you boys better hope you can hold me." WIth that, he began to muscle out of the hold, slowly powering his arms from behind his back, as the two big muscleheads tried in vain to hold him back. He pulled them up in front of him, securing them like two misbehaving schoolboys. "Now, smartass," Karl said to Lester, "you and I are going to wrestle for top." Mikey couldn't believe the size on Karl. He looked like he'd been inflated with a tire pump. He'd outmuscled them both. Then Mikey realized that his own muscle was pumped up beyond anything he'd ever felt. He and Karl looked like those steers he had seen, the ones who didn't have the gene to produce myostatin, so their muscle just kept growing. Something in Karl's protein shakes must have turned that off for them too. Mikey had only been using the shakes for a few weeks, and already felt it deep. Who knew how long Karl been using it. His strength was superhuman. He had muscle piled on top of muscle, and so dense it looked like bullets would bounce off him. He was going to trounce Lester. Although, no one had told Lester that yet. He was grinning ear to ear at the thought of mixing it up with the old man. Lester had been honing his fighting skills in prison, taking every opportunity he had to take on roided-up cons, bikers, thieves, rapists. He'd fought over 200 men, and beaten every one...with ease. Sometimes he took on two or three at a time, just for kicks. He looked at Karl as another potential victory. Mikey stepped back, and allowed the two huge brutes to size each other up. It didn't take long though, as they tangled up fast, slamming together like rams, two freaky super heavyweight rams. They muscled each other around the yard, knocking each other down, rolling in the dirt. Grunting and punching. Punches that would dent a bank vault. Lester slapped hold after hold on the older man, but every time, Karl muscled his way out, and landed some more punches. Mikey watched as the two alpha steers grappled and rolled, vying for control. Over 800lbs of beef, battling it out. Sometimes, the rolling heap of them would come to a stop, so entangled that Mikey had a hard time telling whose muscle was whose. Then they'd roll and punch some more. One time, Lester threw a full-force punch that landed right in Karl's groin. Karl shoved Lester off of him and stood. "You wanna fight dirty, boy, you gotta do better than that. These huge balls are made of fucking steel." Karl cupped his cue-ball sized balls in his hands and rolled them around. Then he grabbed Lester's arm and got him into a behind-the-back arm bar, just like the boys had done to him earlier. In retaliation, Karl wrenched Lester's elbow up so hard, he lifted him off the ground. "How's that boy, you like how that feels?" Karl asked him. Lester responded with angry grunts. "Yeh, that's what I thought," said Karl, jacking Lester's arm even harder. Then he pinned Lester against the wall, put one hand against his shoulder blade, and pushed even harder on his elbow. Lester's shoulder popped out of joint, his thick muscle muffling the sound, but they all heard it. Lester choked down a scream, refusing to holler out in pain. Karl let him go and pushed off of him, an evil grin on his face. Lester turned toward him, glowering. He turned and looked at his dislocated shoulder. He contracted his arm and shoulder muscles, and through sheer force of will, and brutal strength, forced his bone to pop back into place with a sick thump. His eyes glazed over with pain, but quickly cleared. He looked back at Karl "Pretty impressive, Les," said Karl, his cock swelling. "Now it's time to end this." The two big bulls went at it again, until, finally, Karl got Lester pinned underneath him. He got his forearm on Lester's neck, and ground his weight and strength into him. Lester's face was pinned into the dirt, his huffing stirring up clouds of dust. "Give, boy," Karl said. "Fuck you, grandpa," Lester snorted through the dirt. "That's not how it's going down tonight, sonny," said Karl, pushing into Lester even harder. "I'll fucking kill you," spat out Lester. "You and what army, lightweight?" said Karl, crushing into Lester's windpipe with his steel-hard arm. "fuckk," sputtered Lester. "That's right, Les, that's exactly right. Mikey, go get the Crisco." Mikey went into the gym. Karl leaned into Lester's ear and said, "Just tell me how badly you want it, boy, cause I know you do." Karl felt Lester's struggles subside. "fuckk," said Lester. "Yeah, that's right," said Karl, running his fingers along Lester's sweaty back, then working his hand into Lester's deep crack, using Lester's own sweat to lube him. Lester's heavy glutes twitched as Karl worked his way deeper. "Yeah, that's it boy, Grandpa's gonna take you on a trip you will never forget." Karl ground his big cock against Lester's backside. Then he shoved two of his fingers into Lester's hole. Lester's sphincter clamped down around the big digits. "Ohh yeh, you are tight," said Karl. "I knew you would be. Papi's got to loosen this virgin hole up for his big meat." Meanwhile, inside the gym, Mikey had found the big can of Crisco. Before going back out, he scooped out a big handful and greased up his own hardon. Felt so goddam good, he rubbed the grease all over his huge chest. Then his abs. Then his quads, groping himself up, getting off on his own size. He looked at himself in the mirror. Ah yeh, he thought, so goddam huge. Big as Ruhl. No, bigger. He hit a most-muscular, and watched as his traps climbed up behind his ears. His neck a 26" column of muscle. His humongous delts swelling. His body heat making the grease melt and drip off him. The young freak in the mirror flexed his arms into a double bi, and squeezed them hard. The peaks just kept rising and rising, till he could touch the tip with the fingers of the same arm. The sight of the massive blond musclehead slathered with grease, swollen with size, getting into his own muscle, made the guys working out in the gym cum right in their shorts. At the sound of their groans, Mikey shook himself out of his self-worship, and headed back out to the yard. He tossed the can to Karl, who caught it in one hand. Scooping out twice as much as Mikey had used, he slammed it into Lester's crack. He worked it in deep, and now, Lester was grunting with pleasure. He'd never felt anything as good as Karl's thick fingers working him. Lester gave himself over to Karl's powerful hands. Karl greased up his cock, coating his fist-sized head with the slippery paste. Then he sank into Lester's gluteal fold. Six inches into it, he finally found the bud, and popped himself inside. Lester's muscle reflexively clamped around Karl's meat, and both men groaned. Karl rode Lester slow at first, then picked up speed, like a locomotive. Soon he was arching himself into Lester hard and deep, with a force that would have cracked a smaller man's pelvis into a hundred fragments. There were grunts and groans of animal lust from both muscle monsters. Mikey could have popped one out with his eyes shut, just from the sounds and smells coming from the two men. Karl saw him watching, and said to him, "Cum on me, boy." Mikey stepped over to them, and jacked his greased up pole until he came all over Karl's back. Rope after rope of his hot batch splattering the massive back of the older powerhouse. "Ah, Fuck Yeh," Karl roared, as he unloaded inside of Lester, who pushed up with all his might, lifting them both off the ground. Lester could feel Karl's power inside him, spewing buckets of spunk into him. He milked Karl's cock with his massive glutes, draining every quart out of him. Karl continued to pump and rub against Lester's prostate, until Lester blew so hard that his spray flew right past his head and splattered against the warehouse wall. No one spoke for several minutes. Karl finally slid himself out of Lester, and rolled off him, landing on his back with a thump. "Anyone wanna eat before round 2?" said Karl. "Hell yeah," answered both muscleheads at the same time. The three freaks all headed for the gym, eager for a feeding. •

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