Natural Selection


By John

The end of our story but does Mother Natural also intend for this to be the end of this stunning muscle-civilization. Note: this tale involves man-to man sexual situations. If this is not to your liking, please do not read it otherwise, I hope you enjoy this tale.

"I will stay for as long as you will have me, Darat and Bara." I pronounced boldly. "You have made me feel more welcome here than you can imagine and, in truth, without Akar, I have no place else I want to go. I would be honored to serve you and your people in what ever way I can."

Darat's well-muscled arms enveloped me in a huge embrace that transcended the traditional shoulder hug. As he hugged me, he leaned in to whisper his next comment.

"I knew of your love for Akar." Darat surprised me with his candor. "As I knew of Fon and Samut. It was the same for Paro and his Matching Partner. Alas, it was Paro's Partner who was elevated to Supreme Picking by the Travelers as they passed by the villages to the north."

Speaking more loudly for Bara's sake, Darat continued. "The Guardian and I will be returning to our island and will send four more boats of men to you soon. Several selected Soft Ones will follow in the near future. For now, we need you, those here with you, and those to follow to set up a new order on this island."

We have come to respect your judgement, Mortumee," Bara added "and your wisdom to know what ideas may help us as we try to move forward toward a new balance and hope for our people."

And so it was that Darat left me with Bara, Paro, Tawn, Tawn's Matching Partner and the three others to begin a new secret enclave to help ensure the ultimate survival of this remarkable and physically stunning race. The two pairs of Priests and Elders took us up into the small island hills where they had an old temple site that was now rarely used and little known. This was to be our first "town". As one of my first suggestions, I recommended that we should work to integrate the various types of men within a village rather than remain apart. I felt this was important for now because of the need for all types of contributors to work more closely together. After much discussion and compromise, we agreed that this would be good provided that each class of men live in their own sections of each new village.

The two Elders immediately became our food gatherers. They teamed well spending the mornings fishing and the afternoons harvesting the plentiful fruits and roots that covered large areas of the island. They were gone from us for the better part of the day and slept in their own makeshift quarters at night. We could hear them discussing plans and procedures together well into the evenings and knew it was important for them to be by themselves as they pondered some of the issues we would all need to be considering as we moved forward.

For the rest of us, work on the new residences proceeded quickly and efficiently. The tremendous strength possessed by Paro, Tawn and his Matching Partner on their massive 400-pound bodies of pure muscle made the work almost too easy to accomplish. Entire main branches on huge trees were snapped free for use in hut building by the Pickings using only the stunning muscle of their gargantuan arms, shoulders, chests and upper backs. Watching their writhing back and shoulder muscles in action as they tensed into steel-like cables of striated meat to take on a leg-thick branch gave me an instant erection. It would take all my mental energies to keep from erupting with a geyser of cum as their 30" biceps and triceps became crystallized with vein- inscribed meat as the sound of the failing branch signaled their victory.

Fortunately, the endless heavy physical activity seemed to be a major stimulus for the three Pickings too as they seemed to be in an almost constant state of arousal. Their 14" to 15" cocks stood proudly anchored from their groins and I had no doubt that these massive man- weapons were probably stronger than the great tree branches being ripped from the trees. Their rigid cocks glowed with polished power as the blood pumped into their magnificent shafts through the surfaced netting of veining turned the stunning cock meat granite hard. On more than one occasion I saw the cantilevered projection of one wonderful cock or another being used as a third resting point upon which to cradle several huge branches for carrying to the location where they were needed.

Branch gathering on one day was followed by the smashing of great boulders into usable rocks to serve as leveling, foundations and cooking areas on the next day. Two and three foot diameter boulders of indeterminable weight were hoisted high overhead as I had seen Akar and Samut do in the deadly boulder field only to be smashed into a jumble of smaller pieces when slammed onto the ground. Three massive torsos and pairs of pillared legs grew insanely solid as the Pickings forced ton after ton of doomed boulders to succumb to their magnificent strength. My main job was to gather up these more-usable rocks and haul them to the expanding village site not far away. My personal task was not to shoot my aching load from watching their awesome muscles posing and flexing through their chores.

I did my best to keep up with my fellow Pickings using all the strength that my 300 pounds of contributing muscularity could provide. While my body was, indeed, much more massive and carved than it had been back in my world, it still could not and never would not compare to the 400-pound wonders that were my fellow Pickings. I was pleased that, more than once, one of the fantastically muscled Pickings would pause to complement my gleaming, hard muscle and size. If there was any animosity that Paro or Tawn had about my running away from them before, it was never made evident to me.

Even Bara and the other Priest shed their robes to join in with the laboring. Seeing the two Priests' fully disrobed with their colossal cocks swinging like great pendulums between their handsomely muscled legs was a vision of pure wonder. On occasion, their cocks would begin to grow as one stimulus or another triggered some sort of internal erotic reaction within them. As the Priest's cocks expanded when they worked, so did mine. Here I was, trapped between the 400- pound muscular brilliance of the Pickings and the two-foot long overwhelming cocks of the handsomely carved Priests. As we worked together, monstrously huge muscles and supremely magnificent cocks glistened everywhere around me.

From the beginning, we all worked in our separate groups using our natural skills to the best advantage of the whole. From that first day I was privileged to enjoy the awesome spectacle of the three Pickings toiling with their naked muscles being pumped to gloriously hardened proportions as they carried entire tree trunks and huge boulders. Knowing now that Paro was gay made my appreciation for his beautiful musculature all the more difficult to endure. Following a suggestion to me from Darat just before he left, I told Paro of our common sexual persuasion on our first night on the island. I also told him of my heartbreak over the loss of Akar and sorrow for his loss. Paro cried long and hard that night with his gargantuan muscles buried deep against my own pumped body.

With each passing day, we made tremendous progress. Within the course of the first week, we had enough huts constructed to be able to house ourselves in pairs along with the full contingent of men promised by Darat with two men per dwelling. Paro and I became closer and closer each day. I could not tell if there was a real attraction growing between us or if we were both looking to find a way to displace our feelings of loss in each other. As stunningly muscled and caring as Paro was toward me, I was still unable to forsake the memories of Akar for another man just yet. One evening Paro suggested that we share the same hut. I explained as openly and honestly as I could my need for time to get over Akar. Paro was wonderfully accepting and, in time, acknowledged that he, too, probably needed more time.

My head wound was healing with remarkable speed thanks in part to Bara. As a Priest, he told me that I would heal better if we returned to the cum-sharing ritual that we had used during the final weeks of Akar's training. Very early, before each days work, Bara would make his way to my hut where I was given the pleasure of enjoying his monstrously beautiful 24" cock and it's warm overflowing bounty of cum. The activity was presented and performed purely as the ritual that it was than as a sexual act. Still, working Bara's two-foot long rock-hard cock to heated orgasm with the wandering friction of my hands was as erotic as ever. His rigid, vein-encrusted cock felt like hot iron in my manipulating fingers as I drove it to its inevitable explosion of cup-filling cum.

I had come to appreciate the aesthetic beauty of Bara's body during our earlier sessions. Each morning, the first rays of the dawning sunlight painted their wonderful symphony of etching contours on his 22" arms and 55" chest. The crispness of Bara's waist made the two feet of cantilevered cock all the more marvelous to behold. After waiting the several minutes it took for his cock fountain to drain itself of his thick cum, Bara made me drink the entire overwhelming amount. I often needed to take several breaks in order to consume the whole offering of his liquid cream. None-the-less, the precious priestly man-juice did its job at both accelerating my recuperation and in favoring me with a renewed spurt of phenomenal muscle growth. After a week Bara announced that the ritual had completed all it needed to do with my head injury. In that time same time I could tell that several more inches and a good score of pounds of muscle had been added to my frame. I could also see that my own powerful cock was now rocking out at a stunning 13" or 14" from the reinforced muscle of my chiseled groin.

The two Elders rushed into our little community on the morning of tenth day to announce the sighting of the four canoes moving toward the shore of our island. We all dropped what we were doing to go and greet our new fellow colonists. As the small vessels started rising and falling over the swell of the breaker waves, we could see that there were four men in each boat. The leading two boats were well ahead of the other two. It was soon easy to discern that these two vessels carried an equal offering of farmer/hunters and builders.

As we rushed out in the splashing waters to help them in, the third boat with two accountants and two huge guardians moved in near us. The two guardians were almost as massively muscled as the men from the Pickings clan were. Their fully blossomed muscles were pumped huge and hard from the two days of rowing and guiding their canoe to our new island home. As they neared the shore, one of the great muscle-giants jumped over the side of the small canoe that resulted in causing it to flip over from the sudden unbalancing of the weight distribution. Paro, Bara and I swam over to assist the men from this boat. It took several minutes to upright it and to drag it onto the beach.

During the time we had been preoccupied, the last boat made its way in safely and soundly. Once we got the guardian canoe beached, I turned exhausted to see if I could offer any assistance to the men of the last vessel. Two more builder men were walking next to the canoe while two monstrously huge Pickings were carrying the boat up the shore. There were only two men I had ever seen who possessed such an unbelievable assemblage of gargantuan and glorious muscle.

"Akar! Akar!" I shouted running toward them. "Akar and Samut!"

"Oh, God! I knew you were alive!" I cried as Akar swallowed my excited body up into his 600-pounds of perfect and pure meat.

"Darat told me you were safe, Mortumee." Akar whispered back passionately. "I dreaded that I had lost you, too. And now I promise that we will be together again forever."

We held each other fast for what seemed like an eternity before Samut moved in to join us. Soon I found myself consumed in over 1,200 pounds of astonishingly honed, sumptuous muscle as the three of us shared a muscle-massaging reunion with the others looking on with nodding smiles. The warm power of their inhumanly scaled muscle consumed me as my mind reeled with uncontrollable happiness. Their naked bodies were hot, warm and surprisingly silky in spite of a physical hardness comparable to diamond. Sweat rolled between us as the heat of passion and excitement of our reunion boiled over. I sweltered deliriously in a pressing blanket of pecs, biceps, deltoids, lats, abs and grinding groins.

We led the new contingent up to our makeshift village so that everyone could get settled. I spent the rest of the morning with Akar and Samut as they told me of how the Travelers became too scared and anxious to continue their battle. They explained how Darat and the other Elders had maneuvered it so that they, and the others that came with them, would be presumed to be among the dead from the destructive forces of the North Volcano so that no one would be suspicious as to anyone's sudden disappearance. I told them of our adventures coming here with Darat and of Paro and his loss.

In honor of the new arrivals and at my uggestion, we declared the rest of the day as a holiday for celebration. There was a great deal of work to be done in creating a whole new home for our people but, for today, we would rejoice. And so it was that the first `holiday' of the unique society was born.

The afternoon went by all too quickly as everyone got to know everyone else. It seems that the Elders and Priest were very wise in their selections of us as we all immediately knew we would get along famously. Again, at my suggestion, we celebrated with the men of each discipline entering into some form of friendly competition with the victor getting to partake in the man-juice of his fellow competitors. Fishing contests, building competitions and math calculating went on well into the day along with Samut beating Akar and the other Pickings in a boulder tossing contest.

It was more wonderful than I can describe watching Samut and Akar using their phenomenal bodies to throw thousands of pounds of dense rock around. By the time the finished, both their immense bodies and enormous cocks were sweltering with sweat and pumped to diamond perfection. It had been agreed that the cum-victory would be held at a time and way most comfortable to each group.

By late in the day, we had all begun to drift off into small clusters. Akar, Samut, Paro and I soon found ourselves alone in my hut. Tawn and his Matching Partner excused themselves seeming to recognize my desires to be with Akar and Samut. As the day shifted toward twilight, the conversation between the four of us became more and more open and our shared sexuality moved to the surface of our talks. In our `new' society, we agreed that we could and should be more honestly open about our desires and our shared love.

Samut was almost immediately as taken with Paro as Paro was with him. I could tell that they would make a wonderful couple. As the shadows of early evening lengthened toward the western horizon, Akar began to settle into our home, and I took Samut over to Paro's hut where they immediately agreed to join as new Matching Partners. I left them with an invitation to return to our hut after darkness fell.

Returning to my dwelling, I finally found myself with a few precious moments alone with Akar. We were in each other's arms instantly. I had seen Akar's body filled with its 600 pounds of godly muscle from high in my perch those few, dreadful weeks ago but this was the first time I could truly appreciate his expanded wealth of muscle up-close and hands-on. It was also his first chance to explore the new muscle left to me by my latest cum-consumptions with Bara. Akar smiled approvingly as he fondled my ripped biceps, triceps and delts. My massive pecs swelled solid with proud meat as he massaged their vast sculptured surfaces and dug his strong fingers into the depths of their succulent thickness. My lats flared with flowing, billowing power as he kneaded their winged wedges and my abs became rolling flat plates of polished metal to his heated exploration. Finally, he traversed the length and breadth of my pillared cock as it rose to the appreciation of his wanting touch.

We were surprised when Samut and Paro returned far too soon in my mind even before I had had a chance to pleasure myself on the feel and exploration of Akar's immense new muscularity to remind us that we had not shared in Akar's `victory cum'. I wanted to object because, after all this time, I wanted my Akar all to myself. A look from Akar told me silently of the rudeness of my thoughts (after all, the contests had been my idea).

I must admit that the sight of the unbelievable muscle possessed by Akar and Samut in the same space at the same time almost made up for my selfish loss of private time with Akar. Alone their individual muscular beauty was heart stopping. Together their combined 1,200 pounds of sculpturally shredded muscle was almost blindingly awesome. Every muscle smothering their naked bodies was in a constant state of pumped presentation. The frenzy of veining it took to feed and wrap each enormous meaty spectacle only added to the grandeur of their honed muscular brilliance and stunningly proportioned glory.

Akar's and Samut's pecs clung viscously to them like enormous, ultra- solid breasts chiseled out from the cavernous depths of their plated abdominal trunk. Each man-tit stood almost a foot forward and lined with ridged power. The hand-deep cleavage threatened to reduce any invading body part to useless pulp if not invited in. Arms over three feet in circumference were forced out at a sharp angle by the truck- wheel wealth of lat meat slabbed onto each side of the constantly flexing upper backs. Their deltoids, biceps and triceps were big enough to swallow both my head and Paro's inside their solidly meaty cores. I had seen these monumental arms and shoulders in action against thousands of pounds of torso-sized boulders with the boulders as the losers.

Upper legs as thick as a professional bodybuilder's chest and tree- trunk huge calves anchored these two demigods to the dirt floor. Ridge upon ridge of coiling striations cut across and around every spectacularly defined leg muscle and extended into the scintillating wonders of their stratified ass cheeks. At their widest point, their upper legs were significantly wider across than the striking tightness of their glistening waists. Cords of muscle defined their obliques and serratus as they pulled the exaggerated "v" of their upper bodies toward their iron-hard groins. There, at the base of their abs, stood the most magnificent cocks ever constructed on any man anywhere.

I had seen these colossal bodies in action as they hoisted and heaved thousands of pounds of rock, almost crushing it to dust in their grasp and with their mammoth chests. I had watched them overpower creatures several times their size using only the dense strength of their enormous muscles. I had been witness to their stunning growth triggered by generations of selection and their untiring drive to build their immense muscles. I had even had the pleasure of explored the beauty and stunning power of their monstrously beautiful cocks and drank the wealth of cum they projected.

In spite of their unmatched size, the balance between the amount of pure, chiseled muscle they carried and the scale of their god-like cocks seemed perfectly blended. If there was a `great balance' in the ultimate of human development, Akar and Samut was that `balance'.

I wanted to know the new muscle that now enveloped them and I needed to know those stupendous cocks. As I eyed the fearful beauty of Akar's 25" cannoned organ and the 27" weapon welded onto Samut's body and since we were obviously were going to be together for now, I knew what I wanted and I determined myself to have it. For months I had been practicing in privacy to expand my opportunity for my ass to taste Akar's superlative cock. Now, as ready as I thought I was, I stood in dreadful fear staring at the immensity of the challenge he now possessed. I knew I would not be able to take it all, but I wanted whatever amount of his wondrous cock I could consume in me and I wanted his hot cum filling my gut to overflowing.

I explained my desire as gently as I could to Akar. Looking at his cock and eyeing me as if measuring me up for the first time, Akar initially refused. I could tell that he was aware of the potential damage his cock could cause me. I promised that I would be in total control and would take no more than my body would accept. We argued for several minutes until Akar accepted that I was not going to change my mind, no matter what. I wanted him in me and I would have him. He offered to let me enter him instead, I assured him that, while I was not opposed to that, I longed to experience him first.

First we needed something to use as an initial lubricant. Options here were scarce but I had dreamed about it a lot over the past months and offered a suggestion. Acting on it, Akar, Paro and I encouraged Samut to force his cock to be as hard and aroused as possible. That was easy for the magnificent muscle specimen. Soon his 27" battering ram of a cock stood severely rigid and pointing dangerously from the tight, sharp muscle of his superlatively cut and miraculously compact groin. The three of us moved in on Samut with Paro taking on the stimulation of his colossal muscles while Akar and I nursed his beating cock toward eruption.

Akar and I began a slow and methodical massage of Samut's pendulous organ. It felt both erotically hot to the touch and astoundingly powerful. I knew just how strong and Akar's cock could be and, still, could only guess at just how nearly invincible Samut's even more deadly man-weapon might be. From the feel of this stupendously aroused meat, just how the Traveler's could possibly have defeated Akar or Samut and penetrated these amazing muscles and cocks defied my meager understanding.

Samut's body quivered with endlessly deep and sharp muscle as Paro triggered the most erogenous and sensitive areas. My own cock nearly exploded as Paro licked and pinched Samut's finger-thick nipples standing sharply pronounced like two wonderful volcanoes on the planets of his globed pec meat. Even with his own massive amounts of muscle at work, Paro's strong groping hands were no match for the grand sculpture of marbled muscle covering Samut's enormous breasts. Row after row of striations and cuts ripped across the huge man's excited chest and quaked into his responsively flexing arms, lats and abs.

While Akar and I drew and collected the precious and abundant precum from Samut's dripping cock, Paro turned his attention to the wonder of Samut's 38" of flexing upper arm meat. Paro tongued the massive, multi-split soccer ball that was Samut's curled bicep. Finger thick veins formed great protruding tributaries over the impenetrable muscle. Paro stiffened his tongue and used it to try to force the rigid veins to slide over the hot meat but the tightness of Samut's vacuum-sealed skin refused to budge. Grabbing onto the top of one gargantuan round of flexed bicep, Paro hung his full weight from Samut's stiffly bent arm.

The sight of Paro's 400 pounds of prime beef hanging supported by one of Samut's fantastic arms with his own pointing cock swinging up against the steely muscles of Samut's chiseled side made me pause from my activities on Samut's ram-hard cock until I could keep my cock from discharging on the spot. Slowly and deliberately, Paro began a series of mind-numbing chin-ups using Samut's invincible upper arm as his bar. At the top of each rise, Paro would lick the massive ball of Samut's marbled bicep and the coiled fissures of his immense triceps. Paro's action also helped force more glistening precum from Samut's increasingly excited cock. Akar and I collected the new outpouring of slippery liquid as Samut reveled in the muscle- etching flexing of his own biceps and other stupendous muscles. Seeing that we had enough for my needs and not wanting to push Samut to eruption quite yet, I signaled my team members to stop.

It was time for what I wanted and I was ready. Gingerly I dipped my fingers into the warm liquid of Samut's precum. Then I gently caressed the crimsoned head of Akar's anxious cock mixing Samut's clear lubrication with that oozing from the inflexible end of Akar's organ. I applied the juices liberally on the leading half foot of Akar's cock and, swiping the last drops from the bowl, circled the tingling ring of my own sphincter with it. I knew that I would need to in control of the penetration so I directed Akar to lay on a mat on the floor with his massive cock poled up like a great inviting tower.

Akar's exceptionally small waist vacuumed itself into a wondrous hollow less than a third the size of his mountainous chest and flaring upper back making the power and size of his cock all the more intimidating. Curiosity drove my hands to try to force Akar's cock from side to side but I could not get the stone-hard mass to move at all. Akar's monstrously beautiful breasts rose and feel several meaty inches with each increasingly nervous breath. His body was a study in anatomical perfection as I gazed over its splayed offering to me.

I carefully eyed the 5" wide and over 2-foot long column and man-meat as I positioned my asshole over the very tip of Akar's gleaming cock head. Sliding into a shallow squat, the lips of my sphincter kissed the lips of his begging cock head. Pressure built quickly as I forced my body down onto the steel hard mass of cock awaiting it. I had to pause in warming pain with only a fraction of Akar's cock head pushing my anal orifice open. I breathed deeply as I tried to relax and then let another segment of the hot, hard cock crown into me. One inch of penetrating diameter swell to two inches and then, painfully, to three inches. I rested again with only about of the great cock crown in me.

Sitting with this small amount of Akar inside me for a few minutes, I questioned my own driving desire. Steeling my resolve, I was determined to get the entire cock head pasts the groaning ring of my sphincter muscles. My own 300 pound body was chiseled hard as every muscle strained to the applied pressure of Akar's penetrating cock. Closing my eyes and taking one inordinately deep breath, I squatted quickly and forcefully. I screamed in a combination of ripping terror and sexual arousal as the entire 5" flared head collar surged into me along with about 3" of in length of the 4" wide cock shaft.

I needed to stop again. My ass begged for me to let Akar's cock out but my sex drive demanded that I take more in. I held my place until the stifling pain eased into wanting pleasure then, more slowly than before, I pushed another 5" of 6" of Akar's vein-ribbed cock inside. Between the double-fisted cock head and the voluminous cock shaft, I could feel almost my intestine grasping almost a foot of ever widening, hot, cock meat. I reversed the motion so that half of what I had absorbed slid back out into the open. Then I pushed that amount plus another inch or two back into me. Feeling more comfortable, I began to pump my body up and down on Akar's inflexible organ feeling my intestines grabbing onto the vast shaft and heating it with our mutually driven friction.

Akar's hungry cock began to pump and beat within me as blood pulsed into and through it in our joint feeding frenzy. I don't think I was able to get much more of Akar's cock inside me but what I was able to swallow and massage, I did. Akar began to groan the noises of a man in the heat of sexual passion. With each groan I increased the pace of my sliding body on his heated cock shaft. While I knew that Samut and Paro were watching intently, I was oblivious to everything except Akar and his pounding meat inside of me. Somewhere during the course of my working, my own cock reached the limit of its endurance and fountained a stream of thick cum onto Akar's heaving mountains of pec meat. I could see Akar's staggering muscles turning ever harder and more defined as he moved toward his own release.

Before I had finished cumming, Akar exploded inside of me. The first jolt of Akar's heavy cream burned with heated passion deeply inside of me. The second rush of cum forced his hot liquid clear through my large intestine. Volley after volley followed as my gut sucked Akar's cock for all it was worth. The tight seal between my ass and his massive organ prevented anything from leaking out from me. I stayed on Akar with him fully embedded in me until I was sure that I had suckled every last drop of his love-milk from him. The violent muscle constrictions of a man in the throws of orgasm slowly gave way to the heaving of a man completely spent and sexually satisfied.

We stayed together for several more minutes simply enjoying our new connection and unity. Akar's cock, though spent, remained as hard and rigid as ever until I finally pulled my body from it. As I did so, my reluctant sphincter muscles remained dilated long enough for some of Akar's rich cum to spill out onto his vacuumed abdomen. My own cum rolled down from the spheres of his pecs to mix with his in one beautiful white pool. Dipping my hands into our combined mixture, I gently massage our cum into the glowing skin of his torso until his skin absorbed our combined love offering.

It was, indeed a night of joy and splendor. That was just yesterday. This morning I stand here at the oceans edge with my notes waiting for this final entry to be sealed into the plastic case that has protected them for this past half year. I don't know if anyone will ever find this case or these notes let alone believe them but it is time for me to join this culture fully and completely and give my heart totally to Akar. Now I can honestly say that I feel like a true and consummated member of this wonderful and unique society finally and completely. Our new lives are just about to begin and, as for me, I know that Akar and I had achieved our own `great balance'. •

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