Brandon's Bro


By FanTCMan

"Brandon, are you sure it's okay to do this? I mean, dude, my dick is already almost nine inches and it's getting so fat. It's kinda cool, gettin' this bulge in my pants. I mean, I heard some girls giggling about it, calling me a stud. And some guys were teasing me about getting a donkey dick. Pretty soon, everyone's gonna know if everything keeps growin' like this."

"Drew, my bro. Have I ever not taken care of you? Since Mom and Dad died, I' ve protected you, fed you. Now I'm giving you the chance to join me and those guys and make a ton o' bucks. But you gotta trust me. Dude, look at me. My fuckin' dick is fuckin' twelve inches, and getting bigger all the time. Look at those guys that are really rakin' it in. It's because of their dicks, and their balls, and their muscles, and even the hair, bro. Look at your chest."

"I know. I keep getting all kinds of comments at school, in the locker room. The hair is coming in all over, so fast. That, and my dick, and getting more muscle than the other guys I work out with. I know everyone's gonna know."

"Drew, do you care? Dude, you're gonna be eighteen in a couple weeks and graduate, and then who gives a shit? It's not like we could afford to send you to college to be a doctor or something. You can come to the compound--there's a bunk there for you--nd be one of the guys. Now come on. Just drink it. You know how good it makes you feel after."

"Yeah, I know."

So Andrew Harrington drank down the contents of the small bottle. It was less than a kid's juice container, and the color looked like piss and tasted worse than he could imagine piss would taste. It was sharp and strong, and every time, it made him gag and shake his head, like the time he and Brandon had drunk a shot of hundred proof rum together. But Drew knew his nineteen year old brother wouldn't do anything bad. Wild, maybe, but he was right. He couldn't go to college, and he didn't want to be a bagger at the grocery store until he could work his way up to checker.

Brandon had gotten in with those guys through some guys he knew at the gym, and he'd been taking the stuff for almost six months. He spent most of his time at the compound, where the group of guys that were being put through the program lived. Brandon was supposed to be living there, too, but he'd been allowed to say with Drew until school was out and Drew could go with him to live at the compound. Now it would only be a couple more weeks. It had been a weird few months for Drew, first Brandon telling him he was going to do it, to be one of those guys. Most people still thought they were almost unmentionable, like pornographic musclemen, although they were getting increasing mainstream press coverage. They had even appeared in some regular commercials and magazine ads, but never completely shown the way they were in their own videos and photos. Only the most daring outlets went below the waist. Their exaggerated muscle was one thing. Their exaggerated masculinity something else altogether.

Then Brandon had started actually doing it, beefing up, getting thicker and more muscular. His stuff started getting bigger, too, which he was always showing Drew, and pretty soon, he had that bulge in his pants and started looking like a muscle guy. And he started getting hairy, too. His whiskers got thicker and darker. Drew thought it was weird at first, then he thought it was kind of cool, then, as Brandon kept getting more developed, it began to seem weird again.

And that's when Brandon had told him that they, the guys that ran the program, wanted him, Brandon, to get his brother, Drew, to join up. They would give him a head start, since he hadn't finished high school, and wasn't eighteen yet. They figured by the time he started really getting obvious, he'd be out of school and old enough to join up full time without any legal complications.

Drew was nervous, but he had such a case of hero worship for his big brother that he would have probably jumped off a cliff, if Brandon had asked. So he took that first vial almost three month ago. Once he got it down, it wasn' t so bad. Brandon called it horse piss, and they laughed. And almost as fast as the tequila had, this stuff made him feel really good. And the cool part was that the feeling lasted. All that week he felt great. Wrestling practice was the best, ever. The workout part felt so good, pumping his muscles, and he felt oddly hot and sexy when he got into his singlet, with all his jockboy manhood clearly showing. Brandon's other name for the stuff, besides horse piss, was stud juice, and Drew could see why.

"Damn, Brandon. What kind of dose was that?" Drew asked when he felt the stuff hit. "I swear to God, man, every time it feels stronger. Shit."

"Nah," Brandon said. "It's just that it builds every time. Good thing you only got a couple more weeks before school's over for you. And your eighteenth birthday at the same time. Gonna be the best birthday you ever had."

Drew was already feeling the need to pump iron, to look at himself in the mirror, to put on some clothes and see if the kids noticed a difference, even while he was afraid they would notice, and would tease him even more. But that feeling got stronger every time, and seeing Brandon looking like a big muscle dude with the bulge in his pants and the hair and all made him jealous. He hated that he was always the little brother, always a step behind. And every time this stuff hit him, he felt a little more like he wasn't so afraid of getting turned into one of those guys. The idea excited him, no matter how he told himself it was just too weird, and it made him get hard. Right in front of Brandon, although that had been happening for a while, now, and Brandon didn't care. He just laughed and said it was cool, it was just being more of a guy.

So another week went by, and Drew's workouts after school with the wrestling team were more intense than ever. The guys egged him on, asked him what the hell he was taking, and could they get some. They loaded the weights on and counted his reps out loud. Drew felt so great pushing so much weight, feeling the pump so deep and sweet, aware of the bulge in his shorts when he lay back on the bench, even his jock, full to the limit of it stetchability, couldn't stop his cock from reacting to the rush. He was embarrassed and yet he was proud.

"Fuck, Brandon," he said, when Brandon came by for the next dose, "I don't know if I should, man. Maybe we should wait till next week, till after graduation and all. You can give it to me for my birthday present."

"Drew, you pussy. You don't get to choose, man. You can't miss one. Don't worry. You got graduation on Thursday, then your birthday on Saturday, and trust me, you'll get one then, too. We'll celebrate, man. You'll come to the compound and get your own bunk and be one of the guys. Now just fuckin' do it. What's the problem?"

"Man, it was so intense this week, I had to go to the bathroom and jack off about twice a day, and one day I was just standing at the urinal jackin' my cock and lookin' at how fuckin' big it's getting dude, do you know it grew half an inch this week?”and anyway, Tyler Thomas walked in on me. Fuckin' Tyler Thomas, man, fuckin' quarterback, prom king. If anyone would tell . . . But you know what? I didn't even try to hide it from him. I just kept right on jackin it while he stood there with his mouth open, watching me. He asked what the fuck I was doing, and I said what the fuck did it look like, I was jackin' my big fuckin' cock, and did he ever see such a big fuckin' cock."

Brandon laughed. "So, dude, how cool is that?"

Drew frowned at him. "How cool? How fuckin' sick is that? Brandon, I fuckin' wanted him to look. I wanted him to see how big my cock is getting, even though I knew he'd run out and tell everyone."

"See, bro? The stud juice is makin' you a total stud and proud of it."

"Then last night I doubled with Kyle, me and Angie, him and Denise, and we parked up on the hill, and Angie was feeling my muscles and telling me she thought I was getting too big and I should shave 'cause all the hair I was getting was gross, and I was hard, but not because I was horny for her. I was hard because she was talking about my muscles and my hair. And when she saw my big fuckin' bone, she freaked and wanted me to take her home, so we dropped off the girls and me and Kyle got some beer, and he told me don't worry about it, I looked good, but everyone was wondering what the fuck I was doing, if I was doing that stuff. So I told him I was, and he thought it was way cool, and . . . fuck, Brandon . . . he got me all turned on. He wanted to see how hairy I'm getting and how big my dick is, and I wanted to show him, man. I didn't care at all about taking Angie home, but I loved being with Kyle and him looking at me. I'm afraid I'm turning queer, man. I don't want to be gay, Brandon. I jacked off for Kyle, and it made me feel totally turned on, just like some kind of fag, man."

Drew was almost in tears, but Brandon just quietly handed him the vial of piss-colored stuff.

"Dude, just because you feel good about yourself and you can be turned on with a dude doesn't make you anything but what you are, man. A stud. Now here, take your stud juice. You know it'll make you feel better."

"It's a good thing there's only one more week."

Drew did as he was told. He always did what Brandon told him. He threw it down, gagged, shook his head and shivered at the strong, awful taste, and then he flopped back in the sofa.

"Aww, fuck, Brandon. That stuff is wicked."

"Yeah, I know," Brandon grinned and flopped back next to his brother. "You added half an inch, bro? Well, dude, they put a fuckin' inch on me. You want to see a thirteen inch cock, bro?"

He just sat there in his jeans with the bulge in front getting bigger, his log getting thicker and lengthening toward his hip, letting Drew watch as the stuff hit him. He knew when it had by the fat snake in his brother's pants getting so hard it lifted the material like a ridgepole.

"Well, do you?"

"Yeah, Brandon. Aww, fuck, man. I get more horned every time. Yeah, fuck, show it to me. Let me see everything, man. Your muscles are getting so big. You look like a total bodybuilder, man. And hairy. Dude, is your hair gonna get thicker but stay short like that? It looks so hot. Doesn't hide the muscles. Fuck, man. Yeah, show me."

But Brandon just pulled his big cock out where he sat. He didn't get up or take any clothes off.

"Nah, not today, little bro. Let's save that for your birthday. Just let that snake out to play, man. Check this out. I'd let you feel how hard and heavy it is, but you have to wait till next week for that, too. You want to, though, don't ya?"

Drew pulled his cock out. It was almost ten inches now, and it was oozing precum. He tried to reach over for Brandon's cock. "Yeah, I do, bro. I do want to."

But Brandon pushed his hand away.

"Just look, bro. Your own needs handling. I'll jack with you if you want. Or we can just sit here and check out our big meat, man, and wait till we cum without jackin'. See, bro? Total fuckin' studs. You like getting' big all over, don't ya?"

"Yeah, bro."

"Yeah I know you do. Because it's so fuckin' hot. Am I takin' care of my little bro? You gonna get rich with your fuckin' big muscle stud bod, man? See, Drew? Do I take care of you?"

"Yeah, Brandon. Aww, fuck," his cock started to spurt, first a small one, then stronger and bigger till he was shooting all over himself, gripping the edge of the sofa cushion, "Yeah, man, you take good care of me."

Those last few days of school were torture for Drew. Everybody knew, thanks to Tyler, but his muscles were getting to the point where his clothes were all tight across them. His hair was sticking out the top of his tee shirts. He had stubble by noon. And the bulge in his pants looked like he'd stuffed them. But everyone knew it was real. Some of the guys teased him and said, come on, Drew, let's see, and finally he just pulled it out and showed them and he couldn't believe how much it made him feel totally hot, and he let it get hard and he let them watch while he jacked off. They were amazed but kept saying, dude, that is so sick. You're gonna be one of those fuckin' muscle monster fags, man. Only Kyle was cool, and told him the day of graduation, when they were in their gowns and Drew looked like a young bodybuilder, the way he filled his out, that he thought it was cool.

"When you go, man, see if you can get me in."

"Really, man? That would be totally cool."

"Yeah, really," Kyle said.

"I'm no fuckin' fag, man," Drew said.

"Who cares?" Kyle said.

It was good the gown was loose below his big, thick pecs, because Kyle made him so hard he came in his pants during Pomp and Circumstance.

"So, little bro. Here you go. Here's your bunk."

Brandon had locked up the house and loaded Drew into his jeep for the drive to the compound. Inside, everyone but the two of them was naked. He introduced him to the biggest men Drew had ever seen and took him to the casita that would be his new home for the next several months. He shared a room with a guy who'd been in for about six months, like Brandon, and was already huge like Brandon, thought he was only six months older than Drew. And very cute. Like a model. But then so was Brandon. And so was he. So were they all. But Brandon had told the kid to leave them alone for a while. Brandon had the other bedroom in the same casita, and shared it with another nineteen year old who'd been in for nine months and was as huge as the guys that were getting famous. Obscenely huge, but so handsome and so hot that Drew started to bone just shaking his hand, before he even got his birthday dose. He left them alone, and the two of them stood in Drew's new room.

"Here you go, man." Brandon handed drew the familiar vial of horse piss.

"Welcome, little bro. Here's your special birthday treat. Bottoms up."

Drew took the vial and threw it back. As he did, Brandon undressed and threw his clothes by the door.

"Get outta those clothes, bro. Before that shit hits. We don't wear clothes here. I gotta tell you, too, bro. There's two special occasions for every guy around here. One is when you first arrive, your initiation, and the other is your birthday. Those are the two time you get an extra-special dose. You're the first guy to have both things happen at the same time. Hang on, dude, cause you just did the triple crown there."

Drew heard Brandon speak, heard all the words, even took off his clothes, like Brandon had, and threw them on the same pile, but already there was a rushing in his ears, hot, like he could hear his blood flowing. He was riding a cyclone, and it felt like pure testosterone, if he could put a name to what it felt like, or really knew what testosterone felt like. It didn't matter. It was pure liquid maleness. He saw his brother in front of him, naked, handsome, bulging with muscle, hairy, balls hanging so big and low, that huge cock hard, thick, almost standing straight up against his rock hard hairy abs to the ledge of his monster pecs. He realized his own cock was just as hard, and his body was hard, and muscular, and thick, and his fur was soft and hot. Not now, his brother had said the week before. Wait till your birthday. And this was it. He wanted him, the brother that took such good care of him. He loved him so much for this. No brother ever took care of his bro like Brandon did. No brother ever was so fucking hot.

"Drew?" Brandon said, seeing the fire in Drew's eyes, the passion. "You okay, little bro? Some, ride, huh?"

"Yeah, Brandon. I'm fuckin' great, bro. Fuck, man. Dude, my bro is a total fuckin' stud, man. Fuckin' beautiful. Totally fuckin' beautiful."

"Yeah? You like this shit, little bro? You want it? Welcome to your new life, bro. Now you can have whatever you want. We all can. And I know what you want."

He flexed, and Drew felt his muscles. He felt Drew's junior bodybuilder muscles and told him how hot his little brother was. He asked Drew how he liked his brother's big fourteen inch cock.

"I fuckin' love everything about you, bro. You're my bro."

"You want to feel it now?"


"It's your birthday present, man. I gotta give it to you. Your big bro gotta teach you to ride, cowboy."

Brandon sat on the bed and pulled Drew to his lap. Like a small child, he lifted his muscular, hairy little brother up and placed him gently against the head of his cock, and Drew panted with fear, anticipation, excitement, fulfillment. Until that moment, he hadn't know what he'd been born to do. Now he knew. He felt the searing pain of passion and love for his big brother as the hot huge cock slowly entered him—slow, relentless, deeper and deeper until Drew was entirely filled with his stud brother, and every slow, withdrawal and reentry deepened his pleasure and his love. As the pace grew faster, Drew's cries echoed through the compound until everyone heard the final, ecstatic cry as Brandon filled his bro, and their bond became complete. •

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