School for Studs

Break Weekend


By Josef Howard

How do you get clean when you can't stop getting dirty? That was the paradox that plagued the students of the School for Studs in the communal shower on the first morning of break weekend.

Their first week of training completed, their boot camp half over, the school announced on Friday that classes were suspended for the weekend. The men were on their own time, free to do whatever they wanted, as long as they didn't leave the school compound. There were a few groans at that last condition. Yet after the groans subsided the student's eyes began to wander around the room. Furtive glances were exchanged and the students began to grasp the possibilities.

The night in the barracks was a continuous orgy after the last faculty had left and the guard staff was down to a skeleton crew. None of the students seemed to need sleep. The only thing they needed was release.

If there had been any uncertainty of feelings among the remaining nine men, the scene in the shower ended them. Every man was more excited in the presence of the other men in his class than any of them had ever been with any woman. And seeing their classmates as horny for each other as they were, not a one of them had any illusions left that they were being prepared for female clients. And not a one of them cared.

They were beyond losing themselves in the discovery of sensations men of their size and stature were capable of giving each other. Their experience and their programming made them demons of desire, fighting the limits of their bodies and testing each other's boundaries.

It was afternoon before Eldon and a few of the other students were able to free themselves from the carnal entanglements in the shower. Eldon and three of the others were finally clean and dry, in the barracks dressing in clothing the faculty had left as a parting gift the night before.—custom dungarees and t-shirts sized to fit the monsters they had become.

Dillon, a short, immensely stocky student who slept in the bunk next to Eldon's had just succeeded in stuffing his extra thick cock into his pants and buttoning them up. He looked at his wide, thickly muscled chest, shoulders and arms and decided to got without the t- shirt. He pumped his biceps a couple times admiring it's size. Something about its fullness reminded Eldon of a cantaloupe as it bunched up. Eldon remembered their coupling in the shower. His cum certainly tasted as sweet as melon juice.

"Yo, Eldon, you gonna sit around this crib chilling all weekend, or you up for a ride?"

"Don't fuck with my head," Eldon said.

"I ain't."

Earl and Abe, lying on beds across the aisle rose up on their elbows.

It turns out that stud was a second career for Dillon. Burglar was his first. In a matter of minutes, he had disabled the security system and hot-wired one of the guard's jeeps and the four of them were out the front gate in a cloud of burning rubber.

Dillon drove as the other three wrestled, their mass straining the suspension of the jeep and rocking it violently from side to side. At the first stop light, on the edge of the small town, a single car pulled up next to them. From the back seat of the Jeep, Eldon smiled at the gray-haired man in the driver's seat as he stole short, furtive glances at the four of them. The top down on his BMW 650, he had an unobstructed view

"Hey, what's your name?" Eldon shouted to him.

Piqued at Eldon's uncouth, the man in the car made a point of turning his head away and pretending he didn't hear.

"I said, `what's your name?'"

He turned and looked at Eldon. He mustered as much annoyance, distain and superiority as he could to overcome feelings of inadequacy at the sight of Eldon and his classmates. He didn't answer. He was a handsome man for his age. Plainly a gym-body himself, probably used to putting on a show for the world as he drove by, muscular arm resting on the door of his car.

He was used to respect, from the company of men who worked for him as well as the male friends he ate, drank, played sports and worked out with. His position, his money, his power, his looks, and his body commanded it – at least from most men. And that had been enough to satisfy his craving for the admiration of other men, before now. But here was a group of young men that were more muscled than he'd ever thought possible. Nothing he was, was enough to affect impress them. They were everything he wanted to be: handsome, strong, confident, and beefed beyond belief.

Eldon grabbed Earl's thick neck and sucked on his mouth. When he broke for air he saw the man's mouth wide open, his eyes clouded with disgust. Instead of looking away from him, Eldon stared him down, then slowly, slyly smiled. As his smile grew into a grin Eldon could see the man's face flush and the man's quick hand movement, adjusting his stiffening cock in his pants.

Eldon's grin erupted into a toothy laugh.

Eldon leapt out of the jeep and into the passenger seat of the man's car just as the light changed. He waved the jeep on. "I'll catch you later." Dillon accelerated as Abe and Earl looked back at the BMW.

Eldon watched the man study every inch of his body, staring in amazement at the muscle show created by Eldon's every small movement. He extended his hand. "Eldon," he offered.

"Peter," the man answered, still mesmerized by the proximity of Eldon's immense body as he tried to match Eldon's grip in as manly a handshake as he could.

Eldon reached over the center console and squeezed the guy's package as he squeezed his own stiff dick – a handshake of a different sort. "You like looking at me, Peter?"

Peter didn't answer, but he also couldn't look away.

"Where can you take us?" Eldon asked. "We can't stay here, Peter. We'll blocking traffic."

The light had already gone red, but the country intersection was deserted. Peter spun the BMW around in the intersection and sped back in the direction he had come.

A few miles further out in the country, they pulled into a walled estate through a remote controlled gate. As Peter drove up the tree- lined drive, Eldon realized that two weeks ago this old man wouldn't have even have acknowledged his existence. I couldn't even have gotten a janitor job at one of his companies. But now this man was Eldon's to boss. Eldon was in control.

The BMW stopped in the motor court between a jag and a small Mercedes. They weren't going to be alone. Peter pulled a gym bag from the trunk. Eldon followed him to the front door.

"Is that you, Peter?" a female voice called from upstairs.

"We decided to use the home gym," Peter answered.


"I hired a trainer!" Peter shouted, anxious to not be seen with Eldon.

Peter led Eldon to the backyard, on the other side of a huge pool and into a smaller house on the other side. Beyond a carpeted lounge, past a shower room, was a gym bigger than the house Eldon lived in. Eldon took the gym bag from Peter and dropped it on the floor. He pulled his shirt over his head and stood close enough to rub his protruding pecs in Peter's face. He flexed. They bounced. He pulled Peter's face to his nipple. Peter sucked his first man-tit. Eldon held his head tight to his chest. "Oh, yeah, Peter, suck my tits. You're all mine now, Peter." Eldon pulled Peter's face tighter to his chest and wiped his cheeks in his own saliva.

It hardly seemed real to Peter. It didn't seem like this could be him here with this cartoonishly large man doing things with him that he was certain would have made him sick to even think about until now. Yet the blood pounded in his head like a trip hammer and his cock was so engorged he thought it could burst.

"Ever been fucked before, Peter?" Eldon unfastened Peter's pants and pulled his dick free. It was a formidable tool for a normal guy, and stiff as a board. "No. I bet you haven't. Bet you never thought about guys before today and now you'll never be able to get me out of your head." Eldon opened his fly and felt his dick expand in the cool air. Peter's eyes dilated. His jaw dropped. Eldon pulled Peter's shirt over his head and pushed him to his knees.

"Probably never sucked dick before either." Peter's eyes were wide. "I'm sure you never saw a dick this big." Eldon slapped the sides of Peter's head with it. It was so long it went past his ears, but Peter opened his mouth and sucked along its thick side and lapped at Eldon's fist sized balls. Eldon grabbed Peter's head like a basketball and positioned his mouth on the end of his cock. Peter strained to open his lips wide enough. The cock head forced itself to the back of his throat. "I want you to swallow it, Peter, like you were eating a live eel, `cause if you don't swallow, you'll gag." Eldon felt his cock being drawn deep into Peter's throat. The crown of his cock head swelled. His cock was only halfway in, but he let Peter come up for air.

Peter needed no more encouragement. He wanted nothing but to satisfy this giant cock. He impaled himself again on it and struggled to get more of it inside him. Eldon bounced his balls in delight. "Good cocksucker! You want to taste my cum? You want to drink my thick, sweet cream?" Eldon pulled back and then forced himself deeper.

`Cocksucker.' How many times had Peter used that pejoratively? Now it felt like a complement to be told he satisfied the immense man plugging his throat.

Peter's submissive eyes looked up into Eldon's face. His lips were stretched to the limit around Eldon's cock. Eldon could see his writhing cock filling Peter's throat. Eldon squeezed one of his balls. He felt an electric charge in his groin. Cum rushed through his dick and flooded Peter's mouth. Peter fought to swallow it all, but it gushed out his tightly stretched lips and dribbled down his chin. Eldon pulled free and let the ropey volleys splatter over Peter's face and shoulders, but Peter grabbed Eldon's spasming cock and pulled it back in his mouth.

Eldon heard a door open. A young man his own age stood staring at the two of them, eyes wide. There was enough resemblance to see it was the man's son. Peter saw him too, but wouldn't interrupt his sex to even acknowledge him.

Eldon watched the young man's crotch expand, saw his hand drift to his nipple, and knew at least one member of the family swung a bat on Eldon's new team. Like his father, he wasn't a bad looker, either. He was tightly muscled, like a track star and hairy beyond his years with thick bushy eyebrows and hair jutting over the collar of his t-shirt.

Despite having squeezed a load out of his balls, Eldon was more horny than before. Eldon motioned for him to come closer. As he stood next to his father, Eldon slid his hand up under the lad's t- shirt, combing his fingers through the fur on the young man's hard abs and raising it above his hard, pointy nipples. The lad's eyes locked with Edlon's in dreamy admiration. His lips parted invitingly. Eldon leaned toward him and their mouths devoured each other's lips.

"How `bout if I fuck your son, Peter?"

Peter kept on sucking, but his eyes betrayed distress. He had long suspected his son's attraction to men, but he'd hoped it might be channeled, as his own had been, into socially acceptable pursuits. Peter's distress only excited Eldon more. He plunged his hard cock deeper down Peter's throat. "Take it all, Peter, or I'll have to take your son's ass instead."

Peter struggled for breath at the same time that he struggled to get all of Eldon down his throat. Uncontrollable lust coupled with fear for his son made him determined to succeed.

"That's good, Peter. Only six more inches to go," Eldon said, forcing Peter's red face further into his crotch, shivering at the feeling of the man's throat constricting around the head of his cock. "You might actual save his tight boy butt for some other man."

Peter choked and sputtered around his cock then forced himself further down its length. Between Peter's splayed legs, his boner jerked and spurted cum spontaneously. Eldon watched it throw strings of cum like a lasso. Eldon's balls swelled, his dick stiffened like stone and fired. He yanked Peter's face hard and buried three more inches down his throat. "Oh, fuck, Peter! You are one hot cocksucker!" The abuse made Peter's dick fire more forcefully as his son stared in delicious, lustful rapture at the effect the fantasy stud had over his powerful daddy. Eldon slid all the way out and all the way back in, another inch past Peter's prior limit, forcing another stronger load of gism out of both their dicks and from the sound of things, from the furiously beaten dick of Peter's son.

When the pounding in his dick subsided, Eldon pulled out of Peter's throat and coaxed another volley out on Peter's face. Peter held Eldon's cock with both hands and helped work it out. "You're a pig, Peter. Cum all over your face, dribbling down your chin, two loads in your stomach. What kind of example is this for your son?"

Eldon pushed Peter away. Peter tried to stand. Eldon pushed him back down. He yanked off a cable from one of the weight machines and tied Peter's wrists behind his back. Peter wouldn't call for help. He couldn't be found this way, face wet with cum and his own saliva, helplessly tied up by a stranger he had invited into his home with obvious intention to sexually subdue.

Sean's cum soaked dick hung over the top of his gym shorts. It was plain he took after his father physically. Must have been some advantageous genes on his mother's side as well. Even semi soft his dick was almost ten inches.

Eldon sucked the young man's mouth. Sean shivered with uncontrollable lust. If Eldon's animal attraction was strong enough to take a straight man to his knees, it was irresistible for a horny young gay man. Eldon felt the lad's cock stiffen between them as he pressed himself into him. He stripped the boy and lifted him high off the floor by his muscular ass and planted the end of his cock in the lad's puckered hole. Sean's ass lips stretched wide around the flag pole that forced up inside his guts.

"Your kid's got a nice ass, Peter. You should try it yourself sometime."

Peter grimaced, but as sick as he felt at seeing his son get fucked, Peter was more aroused at the sight of the rigid cock slipping in and out of his son's tight stretched ass. He wanted to touch it. He wanted to feel its power and make it squirt again.

Sean's jaw went slack. He wrapped his muscular arms around Eldon's towering traps and worked with the monster inside him. Although he'd wanked off hundreds of times to the stash of gay porn he hid in the bedroom his mother had never entered (since she never had to clean a single room of their house herself), he was still a virgin. He'd never known a dick could feel so good inside his ass. He'd never realized getting fucked by a really big dick could make your own dick harder than steel.

Eldon bounced the lad on his hips, fucking him with the full length of his club size dick. Sean squeezed at it as tightly as he could and tried to work it against the most sensitive parts of his ass, reveling in the sense of building passion inside him and feeling the tension mount toward a spontaneous release of cum from his straining cock. His hands could barely grasp any part of Eldon's shoulders or arms, they were so large and Eldon's muscles were so hard it was like trying to trying to hold on to the body of an automobile. The only purchase he had on Eldon was his ass around Eldon's cock.

"Oh, God, Peter! I'm going explode inside your son's ass."

The veins in Eldon's dick were stretched to bursting. Sean's ass practically vibrated with sexual tension. He felt vibrations up the length of Eldon's huge cock. He felt the crown of it grow rigid. Then he felt cum forcing it's way up to the slit and bursting inside him. Finally his purple dick could take no more torture and it erupted on his hairy chest and in his face.

Eldon lay the squirming lad down on the weight bench, still impaled and hanging on to him like a bear cub to its mother. He gave him a wide, open mouthed kiss and squeezed him tightly.

After the Sean's heart beat slowed, Eldon slowly dislodged his thick member from the lad's ass. He stood coated with sweat and dabbled with Sean's cum and smiled at Peter.

"That was excellent, Peter. What next? Maybe you'd like to introduce me to your wife? Does she have a tight pussy, Peter? It would be tight around my cock, wouldn't it, Peter?"

Peter looked up at him, unable to take anymore of him. "Just go."

"How, Peter? I came here with you."

"Take my car, but go."

The man's son was not as anxious to see him leave. His eyes still caressed Eldon's towering muscularity and his dick still wagged stiffly in the air for him.

Eldon fished in the man's pants for the keys and wallet. He pulled his pants over his big bouncy dick and pocketed both. He left Peter tied.

Sean followed him to the door. "Can I see you again?" he stammered.

"Sure, kid," Eldon said. He rattled off his old cell number, knowing the school still had it stored in a locker somewhere with all the personal effects the took from him the day he was inducted.

Eldon accelerated down the long drive and turned out on the country road to look for his classmates. •

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