Natural Selection


By John

Monumental muscle and monumental love but is it truly the paradise it seems to be. Note: this tale involves man-to man sexual situations. If this is not to your liking, please do not read it otherwise, I hope you enjoy this tale.

The small boat continued to rock wildly through its latest battering of strong waves. The thunderous roars of explosion after explosion seemed t be less frequent. Even with the cloth blinding my sight, I could tell that it was very dark. I had no idea if this was the darkness of night or from the billowing clouds that accompanied the stormy angers of Mother Earth. The throbbing in my head finally seemed to be shifting to a consistent severe headache. Caring, reassuring hands still checked on me now and again giving me my only true sense of comfort and hope. I couldn't tell or remember if I had been floating in the boat with my few fellow passengers for many hours or just a few minutes. The dreams of the past six months that kept my mind occupied continued to fill my head with their memories.

As the unseen hand moved from my shoulder and the canoe slipped into calmer waters, my mind took me back to the day just a few weeks ago when had I first learned the truth of Akar's sexual orientation and his feelings for me. I had longed for that first kiss since the day I saw him standing in the opening of the Elder' Council circle. Yet, the moment of that kiss had been forced to wait until much later by the screams of Fon and Samut on the trail back to the village of the Pickings from that of the Soft Ones.

In spite of my current danger in the boat, I did not want to remember any more of that incident but, out of respect for a great friend, I could not choose to ignore the memory either.

If I had to be witness to the funeral rights of this great tribe, why did it have to be that of Fon? His stunningly beautiful young body was returned to the earth the way it had arrived. Unlike our society, his funeral was shared with all who had passed away during that previous week. A huge, central bonfire powered by flowing lava on the far side of the South volcano had been created and the five bodies (Fon, two Soft Ones, and two Elders) were cremated together. The method of making the bonfire was structurally fascinating as they slowly lowered the wooden structure with the bodies closer and closer to the white-hot lava flow until the rising heat caused virtually spontaneous combustion. It only took a few minutes for the entire pile and the bodies to be consumed. It was a very efficient and effective method of disposal but, knowing that Fon was part of it, I really didn't care at the time.

Samut held himself up admirably. His gargantuan body was fully shrouded in the Priest-like robing of a bereaved Matching Partner. I knew that it had been particularly difficult for Samut because of his secret love relationship with Fon and his inability to be able to show that love outwardly. Akar and I were there as Fon's official witnesses. We were both wearing the formal waist skirting. Mine, I am proud to say, had been Fon's very own covering that Samut had asked me to accept in Fon's memory. I had refused at first saying that I thought it best for Samut to keep it. He said that the only memories he needed were those already in his head and heart.

It still all seems so painfully ironic today that one love would be discovered (between Akar and me) at the same moment that the one between Fon and Samut would be brought to an end.

Fon had been so vital, alive and playful. His innocent life was full of love and his phenomenal body full of promise. Samut had tried to keep him from running off alone into the woods. But, all that rang in my mind was that none of this would have happened if I had just refused to let us go out to meet Akar and Samut on their return trip from the village of the Soft Ones on that awful, awful day.

Akar and I had burst into the small opening in the forest too late to be of any help. Samut was already engaged in his battle against one of the two giant snakes that had wrapped their massive coils around Fon's trim waistline and trunk-like legs. I can still see the open mouth of the largest of the great reptiles perched inches from Fon's precum-dripping cock head. The smallest of the deadly snakes was at least 20' long and probably weighed as much as Fon. The cock- threatening largest attacker must have been close to 30' and a full two-feet in diameter. His opened jaws were as big around as Fon's entire waist. Fangs over 3" long dripped with their own hungry serum.

Samut had fearlessly pulled the greater bulk of the second snake from Fon's ensnarled thighs. The snake's throat had already been crushed by Samut's rage-driven power. Every muscle on Samut's body was indescribably pronounced and pumped to a scale beyond belief even by the standards of the Pickings. In any other circumstance, the sight of almost over 400 pounds of gargantuan muscle engaged in a brutal and glorious battle with an equal amount of uncaring animal meat would have been unbearably erotic. At that moment, it was significantly more fearful than arousing. Fon had become a good friend and a close confidant and was now in fatal danger with over half a ton of vicious raw animal power threatening his very existance.

The sheer weight of the coiling snake squeezed onto his heavenly muscled body had pushed all of Fon's muscularity into tremendously sharpened view. Fon's massive chest spilled thickly from atop the uppermost coil of the larger snake's body and his humongous biceps and triceps looked to be almost as large around as the body of the snake caught in his lover's killing grip. Before there was any time for either Akar or me to react to this unexpected scene, the jaws of the ensnarling snake closed down onto Fon's crimson-hard cock head. Fon's screamed. Samut threw the unraveling body of the dead snake onto the ground and turned his attention to the remaining creature.

Samut's actions were nothing short of amazing as his great hands reached directly into the mouth of the giant reptile. Every fiber of biceps, triceps and forearms muscle exploded massively on Samut's arms as he hooked his fingers against the closed jaws. The huge strength of the snake's mouth stood no chance against the angered muscles saturating Samut's body. Blood erupted from the torn flesh of the snake as the clenching jawbone was brutally destroyed. The coils slipped from the narrowness of Fon's waist as the body of the snake crossed from powerful life to the limpness of death.

Fon fell to the ground with Samut kneeling directly over him examining the cock head and leading end of Fon's marbled erection. Akar and I moved up to the two lovers. Fon's beautiful cock was so massively hard that only two small red marks denoted the pricking location of the poisonous fangs. Fon's great body spasmed wildly and he died in just seconds. His last gaze was directly into the sea-blue eyes of his lover. We were all initially shocked that these two nicks could affect him so mortally and so quickly. Later, we discovered the other two deep fang wounds in Fon's left calf muscle that had been the actual cause of his death.

Samut was devastated to say the least. He bore his pain greatly buried through the week and the funeral. Darat was with us that day, too. He had come as the witness for one of the others that had passed away that week. It was always a comfort to see and speak with Darat. We traveled back toward our respective villages along a common trail for several miles, which gave him some time to spend with me. We talked of Fon and I offered my concern for Samut's well being. Darat assured me that Samut was as strong in mind as he was in body. He also hinted at the possibility that Samut might be ready to be selected for Supreme Picking which would have separated Fon and Samut shortly anyway. I wondered if Darat might have had different thoughts if he had known of the love relationship between Samut and Fon.

Darat asked me to be as supportive as I could to my own Matching Partner, Akar. I pondered briefly about telling Darat about my true feelings toward Akar and his recent pronouncement of man-to-man love for me. In the end, I saw no value in sharing these issues with Darat. After all, I, too, was scheduled to be separated from my Matching Partner in just a few short weeks when my approved time on the island ended. Darat did make me feel less pained about my pending departure and separation by suggesting that Akar might also be honored by the same elevation to Supreme Picking. We shared several powerful, familiar and comforting traditional hugs when our paths separated.

Darat's advice, as always, proved to be wise and helpful. Samut threw himself into his training and workouts with immense vigor. The expanded activity and challenges to the muscle swelling on his massive body seemed to be great medicine for Samut. His mind was kept busy and his body exploded with more and more monstrous muscle and strength. Akar and I spoke of many things. At his request, Akar began working more and more with Samut. As his closest friend, Akar could be a great help in ensuring the healing of Samut's mind. As Samut increased the intensity of his training, Akar's body began to benefit, too.

Akar and I also spoke openly in the privacy of our hut about our feelings. Fon's loss effected us both very deeply, but our newly expressed love was something that we only had a few weeks to capture and share. Needing to bring these two opposing issues into balance, Akar suggested that I go with him to a meeting he was to have with the Priests. I had thought that he was done with the Priest sessions but Akar told me that he had been summoned.

The visit with the Priests came only three days after Fon's funeral and was much more important and surprising than I had perceived it would be. Akar had, indeed, been summoned, as had Samut. Akar and Samut met with the Priest Council privately before bringing me in to join them.

"Akar speaks of feeling for you, Mortumee." The Head Priest began. "Do you share these feelings and desires?"

I nodded my concurrence.

"Then you should let your feelings govern." He continued matter-of- factly. "You must also never deny that your relationship must be short. You will be leaving in less than a lunar cycle. Plus, you should be aware that Akar, along with Samut has been approved to be a Supreme Picking immediately after the next Equinox. He had been selected as One of the Ten just before going to be with the Soft Ones and the final selection was made while he was gone."

Akar smiled his pride and love at me. My heart beat wildly at the time. Our love was not just being endorsed, but encouraged. Plus the massively muscle creature that I loved was to be elevated in body, mind and spirit to the next and highest level of development in this society.

"Akar will need to be prepared for his elevation and need your increased help in relieving him and servicing him as he does." The Priest went on. "For those of us from here, we know and understand that. For you this will all be new. As such, we feel it would be best for you to come with Akar for at least part of his spiritual sessions with us. You will see and experience things that we prefer to have you remain silent about. Only the fact that you will be leaving us gives us the chance to do this. Will you agree?"

"Yes, absolutely!" I assured unaware of what I was pledging to help do at the time.

The Priest, Bara, went on to explain that, as part of the preparation, Akar would be fed the "life-cream" of the Priests. That would mean that Akar and I would not be sharing our private morning ritual anymore. The evening ritual between us would still continue and Bara actually encouraged us to use it as a loving and personal experience. Akar and I would come together for the cum-sharing with the priests each morning. Then Bara asked if we could have the first such session immediately with him. I sat awestruck as the priest began to disrobe and I learned that the selection to be a priest was based on preponderance of sexual equipment and cum capacity.

Bara's body was shorter but very much like mine not long after I arrived in scale: 22" arms, 55" chest, 30" thighs, 20" calves and a maximum of a 30" waist. In contrast to other islanders, Bara (and the other priests) seemed terribly thin to me now but would have made a great competitive bodybuilder back home. He probably weighed in at about 250 pounds and, as with all the males here, it was pure muscle. By now I had seen many, many phenomenal bodies on this amazing island but I don't believe I had or have ever seen someone as stunningly ripped in definition as Bara. He was not trying to pose or flex as he disrobed yet I could see every individual fiber and cell of rich muscle on his body as if the muscles themselves had been dyed a light bronze and he had no skin at all. Enhancing tributaries of veining seemed to be glued directly onto the flowing muscle covering his rich body.

The cords of each clutching serratus and oblique muscle was pulled tautly between each individually carved abdomen muscle and his winding curves of latisimus muscle. Bara had the most chiseled Apollo's girdle underscoring his waistline imaginable. I caught glimpses of Bara's flexing gluteal muscles as he unwound himself from the wrapping of his priestly uniform. Striations cut through the striations of his ass cheeks with not a single line less than perfectly etched from the dimpled outer flanks of his ass to the delicious depths of the vertical division between their densely muscled globes.

Before Bara had finished removing his robes, his cock was growing toward erection. As it swelled into the same carved richness of meat that defined the muscles pasted onto the surface of his breathless body I found it harder and harder to avoid staring at its expanding volume. Inch after inch of riveted meat swelled into existence. Rather than arcing up to readiness, the wondrous organ rose like a long hard drawbridge until it stood straight and rigid pointing almost directly at my excited nipples. When fully locked into place, Bara's cock cantilevered out at least a full 24" and was all of 4" across at the groin-welded root. A pair of juicy ripe testicles ready with their heavy load as large as two huge clenched fists hung an inch or two from the closed meat of his inner thighs.

At Bara's signal, Akar moved up to the massive erection and began to stroke it with an almost ceremonial passion. Bara's muscle instantly reacted to the sensual stimulation by becoming even more pronounced and rigid. It took both of Akar's hands to secure a reasonably compelling grasp on Bara's masted cock shaft. The gigantic organ seemed overpowering on the tight, trimmer body yet managed to be sumptuously inviting. Both Akar's and my cocks were brilliantly hard. Knowing Akar's strength, I could not begin to guess how hard and strong Bara's cock was but I knew it had to be even more powerful than Akar's by the fact that it remained stiffly poled in position as Akar's muscular arms worked his hands over the staggering length and girth.

My hands went to work on my raging 12" erection as I watched these two gloriously muscled images engage in ritualistic masturbation of the priest's colossal organ. Akar's more voluminous muscles were pounded to a full pump as he worked on Bara's hot cock until they, like the priest's, were etched with deep striations and furrows of endless power. My flailing hands on my demanding cock kept pace with Akar's. Without stopping his work, Akar called for me to work on his cock too. Soon the three of us were entwined in muscle-manipulation of all three great organs. My face found itself wedged right up against Akar's head-thick throbbing pecs and the priest's fanned lines of flexing pec muscle.

Sweat poured from all three of our heads as the heat of passion pushed us closer to orgasm. With a cry, Bara called for Akar to let go and he took his preponderance of cock meat into his own hands. It took only a few more muscle etching strokes before the priest's cock erupted. Bara pointed his inflexible cock shaft quickly and expertly toward a large, deep bowl as a pencil-thick stream of white-hot cum steamed from his great cock head. Bara's orgasm was more like a river of constant cum than a series of groin-crunching spasms. He was still spewing thick cream when I added my seemingly meager share of man juice to the melting pot of our creams. Bara's cock was still dripping thickly when Akar incorporated his cup-filling contribution to the mixture.

Bara repeatedly forced his gripping fingers along the full length of his pipe-hard cock to force the final droolings of his cum into the vessel. As the syrup of our blended cum flowed in hot circles within the bowl, I was amazed at the thought that, between the three of us, we had virtually filled the vessel with over a pint of man-cream. Bara handed the wooden bowl to Akar first and encouraged him to drink his fill before passing it to me. Akar consumed over 2/3 of the contents leaving me the rest. The priest nodded his approval of the amount that Akar had ingested and his OK for me to finish the rest.

We were to continue this practice every day for the last three weeks that I was scheduled to be on the island. We would be rotated among four different priests so that they could maximize the effective power of their cum. All the priests that worked with us were very much like Bara in size and colossal cock scale. I presumed that Bara and the others would continue with Akar alone after I was gone until Akar was ready to be elevated.

During the same time frame, Akar was to increase his workout and exercising schedule along with Samut and the two other Pickings who had been selected with the honor of becoming Supreme Pickings. It was good that we had to work so much harder for those few weeks. For me, it kept my heartache to a minimum over the thought of having to leave this glorious place and the love of Akar. For Akar, it kept him focused on his lifelong goal to be selected for elevation and away from our pending separation. For Samut, it helped him forget his loneliness and the loss of Fon.

It was only a couple of days before the effects of the priests cum- enhancing drink and the extra exercising began to pay off in accelerated muscle growth. From the quick and astonishing changes to our bodies I could soon see why the priest cum was both revered and so restricted. In the next two and one half weeks, I packed several more total inches onto my body. I would sneak out my tape when Akar was at an extended workout with Samut or a private session with the priests to measure my gains. In those short weeks my upper arms reached 27" of sculpted muscle and my upper torso swelled to 63" while my waist held fast at 30". My thighs broke the unbelievable 36" mark and my claves hardened to 23". Even my cock grew another inch to all of 13" long and almost 2" wide. I could feel it's hardened power locked into my groin and sense its enhanced rigidity by its resistance to the lusting pressure of my own hands.

I remember how, at the beginning of my visit, Darat had laughed over the size of my arms and promised that I would become a "worthy" member of his tribe. Finally, now I was. I had a body more muscled and amazing than I would have ever dreamed possible less than half a year ago. I had a body stronger than I imagined it could ever be and enough sexual stamina and raw cock-power to exhaust horniest of teenagers.

Over and above my own physical accomplishments, I was loved by and in love with the most stupendously perfect man anyone could ever hope for. I watched as Akar continued to grow during the last two and a half weeks of our partnership. Every day we participated in the morning cum-ritual of the priests and every afternoon Akar, Samut and I would push our excited bodies to higher levels of muscled accomplishment in the exercise yards and, more and more, on the open rock-strewn field outside of the village of the Pickings. For every pound of muscle I gained, Akar seemed to add two pounds to his frame and, amazingly, Samut seemed to add three.

I sat in awestruck witness to the expanding muscle and power of my lover and his dearest friend. Even the largest of the rocks in the field, those that had to be over a ton, soon became almost child's play for Samut and Akar. These huge three and four foot diameter boulders were lifted by arms approaching the size of a small man's chest and cast several body lengths through the air with many of them shattering into multiple pieces on impact. Leg muscles grew larger than the surrounding tree trunks and upper torsos blew up to be as big around as the giant boulders themselves. As Akar and Samut fed on the protein-rich priest cum, their bodies seemed to feed on the muscle-ripping exercises being forced on them.

Akar and Samut were becoming so overwhelmingly muscled that their bodies were in a constant state of supreme pump. From having previously measured Fon and my newer, closer relationship with Akar, I could tell that his arms were well over 36" in diameter and were rivered with finger-thick veining roped onto the fissured, balled surfaces of his multi-split biceps meat and coiled triceps. Both of my fists clenched together fit easily into the horseshoe shaped hollow of Akar's richly flexed triceps. His lats were much to wide when extended to fit through the generous door opening into our hut and appeared as if someone had shoved a quarter round of a truck tire to serve as a basis for their size. Akar's thighs were near 4' around with every striated fiber of each muscle boldly exposed beneath the enhancing webbing of feeding veining. His calves were as large as my own upper arms and seemed infinitely more powerful. Abs so etched and defined as to seem invulnerable tied his torso to his ultra-tight waistline.

The most significant progress was displayed in Akar's planet-sized pecs. Ribbons and cables of writhing muscle meat pushed, pulled, stretched and arched across the vast curving rounds of his head-thick breasts. The meat of his chest was so dense as to defy my most driven attempts to invade it. A Grand Canyon of cleavage was constantly present between the two monstrous mountains of pec meat. His areola and nipples rose like two succulent volcano peaks of darkened domes atop the lower cantilever of his chest.

Foot upon foot of meaty muscle sweltered on every inch of Akar's continually expanding body. The muscle was staggering and beautiful beyond my wildest imagination. When I could tear my eyes away from the immense glory of my love, I found myself fixated on the even larger muscle development smothering Samut's god-like body. I had no doubt that Samut's upper torso was more than 90" of endless muscle around or that his arms were any less than 38" of insanely defined muscle. Samut's constantly hard cock was a good 2" bigger than the deadly weapon-organ attached to Akar's groin. I believed that at last I was finally seeing how and why a person could be called a Supreme Picking because Akar and Samut had developed so much dense muscle meat as to transcend being considered merely human. Whatever the natural selection processes had created the blend of genetics that gave these special men in this special tribe; they were well beyond the understanding and comprehension of the world from which I came.

The other two selected to become Supreme Pickings exercised together on a different schedule so I did not get to see them in action but I presumed that they were undergoing similar experiences. Sometimes I wondered how their Matching Partners were reacting to the pending separations through the level elevation and if they were enjoying the same muscle-sex experiences every night that now filled my hut with Akar.

At the beginning of the last week, figuring I had nothing else to loose and many memories to gain, I offered to show Akar some of my people's sexual activities. Akar seemed excited to learn them and share them. That night I taught him the same thigh-fuck that I had shared with Fon only a few weeks ago. By then Akar was probably almost 100 pounds more muscled than Fon had been and his magnificent cock was pushing a steel-hard 20" in length and 4" across. I held my legs locked as tightly together as I could to make Akar have to force his gargantuan erection between my flexing thighs.

It wasn't long before my own formidable muscle gave way to his invading cock head and surging shaft. Akar's entire body became an image of superbly petrified living muscle as he pushed and pulled his cock between my grasping inner leg meat. His pecs pushed forward with solidified muscle more than an extended hand width from his ribcage as he pounded his bouncing chest meat against my striated globes of matching man-tits. Akar arched backward as his libido took control of his thrusting actions. Before I knew what was happening, I found my entire body raised from the ground, supported on his staggering cock shaft with my legs locked around its impenetrable meat. Akar grabbed hold of my by my waist and began to use my entire body as his personal masturbation instrument. The bottom crack between my flexing ass cheeks massaged the top of his monstrous cock tripping over the rigid veining that reinforced its marbled surface.

Akar was careful enough not to over shake me as my 300 pound mass rubbed his hot cock toward its impending explosion. When Akar suggested that he was on the verge of ejaculation, I cramped my legs as tightly as possible, forcing his cock to experience as much frictional sensation as I could deliver into its piped existence. Carrying me over to the large bowl we now used to collect our deposits, Akar's entire body quaked violently perfect with muscle as the first charge of raging cum screamed through his cock shaft and poured its rich creaminess into the waiting vessel. I remained on his massive cock shaft until we had drained every ounce of spilling cum from within Akar's pleasured testicles.

As his cum cooled for consumption, Akar and I shared our first true "fuck". Leaning trustingly over our small table. Akar exposed his majestic ass and sphincter to me as I gently explained the process to him. We used a combination of my own spit and a bit of Akar's hot cum to lubricate my throbbing cock. Slowly and patiently I pushed the swelled head of my cock against the widening ring of his sphincter. Akar groaned his initial pain and I pulled back to let him rest and relax. We repeated this process five or six times adding more and more lubricant each time until Akar was finally able to accept the full flared crown of my cock inside him.

My hands explored the vast continent of Akar's back and lats finding their way over the hilly ridges of his lower erector muscles. As my fingers began their initial climb up onto the mountainous rounds of his upper glutes I pushed the first few inches of my rodded cock shaft inside him. Akar's triceps and shoulders grew to skin-straining proportions as my cock dug deeper and deeper into his core of solid muscle. My cock head tripped across Akar's prostate causing him to moan his passion loudly. I pulled back out leaving only my cock head inside as I continued to fondle the massive offerings of his undulating butt muscles. I re-inserted over half of my raging cock shaft to Akar's pained pleasure and began to thrust the hard pole in and out as my knowing hands comforted the great platings of the many, many muscles spread out before me.

In only a few thrusts, Akar's ass hole was swallowing the entire length of my tingling cock shaft as if it had been a well-practiced exercise. I pushed and pulled with greater passion and increased speed until we were both locked in the throws of pure sexual passion. Akar's altered body was a temple of living muscle. My hands and eyes tried to absorb as much of his writhing massiveness as they could while my cock explored the inner sanctum of Akar's great cathedral of muscle. Sweat polished Akar's statuesque body as the aroma of his heat-driven musk drifted into my lungs. The immense scale of his hidden pecs pressed against the table forcing his back up at a significant angle toward me with his handsome head almost a foot above the table surface. His groans were a perfect mixture of unbridled passion of working pleasure.

With all Akar's flexing muscle filling every one of my senses, my cock moved toward obvious explosion much faster than I would have liked within his virginal interior. Several times I was forced to stop myself just so that I could extend the moment for as long as possible. I wanted to fill Akar with the juice of my love but knew that it needed to serve a higher purpose at the moment. Just before I was ready to release my load, I reluctantly pulled from within Akar and rushed my cock to the waiting bowl. Akar's warm, strong hands took hold of my pounding cock and finished the triggering to the awaiting orgasm. The first rush of cum just barely made it into the cup but Akar's aiming managed to make sure that all of my hot cream joined with his in the chalice of our love offering.

Akar had been so taken by our new sexual sharing that we immediately made plans for my last night with him to be devoted to an evening of sexual exploration and unlimited passion. It was a hard enough conversation to have so we refused to discuss or mention that it would be the last time we would ever see one another.

On the morning of my last full day before my scheduled departure from the village of the Pickings, Darat arrived. He would be escorting me personally back through the village of the Elders where I would spend a day in discussions and examination with the Elder Council. They would then return me to the beach on the east side of the island in order for my compatriots to retrieve me. Darat was as warm, compassionate and considerate as ever and worked very hard to soften my despondence over my inevitable departure and separation from Akar. Somehow I think that Darat knew the special bond that now existed between Akar and me.

Darat stayed with me at the hut on the last day to help me sort and collect my stuff and to begin the debriefing process. When Akar arrived back for our last night, Darat excused himself speaking of his need to rest for our journey in the morning. I was In Akar's arms within seconds of Darat's leaving. We hugged and fondled each other's bodies as if we had never experienced them before. Not a word was spoken during the next half-hour or so as we brought each other to full arousal and heated passion. That was when the world as they knew it ended! •

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