Natural Selection


By John

Some days are easier to remember than others. Note: this tale involves man-to man sexual situations. If this is not to your liking, please do not read it – otherwise, I hope you enjoy this tale.

I will never forget the day that Akar and Samut were to return to Fon and me from their stay with the Soft Ones for as long as I live. Even as the small boat carries my aching, blinded and roped body across an unknown sea, I can now recall every second of that one day more vividly than almost any other day in my life.

Fon's excitement that day was electric. He was up at dawn excited to share the great plan he had dreamed up during the night. He wanted us to go and meet them. I reminded Fon that I was not permitted to visit the village of the Soft Ones. His plan was to meet them on the trail half way here. It was far to the Soft Ones village and Akar and Samut were not expected until late afternoon. Fon did not want to wait that long to be reunited with his magnificent lover.

I tried to argue that we had a long, hard workout session scheduled but Fon was determined. Since I knew about the relationship that existed between he and Samut, it was hard to argue against love. Besides, I had to admit that I missed Akar, too. In the three nights we had spent together, I had opened up to Fon and, finally, confessed my love for Akar to him. I had hoped that Fon might offer me some glimpse of hope that Akar could have feelings toward a man. After all, Fon had been Akar's Matching Partner for almost half a year before being permitted to partner with Samut.

There was very little Fon could offer in the form of additional information about Akar's sexual desires. Fon had heard from Samut that Akar was considered a prime child-maker and that his identified and obvious physical traits were considered to be among the most desirable to pass on to future generations. I had already concluded that the breeding process of this society was extremely focused on ensuring that only the purest of the most wanted characteristics continued to be encouraged. The ability to build vast and increasing quantities of quality muscle mass and the capacity to produce powerful and filling amounts of sperm were essential to them. I was still not certain why the size of the penis and the immense strength were needed, but they were certainly valued.

Fon's comments and statements were able to help me understand that population was strictly controlled and balanced. The numbers of each type of person within each community were constantly assessed and balanced. The word "balance" had a much broader meaning here than it did for us. Once I even tried to find out more about the group I believed to be the enemy of this tribe –The Pack of Traveler. It only took a couple of non-answers or evasive changes in conversation for me to grasp that everyone knew not to talk to me about that topic. All I could get from Fon was the same answer that I would be long gone before anything about dealing with them happened along. His comment reminded me of the painful truth that I would be separated from this island paradise in only a bit more than a month.

As to Akar, Fon did tell me that Akar missed his former Matching Partner and, apparently, the sessions with the Priests had something to do with getting Akar readjusted to this separation. Fon spoke reverently about Akar's former Matching Partner as well as Samut's. It seems that they had both qualified to be elevated to Supreme Picking at the same time, about six months ago. For some reason, Samut's was not elevated until just recently and, before that happened, Samut and Fon had discovered their mutual feelings toward and about each other. The need for a new Matching Partner for Akar had put Fon and him together half a year ago and my coming had given the two gay lovers the chance they had hoped for.

Fon went on to let me know that, since my pairing with Akar, he had become very much like his old self. Fon said that Akar was truly honored to have been selected to be responsible for me because I was such a special guest of the tribe. Fon confirmed that Akar's loyalty to his people, their customs and their traditions was paramount to his self-pride. Fon even let me know that Akar liked me very much and had great respect for me and the way I was willing to accept their rules and traditions and to not let mine interfere in their society. That was the closest Fon could give me as a ray of hope in my relationship with Akar.

When I finally agreed to Fon's plan to meet Akar and Samut, I offered to pass on the ritual cum-sharing that morning so that he could save himself for his reunion with Samut. Fon wouldn't hear of it curious that I would feel that one "small draining" this morning would affect him later that day. I was still having difficulty accepting just how prolific these men could be with their sexual power. I simply smiled my apologetic ignorance and we proceeded with the morning cock- milking but I did insist that we stick to the mutual masturbation process and reminded Fon that the methods I had taught him were to be his secret and, in time, he might make them Samut's secret too.

Fon could make his cock go from waving softness to stunning hardness in mere seconds. Probably because he was gay, Fon was much more generous in letting me handle his magnificent organ. The continuous gentle upward curve of his aroused penis made it look all the more powerful and fabulously beautiful. The wide, hard collar of flesh crowning the head and separating it from the marbled shaft glowed like a well-polished iron-hot band of extra sensitive manhood.

I played with Fon's smiling cock head enjoying its marvelous meatiness and endless leakage of silvery precum. The slit at the end of his delicious organ seemed to pucker its vertical lips of invitation at me. The slit opening, like everything else on Fon's amazing body, was larger to match the scale of the great cock itself. I don't know what possessed me at the moment but, as I watched one shining globe of precum ooze out from the open end of Fon's cock head, I pushed my little finger up against the bead of wetness and rubbed the lubricating moisture around the lips of the slit. Then, bending my little finger at the first joint, I invaded the inviting opening.

Fon's reaction was immediate as he groaned in unexpecting passion. I let my finger slip in deeper until the fingernail was no longer visible. Fon's already rock-hard cock jumped several steps harder in my hand. I pushed my finger deeper inside. When I got to the first knuckle, I straightened out the joint and pushed it into he end of Fon's cock. I could see Fon's entire body shivering with muscle- enhancing pleasure as I worked toward the second joint of my little finger. Using the stunning quaking of Fon's phenomenal muscle-body and the lilting quality of his whispered groans, I pulled about half of my embedded finger out and then, slowly, reinserted it. I took it in up to and past the larger knuckle his time.

The meat of Fon's diamond hard cock began to shake like the muscle saturating he rest of his unblemished body. I started sliding my little finger slowly in and out of his cock head. Then, after a few maneuvers I removed the finger entirely. Fon looked at me as if begging for more. Using my middle finger this time, I pushed it back into the shimmering opening. Precum lubricated its invasion as I worked almost the entire finger into Fon's pounding cock meat. I began, again to finger-fuck Fon's cock increasing the rhythm as I became braver in the process. After only a few minutes Fon's whole body began to spasm as his cock and balls became supercharged with desire.

I pulled my finger from within him; uncorking Fon's cock and grabbed the bowl just in time to catch the first jarring eruption of hot, creamy sperm-milk. Every muscle on Fon's stupendous body turned into a veritable statue of stone-like muscle. I held the bowl and just watched with awe as Fon's cock-fountain spewed the largest volume of cum I had ever seen. He continued to erupt with cum for a good two or three minutes before finally collapsing his head and arms onto my waiting torso.

My cock felt as hard as Fon's had looked from our little finger-fuck of his amazing cock. It took only seconds for me to force its hot juices to mix together with the massive volume of Fon's cum. We drank feverishly until every precious drop of cum-serum was gone. I think we both would have loved to experiment further, but the first light of day was already appearing and we had a long trek ahead of ourselves. We cleaned up as quickly as we could and set off before most others in the village were up or about.

As we walked hand-in-hand along the trial I noticed a line of billowing white clouds to the north in the sky. I was concerned that there might be a storm coming our way. Fon kept driving us forward without concern saying that, while the wet season was just about to end in the lowlands, any rain cloud over which we should worry would be coming from the south or southwest. He was a little unfamiliar with this path, acknowledging that he was still several years away from being given permission to be with a Soft One. I asked him if he thought he would feel uncomfortable about mating with a Soft One. His answer was a simple "No" since that is what they had to do for the tribe.

We had only gone a short distance past the outer clearing in the trees before the sounds of birds drew my attention skyward. Fon noticed them just after me and pushed us into the cover of the trees adjacent to the path. This was the second time I had seen the condor- like creatures only, this time, instead of a solitary bird, there were six or seven of them shrieking through the air. They were much lower than the two I had seen before and the background of nearby trees finally permitted me a true sense of the scale of the amazing creatures. The smallest of the wingspans had to be 15' across. Fon was surprised at the number traveling together and that they seemed to be flying south and far from their highland habitat this time of the year. All I knew was that they were huge and, with this number of them, no matter how much muscle Fon and I carried, I would not choose to have to face them if at all possible.

The great birds swirled gracefully through the air currents. We watched from our hiding place until they were well past us. Then we resumed our own journey, being a bit more cautious along the way. I asked Fon if everything on this island was as big as he and his tribesmen were. He, of course, didn't quite comprehend to point of my question. Fon said that some things were big, and other things were bigger. Size, he admitted, was important to survival.

As we moved on, I thought to myself, based on Fon's observation, the animals would have had much to fear from these spectacularly muscled humans if men here were as vicious as they could be in my world. Fon walked slightly ahead of me for a while for my protection until he felt more secure about the trail. I watched as he moved. There was no way to keep my cock in check as his stunning abundance of muscle shifted and flowed with each measured step. From my rear vantage point I had a chance to observe the true spectacle of Fon's stupendous upper body taper.

The width and scope of meat covering Fon's shoulders and upper back was absolutely magnificent in both scope and shape. Vast amounts of meaty richness were piled onto his frame and shaped as if carved by the greatest of loving sculptors. As he walked in front of me, there was a great and beautiful battle raging between the sweeping masses of Fon's triceps and outer lat meat. The two pairs of phenomenal muscles pushed by one another as if massaging themselves purposefully just to excite the viewer. Fon's immense deltoids carried his arms far out to each side to make as much room as possible for his upper back to fit. No matter how wide his shoulders expanded with each movement, Fon's lats worked successfully to completely fill the amount of space being offered.

Light reflected richly from each of the various cables of the winged lat meat sliding and undulating to the dance of Fon's walk. A deep, deep open "v" gully existed between each side of writhing back muscle crashed into the space protecting Fon's spine. Fingers of erector muscle pulled and pointed at a delicious angle toward the nape of his back just above the upper prominence of his flowing ass muscles. By the time Fon's lats finished their stunning glide into the sides o of his waist, Fon's lower arms hung far enough away from his chiseled sides that a normal man could have fit through the opening. Fon's lats were a good three times as wide as wide as the width of his waistband. Adding the huge capping of muscle on each shoulder, the overall upper torso width was probably closer to four times his waist.

Every now and again Fon would reach up to wipe the sweat from his handsome brow causing his arm to explode with all 33" of its chiseled muscle fully flexed for my viewing pleasure. His balled biceps fought valiantly against the rigid mass of his veined forearms as Fon forced the dense masses together so that he could reach his hidden face with this hands. The thick top vein mounted on the peak of his fissured bicep snaked over the rock-like muscle surface as he wiped and every cable of steel-belted meat in his lofted shoulders threatened to rip through the razor thin sheathing of his sweat-polished skin. Once he pulled both staggeringly muscled arms up behind his neck in a refreshing stretch. I just about lost my load of cum as I watched his lats unwind into gargantuan wheeling of brilliantly etched meat. If not for his considerable weight, there appeared to be enough unfurled sails of pure meat to guide a huge ship forward I a decent breeze.

The pumping of our walk made Fon's calves look measurably bigger around than my upper arms. Their monstrous meatiness when constricted made them look like someone had planted several fatheaded spikes under Fon's bronzing skin and welded the entire collection together into one insanely beautiful body of metallic muscle. The same, but on a much, much larger scale applied to Fon's rear leg biceps. The wondrous curve of their flexing forms seemed to be a perfect complement to his sculptured gluteal muscles. Every time my eyes came across the undulating shifting of Fon's ass a sigh of lusting want filled my lungs. My imagination kept drifting to my dream world of Samut and Fon in the throws of intertwined anal fucking with every fiber of muscled splendor in play through their pounding ass cheeks as inch after fabulous inch of powerful cock meat invaded the marbled globes of their posteriors.

The noise of not-too-distant talking brought my dreamy vision to a sudden end. We immediately knew the voices to be those of our beloved Matching Partners. I had been so taken by Fon's massive body in motion that I had not realized how long and far we had traveled. Thankfully, Fon's excitement at hearing the voice of his lover had brought him to an instant erection so he did not seem to notice or care about the raging hard-on that I had acquired from walking behind him. The talking was getting closer and Fon wanted to hide to surprise them along the side of the path. This time I won and we chose a place just past a small ridge where they would see us as they came over it.

And so they found us! Their talk came to an abrupt halt when they saw us standing, waiting with our bodies and cocks fully hardened into great most muscular flexes for them. It took but a few seconds for the fat head of Samut's swelling cock to announce its joy over seeing Fon by growing down past the bottom edge of the woven skirting they still both wore. Fon crunched down provocatively on his hips to force his already launched cock to waive its invitation to his lover. A surge of desire sped through Samut's half-hidden cock as it began to force the covering up and away from his loins. Fon continued to use his massive muscles and cock to tease Samut to full arousal.

I was focused on the sight of Akar. It had only been three days, but it might as well have been a lifetime for me. Akar looked more handsome and spectacular to me then ever. His chest, abs, shoulders, arms and lower legs were all solidly cut and seemed to be harboring a dense, rich pump as if he had just finished a grueling blood-feeding workout. It had probably taken this brief absence for me to actually see just how much bigger and more perfect his colossal meat had become since I had first set eyes on him.

Of as much, or maybe more, interest to me was noting that his cock, too, was responding just like Samut's. With the waist weaving wrapped tightly to their impressively small waistlines, their expanding cocks looked monstrously huge. Of course, their cocks were monstrously huge, but the visually severing wrap of waistcloth exaggerated this reality al the more turning their cocks into painfully gorgeous weapons of potentially massive destruction.

Samut was the first of the two to discard his loin covering. The power of his expanding cock was not going to permit the flimsy construction of the covering to survive much longer. Akar was not far behind. The spectacle of their fully exposed bodies after three days of absence pushed my cock as well as Fon's even harder. Even just the short time of separation made both of our men look even more staggeringly muscled as they stood there with their massive cock drawbridges locking into raised position. Fon raced from my side and up the small rise to meet his Matching Partner. Fon's raging cock pointed fiercely as it led the charge to Samut's waiting temple of pure muscle.

Acknowledging Akar's presence, Fon greeted Samut with a traditional neck hug. With surprising disregard for Akar, Samut pushed Fon's immense arms down bringing the two of them together, instead, in a full, muscle-packaged body hug. The immense scale of their pumping chests and torsos forced them to hug tightly around the upper waist where they could get more of their meaty arm masses around one another. Clasping hands anchored to upper arms pushing 3 feet around forced Fon's and Samut's pecs against each other as two heavily inflated, unflinching, hemispheres of rock-like muscle. Their head- thick man-tits ground against one another keeping their handsome faces over a foot apart. The two colossal towers of body muscle shifted and grated together searching for the best way to intertwine their monstrously hard meat into one unified embrace.

Fon's cock dug it's way beneath Samut's globed balls as it sought a way through the closed passage between Samut's muscle-laden inner thighs. Samut twisted his lower body slightly to one side so that his mammoth organ could get by Fon's striated body on one chiseled side. I stood in frozen awe as the two grappling mountains of muscle powered their way together. Having had a chance to measure Fon's tremendous wealth of muscle, I could finally fully appreciate the sheer god-like scale of meat covering Samut's larger bulk. As their biceps and triceps exploded with fully pumped contractions, I could see just how much larger and more defined Samut's were compared to the 33" that I knew existed on Fon's arms. I put Samut's at a solid 3' plus, more like 38" around. If Fon's chest was 79", then the overpowering scale of Samut's writhing pecs and lats had to make his torso all of 84" – a very, very solid 7' of primed beef!

I watched for several minutes as these two huge muscle machines maneuvered and pummeled their bodies together through an erotic dance of tectonically shifting muscle. The flow of precum from their super- charged cocks spoke of their lust and love better than any words could have done. The image of their gigantic muscles flexing and binding together told of their immense power that was both brutal and beautiful at the same time. Fon and Samut were so involved in their muscle-love that they were oblivious to anything and anyone else around them. I stared with lusting awe as the various body parts of these two dynamos of purified muscle striated and undulated to honed, stone-like perfection. Soon their hands were on each other's stifling hard cock shaft. The insane scale of their inflexible cocks seemed fitting to the gargantuan power of their massive muscles.

It wasn't until Fon separated his pumped figure from Samut's and grabbed his larger lover by the cock with both hands that I remembered the presence of the man who was my Matching Partner. I moved my sight from the wrestling lovers to Akar suddenly worried about how this clear demonstration of gay love might offend him. To my surprise, instead of angered disgust on his face, I found Akar's entire body in a hardened state of discernible arousal. Akar had one mighty hand wrapped around the thick shaft of his own imposing cock and was clearly engaged in self-enjoyment. His eyes were locked onto the flexing figures of Fon and Samut as the younger lover tugged at the 20" mast projecting from Samut's groin.

"Come, let me take and release you!" Fon urged Samut. "There are new ways I need to show you. New ways I want to love you!"

"No, not now!" Samut insisted using the mass of his totally flexed body to resist Fon's toyful pull.

"Yes, now!" Fon laughed playfully back at his large lover. "I have already waited three days for you. Either come with me or come get me!"

With that, Fon gave one final powerful tug on Samut's petrified cock. When Samut still refused to move, Fon slapped Samut's fruit-sized cock head and, turning with amazing speed, darted off into the nearby woods ignoring Samut's shouts of warning laced with frustration. The younger man's legs and ass flexed erotically as he charged into the cover of the trees. The huge girth of Fon's shoulders upper back and waving meaty arms ripped branches as large as tree trunks right from any vegetation unlucky enough to be in his path. Samut called into the woods for Fon to come back several times as the sounds of the young lover grew fainter with distance.

"Come fetch me if you want me!" Came the laughing, muted call from deep inside the veil of trees.

"This is insane!" Samut shouted out. "Come back here immediately."

Fon did not respond. Samut grew noticeably impatient, then, turning with a muscle-etching shrug to Akar, the huge lover slowly lumbered into the woods with a whispered apology. Samut followed the path ripped open by Fon's great body. His larger figure forced its way through the thick brush cautiously but with determination. Soon, Samut, too, was lost from view. His calling of Fon's name became fainter and fainter until it was not much more than a whisper mixed into the many sounds of the forest.

Left alone, my attention was now focused on Akar. His cock still carried a raging erection and his body was gloriously pumped and polished in sweat from the heat of the day and the actions of Fon and Samut. Again, I found myself in awe of his sheer physical presence. Akar's immense muscle size was carved over every inch of his fully exposed body. His arms, chest, back and legs were a near perfect match now to Samut. Akar's 7' of etched pec meat heaved with the excitement of his half-finished masturbation. His arms and forearms were brilliantly flexed with blood-hardened muscle and covered with their tributary lining of veining. Shoulders at least as wide as Fon's cascaded with cables of ribbed deltoid meat dividing his gargantuan biceps and triceps from the even more stupendous scale of his man-tits and fuming lats. The closed inner thigh meat of Akar's stupendous tree trunk legs nested his fruit-sized balls. Akar was beyond magnificent!

Cautiously I approached his tower of overpowering muscle. Not knowing what else to do, I raised my arms to greet him with the formal, traditional neck embrace. Akar accepted my hug but did not return it to me.

"I am sorry for the actions of Fon and Samut." I spoke softly.

"It is not for you to apologize." Akar responded with his sharp blue eyes staring directly at me. "I have missed you, Mortumee."

"And I have missed you, Akar." I answered. "I hope your visit with your Soft One was successful and beneficial."

"It went appropriately well." Akar nodded. "But, to be honest, my mind was elsewhere when I was with her. It was not fair to her but, when I performed in her, she was not in my mind."

"As long as you performed well" I assured "I am sure that she was pleased."

"Yes, I guess she was." Akar agreed. "Still, to be the best man I can be, I need to be more honest. That is what the Priests have told me and what Samut has also advised."

"Don't be too hard on yourself. You are a good man who, from everything I have come to know and understand about you, always does his best." I offered in my most sincere voice.

"But I lack the happiness that even Samut and Fon have found." Akar whispered.

"Do not hold their love against them, Akar." I broached the unwanted subject. "Their caring is honest and they do not seek to offend or be disrespectful to you or to your people."

"Oh, I do not feel ill toward them." Akar spoke plainly. "In fact I envy them, their relationship and their honest display of love. It is you who I am concerned about."

"Me! Why me!" I gasped putting a few shocked paces between us. "If I have done anything to offend you or embarrass you, then I am deeply, deeply sorry. I seek only to be the best Matching Partner I can be. I realize that I do not know many of your ways and ask forgiveness for my ignorance or any stupid breaches of custom that I have exposed you to. I promise that I will do my best to make up for whatever…"

"No! No! You have done nothing." Akar cut me off. "I am concerned because I have not been honest with you."

"I am not aware of any dishonesty on your part." I assured. "You have been caring, helpful, patient, accepting and wonderful – in spite of my ignorance of your ways."

"But I have not been honest." Akar insisted. "I have not shared with you how proud I am of you or how good and helpful you have always been."

Akar paused to take in a deep breath before going on. His massive pecs heaved and sharpened into solid continental plates of rock-hewn muscle and his abs became individually inscribed in between the fingered lines of his serratus and obliques. Akar stepped toward me within touching distance but made no attempt to reach out. His eyes looked sad and searching in his too-handsome face.

"I have not told you that I feel the same love for you that you see between Samut and Fon." Akar confessed. "You are so different from me… from us…but so loving and respectful. You have given me back feelings that I thought had been taken from me for good when my previous Matching Partner was raised to Supreme Picking. You may hate me now and I will understand. If I am sharing with you ways that are unacceptable to your kind, then I will accept my fate. But I needed to be honest with you because you deserve that honesty."

I stood speechless. After all this time – and with only weeks to go in my visit – this paragon of physical perfection was admitting love for me! Akar remained still. My greatest dream was being answered in a way that I had thought impossible. Not only was Akar gay, but also he was in love with me! I smiled to him.

"Then it is I who have been dishonest to you, Akar." The words shivered from my mouth. "Because I love you in the very same way."

Akar looked both shocked and jubilant. I stepped up to his monumental body. His monstrously gorgeous pecs pressed against my breast. Akar's arms moved up around my waist. His gigantic cock pressed its way between my legs so that he could bring our bodies as close together as possible. Forcing my neck forward, our lips grew close together. Our kiss, however, was not to be.

The sudden sounds of two voices yelling off in the distance of the forest broke the moment. A second round of indiscernible muted utterances pulled Akar's face from mine. Grabbing my hand, Akar began to run into the forest through the trail carved by Fon's and Samut's bodies dragging me along with him.

There was one final cry that we could tell was from Samut that gave us the general direction of the sounds…and then silence. •

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