Hustler Sinbad: Book One: Sinbad

The Entertainer


By Jason Jarman

We was headin home when my pager went off. It was the tattoo guy's number.

"Looks like you got your first paying gig, baby," Rick said. He snaked his hand around my waist. He stopped me and we made out like crazy. Rick was a hella good kisser.

Sure enough, the tattoo dude hadn't wasted any time. He knew a good thing when he saw it. When we got back to Rick's place, he turned into my business manager. He talked money an all that shit with the guy for half an hour. I didn't have a mind for that shit. I just tried on all my new leathers an posed in the mirror. I dug the fuck out of all my new tats an piercins.

When Rick hung up, he laid it all out for me. Me an Rick were hired to show up to a wild- ass leather an bondage party he was hostin. All I had to do was show up in my leathers, an with my magic belt. We were gettin paid three grand for our appearance.

He lived on the rich side of town. I was surprised when Rick told me the address. "Shit, that's over by the lake. Fucking gated community."

I laughed. No locks, no chains, no bars of steel could stop this musclestud!

We slept in til three in the afternoon, but we didn't get out of bed 'til six. Then Rick an me showered together. He groomed me for the party. I had on my new gear: my black leather tank, skintight red leather pants, sailor hat, engineer's boots an, of course, the belt. I wore the belt loose around my gut. It was so ready for me. I could feel the buckle throbbin like a heartbeat.

They had a routine that they wanted us to do. They would tie Rick up an pretend to torture him. I was supposed to break into their place an "rescue" Rick. I could do anything I wanted--break shit, fuck with people's heads, fuck with other parts o their bodies--they just wanted a wildass show. That turned me on.

I was supposed t show up right at midnight. I couldn't hardly wait t get there. I wanted to be as buff as possible, so I worked out for a couple of hours. I went back to that wreckin yard an bench pressed me some semi-trucks. Then I did some dumb-bell curls with a couple o wreckin balls. Finally, I found this big-ass compacted mass of old cars and metal. Fucker easily weighed five tons. I clean and jerked that shit til every vein stood out like telephone wire on my big-ass guns an my pecs.

I was ready for anything. I also didn't cum all day, so I was ragin with testosterones. Horn- dog devil, with my cock pulsin and droolin pre-cum. I could barely cram Sinbad Jr. down the leg of my leathers.

Rick had headed over there an hour before me, like they asked. I was sposed to bust in at the stroke of midnight.

Man, did I get some serious stares on the fuckin bus! I had on my mirrored wraparound shades, so no one could see my eyes.

You wanna whack off, so I'll skip to the good part. I head a clock chimin twelve as I found the house. It was a big fuckin joint. Very high-class. It was three stories.

All the windows were dark. It looked like the joint was empty. I pulled on the front door. It was hella heavy. I wanted to be freaky big an scary when they first saw me. So I yanked on the belt with one hand an ripped the front door off its hinges an threw it in the yard. The buckle shot out some wild power bolts. They lit up the dark entrance. "I'm here, dudes." No one answered. "Wussup? Hey."

All the action was goin on the basement. I found the door an opened it. There was dim lights on. I walked down a long-ass flight of stairs, way down under the ground. My belt was sparkin, like it sensed danger.

I turned the corner an there was all these dudes in leather, doin all kinds of crazy-ass shit. The tattoo dude, who was dressed head to toe in tight black leather, greeted me. "Here he is, boys!"

Everyone in the room stared at me. I flexed my guns an put on my best pouty face. My cock was gettin hard an strainin against my leathers. Everyone in the room burst into applause an whistled an hollered.

I was surrounded by big muscle dudes in tight leather, all strokin and rubbin an lickin my muscles. There were more hard cocks than I could count. I felt em pokin me in the back, rubbin against my thighs, grindin into my ass.

They got me up on this pedestal. Someone put on some weird trancey techno music, an I started muscle posin to the rhythm. I held the poses for a long time, an crunched my muscles t make the veins an fibers stand out. I felt hands all over my body, rubbin my muscles an my tight leathers. I thought my cock was gonna bust out. It was so big and hard that it hurt.

Hands peeled off my jacket. My leather tank was hella tight. I flexed my guns hard an high. Hands stroked the muscle peaks an rubbed my forearms. I puffed out my mighty pecs, an concentrated to get em bigger, thicker an higher. They were pumped as fuck from my workout, an I grimaced as they bulged out so hard an high that they split the seams of the leather tanktop.

The tank peeled off my torso, like a banana skin, exposin my muscles in all their glory. I did some most muscular poses, an put my arms behind my head, to flaunt my tiny waist an super-rocky abs. I knew that my chest was 10 times as wide as my waist. An I could get even freakier with just a tug of leather.

What I was doin totally turned on the crowd. There was mad-ass jackin off among them, an some of the guys were so horned they were givin blow jobs, gettin em, or fuckin. I was livin porn, the best there ever was, an they knew it.

The tattoo dude reached down an unbuttoned my leathers. He peeled my shiny red skin off, an pulled the pants down to my boots. I moved the magic belt up, an the leather tightened against my naked skin.

My cock sprang up, studded with thick veins, throbbin with mighty masculine power. My balls were so full of cum they hurt. I could feel em hangin low an smackin against my inner thighs.

Somebody stroked my cock with shiny black leather gloves on his hands. Shit, did that feel good! I made some hella huge veiny guns, over an over, flexin em bigger and bigger an stronger as he pumped me harder an harder an faster an faster an sweeter an sweeter...

I screamed as big, thick, hot shots of my magic cum blasted outta my mighty musclecock. I couldn't stop shootin. The orgasm was fucken amazing. My cum bathed the crowd. They was drinkin it up. I got a few shots in my mouth an the shit tasted fine.

The dude stopped pumpin my meat and stroked my belt buckle. The buckle fired up, an everyone gasped at the bolts of lightning that came out of it.

I was the star of the evenin, no doubt about it. But I knew the best was yet to come.

Then I heard Rick's voice, comin from the back of the house:

"Sinbad! Help me! Hurry!"

"Rick?" I called out.

"Sinbad!" He sounded desperate. I couldn't see him, even though my eyes could see perfect in the dark. I scanned the crowd. Everyone was all over me, kissin an lickin an strokin an rubbin...

Then a bunch of leather dudes grabbed my arms an pinned em back. I was hella strong, an started to fight back. But someone held a cloth, soaked in this sweet smellin stuff, over my face. The music got weirder an trancier an I passed out. The more I tried t struggle, the fuzzier everything got.

When I woke up, before I opened my eyes, I felt the hands all over me. I tried t move my arms, but I couldn't. There was somethin holdin me down. I heard a hard slappin sound, an I opened my eyes. I still had my mirrored shades on.

Then I saw Rick. He was tied up with belts an ropes. His arms were tied over his head. Some muscle dude held a cat of nine tails, an wailed on Rick. He shouted out in pain. The whip dude laughed, an smacked Rick's ass with the lashes.

"You fuckers! Let me go or Sinbad'll kick your asses..."

"Fuck Sinbad. He can't save you," the whip dude said.

"Rick?" I tried again to move my arms, but the fuckers were tied down. I tried t move my arms an felt the rough grain of leather against my skin. There was some chains an ropes, too, but it was mostly belts. Big, wide fuckers, goin from my neck down to my thighs.

I exhaled an flexed my guns. I busted all the chains easy, like they was paper. But strong as I felt, tI couldn't bust the straps. My chest was so big I couldn't see my waist, but I tried t look down at my magic belt...

"Looking for this, sailor boy?" a smart-ass voice said. A gloved hand held up my magic belt. Fuckers had stolen it from my waist!

"Bet you want this back," the dude said. I got a better look at him. It wasn't the tattoo dude. This guy was a big fucken muscleman. He had on a black leather mask an a tight pair of leather shorts. He stroked the belt buckle an sniffed the leather. "Well, it's mine now."

He took off his belt an dropped it to the floor. Then he tried t put mine on. But somethin weird happened. The strap shrank down to nothin. There wasn't enough leather for him to put it around his wrist. "Piece of shit! This is too fucking small!" He threw the belt on the floor. It landed six feet away from me. Rick watched it fall near me, an his eyes was terrified.

He tried t pull my shades off, but they wouldn't give. He sneered. "You got a pretty face. But you just sit back an watch your pal get it." He laughed. "If you're so strong, maybe you can save him."

This creepy biker dude came into the scene with a branding iron. It was red hot, an said the word WHORE backwards.

The guy with the red hot iron was about to brand Rick's ass. He stroked Rick's ass, an then touched it with the iron. It sizzled as it seared the skin. Rick screamed.

The muscle dude unzipped his pants. His cock flopped out. It was hella hard. "I'm gonna fuck yer girlfriend now. Wanna watch?" They both laughed.

Rick screamed as the guy forced his cock down his ass. While he rammed Rick, the biker creep branded Rick's ass. Fuck! I needed my belt! I stared at it, concentratin real hard an thinkin:


Bolts of lightnin started to shoot from the buckle. I kept it up…


The belt got longer an the buckle began to pulse. The belt started sliding towards me, across the floor. I thought even harder…


The belt slid up my thigh an tightened itself around my waist. I could feel the strap slide under the magic buckle. The second the leather an buckle touched, I was stronger. I flexed my chest, an I could hear the leather begin to rip on the big belts that bound me.

Bolts of raw power crackled on the buckle. It was there for me, just waitin. The strength of 1,000 men.

The muscle dude had his cock rammed down Rick's ass. He yanked Rick's hair back hard, an he was fuckin him without lube, not carin if he hurt Rick with his nasty dick. I had to get hella big, bad an strong!

I concentrated hard. The buckle sparked some more. The leather strap was tryin to get into my hand. It was about three inches from my right arm. The bondage belts dug hard into my arms. Just movin at all hurt like hell.

I got my fingertips an inch away from the fucken belt. I had to have it. I was hurtin so much I thought I would pass out. But the power had t be mine.

I almost touched the leather. I took a deep breath an finally my fucken fingers made contact.

The warm sweaty leather shoved itself into my grip. The leather wrapped itself around my hand, an the buckle went apeshit. It began to throb. Each throb made it get bigger. It sent hella big bolts into my guns an made em bulge out to the size of a fucken volleyball. The belts holdin my arms to the post stretched. The leather creaked wicked loud as it got seriously stressed by my muscle mass.

The guy who was fuckin Rick looked up. "Oh, shit..." He was cummin, an his partner was slappin Rick in the face with his own cock, which was ready to shoot its load. Then he shot all over Rick's eyes an mouth, right as the other guy came inside Rick's ass.

"Magic belt, give me the strength I fuckin deserve!" I grabbed that shiny hot leather an yanked it so fucken tight. I pulled the strap way past my head. The buckle blasted out hella mad power bolts. Fuck! They was ten times stronger than I'd ever felt before. The belt knew I really needed me some muscle, t save my boyfriend.

I was able to yank the leather hella past the last notch. I held it there forever while lightning bolts shot all over me. My leather tank ripped to shreds. My tits bulged up to my nose an stayed there. My morphed muscles popped the belts like paper. One by one, the buckles shot out into the crowd.

It was then I noticed that everyone at the party was watchin an jackin their cocks, or fuckin, or givin/gettin head. This was all a fuckin show for their entertainment!

I stood before em, bigger than I'd ever been in my life, an flexed my monster guns high an hard. My cock was rock hard an spewing precum. The crowd stopped their stuff to applaud me.

I turned on the torture dudes. I flexed my musclegod guns an growled at em. "Drop the whip, turd!"

"Make me." The dude lashed out at me again. I didn't feel nothin.

I grabbed the whip an ripped it to pieces. "What else ya got, turd?"

The other guy threw the red-hot branding iron at me. It bounced off my huge pecs an I grabbed the handle. I branded the fucker's ass cheeks, right through the leather. He screamed with pain. Then I mangled the brand into a little ball of iron.

The whip guy pulled out a gun an shot at me. The bullets just bounced off my chest an whanged back at him. A couple hit my belt buckle, an they just dissolved. I flexed my guns an bullets bounced off the muscle peaks. "I'm Sinbad the Sailor, dude. I'm the mightiest stud in the world. I'm hella hung an hella strong. An yer messin with my boy, Rick."

The whip guy had a huge woody. "Hurt me. Hit me, sailor."

I looked over an saw that the guy whose ass I'd branded was strokin his cock, moanin an groanin. "What the fuck?"

"We nearly killed your girlfriend. Look at what we did to him. Beat us up, stud."

Rick looked bad. His pretty body was slashed with red whip marks, an the WHORE brand was burnt, for real, into his left ass-cheek. Show or no show, this got me hella mad. "I NEED ANOTHER NOTCH!"

I pulled the belt even tighter. I looked at my free arm as I pulled the leather. The whip dude was watchin with his cock harder than a rock. I looked right into the peak of my gun as them power bolts socked right into the muscle, makin it bigger an bigger.

My guns were 60 inches, easy. "You see how hella fucken STRONG I am, dude? You see how huge my fucken guns are?" I kept yankin on the leather, gettin it tighter an tighter. I looked at Rick all helpless on that torture rack. I kept wailin on my belt.

Columns of lightning stood high an mighty at my side, like swords. The belt was hella hard to get tighter. The leather kept wantin to slide back. But I felt fiercer, stronger, harder an I fought back. I got massive power in my pullin arm, an I yanked to the last notch. I let out a rebel yell an buckled that sucker down!

My tits rose up to my nose. I pounded em with my fists. Then I flexed my champion guns high, hard an proud. Then I put my hands around my waist. The fingers touched t the second fucken joints. I flexed my quads, which was thick as an oak tree. My leather pants held together. They was triple-stitched.

I snapped all of Rick's bonds with my index finger. It was like breakin tissue paper. I got him out. "We're goin home, babe," I told him. He smiled at me.

I ripped the torture rack outta the floor, where it was bolted in hella hard, an I crushed it into a ball with my hands. If I started to feel even a little weak, the belt gave me new strength. Then I trashed all their torture and S&M shit. I didn't even feel the weight.

I ripped all this metal an leather up from the floor, ruinin their expensive wax finish an carpets. I balled the metal up into a ugly mound an tossed it through the wall. It broke a hella big hole in the house an the metal landed in the backyard.

"Yer next." I went to the muscle dude. I pulled his leather clothes off, poppin the seams an tearin em to shreds. He was huge, but I wanted him scared.

I sneered at him. "Look at you. Yer just a weaklin. You could pump iron all yer life, an you'll never get as big as I am. Get it up."


"Get yer cock hard. I bet you think you got a big dick."

He was sobbin, but he tried t pump his cock up big. He had a decent 10-inch dick.

I just unzipped an let Sinbad Jr. spring out. He was 20 inches tall an at least a foot around at the trunk. All veiny an throbbin an full of hot spunk. "Look at my cock! You could never, ever, in yer dreams, have a cock like this."

"No, I couldn't."

"You are such a low piecea shit. I oughta whip yer ass, but I can tell that'd get you off. So I ain't touchin you, an you ain't touchin me. But if you ever get outta line, I'm gonna kick yer ass into outer space."

Then I turned to the biker dude. He had peed in his pants an collapsed in his own puddle of piss. "Nobody hurts my boyfriend. You hear? NOBODY!" I yelled so loud it shook the foundations of the house.

I grabbed the fucker an busted through the hole I'd made in the wall. As I left, I shouted back at the partiers: "THE FUCKEN PARTY'S OVER. CLEAR OUT IF YOU VALUE YOUR SHITTY LIVES!"

I thought about givin this dude the fate I gave Vince. But I didn't have that big a beef with this fucker. I just wanted to scare him shitless. So I chucked him into the lake. He did a nice two-block arc in the air, an did a cannonball in that ice-cold water. Sure was good he had all that leather on!

I went back inside to get Rick. I also found some of my clothes. I pulled on my leather pants, boots, jacket an sailor cap. They was none the worse for the wear. The party boys were still there. They was all waitin t see what I'd do next.

The tattoo guy found me. He was covered in stray shots of cum, an his own cock, limp an long, dangled out of his pants, drippin its last shot. "That... was... incredible!"

"I ain't done yet. Now, you said I could do anything I wanted, right?"

"Fuck yeh! Go for it!"

"I ain't responsible for what I do." I did a most muscular while I talked, flexin and pumpin my pecs an guns. The dude got hard again watchin me. "You get everyone outta here. They gotta get outta the house, right NOW!"

"You heard the man!" He herded the crowd up the stairs. I was gettin more pissed by the second, waitin for em. The testosterone was boilin inside of me. I felt stronger an bigger an angrier than I'd ever been.

I grabbed Rick an carried him outside. I set him under a tree, by the sidewalk. "Stay here, baby. You ain't gettin hurt no more."

Rick looked weak. He smiled an I kissed him.

I went back inside, through the hole I'd made. I remembered how strong I was when I lifted up that wreckin ball. I wanted to be twice as strong as that. I pulled on the belt, screamin as more power flooded into my bulging, sweaty, vein clustered muscles.

I let out a wild rebel yell. Then I lifted the whole fucken house up. I ripped the fucken foundations out of the ground, wrecked all the plumbin, an dude, I had that whole damn place lifted up with one hand. I was so incredibly fucken powerful!

I leaped up an I kept goin, with the house in my hands. I went way up in the air, above all the trees an houses an wires. An I stayed there. Fuck! I could fuckin float in the air.

I did a "Vince" with the house. Just hurled it, with all my might, way up high in the sky. For all I know, the fuckin shit went into orbit in outer space. I didn't hear no crash. I watched it shoot off over the horizon.

I suddenly realized I was floatin 60 feet in the sky. I started to fall back down to earth. It freaked me. I touched the buckle of my belt an concentrated. I managed to land on my feet. I didn't want to look like a spazz in front of my audience.

There was like 100 of these leather dudes on the front lawn. They all applauded again. That is, all except the tattoo dude. He was freaked. "How the fuck..."

"Sorry 'bout yer house, dude."

He laughed. "It's not my house. That was fucking fantastic, dude!"

I heard the sound of sirens. "I'm checkin outta here."

I picked up Rick an held him close. I concentrated again, an I floated up in the air again. I got 20, 30 feet up in the sky, an we floated over the housetops. I could see the red an blue lights below. I decided to get out of sight, ASAP. I spotted an ole office building with a flat roof. I landed on top of that, gentle as I could. It was hard to control.

I looked at Rick. They had really roughed him up. "I gotta get you fixed up." I touched the branding on his ass. The skin was broken an bruised. Poor fucker was moanin. It broke my heart to see him like this. I kissed him real gentle on the lips. Then I whispered, "Open yer mouth, baby."

Rick knew what was up. I stroked my cock an jacked down his throat. My cum was special. It would take care of him. He drank down my cum, an he started t look better. I watched while all his bruises, welts an slashes faded away. In five minutes, the WHORE brand totally cleared up. You couldn't read it no more.

Rick looked radiant. He stood up straight, with a hard-on slappin his lower abs. My cum had given him some muscle mass. He wasn't nothin like me, but he was hot.

Rick put his arms around me an we kissed. "Thank you..."

"I'm so fucken sorry they hurt you, baby. We shouldn't a come here."

"Well, they paid us an we showed up." Rick smiled. "I'm feeling a lot better now." Rick looked at me an a tear rolled down his face. "I love you, Sinbad."

"I love you, too, dude." I kissed him good.

I knew somethin about this fucken belt. If I got in trouble, it was there for me. The more dangerous things got, the more powerful the magic belt could be.

"Shit, you're buck naked," I said. "An I can't walk around like this with the cops lookin for us..."

I forced open the roof door an we went inside the building. Down in the basement we found some overalls an jumpsuits an shit. I pulled some fat guy's overalls on, over my leather pants. I slipped my jacket on over that. I put the magic belt on over the denim, just in case I needed it. It helped cinch in the waistline of the pants, which was way bigger than my tiny, ripped gut.

Rick put on a dark green jumpsuit. I gave him the sailor cap to wear. He scooped up his long hair an arranged it inside the cap.

"Shit, the money," Rick said. "That fucker never paid us."

"Well, we can't zactly go back there an ask for it now..."

"I was countin on that money, Sinbad."

We exited the building through an alley. The street was quiet, an no cops were around. We held hands an walked towards a busy street. My belt kept itself tight around the baggy overalls.

We saw a bus stop. Then I realized: "We ain't even got bus fare. Fuck!"

Down the street I spotted a bank. There was the answer to our problems.

While Rick covered up the camera lens, I ripped the ATM machine outta the wall. We got us ten grand in cash the easy way. I scooped up the money, all in 20s, an we stuffed out pockets.

I ducked into a convenience store to break one of the bills. I bought a couple of beers. The dude didn't ask for ID. I was easily 10 times the size of an average guy. Guess that took his mind off cardin me.

Rick an I chugged the beer as we waited for the bus. I needed somethin to calm my nerves. I'd learned more about just what my magic belt could do for me. Fucker had mindblowin power.

That night, before we went to sleep, Rick said to me: "I wonder if anyone else has one of these belts, Sinbad."

"There was that one dude in the paper." I had showed him the article.

"Besides him."

"I dunno, dude."

"That would be weird, to find someone else with a magic belt."

"Shit, yeh. Hope that don't ever happen." I pulled a stack of 20s off the mattress. They was diggin into my side. I wrapped my mighty arms around Rick's waist. My cock was hard an it ran up his backside. I went right to sleep as I held my Rick tight in my strong arms. •

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