School for Studs

The Ropes


By Josef Howard

It was becoming more and more difficult to find even loose fitting pants that would accommodate the student's muscular thighs and long, thick, fleshy penises. Even the loose fitting hospital pants were so tight around the thighs that the seams began to tear when the students sat down, but no one seemed to care.

That morning in the classroom there were three instructors waiting. One was Race, and the two others were also previous graduates, as big and studly as Race.

"Today we are going to split up into small groups," Race said. "We'll each take four of you. Eldon, you'll be in my group." Eldon's heart quickened, and his dick swelled a notch. "I'll also take Matt, Aaron and Andrew."

The four students stood and filed out of the classroom after Race as the other instructors called out other names.

Race led them down the hall to a room in the school they had never seen before. It was a brightly lit lounge with a large picture window that had a view of the campus grounds.

Aaron and Andrew sat on the couch. Matt sat on one of the chairs. Eldon sat on the chair next to where Race stood.

Race looked each man in the eyes a moment before he began his lecture.

"This morning starts a new phase of your training here at the School for Studs, men. Everything we've done in the days leading up to this has preparation for today and the days that follow. This morning Eldon, our star pupil, and I will begin to show you the ropes. When you walked in our doors a few days ago and signed up, every one of you thought you were hot shit, and maybe you were to the outside world or we wouldn't have signed you up. But what you were is nothing compared to what you are right now. And what you are right now is nothing compared to what you will be when we are finished with you.

"Part of your programming is physical and part of it is chemical." Race popped the top on prescription bottle and handed each of them a red tablet. "Swallow it. Be quick about it!"

The men put the pills on their tongues and gulped.

"Eldon, stand up and step out of your pants."

Eldon stood next to Race and faced the other students, naked, proud beyond expression of his immensely muscular body and his long, thick cock. He suppressed a grin as he looked around the room, and the other student's hearts filled with admiration and lust.

"What you see here, gentlemen, is a stud," Race said," a man other men would kill to be and would sexually devastate any woman. But we didn't create you for women." Race smiled a broad toothy grin. "We created you for other men a special class of men with voracious desires and astonishing sexual capabilities. Your looks, even as extraordinary as they are now, aren't enough for these men. Gentlemen, as you are right now, you are only potential. You are machines without programs. Today we begin to create and instill your programming. We began to lay the groundwork for your programming on the very first day of class. Yesterday I demonstrated a little of that programming to Eldon. Today Eldon is going to demonstrate it to you all."

Race stood to the side and behind Eldon and whispered in his ear, "'Fuckable'."

Eldon's jaw went limp as he exhaled. His heart quickened. Blood pounded in his head and rushed to his thick, ropy dick. In seconds it dived down, stretching below his knees then curling slightly upward and slowly thickening, stiffening, raising its amazing length from between his wide, muscular thighs straight out from his groin, then swinging higher still, wobbling just a little to the side as the meaty, reddish head raised up to his clavicle and the shaft rested between the round, high bulges of his pecs.

Race reached around Eldon. He grabbed Eldon's dick and squeezed. "Now this is a dick, eh, men?" Race rubbed his palm up and down the veiny, wooden pole. Eldon's eyelids closed and his jaw slackened. "Lick it, Eldon. It's just a couple inches from your chin. You can reach it."

Eldon lowered his chin and stared into the piss slit of his one-eyed snake. The head was as big as an apple. The slit was wide enough to insert a penny. He wet his tongue and licked. The shock of feeling his tongue with his dick and his dick with his tongue made his heart race. In long, wet slurps Eldon lapped at his cock like a dog. He wondered if he could actually fit it inside his mouth.

Race chuckled. He adjusted his stiff prick inside his pants, and pulled Eldon's dick head away from his mouth. He leaned in to Eldon's ear again and said, "'Wet.'"

Eldon felt his balls churn inside his scrotum and draw up tight to his groin. He felt thick fluid bubbling up, then saw it burbling out of his cock like pale yellow tears.

Matt, Andrew and Aaron, were riveted to the scene, completely unaware of anything else in the room, massaging their thickening pricks inside their pant legs. Andrew's lips were moist and he was starting to drool.

Pre-cum flowed freely from Eldon's piss slit, lubricating the head of his cock and dribbling down the shaft like a slow running fountain.

Standing behind Eldon, Race grabbed Eldon's wrists. "Brace yourself," he whispered. "'Squirt!'"

Eldon's butt arched. He thrust upward with his pelvis. A torrent of hot fluid rushed from his balls and exploded upwards past his face, over his head and pounded the carpet like hail. Eldon's eyes were clenched. His mouth hung open. Some of his cum dripped on his tongue. Some of it drenched his hair. Still more of it wet his shoulders, arms and chest and dribbled slowly, like candle wax, down his torso.

Eldon's arms jerked. He wanted to touch the tower of man flesh recoiling like a rifle, unloading volley after volley of steaming cum, but Race held his hands at his side. Not to deny him pleasure, but to demonstrate to Eldon and the others how unnecessary physical stimulation was to prolonged orgasm that shook Eldon's gigantic body and made him quiver like a leaf in the wind.

"As you can see," Race said, "You've been equipped with bodies capable of amazing things. It's time to learn those amazing things. It's time for your bodies to learn how good they can feel, how good they can make others feel, and to surrender the last vestiges of any intellect you morons ever had and give yourself over sexual instincts you have begun to develop.

"Andrew," Race said, "Stand in front of Eldon."

Andrew stood. He was the tallest in the class, easily six foot six, maybe taller, a blond with long wavy hair, deep set eyes, and high check bones. Although he was not as muscular as some of the others, he still broke 300 pounds at the weigh-in, and what he lacked in muscle size, Eldon recalled he made up for in dick. The muscle he had was tight, hard, full and smooth as machine rolled steel. Standing in front of Eldon, he rose a full head higher than him. Eldon's still gushing cock splattered his face. Andrew licked the dribbles from his mouth.

"Andrew, take Eldon's cock and put it in your mouth," Race said nonchalantly, as if putting his mouth over Eldon's cockhead wouldn't be like asking Andrew to suck on a gushing fire hose.

Andrew opened his mouth wide, stretching the muscles of his jaw and making his beautiful high cheekbones pop. He bent forward and inserted Eldon's fist-sized dick head into his warm mouth as cum continued to squirt, striking the back of his throat. He swallowed Eldon's cum eagerly. He savored the musky taste of the cock flesh on his lips and tongue.

Race released Eldon's wrists. Eldon grabbed the sides of Andrew's head and pulled him down, forcing his cock to the back of his throat. Race leaned into Andrew's ear and whispered, "'Swallow.'"

An uncontrollable urge to swallow took over Andrew, as irresistible as the urge to breathe. Andrew pulled Eldon's dick down as he knelt a few feet in front of him and inhaled. He drew it into his throat. Blood flooded Andrew's cock. It slithered deeper down the length of his pant legs, fighting for room in the tightly stretched pants with his massive thighs.

"`Swallow', Andrew," Race said, now loud enough for everyone to hear. "'Swallow' Eldon's cock."

Andrew raised his chin until his mouth was in a straight line with his throat. His throat muscles undulated and sucked Eldon deep. Eldon felt his cock sink slowly into Andrew's throat and felt his powerful neck muscles squeezing his dick. Deeper and deeper it sunk until Andrew's lips were wrapped tight around the base of Eldon's cock and the head reached into Andrew's chest.

Seams began to pop. Fabric gave way and Andrew's giant cock tore free of his pant leg and swung up between his pecs, purple and proud as a flagpole stretching all the way past his chin, rubbing against the under side of Eldon's bull balls.

Matt and Aaron, though stiff as boards themselves, their cocks protruding up from their draw string waistbands, were so engrossed in watching, they didn't think to touch themselves.

Race grinned and fingered his nipple. This was a very good class, he thought. A very good class. He savored the sight of Andrew and Eldon. A normal man would be choking, but none of these men were normal now. As strong as they were, their lungs were powerful enough that they could hold their breath for minutes at a time.

Eldon felt shivers of ecstasy as Andrew obeyed. Finally his orgasmic tsunami subsided as his cock found a warm, wet home, deep down his classmate's throat.

"Now, Andrew, I want you to suck hard and slow on Eldon's dick. That's it. Drag your tight, wet lips slowly all the way up his dick."

"Now swallow again and keep sucking," Race commanded. "And while he does that, Aaron, come over here behind Eldon. I want you to get on your hands and knees, put your head between Eldon's legs and suck Andrew's cock."

Aaron, though not as tall as Eldon, was almost as wide and well over 325 pounds. Eldon widened his stance to let the big man's head and shoulders through his legs. Aaron tilted Andrew's two foot cock to his thick lips and slowly drew it down his throat.

"That's it. Aaron. You've been paying attention. Or maybe you've have some practical experience," Race chuckled. A few days ago, Race knew Aaron would probably have punched him for saying that, but they were well past that now. On the Kinsey scale from 1 to 6 every one of them was easily an 8.

"Now it's your turn, Matt."

The short blond man with the thick dirty blond beard barely heard his name, so enthralled was he with the sight of his three fellow students hooked together in a suck chain.

"Stand up, Matt. Step out of your pants. That's right. Oh, that cock of yours is quite a sight, Matt." Race licked his lips. Matt's foot and a half long cock was almost as wide around as it was long. "Kneel behind Aaron, Matt. Now pull down his pants. That's it. Rim him, Matt."

Matt didn't even know how he knew what the word `rim' meant, but he was overcome with a force stronger than lust, more potent than desire, more desperate than the need to breathe. Matt reached through Aaron's muscular thighs and pulled Aaron's stiff, upward curved cock down as he lapped at his puckered asshole with his broad wet tongue, savoring the taste like a starving man, driving it deep into Aaron's ass. Matt could no longer concentrate on what he thought, only on what he felt.

The combination of a quivering cock down his throat, a tongue up his bunghole, the roughness of Matt's beard on his soft ass skin, and Matt's strong hands milking his dick made Aaron cum in fierce hot squirts like milk from a cow's teat.

"Now put your dick up his ass, Matt," Race encouraged.

Matt pushed. His fat cock pried Aaron's ass lips apart and wrapped tightly around Matt's dick head. He pushed harder. It slid in to the hilt. Faced with Eldon's tight ass winking at him, Matt leaned forward and buried his mouth between the stony ass cheeks.

"Excellent, gentlemen! Excellent!" Race admired the rapaciousness of the young men. He no longer needed to guide them. The drug had wiped the last vestiges of thought from their minds and their reprogrammed lusts had taken control of their bodies. As they followed the dictates of their desire, new sexual instincts, impossible for them to resist, were being carved into their skulls. There was nothing he needed to do as they fought for sexual release.

Race rolled the legs of his pants down and stepped out of them. His magnificent stud school graduate cock sprang upwards with a slap against his tight hard abs. It was time to find some pleasure of his own. He knelt behind Matt and rubbed the head of his cock between Matt's ass cheeks until he found his hot hole and pushed through the tightly clenched hole and deep inside.

Race reached his hands around Matt's thickly muscled back and teased his nipples between his fingers. He whispered into his ear, "'Tighter.'"

Matt's deliciously muscled ass spasmed and sucked harder on Race's cock as Race pounded harder inside. Matt arched his back and offered his bunghole to Race, meeting Race's thrusts enthusiastically, timing his pounding assault on Aaron's ass to the one on his own.

Race pressed his muscular chest tight against Matt's broad, thickly muscled back. His finger-sized nipples, ringed with coarse brown chest hair, grazed the broad ridges and deep crevices. As big as Race was, every one of these students was an order of magnitude bigger, a fact that intensified Race's fucking.

As Race's pleasure began to overwhelm him, his own powerful programming overpowered his intellect. He felt only the tight hold of Matt's hole on his fucking cock and the rocky ridges of Matt's abs as he grabbed them to steady himself as he fucked harder. Drool collected at the corners of his mouth. His frantic fucking shock drips of it loose. His huge, hairy balls glued themselves to the base of his cock. Matt's slurping, sucking ass slowly coaxed the cum up his long, thick cock. His piss slit tightened, holding it back a few more seconds, until it was too late and he emptied himself deep inside Matt's guts.

"Ah, ah, `SQUIRT'" he shouted, and Matt, Aaron, Andrew and Eldon all complied, intensifying the fucking and sucking as their balls contracted and forced cum out their cocks.

As they were still cumming, Race pulled himself free and feebly fell back into one of the upholstered chairs. His chest still heaved. The room reeked of odor of cum and sweat. Both pooled beneath the four students and made them slip as they continued to suck and thrust.

And then Eldon's eyes fell on Race. His heart still pounding from his second cum of the day, but lust still clouding his vision, he was overcome with desire for his instructor. He pushed himself back, pulling his steely cock from Andrew's hungry mouth and stepping aside of Matt's mouth on his ass.

He stood between Race's legs. Then one at a time he raised Race's ankles and positioned his immense fuck pole at the entrance to Race's ass. Race reached out and fingered Eldon's bulging chest. His eyes invited Eldon inside of him. As Eldon drove up his guts, Race winced in momentary pain, then relaxed a bit and enjoyed the familiar feeling of being stretched and stuffed.

Matt pulled free of Aaron's ass and knelt at Race's side. He pulled Race's stiff cock to his lips and devoured it. Race fought hard to keep from cumming, but he lost. His strong, thick hand grasped Matt by the back of his throat and held his mouth at the base of his dick as he emptied his second load down his throat.

When Race looked up, he saw Andrew and Aaron standing on either side of his head, their monster cocks fighting for his mouth. Race grabbed Aaron's thick fiend and jacked as he slowly devoured Andrew's lance. Andrew walked positioned himself behind the chair. Race's head tilted back.

The fuck energy of the four students had Race thoroughly enthralled His body arched and bucked and jerked as the four of them fucked, sucked and plowed him. No longer in command of them; their lust now controlled him.

"That's right, teach," Andrew said. "Show me how hard you can suck. Take the longest cock in the world down your throat and I'll fill your stomach with my cum."

Andrew hefted his balls, each the size of a small melon and squeezed them gently.

"I bet these balls of mine each hold a quart of cum, teach. What do you think? Want me show you how much I can cum?"

As Andrew fucked Race's mouth, he could see how his cock swelled the linings of Race's throat. He could see the ridges of his cock veins ripple the skin of Race's distended neck. Andrew squeezed his balls again. His cock head stiffened inside Race's throat.

"Oh, yeah, teach, I'm gonna feed you some fresh squeezed cum."

Andrew fucked at Race's mouth and rubbed his hairy balls on his face.

"Feel how full they are, teach? I'm gonna cum now, teach. I'm gonna fill that tight little tummy of yours. Gonna make you look like a pregnant lady," Andrew laughed. "What's the magic word you use, teach? Is it `squirt'?"

As the word passed his lips, Andrew's balls convulsed and fired hard down Race's throat. Andrew bucked hard, determined to prolong the orgasm and fill Race as full as he could.

But he wasn't the only one. Eldon was over the edge too, pounding mercilessly at Race's ass. And Aaron fired straight at the ceiling, while Matt emptied himself on the floor as he drank the jism from Race's jerking prick.

His stomach filled with fresh, hot cum and his ass red from Eldon's hard fucking, Race smiled contentedly. It was indeed another great class. •

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