Hustler Sinbad: Book One: Sinbad

Goin Shoppin


By Jason Jarman

The next day, Rick's big muscles was gone, but his cock was still huge. I woke up with his cock in my ass. He fucked me three times an blew me five times. Then we ordered six pizzas. I had five and a half of em. I was hungry.

After we fucked around some more, Rick decided that I needed a new image to go with my new identity. First, he took me to this hair salon an got me a hot new `do.

The queeny guy gasped when he saw me. I don't blame him. Rick told the stylist what to do. He had my hair styled into this mad hot shaggy lookin deal. He left me hella long sideburns. It made me hard just to look at myself in the mirror.

Then we went to the back room, and I got my ears pierced. Three gold hoops in the left ear, an two in the right. I also got my nose an navel pierced an put a hoop in em.

Then Rick too me to this tattoo parlor in an alley. I got a big anchor on my right pec, a banner that said SINBAD on my left, an anchors crossed with lightnin bolts on the underside of each bicep. The tats didn't even hurt.

The tattoo dude was skinny but sexy. I saw him gettin a big ole hard-on in his leather jeans while he worked on me, especially when he was doin my guns. I had t flex em a lot for his needle, an that made him horny. I teased him by smilin at him real sweet an lickin my lips. He couldn't keep his eyes off me. "Dude, you should get nipple rings."


"I'll do it for free. You need rings in yer tits. They're hella hot." He finished the last anchor on my guns an then he pierced me an put gold rings in my nipples an navel. When he was piercin my pecs, he kept squeezin my nipples an smilin at me. I saw the rise in his black leather Levis gettin bigger all the time.

Once that was done, the guy locked the front door to his shop. He pulled down the blinds. "Dude, I'll give ya all this tat work fer free if you'll…" he rubbed his boner bulge. "Yer a fucken god."

"Duh, motherfucker." I flexed my right arm. "Go on, touch it. You been good to me, dude."

The tat dude started strokin my muscle, feelin every vein an ripple in my mighty guns. I didn't have the belt on tight, but my guns were in the 29-30 inch range. Pretty fucken impressive.

While he was feelin me hard, I saw the big lump in his leather pants. "Dude, yer gonna bust if ya don't unzip."

"Thanks." His cock sprang out. He didn't have no underwear on. He was "standing at attention," an leakin mad precum.

Rick had a huge woody. Damn, the belt had racked him up a monster cock. My cock, king of em all, was risin high. I smiled.

"Everything I did today is free, muscleboy, if you'll---"


Dude's heart was poundin hard in his chest. He wanted me hella bad.

We went in his back room. "I wanna whip yer ass first. Take off yer leathers." I stripped to my calves an the dude handcuffed my arms over my head. "What's with that belt?" He fingered the buckle. A bolt of lightning shot out.

"None a yer fucken business."

"God damn, it's beautiful. You got a tiny waist, Sinbad."

"You gonna whip me or what?" I had a big hard cock stickin out. The dude cinched up the cuffs over a metal pole. Then he cuffed my cock to the wall. The cuff was tight, an made my cock get really hard an red.

"Just try an break out of that."

"I could bust these real easy." I smiled at him.

"I bet."

"You don't believe me? I'm hella strong."

"Yeah, right. Now…" Dude peeled off his clothes. He was skinny an covered with tats. He held a big shiny black leather Santa Claus belt in his hands. "What a sexy ass. I'm gonna tattoo it red today."

Dude started wailin on my cheeks with the thick leather. Damn, it felt good! I could feel my ass cheeks stingin. I loved the feelin of the leather poundin my ass hard. Then dude let me have it with the buckle. It jingled hard while he whipped me good.

"Look at that ass. It's all red n shiny… it's ready for my big fat dick. Check it out, toyboy!" He had him a pretty big cock for a regular guy. It was throbbin with mad lust. He smacked my ass with that shiny belt a few more times. "Oh yeh, sailor boy, yer ready for me now." He put the belt around my gut, right above the magic belt. "You like havin a tight belt, baby? Try this!"

He yanked that thing til I was out of breath. He held it tight an started to drive his cock into my ass. He yanked it like a rein, an pulled my ass on his hard cock.

"Dude. Yank the belt I got on."

"I will when I fuck ya."

Rick was jackin hard behind me. "Hey, pretty boy. You ready to cum?"

"Oh… fuck, yeah."

"Shoot onto sailor-boy's ass. I need some hot lube."

Rick's cock rammed into the small o my back. I heard him breathin hard, harder, groanin away, an then big spurts of his spunk covered my back an butt.

"Perfect." Tat dude was hella hard, an he shoved his cock inside me. The piercins hurt goin in, but I dig on the pain. I screamed out. "Oh, you like that, do ya, sailor?"

"Pull my belt tight, dude. Crank it hard!"

Dude bit me hard on the neck. He drew blood. "Your shoulders are so big n broad, sailor boy, an yer waist is so tiny…"

"I'll get bigger if you pull on my belt…"

"I'll break you in two, muscle boy." He reached around an unhitched the buckle.

"Yank my fucken belt!" I could feel the tat dude's heart poundin. He fumbled with the leather an got it slid under the buckle. He tried to pull, like he was startin a lawn mower. Big rough jerks. Each time he yanked, he got some power out of the buckle.

"Fuck! This thing is hard!" He was sweatin. His cock was even bigger. Finally, the magic belt did its trick on him, an gave him hella big strong guns. He flexed his biceps. They was huge, dude. "All right! I'm fucken strong!" Tat guy grabbed the leather an yanked it tight. He pulled in one big long hard stroke, gettin the leather ten notches tight.

In the mirror, I could see lightnin bolts coverin my arms. My guns got bigger an bigger. I popped the cuffs like they was paper clips. My chest was like four times the size of my gut. My cock was still cuffed, but it was gettin so fat it was about t explode.

The kickback on the belt was givin the tat dude trouble. He was losin notches.

"Buckle it! Buckle it!" He tried to get it at seven, but the leather slipped out of his hands an the belt went to one notch. "Fuck, dude, let me show ya how."

I grabbed the leather an cranked my way through five notches. The dude came hard in my ass while I was yankin. His muscles got big, the same way Rick's did. The cuff on my cock split in two, an I grew a fucken foot longer!

While I was pullin, Rick got the notion to suck my cock. I was so full of cum I was shootin off big spurts. He throated my dick an drank every drop down.

When we was done, the tat guy had some amazing muscles. "Enjoy em while ya can. Yer cock'll be bigger from now on. Free of charge."

"That was the best, baby. You work for hire?"

"All the time." I gave him my pager number.

"I'm throwin a party next week. I'll hire ya to, uh, entertain."

"A grand, at least."

"It's a bargain."

I showered off in the back with my first satisfied customer. He kissed me an it was nice t get some affection offa him.

Last, we went to a leather boutique, where I was fitted for some custom-made undies. The dude there tole me to get my cock hard, so he could measure how much leather t use. Well, he about fainted when he saw my boner. He had a couple of leather briefs that I could cram Sinbad, Jr. into, so I took those.

I also got two pairs of leather pants (black an red) an a couple of black leather tank tops. He had a leather sailor hat, with a big gold anchor on the front, an it fit me perfectly. The guy also sold satin muscle shirts, an I got six of those: two black, two blue an two fire engine red. The guy blew me four times an gave us our purchases for free. Rick got some leather pants an a couple of big wide belts.

I looked fucken awesome, an it was hella cost-effective. The only thing we paid for was the hair stylin an facial piercins. The queen who did those was too ugly t fuck. Even a hustler's gotta have some standards. •

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