Muscle Mechanic

Al's Workout


By myoder

Al Jenkins was big. He knew it and he liked it. He liked being huge and muscular beyond belief. He was 6'8", weighed 550 lbs and easily had the strength of 10 huge men. After work he let me hang around for his "workout". There were no weight sets in the auto shop, so I wondered what he meant.

He locked the doors and turned out most of the lights. Then he went to a lever and pulled down a huge, full length mirror. Then he went into the back office and I heard him getting changed. When he came back, he'd shed the greasy grey coveralls and was now wearing a tank top that hugged his massive pecs, stretched to the limit over those hairy mounds of rock hard, pulsing meat. His shoulders looked like basketballs, round and hard, deep cuts in each one. His biceps bulged as he reached up and tossled his slicked back hair - some strands falling into his dark eyes and over bushy mustache. His neck was thick and the arteries stood out throbbing. He tightened his huge fists and forearms and bands of thick muscle bunched under the hair. His gut was big, but rock hard and rippling with his thick abs. He wore sweat pants that hugged his huge thighs and calves and his dick, heavy and limp, pushed out the front of the pants down his leg.

"Gonna work my quads first," he said. He walked over to the big truck platform. There was a semi-trailer on it and it was raised about 7 feet off the floor. He lay down underneath it and called me over. "Come here and grab that lever."

I grabbed the lever and he toldme to lower it slowly. I did as he said and the massive truck and platform descended. Al placed his feet on the platform and said, "Ok, push that release button." I pushed the button and the truck and platform lowered a few inches, Al pushing back hard with his huge thighs. Then he started pressing the whole truck and platform, pumping rep after freaky rep with those massive powerful legs.

"YEAH!" he yelled after about 10 reps. "FUCKIN'POWER! LIFTIN' 4 FUCKIN' TONS WITH THESE QUADS!!!" He pumped out another 10 reps and I put the lock back on and raised the platform. He stood up and flexed his huge quads, and the massive muscles burst through the sweat pants. His hairy steel hard thighs exposed through the tears were incredibly hot and I raced over and started licking his huge legs.

"YEAH! Lick that muscleman's legs. Get into it, Son!" He tensed and flexed those massive quads and calves, and I licked every inch of them. His dick was starting to get hard and bulged down what was left of the shredded pant leg. Then he pushed me away gently. "Don't wanna get too hot just yet, Son. Gotta work these big arms and pecs for ya'."

He moved to a school bus parked at the back of the shop. Then he got underneath it and grabbed a bar under the fender. He took a few deep breaths and pushed up. With a creaking of metal the huge bus lifted off the floor. Al pumped out ten reps slowly, his pecs expaning larger with each thrust. The bus heaved up and down, graoning and creaking with the orce of Al's power as his lifted the tons of metal into the air.

I was so turned on I thought I'd cum in my pants. I undressed and started stroking my hard dick while I watched the muscle freak pump himself even larger, even stronger. He grunted under the weight of the massive bus and the little tank top stretched over his growing pecs, hairy mountains of rock hard, pulsing muscle. Finally, after 30 reps he let the bus down and stood up. He looked down over the massive, hairy muscle, flexing it and feeling it. "Come here, Son and feel this pump." I moved toward Al and put my hands over his pecs which twitched and pulsed with power. I squeezed the hard pecs and Al groaned throwing his head back showing his massive neck and traps. He tightened his fists and his biceps and shoulders bulged huge and striated.

"Man! you're so fucking huge, Al!" I said as I ran my hands over his mass feeling every muscle and grinding my hard dick into his hairy thigh. He loved my attention and tightened the muscles I touched. Then he bent down and kissed me hard, his tongue halfway down my throat. I chewed on his bristly mustache and threw my arms around his huge neck. He picked me up in one massive hand and thrust his finger in my asshole. The feeling sent my crazy.

"Gotta work these arms, boy!" he said as he put me back down. He moved to a bench placed between two big cadillacs and wrapped chains over the hoods. Then he stood on the bench and grabbed the middle of the heavy chains. He tightened his grip and lifted. The cars lifted easily off the floor and Al started curling them. The biceps bulged and lengthened as he curled the big cars. His shoulders expanded and veins started pumping blood, getting thick as his muscles blew out of proportion. He gritted his teeth and pumped out 20 reps, grunting with each lift. The tank top seemed tiny, thgouh it would be huge on any big man, and as his massive muscle expanded it lifted up his torso and started to tear. His pecs expanding, his biceps growing larger and harder, his hairy forearms bulging, his thick quads tearing more holes in the shredded sweat pants.

"YEAH! GOTTA GET FUCKIN' HUGE!" he yelled after 30 reps. "GOTTA GET FREAKY FOR YA', SON!" He hefted the cadillacs up and down, muscles bulging, growing getting freakier and bigger. Then he stopped and released the cars. His lets spread his arms way out at his sides, freakish, pumped globes of biceps, heaving shoulders, thick hard neck, veins steaming under the man flesh. Sweat poured off his brow, and he jumped off the bench and hit a most muscular pose. "Gotta measure these fuckers!" He grabbed a tape measure and handed it to me. "Measure that bicep, Son."

He flexed his right arm, the bicep peaking huge. I wrapped the tape around his arm. "Fuck! It's 34.5 inches!" He grinned and flexed it out and up increasing the pressure and tightening his fist.

"Are you sure about that? Better measure it again, boy." I wrapped the taopearound his arm again.

"Thirty-five! Man, you're a fuckin' freak, Al!" My cock bobbed on its own, excited by this mountain of muscle. Al's cock responded to my excitement and burst through the sweat pants dripping a long string of precum.

"Gonna pump this dick for ya' now!" he said grabbing his pumper and the massive plastic tube. Heplaced the tube over his huge cock and started pumping. Itwas already huge measuring 14 inches. He pumped and pumped and I watched as it passed 15, 16, 17 inches! Still it grew. This muscle freak's dick was filling the tube! Al pumped even harder now, his muscles flexed and hard, sweat all over his massive body. Eighteen, nineteen inches!! His dick was nearing the end of the tube and still he kept pumping it wildly. He grunted, "Gettin fuckin massive, Son! Look at that!" He pumped a few more times and his cock reached the end of the monster pumper - 20 inches of huge fat cock. He released the hand pump and flexed his dick with the tube still on it. "Shit!" he said, as the plaible plastic broke open and his monster stud dick burst out, the rubber ring at the base of his cock still in place tightening around the grotesque shaft.

He stood up and grabbed his huge 20" man meat. "LOOK AT THAT! LOOK AT THAT FUCKIN' HUGE DICK!" He let go of it and it bobbed up and down, hard as rock and as thick as my own arm. Then he started posing in front of the mirror, while I pulled on his cock. Double biceps, then a side chest pose. He pushed out deep breaths while he hit freaky pose after freaky pose.

"YEAH!! PULL ON THAT MUSCLEMAN'S COCK! WORSHIP THAT FREAKY DICK! WORSHIP THIS FUCKIN MUSCLE!" He showed me his back - huge, thick lats spread wide and a thik waist holding all that muscle up. Abs pose - blocks of thick muscle covered with hair bunching and twisted. Huge cock standing straight up while I pulled it hard. Most muscular pose - steel muscle, mass, twisted veins crawling over his hairy striated pecs and shoulders over his biceps and into his massive forearms. Even in a relaxed pose his freakishly superhuman size was phenomenal. He flexed his huge dick and I could tell he was close.

Then he picked me up and I straddled the monster dong, rock hard between my legs. He thrust his hips and kissed me hard, his mustache tickling my nose and his hot tongue probing my mouth. I was groaning feeling the mass of his 35" arms and barndoor shoulders. He fucked my thighs a few times and I felt my dick shooting loads on his hard abs. Then Al grunted as massive amounts of hot cum flew out of his cock and hit the mirror. His dick stayed hard for along time, and he kept flexing it while I bobbed up and down supported by the strength of the muscle stud's meat.

Best ride I ever hadů •

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