Hustler Sinbad: Book One: Sinbad

Gettin Revenge, An How I Met Rick


By Jason Jarman

Vince an Marky were workin out when I went back "home." They had a gym set up in the basement. The back door was open. It was a tight fit scootin past the side of the house. I didn't want them to see me til I had the advantage over em.

Vince was benchin 180 pounds, really strainin himself. Marky was doin dumbbell curls with a pair of 50 pounders.

I walked in the door an just stood there. I waited for them t notice me.

Marky saw me first. He dropped his dumbbells. "Holy fuck!" I could tell he didn't know it was me.

"Whut?" Vince said. He racked his weights an looked up at me. "Who th fuck are yew?" He had a stupid redneck accent an looked the part. He even had fucken buck teeth like a jack rabbit.

"The fucken grim reaper. A friend sent me to take care o yer sorry asses. You remember him." Then I said my old name.

Vince repeated my name like it was a bad word. "Fuck him."

"Yeah, dude, that's just what you did to him, all the damn time. You hurt him. But he's gone now. You can't touch his ass no more. So yer first to taste the power of my belt…"

I peeled off my jacket so he could get a good look. I kept waitin for him to recognize his T-shirt. But he didn't. It was all stretched out from my huge muscles. I flexed my guns an the shirt ripped in half. The shirt fell on the ground. My huge pecs stood up high an hard. The nipples was all big an red. My pecs raised a foot off my body.

I put my hands around my tiny waist. The belt buckle sparked and whined. Shots of lightning whanged off the buckle. "This belt makes me hella buff an strong. Way stronger than you'll ever get from them weights. If you say anything t piss me off, I'll use my belt."

"Shut thuh fuck up, faggot," Vince said. "Yew don't scare me none. Not with yore gay belt." Vince laughed an pumped his last rep.

"You asked for it," I said. "Watch this."

I grabbed the strap of my belt. "Magic belt, give me some ass-kickin power." I racked up three more notches. I was feelin so pissed off, it was easy to wail away on the belt.

Marky watched, an his cock got big an hard. I picked him up an held him above my head. I slammed his ass against the He was gaspin for breath. "Oh, God, please don't kill me," Marky said, lookin up at me, down on his knees.

"I ain't gonna bother with you," I said with a sneer. "It's Vince, here, I got business with. He has to pay for his sins." I flexed my guns an stared Vince in his beady eyes. "You hurt (my old name) a lot. He hated it. He sent me to kill yer ass. You don't deserve to live no more." I beat my chest with my fists an screamed. This freaked Vince the fuck out. "Ready t die, jerkweed?"

"No! No! Don't!"

I picked Vince up with one hand. I tossed him in the air, way high, an let him fall to the ground. I did it again an again. Then I grabbed him an tossed him hard as I could. Vince (or what was left of him) soared away, into the next county, I guess. He couldn't of survived that last toss.

I turned to Marky, who was tremblin an cryin an shit. "Stop it," I said. "He got what was comin to him." I stood before Marky. "I always kinda liked you. Don't you recognize me? Look at my face."

Marky sat up. "Holy shit." He said my old name. "What the fuck happened to you?"

"I got a life," I said. "Nobody can touch me no more. Not you, not fucken Vince, not Mrs. French. You better just forget about me, dude, cos if I hear you been blabbin, you're gettin what Vince got. Maybe worse."

"Can I feel your muscles?" Marky's trembling arms reached up.

"No deal. You got all of me yer ever gettin." I flexed my guns for him. "You can jack off while I flex. That's all."

Marky whipped out his cock an was pumpin it to hell an back. I made my tits bulge out, flexed my mighty wheels, and gave him bis, tris an forearms. When Marky was ready to cum, he asked me to put my hands around my waist. When I did that, his spunk shot out like a cannon.

I got smacked in the face with his cum. Lucky for me it tasted good. I swallowed it all an then I blew the guy twice. He had no trouble stayin rock hard for me an my muscles.

"Please, please, dude, I gotta suck yer cock." Marky was on his knees, beggin me.

"It'll cost you, dude. You got any money?"


"You gotta pay for the privilege. Cash right now."

"I got three hundred saved up…"


Marky looked down. "Yeah."

"Go get it. I need me some cash."

"Aw..." He said my old name. "We always done it for free before…"

I smacked Marky hard in the face. "That ain't my name no more. I'm Sinbad. You got that?"

Tears started up again. What a sissy he was! "I… got it…"

"You want this cock, get me some bucks. Now!"

Marky went inside the house. I followed him. He had such a big hard-on he couldn't walk right. We went up t his bedroom an he pulled out a loose board in the floor. In an ole Spam can was six 50-dollar bills.

"Pay admission," I said. "All of it."

Marky looked ashamed. "I don't know if I want to, dude…"

I grabbed Marky by his shirt. "You want to, dude…"

Marky fingered my mighty throbbin cock. "Yes, I do…" He slammed the cash in my palm.

I knew Vince had some more leather pants in his room, so I gave my first customer a special treat. I checked my reflection out in a window, an my cock, which was already huge, got hard. I let it grow rock hard, an the stitchin in my pants started to give way. There was a loud pop, an then the stitches ripped away.

I flexed my wheels an the seams split. The shiny black skin peeled off my thighs an calves. My red throbbin monster tool popped out, free an bigger than ever. I flexed my guns an I stood there, straddlin my meat.

"Oh, man," Marky said. Lust an amazement was in his eyes.

"It's the hugest cock in the fucken world, dude," I said. "It's my cock. I'm gonna have this hard-on forever. You want it?"

"I gotta have it."

I smiled. "You gotta beg some more." I thrust my big rod in his face. "Taste it."

Marky licked the precum off head of my cock. I whipped it away.

"Touch it."

Marky's tremblin hands stroked the shaft. "Oh, it's so hard…"

"Tell me how much you want my cock."

Marky looked up at me, tears in his eyes. "I never saw such a huge dick in all my life. I've gotta have this cock, dude. It's fucken godly, an so studly. I wish I could have a cock this size."

"How big is yer cock, Marky?"

He blushed. "Nine inches, hard."

I laughed. "That's nothin. That's the smallest cock I ever saw. Get hard an stand yours next t mine."

It took Marky ten seconds to get his meat rock-hard. Used to be, I thought he had the biggest cock in the world. But next to mine, it was a toothpick.

"Admit that yer cock ain't nothin compared to mine. Admit that yer weak an small next t me. Say it!"

"My… my cock ain't nothin compared to yours. I'm weak… an small."

"Worship me, dude! I'm a muscle god!"

That was all Marky could take. He backed me into a tree an sucked my cock eight times in a row. My spunk was runnin outta his ears when I was done.

I had to let him fuck me once. Just for old time's sake. Then I went in the house an got another pair of Vince's leather pants. He wouldn't be needin em no more, so I took em all.

First, I tried puttin on a pair of Vince's underwear, but my cock was so big it just ripped em to shreds. The leather pants was all I could wear now. The skin was tough enough to take the pressure of my monster rod, long as it wasn't fully hard.

Vince had a lot of nice leather. This pair was sweet-smellin an shiny-smooth. The waist was too big for me now, an my wheels stretched the leather hella hard, but they fit. I took one o Vince's belts an cinched it tight around my hips, a few inches below the magic belt. I had to tuck my cock down my pants leg. Otherwise, my basket would of popped the zipper right away. I liked the way that fat black bulge looked, goin down my thigh.

I found a black T-back tank top an squeezed into that. I pulled on my leather jacket, an then I looked mad evil in Marky's eyes.

I grabbed Marky an held him up over my head. "I'll kill you if you tell anyone about me. You saw what I done to Vince. I can do way worse to you."

Marky nodded. He pissed his pants.

"See this?" I flexed my mighty gun in his face. Piss drizzled down from his dark moist crotch. "Anytime you think about blabbin, just remember how hella big my muscles are, an how fucken strong my belt makes me. Yer livin on borrowed time, dude."

* * *

I hopped a downtown bus. I had no fucken idea where I was headed, only that I had three Cs on me, an a new life. The belt had made me a new person, an a better one at that. Now all I needed was a chance to live this new life.

Man, I got stares like crazy on that bus! I was still pretty big from the belt. I guess my muscles an all that leather had people interested. I rode down to the waterfront… the end of the line on the bus. It was way late.

I got off the bus an started strollin down by the piers. It was foggy an cold, an I was glad to have all that leather on me. The belt sparked an squealed an I rubbed the buckle. I got a rush of strength an started feelin a little better.

It was cold as shit outside, an it started to rain. I started thinkin about where I could stay, an how I was gonna make it on my own. It all started gettin me down, dude. Then I met Rick.

Here's what happened: I heard some screamin an decided to take a look. What I saw was some fratboy assholes was takin turns butt-fucken this longhaired dude, in an alley. The dude gettin fucked kept screamin "NO! NO! YOU'RE KILLING ME!"

The frat dudes was laughin and pumpin their cocks. For average guys, they had pretty big cocks. When I got there, this frat dude in a baseball cap was about t mount the longhaired dude. Frat-boy's hard-on was oozin pre-cum. He mounted the longhaired dude an made him scream again.

"Leave him alone," I said. I walked up to the dude doin the fucken an shoved him. "Leave him alone."

The frat asshole, some Richie Rich-lookin dude, stared at me funny. He was high as a kite. "Who the fuck are you?"

"Sinbad. An you don't wanna mess with me."

"Why not?"

Five notches on the belt. Bolts of lightning, roarin thunder and monster guns rippin my shirt apart. Me flexin my mighty muscles in their faces. "That's why. You wanna try me?"

The guy was drunk. He pulled out of Rick an smiled. "Dude, you're sexy. I didn't cum yet. I wanna fuck you instead."

"Five hundred bucks. But you gotta suck my cock first."

"Five hundred for all of us?" another guy asked.

"Five hundred apiece. I'm the best fuck in town. I got hella muscle an the biggest cock in the world. See that bulge?" I rubbed the massive throbbin rise in my leather Levis.

The first guy came up to me an rubbed my crotch. "Your name is Sinbad?"


"Well, this must be Sinbad, Jr. in here! Let's have a look at what you're packin, big boy." He unbuttoned my fly an my hardest hard-on ever flew up an smacked him in the face.

I shot some spunk on his cheek. He licked it off. "This shit is delicious. I want some more!" He whipped out his wallet an handed me five Bennies. "So you want some head first?"

"Right now."

"Then I get to fuck you any way I want."

"It's your money."

"I want your dick first!" The dude fingered Sinbad Jr. "I've never seen a dick so big and long and hard before. It's incredible!" He yanked my leather pants down to my calves an fingered my cock some more. He ran his hands up an down the shaft, fillin me with shivery waves of pleasure. I flexed my guns again, cos I felt so good to be alive, an to be so hella buff an beautiful.

Then the longhaired guy got a look at me. "Fuck, man, I'm outta business."

"These guys hurtin you?"

He smiled. "Aw, no. They was givin to me rough, like I like it." His eyes looked me over. He was handsome, with long light brown hair an a pretty face. He had earrings an a goatee. He was skinny, but he had a buff body. "Your name is Sinbad?"

"That's what they call me." The dude was goin to town suckin my cock. It felt hella good, better than Marky's mouth. I could get hard an stay hard all night, an I loved havin my cock sucked for a change.

"I'm Rick."

"Rick, the trick," one of the fratboys replied. "You ready for some more, stud?"

"Sure, baby, it's your money. What you want?"

The dude unleashed his pulsin cock. "Same thing muscle boy's gettin, there."

"What's with that belt?" Rick asked.

"None o yer business."

"Just asking… mmmph…" Rick had his mouth full of fratboy cock.

Well, me an Rick the Trick gave them frat fucks the thrill of a lifetime. I fucked em all blind, they blew me an fucked my tight muscled ass, then they got on their Richie Rich knees an worshipped me as I posed for em. Then they watched Rick fuck me, give me head, get head from me, an get his blissful brains fucked to Mercury with my monster dick. Rick was truly screamin for mercy when I rammed my throbbin cock in his ass.

"That was the fuck of my dreams," Rick said. "I'm in love with you, Sinbad."

I laughed. "Can I stay at your place, then?"

"Scuse me, babes," the Richie Rich dude said. "Here's your salary. Enjoy." He dropped a roll of fifties and 100s in my lap.

"Holy shit!" Rick said. He grabbed the roll and checked it out. "There's two grand in here! We're rich!"

I smiled at Rick, an his cock got hard again. "I'm hella tired."

"Come home with me. You can sleep in my bed, baby. Make me a muscle?"

I yawned an flexed my pullin arm. Rick's eyes lit up an he rubbed the veiny mountain of my gun. "You an me are stickin together from now on, Sinbad. OK?"

"Sure. Long as yer nice to me."

"Oh, I'll be very, very nice to you."

* * *

Rick was livin in this basement apartment near the water. It took us like three minutes to get there. Rick locked the door behind him. He yawned and smiled at me. "You're the sexiest boy I've ever met. You have to tell me all about that belt, dude."

"Let's get in bed first. I'm wore out." I pulled off my boots. Then I peeled off my leather jacket an what was left of my T-shirt. "I got to get some leathers tomorrow, dude." I unbuckled the magic belt an peeled off my leather pants. I didn't notice it, but Rick was jackin, watchin me undress. "You like what you see, huh?"

"I tole you, Sinbad, I'm in love with you. I'll take care of you. You can always have a place t stay at night. I'll buy you food. I'll hold you while you sleep, make you feel secure. You just gotta let me be with you."

"Would you suck my cock again? I like the way you do it, dude."

"Just promise me you'll tell me about your belt when I'm done."

"Sure, dude." My cock was already hard as iron. Rick kneeled at my crotch an teased the head o my cock with his tongue. Shit, it felt good! He had to strain to get my meat in his mouth, but once it was in there, he gave me a good, tight fit that felt fucken great. "Take it slow," I tole him. "Make it last half an hour til I cum."

"Have some pity on a working boy," Rick said. "I've been sucking cock all night long."

"Five minutes, then. An then let's go t bed."

"Five minutes. If you can take what I'm gonna give ya."


Rick put on a pair of black satin gloves. He got down on his knees again an touched my cock. With his index fingers, he traced the thick veins that popped out all over my cockshaft. Oh, fuck, that felt good! An then he took me back in his soft warm mouth again.

He stroked my shaft with those smooth satin hands, not pumpin, just runnin his fingers slow an easy, up an down the length of the shaft. I felt electric jolts of pleasure go up an down my entire body.

I didn't make five minutes. Barely lasted two. Rick's cheeks bulged out cos his mouth was so full o my cum. He swallowed every drop. I shot down his throat for two minutes. His belly was full o my sweet spunk. "Damn, that stuff is so fine, Sinbad. I feel hella good."

"So do I."

"Kiss me, Sinbad." I liked kissin Marky, but it was always his idea. I really really wanted to kiss Rick bad. We locked lips an I felt an electric rush in my heart. I felt so safe with Rick. He touched his tongue to mine an it was heavenly. I tasted my sweet spunk on his lips.

I handed my belt to Rick. " Put this someplace safe."

"Wow." Rick put the belt around his waist. "It's so warm!" The buckle sparked. Rick got an instant hard-on. His cock grew huge. His biceps got bigger, too. "Wow." A bolt of lightning shot out from the anchor. Rick trembled. "I'm gonna pull it tight!"

"It only works on me, dude."

"I gotta try." Rick laced the leather under the buckle. His guns kept gettin bigger. He pulled the belt tight. Bolts of lightning burst from the buckle, it squealed like holy hell, an Rick's muscles got monstrous. It was interestin to see what it looked like when someone yanked on the belt. But it only lasted for a moment.

The second he stopped yankin on the leather, he went back t normal. He did it again, an got the leather hella tight around his gut, but it didn't last. It did make his cock an guns a little bigger. They stayed that way after he let go of the belt.

"You gotta have this special shit pumped in yer veins before it'll make you like me."

"That's one hella rush, Sinbad! Sure feels good!" He unbuckled the belt. "I don't got nowhere safe t put this, though." He handed the belt to me. When I took the belt, it jerked out of my hands an wrapped around my gut.

I just wanted to go to sleep. So we crawled into Rick's futon, with the belt around my waist. I felt better with the belt on. I didn't even have it notched up.

I felt Rick's massive hard on pokin up the small of my back. "Dude, you got a hot rod for me."

"I wanna fuck you, Sinbad."

"Nobody's stoppin ya."

"Can I fuck you while you pull on your belt?"

"I don't know, dude…"

I really really want to, Rick's cock said. He kissed me on the neck, an then bit me hard on the shoulder. I felt a warm ooze on the small of my back. Rick's cock spouted a load of pre-cum. "I'm all juiced up, Sinbad. You turn me on, and your belt turns me on. I love a good threesome…"

Rick's hard cock entered my ass. It made me feel real good all over. I got caught up in it, an was moanin and groanin. Before I knew what was goin on, Rick put one hand on my belt buckle, an grabbed the leather with the other. He yanked on the belt, an I felt the rush of power start.

Rick screamed as the bolts of power shot through us both. He kept yankin hard on the leather. The belt was makin him hella mad strong so he could do the job. "Tighter!" I cried.

Mad savage bolts of power shot hard from the anchor. I was so strong. Rick pulled the belt way past the last notch. He held it there, makin my waist so tiny you could put one hand around it. Rick was fucken me blind, and before I could buckle the belt, he had shot his load all over me, inside an out.

I turned around an saw Rick all massive with muscles. He smiled an flexed his guns. They were 30 inches, easy. "Shit, dude, yer huge."

"I feel so GOOD! Sinbad, you rock!"

Rick looked pretty hot with them big ass muscles, so I started jackin while he posed for me. "Tell me when you're gonna cum. I want to drink it down!"

"I'll fuck yer mouth, then." I rammed my cock down Rick's throat an he took it deep.

* * *

We finally got to sleep about dawn. By then, Rick an me were pretty tight. I fell in love with Rick the Trick. He was the first guy who ever was nice to me, an it felt so nice t be asleep in his arms. His cock was rock-hard all night, an he slept with his throbbin tool up the small of my back. When I woke up, there was cum all up an down my back an shoulders. •

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