Hustler Sinbad: Book One: Sinbad

Getting the Belt


By Jason Jarman

Before we get too far I gotta tell you how I got the belt. It's a long story.

I grew up in this foster home. My dad was a really fucked up dude, an he blew his brains out, after he blew my mom away. I was, like, four when it happened. I never found out why he did it. But the state put me up with Mrs. French an her family.

That bitch hated me. She was always smackin me, tellin me I wasn't no good, an generally bein the shittiest foster parent on the planet. When the dudes from the state would come by, she'd be all smilin an shit; tellin em lies about how good we got along. I couldn't say shit. If I said somethin, the minute them dudes left, she'd be whippin my ass.

I grew up hatin her big-time. I would steal shit from her, just to do it. Lucky for me she had two kids of her own, who were big-time hoods… Vince an Marky. They was in trouble with the cops all the time. I let them take the rap for a lotta my shit, an they couldn't say nothin. They beat me up enough times.

See, when I was a kid, I was hella scrawny. They didn't feed me worth shit, an I was always so nervous an shit I couldn't keep on any weight. Vince an Marky worked out, an they ate mad big all the time. Marky had huge fucken guns. I figured out I liked boys cuz I was always thinkin about Marky's guns an gettin a hard on. He would flex em for me all I wanted, cuz he loved to show off his hot bod. He let me touch em every day. Mrs. French was all for them liftin weights, cuz it kept them off the streets.

Little did she know that those boys was butt fucken me every night. I loved it when Marky fucked me, cuz his muscles were so hot. Vince I hated. He was rough an mean. He didn't like me none either. Naturally, he was the one that fucked me more. Marky would at least kiss me before we fucked. Sometimes he'd let me sleep with him afterwards.

The day I turned 16, I promised myself I was runnin away. I was too old for this shit. I didn't get no birthday party. Mrs. French told me to clean up the garage. She took off for the mall, an I decided the time was right. Nobody else was home.

I went into Marky's room an swiped some of his clothes. I got a pair of black leather pants, a black leather jacket an a blue T-shirt that had an anchor on the chest. I stole a pair of Vince's boots. They were a little big for me, but they looked hella cool. Marky had a sailor's cap, an I took that last.

I knew where the bitch kept her booze money, an I raided that stash to the tune of 78 dollars an 56 cents. Then I checked out for good.

I got on a bus goin downtown. I had no fucken idea what I would do. I could get a job, long as they didn't ask no questions. I could make that money stretch real good.

So I'm sittin on the bus in this hella cool outfit, an sittin across from me is this wino dude with a scraggly ass beard. He smells worse than shit, and he's chuggin on a 40 ouncer an mumblin to himself. He keeps lookin weird at me. I nod an smile at him, wonderin what the fuck's up. Finally he says to me: "What's your name, boy?"

I told him. I don't go by that name no more, so there's no sense givin it out.

"Are you a sailor?"

"No, dude."

"You look like one. Sinbad the Sailor. That should be your name." I sneered an smiled. He took a slug from his 40. "You look like you're in trouble, boy. Bad trouble."

"I guess I am."

"I can tell. I can read people like a book. With the aid of my crystal ball." He held up the dirty paper sack he was drinkin from. "The name's Oroz. Jack Oroz." He held out a wrinkly ole hand. I shook it. "I have something to show you. A little reading material. Let's see…" He reached into his smelly-ass ole army coat an dug around. He pulled out a crumpled up piece a newspaper. "Here."

I still have that paper, so I'll print it here:

* * *

`MAGIC BELT' APPARENT SOURCE OF TEEN VANDAL'S STRENGTH Boy Had Enough Muscle To Lift 5-Ton Truck Overhead; Apprehended By Police

CHICAGO – Police have apprehended a 17 year-old boy who apparently became strong enough to lift a truck over his head and throw it, with great force, into a church. The boy, whose name is being withheld due to his age, may also be the cause of a recent rash of massive destruction, including the looting of a shopping mall, in which an estimated 3.5 million dollars' worth of damage occurred.

Officials say the boy was wearing a "magic belt" that releases energy into the user's body. This energy results in massive muscle growth and greatly increased strength. Development of the phallus is also increased.

The suspect was spotted at the scene of the crime. He was immediately pegged as the vandal, as his muscle mass was 50 times the norm for a young teenager. His phallus was fully erect, in public display, and was longer than the boy's arm.

Officer Larry Hanft saw the boy tighten the belt: "It sent off peals of lightning. It was blinding. His muscles got even bigger after he pulled on the belt. He was trouble." The boy then proceeded to lift a five-ton truck over his head. He threw it through the stained-glass window of the Second Presbyterian Church. Said Officer Hanft: "The average strong adult man can lift about 100 pounds over his head. This truck weighed five tons. Do the math. This boy was super-human."

Fifty officers fought for three hours to restrain the boy. Seven tranquilizer darts were shot into the boy's buttocks. It took two hours for the drugs to take effect. The belt was then removed. Police analysts, who have no clue as to the source of its power, are testing it. The boy would not tell officers where he got the belt.

* * *

"That is some serious shit," I said, wishin I could have a belt like that. An wonderin if it was real…

"I bet you'd like to have a belt like that," Oroz said.

"Hell, yeh."

"It can give you the strength of 1,000 men." He took a long drag on his bottle.

"1,000 men! Shit! I wish I had that belt."

"I know where one is… and it's yours if you can get it." He rang for a stop. "Come with me …"

Was this ole dude batshit? Well, I didn't have nothin else to do, so I went with him. We got off on a street that was just a bunch of old boarded up buildings. Factories an shit. Oroz took another drag from his 40, and then dropped the bottle. It broke on the ground. He touched his chest an grimaced, Then he coughed so much I thought he was gonna die. "Oh, boy…"

"You OK, dude?" He was doubled over on the ground.

He nodded yes. "Thought I might not make it that time. Help me up?" I lifted him to his knees. It was tough. "Not very strong, are you?"

"Nope…" I felt embarrassed.

"Bet that's been an issue all your young life. Skinny, weak, neglected. Your arms are small, scrawny. I bet you've been picked on… teased… tormented. Well, in just a moment, you'll have all the strength you could ever want. Now let's see…"

We wandered around in the cold for a fucken hour. I started to think the ole Oroz was out of his fucken mind. We was walkin in circles, goin from one ole boarded-up place to another. Then, finally, he stopped in front of a huge ole place. There was a sign on top of the building that said POWERS FROZEN FOODS INC.

"This is it!" Oroz said. "I remember now. Well, let's get to it." He hobbled towards the place an I followed.

We walked around the side of the old factory. Oroz was countin out loud… "17… 18… 19 … 20!" He looked at me an pointed at a boarded-up window right at ground level. "Get those boards off. They shouldn't be hard to remove."

I found a stick an pried the first board loose. There was a flashlight taped to the back of it. I showed it to Oroz.

"The batteries should still be good. Try it." I flicked it on an a bright beam of light went in Oroz's face. He laughed, an I shut it off. "Now let's get that other board off."

I did it. The window led into a gigantic black space. I leaned inside an shined the light around. It was a big ass ole basement, full of dark, rusted machines.

"There should be some mattresses, down below the window, to break your fall. It's quite a drop." I shined the beam down. Twelve feet below, yep, there was a pile of ole mattresses.

"I gotta jump down there?"

"That's where the belt is. I'll guide you to it."

Suddenly, I had the feelin this ole dude was hella crazy. "I don't like this, dude."

"What… you don't believe me?" Oroz looked all hurt an shit. I thought the dude was gonna cry.

"What if I'm stuck in there?"

"If the magic belt is still there, you won't have a problem getting out." He touched my shoulder. "Son, you don't know me from Adam, and I'm taking quite a risk giving this belt to a boy I've only known for an hour. But you seem to be a good boy, and I think you'll benefit from all this power. It'll help you make your way in this hard, cold world. Do you still want the belt?"


"It's waiting for you. Just make the jump."

My heart was fucken poundin. I pulled off my leather jacket, tucked the flashlight into my pants an dropped down in the dark. I did a cannonball, an I hit them mattresses hard. They broke my fall. I got the flashlight an turned it on.

Oroz's voice came through loud an clear. "Very good, my boy! Now… shine that beam to your left. Look for a tall storage locker with the number 17 on it."

I got up off my feet an walked around. There was so much ole shit an equipment down there, it was hard to see anything. I found a path an shined the light through. The beam hit the locker. "I got it!"

"Good! The belt should be in that locker, in a big knapsack. There's something else in there you need, too. Don't put the belt on yet. I want you to get the knapsack, and let me explain things."

I got to the locker. The door was all rusty an jammed shut. There was a weird buzzin, cracklin sound comin from inside the locker. I found a crowbar and jacked the door open. I saw the bag. That's where the noises came from. Flashes of light came from the bag. I grabbed it an made my way back to the mattresses. I held up the bag.

"Take the belt out! Be very careful, boy."

I pulled the belt out of the bag. I dropped it. The leather was burnin hot!

"It might be a little warm," Oroz said.

I picked it up off the floor. When I held it again, the leather felt good. It was hot an moist, like sweaty skin. Like it was alive. The smoothest an shiniest black leather I ever saw. It was four inches wide. It smelled fucken great. Just smellin it gave me a woody.

Damn, it was beautiful shit! Sparks an little lightning bolts crawled all over the buckle like fucken ants. The buckle looked hella awesome, with that anchor an shit. The leather wasn't stitched or bolted together. It was all one piece, even the place where it held the buckle. It felt like it was alive in my hands. Fucken belt was sweatin!

There was a small metal case, like the size of a video. It was heavy. I opened it an there were two syringes, filled with this weird-ass glowin gold shit. "What's this?"

"You need to inject one of those into each of your biceps before you use the belt." He started coughing again. "Those bond the belt's power, genetically, to your chromosomes."

"Say what?"

"You can't wear the belt until you put that in your veins! You wanna hit the veins right over the biceps. Use the belt for a tourniquet."

"OK." I strapped the belt around my upper bicep. I got the first syringe ready an pulled the leather real tight. The buckle kept hella sparkin. A big fat vein stood out real clean under the leather. I emptied the syringe.

"Quick, do your other arm!"

I switched the belt to my other arm, got a vein up quick, an drained the syringe in 30 seconds. I undid the belt. Soon as I did that, I felt this hot tinglin shit. First in my biceps, an then all up an down my body.

"How do you feel?" Oroz asked. I felt hot. Kind of dizzy. I told him so. "Perfect! In 60 seconds, you'll be ready!" A minute passed. The dizziness went away an I felt great. Like, really fucken strong an sexy, even though my body was the same as before.

"Now what?"

"Put the belt around your waist. Hold onto the buckle with one hand and pull the leather tight with the other! What hand do you write with?"

"My left."

"Pull with that one. Prepare yourself, young man. Take a deep breath. From now on, you shall be strong as 1,000 men… the mightiest musclegod in the world… There's one more thing…"

"What?" My heart was poundin.

"To use the belt, as you tighten, you must say, "Magic belt, this is Sinbad, your master. Give me the strength I deserve." This will bond the belt to your personality forever."

I was freakin, dude. My arms was tremblin. I picked up the belt. When I touched the buckle, it went apeshit. The metal started swellin, an the buckle got bigger. It fucken throbbed.

Bolts of lightning shot off the anchor an ripped into my biceps. God damn, they hurt! But I felt mad strong, for the first time in my life. The muscles in my arms bulged out all hella huge. My stomach all of the sudden had hella abs. Veins sprouted up all over my abs an arms. The belt wanted me to wear it. It was givin me the strength to pull it tight!

I put the belt around my waist. The leather felt hot and moist. It hugged my gut tight. I held the buckle steady with my right hand. The thick shiny sweaty slick black leather slid under the buckle by itself. The second it slid into place, this big-ass bulge shot up in my leather pants.

My cock was so hard it started to rip the stitchin. I had to reach down an stroke the tight leather bulge. I felt fucken incredible pleasure when I touched it. So I unzipped, an I got a hella surprise. My cock was a foot long! Damn! It was so big, thick an hard that it had ripped through my underwear. Damn!

The belt was squeezin as tight as it could around my waist. It hurt. There was big veins comin out from under the leather. The skin was all red an shiny. When I put my hand toward the leather to pull, the leather went right into my palm. It was burnin hot an moist. The leather wrapped around my knuckle. I tugged at it a little bit, an it felt hella firm in my grip.

"Magic belt, this is Sinbad, your master…" When I yanked on the leather, the buckle began t make squealin weird noises. Huge lightning bolts shot out from the four corners of the buckle. The buckle was throbbin, growin in size. Big bolts stood on either side of me, from floor to ceiling. I was ready to rock!

Right before I started my hella yankin, I looked down an saw my left bicep. It was monster sized with veins an muscle. I grabbed the buckle an wailed on that leather.

"Magic belt, this is Sinbad, your master. Give me the strength I deserve!"

The buckle shot out even bigger fucken bolts.

"Magic belt! This is Sinbad, your master! Give me the strength I deserve!!"

Then I tugged like fucken hell on that fucken magic belt. It was hard as hell to pull that leather tight. The lightnin bolts shot off the buckle an went up to the ceilin, an then came soarin back down into my muscles. I was feelin stronger than a fucken bull! One more time I said the words:

"Magic belt!! This is Sinbad, your master!! Give me the strength I deserve!!!"

I looked down an watched the belt get tighter an tighter. It got so tight that I couldn't see my waist anymore. My biceps got massively big. I thought the muscles was gonna explode. The muscles grew up high, an all these veins rose up above em. My chest puffed up to my nose. It kept bulgin up higher an higher, the harder I yanked the leather. My nipples were on fire. I could feel em growin!

Then my cock grew twice as big! It got longer an thicker, an kept growin higher an harder. The skin was stretched hella tight, an the cock head was dark red. I knew the minute I touched it, I'd cum all over the place. My balls were growin, too. They felt big, full an heavy. I couldn't see em. The flashes an lightning from the belt buckle made it hard to see much of anything.

I kept pullin an pullin on that belt, an finally my arm just couldn't take it no more. The leather wanted to whip back out of the buckle, so I barely got it notched on the third notch hole. I had to give it one last tug to make the notch. Once I buckled it, the lightning bolts stopped, an the buckle glowed. I felt crackles of power go up an down my arms.

I flexed my guns an fingers of lightning shot off the muscle peaks. The belt leather was huggin my gut hard. It was hella tight an felt awesome. The warmth an power made my hard-on bigger an bigger.

"Sinbad, the belt has worked beyond my wildest hopes! Now, come up here to me. I want to see you up close."

"Uh… how do I get outta here?"

Oroz chuckled. "I think it's time you discovered just how strong you are. There's a door over on the far-left wall. It's quite thick and heavy. It's been padlocked for years. The door must weigh half a ton. Give it a try."

I shined the flashlight on the door. Damn! It was hella huge, an that padlock was bigger than my head. It was all crusty brown with rust. There was spider webs all over it. How the fuck was I suppose to get that thing open?

That's when the belt helped me out. Just by thinkin about yankin that door open, my guns got filled up with power. They bulged out huge-ass. I flexed em. They was the size of a basketball!

That padlock came off like paper. I ripped the latch off the door, an tugged on the iron handle. The door was welded shut. Not for long! I pulled real hard on it an it started to move. I tugged again. It was stuck. I could hear the metal creakin. "I need some more muscle for this." Before I could think, the buckle on the belt started cracklin an sparkin. "I need another notch." I yanked on the belt.

While I was wailin on the leather with one hand, I tore open that fucken door like it was cardboard. It flew across the room an smashed hella hard into some equipment. I buckled the belt at the fourth notch.

I was outside. I went up a flight of stairs. A heavy metal grating covered the top of the stairs. That is, for about two seconds. I popped that puppy with my index finger!

Oroz was waitin at the top of the stairs for me. His eyes were bulging outta their sockets. "You must see yourself! Come with me!"

We walked over to this other building that had a huge mirrored window. When I saw myself for the first time, I couldn't fucken believe it. Was that stud me? My face was hella handsome, really pretty but real manly. My jaw was square an my lips were big an full. My eyes an nose were really sexy. I had big thick eyelashes an my eyes were super blue. My chin was fucken perfect. Lookin at my own face gave me a bigger hard on.

An then there was my body. Holy fuck, was I hot! I flexed my guns. Damn, them fuckers was twice the size of my head! An my chest was like ten times wider than my waist. I'd only cinched the belt in four notches. The leather was diggin into my gut, gettin tighter an tighter, huggin my flesh an makin big ass veins bulge out all around it.

"It appears the chromosomal changes have taken hold."

"Speak English, dude."

"Sinbad, the magic belt is now part of your body. It will stay with you for the rest of your life. The only way it can be removed is if you will it to leave your body, or if someone, somehow, overpowers you. If you are knocked unconscious, then the belt can be stolen from you. You must be on your guard at all times."

"Whatever, dude…" I smirked at him an flexed my guns again.

"I want to really test your strength, Sinbad. Let's see…" He pointed behind me. "Those! See if you can lift those!"

He was pointin at a wrecking yard. There was piles of old junked cars, waitin t be smashed by this big ass iron ball. They was stacked six cars high.

"Let me try!"

I ripped a hole in the chain link fence an went up to a stack of cars. I reached under the bottom one an strained. Fuck, it was heavy! But the magic belt gave me a whole shitload of strength. I didn't even touch the leather, an monster bolts of lightning shot out of the buckle.

I lifted the cars up over my head! Fuck! Then I started feelin weak, so I set em down. "I need another notch."

I pulled the magic belt tighter. Two more notches, an I could lift the stack of cars with one arm. So I picked up another pile an lifted two at the same time. Then I looked at the wreckin ball. Fucker was six feet around, solid iron, at the end of this big thick long iron chain. There was a thing like a tractor that it was all connected to. This shit was way heavier than a stack of ole cars.

I lifted the iron ball over my head. It took all the strength I had to do that. To lift the whole fucker would take more power.

"Magic belt, I need all the muscle you can give me!" I cranked the strap really tight.

Shit! I got the belt to nine notches fast. The buckle shot out mad bolts of lightnin. I was so strong I lifted that whole fucken thing with two fingers, throwed it in the air like 20 feet, an caught it with one hand. The impact hammered me into the ground like a fucken nail. I wasn't hurt or nothin. I couldn't even feel it.

"That's how strong I am, dude!" I lifted up the ball an threw it hard. We both watched it sail across the sky. It went a long way. Then I heard a distant THUNK. After that, somethin exploded an caught on fire. "Oops..."

I wanted to check myself out in the mirror again. Holy fuck, was I a monster! My biceps was like 65 inches around. So big an shiny an clustered with thick blue veins…

I got super hard from checkin myself out. I stroked my cock while Oroz watched. I couldn't help it. I was turnin myself on hella hard. I flexed my muscles an jacked off. My cockhead slapped against my throat. That's how long it was. Every stroke felt hella sweet, an my cum shots went way high in the air. Some of em hit the roof of the building, cos they didn't come back down.

"Magnificent, my boy! I can see this belt was meant for you and you alone. It has indeed given you the strength of 1,000 men! Perhaps more!" Oroz smiled. "And I wasn't anticipating how big it would make your penis. Or how handsome you would become. Very impressive!"

"How come you didn't use it, dude?" I couldn't stop flexin my mighty guns an tits.

"I was too old for its power. No one over 30 could withstand the force… not unless they had been exposed to it earlier. You were a prime subject. So young and willing..." He fingered my cock, an in no time flat I was jackin again. It felt good to get jacked by someone else, even a gross ol drunk like Oroz.

"Where did you get this belt from?"

Oroz cleared his throat. "Well, I obtained it through… er… unusual circumstances. You see, I stole it from a very bad man, back in 1955… if he had used the belt, he would have done a lot of wrong with its power."

"Like what?"

"He trafficked in white slavery. His specialty was rounding up white teenage boys and selling them off as sex slaves to rich men in the Middle East. I was with him when he purchased the belt, and the syringes, for the sum of $100,000. He bought them in Tangiers. That was where all the magic belts were made. There are only 13 of them. I saw how they made the magic belts. I was working for this man at the time…"

Oroz took another slug from his bottle. "I hid the belt in that locker in 1970. I'd carried it halfway around the world, and back, for 15 years. That factory closed in '71. All that time, since, I've been looking for the right boy to wear the belt."

"You found him, dude. I'm hella strong now." I flexed one of my guns. My cock was rock hard, still, throbbin with horndog spunk. Without me touchin it, it spewed out more hot shots of cum. I got the total orgasm rush an groaned. The belt buckle was stormin with magic bolts of power.

"Yes, you are the one. You have passed the test! But you must not abuse this gift. You must use the power of this belt for good…"

I laughed in his face. "Fuck that, old man. I'm usin this power for me. To make me hella strong, hella tough and hella rich. I got big muscles an a big cock from this belt. That's what I want. Fuck 'good.' That's for sissies."

Oroz's face darkened. "I thought you were a nice boy… that's why I gave you the belt…"

"I usta be nice. I got beat up, shit on, an used. Not no more!"

"Just don't kill anyone. Don't hurt anyone…"

I patted Oroz on his stinky shoulder. "Not unless they try it on me. I promise that."

"Get out of here. Go!" Oroz muttered to himself and swilled from his 40-ouncer. I'd sure bummed him out. But I wasn't gonna lie to him. I wasn't going to be some nicey-nicey namby pamby do-gooder. This belt was gonna give me the good life.

Now alls I needed was a place to go. It was fucken cold, but suddenly I didn't feel it. Maybe it was all the leather I had on. Or maybe it was the belt.

I took the belt down to the first notch. That was the only way I could fit into my jeans. My cock went halfway down my thighs, limp.

I spotted a bus comin an got on. There was about 20 people on the bus, an every single one of em stared at me. I found a pair of mirrored sunglasses in my leather coat an slipped em on. I pulled the sailor cap down over my face an zipped up the jacket. It wasn't loose no more. I could barely zip it up.

Then it hit me. I had a score to settle. An now I was ready to rock!

I left the bus an hopped a cross-town train back to my old neighborhood. I was lookin for Vince an Marky. They might not recognize me no more, but I sure as shit knew them... an what was in store for em! •

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