Hustler Sinbad: Book One: Sinbad



By Jason Jarman

My first stop was to take care of Rick. I had to take the bus again, to get cross-town, an everyone stared at me. I had on some mirrored shades an a hat. That, along with all the leather, scared all the lechers and losers away.

Rick lived on the Southside, in a basement apartment. The entrance was at the back, in a dark alley. It was good for business. Johns could come an go with no one t see em.

Rick was three years older than me, an he turned tricks, too. He was in love with me. He was the only dude who really knew about the magic belt. So he had reason to be scared of me. I was countin on that.

I spotted the place an looked through a cracked window inside. There was candles burnin. A radio was playin. I heard gaspin. Sure enough, Rick was there, gettin his pretty brains fucked out by some fat dude with a goatee.

I ripped the door off the hinges. "Wussup, Rick."

"Sinbad!" Rick groaned. The dude fuckin him didn't turn around. He shot his payload up Rick's ass, pullin Rick's long blond hair hard an slammin him against the wall with his thrust. Rick screamed. He liked the rough stuff.

"We got a score to settle, dude." I rubbed the buckle of my belt an it shot out some bolts. That freaked out the lardass john. "Get the fuck outta here, right now!" I flexed my guns. "Pay him now!"

The dude tossed three twenties on Rick's back an grabbed his clothes. I could tell he wished I'd been the dude he'd been fucken. That's the breaks.

Rick picked up the twenties. They were glued together with cum. "Hey, Sinbad, where you been?"

"You know where I been, fucker." I was pissed. I picked Rick up an slammed him to the wall. "You put me there."

Rick smiled, which meant that he was about to tell a lie. "I dunno what yer talkin about, dude…"

I picked Rick up an held him in the air. "I went without my belt for a fucken month! Do you know how pissed I was? I couldn't do this!" An I grabbed the leather an cranked that belt hella monster tight. I could feel my muscles bulgin out an growin like crazy.

I buckled the belt an flexed my monster guns. I put Rick down. "Thirty days without my belt! An you're the reason why. What are you gonna do about it?"

"I had to tell. The cops were beatin me up!" Rick kneeled before me. I was fucken awesome. I stood with my arms on my hips an my cock about to bust out the front of my pants. "God, Sinbad, you're so fucken beautiful."

"The cops was beatin your ass?"

"Yeah," Rick said. His smile was gone. "They took me into the woods, near Carlson Lake Park, an they had me handcuffed to a tree. They were takin turns fucken me an knockin out my teeth. See?" He pulled back his lips to show where two teeth were missin. "Them cops said it was you they wanted. You an that belt. They know yours is a real one. An, if I didn't tell em, they'd kill me. One of em put a gun to my head." Rick started to cry. "I didn't want to die! I'm sorry they caught you. I didn't think they could..."

Then Rick leaned on my shoulder an let the waterworks flow. It broke my heart t see him like this.

"Aw, fuck, Rick. I was set to kick your ass in. I didn't know what was up."

Rick smiled. "At least you still got the belt."

"Yeah." I felt ashamed, all of the sudden. "Hey, Rick."

"Yeah, Sinbad?"

"I love you, dude. Give me some fucken head. I'm a hella horndog. See?" I unzipped my jeans an Sinbad Jr. popped out. He was way long an thick. That clear shit you get when you're horny was oozin out the cockhead. Rick took my cock down his throat an looked up at me with his puppy-dog eyes. I knew I'd be spendin the night fucken him.

He made Sinbad Jr. feel mighty fine. I was screamin my brains out when I shot my spunk. Rick took every drop down his throat. He drank it like it was nectar. I tole you how sweet it tastes. Rick blew me eight times an fucked me six times. Then I got a shower an we went to sleep. •

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