Muscle Mechanic


By myoder

"Shit!" I said as my car ground to a halt on the small side road. I tried the ignition several times but it wouldn't start. "Thanks, Mom," I muttered to myself."Great big gas guzzler piece of shit!" I was mad at myself for accepting the thing, and I knew about as much about cars as I did about the cd player - I knew how to make it go. I got on my cell phone and called Al's Place, a mechanic my friend had told me about. A guy with an incredibly deep voice told me a tow truck would be by in an hour.

I waited until the tow truck came and got a ride to the shop. The guy was pleasant - a slim guy with tossled hair and a little beard.

"You gonna work on my car?" I asked as we pulled into the lot.

"Naw," he said. "Al's gonna do it. I gotta make a few runs this afternoon."

He left me by the car and went inside. A few minutes later the garage door opened and the biggest man I'd ever seen walked out, stooping because he was too tall for the door. He was massive! He looked to be about 6'10" and must've weighed 500lbs and looked about 2 feet thick! His arms stretched the coveralls tight and the hair on his massive pecs poked out the top of the greasy, grey outfit. He had collar length, dark hair slicked back. He looked to be in his late forties, with a weathered face, a bristly mustache and side burns, and a five o'clock shadow (even though it was only 1 pm). Not a pretty man, but a huge stud! He wiped his huge hands on a cloth, his hairy thick forearms flexing and bulging as he did, and offered to shake my hand.

"Hi," he said. "I'm Al Jenkins." It was the same deep voice I heard on the phone. God this guy was hot. I felt my dick throb at the thought ofwhat was under those coveralls.

"Hi, I'm Mike."

His hand was twice the size of mine and the power in it was amazing. I bet he could crush a fender in that big paw. My eyes wandered over his massive frame and down to his crotch. The bulge in the close fitting coveralls was enormous! I caught myself staring and looked up, nervously. He must've seen me looking but he just grinned and movedto the front of the car.

"What seems to be the problem?" he said opening the hood.

"I dunno, it just won't start."

"Here it is," he said leaning over the motor. "Just a loose wire. Try starting it."

I putthe key in and turned. It turned over beautifully.

"These big carsget that," Al said lowering the hood. "Loose wires all the time. Just gotta keep it real tight." He grinned and winked.

"Gee, thanks," I said. "What do I owe you?" I was disappointed thinking this visit was all too short. I was hoping to get a better look at this guy.

"Nothin'" he grinned. "Didn't take any time. I could take a look underneath if you like. See if anything's loose under there?"

"Um, sure!" I said.

He lay down on the ground and pulled himself closer to the car.

"Won't you need a jack or something?" I asked.

"Naw!" He slid further under the chassis and gripped the front fender. Then with hardly a groan he pushed up. The whole front end lifted effortlesly by this powerful giant! I crouched down and watched his huge arms pressing this 2 ton car liek it was a 50 lb barbell.

"Here's another loose wire," he said. "I'll tighten it up for you." He shifted the weight of the car onto on massive hand and used the other to tighten the wire.

I couldn't contain myself. "Holy shit!" I yelled. "You've gotta be incredibly powerful, man!"

Al just grinned. Then he started pressing the car upand down, up and down, performing rep after rep with one hand, then the other. "Gettin pretty pumped here, Son," he said, just as I heard a ripppp! and his coveralls split over his massive swollen biceps and exploding pecs. He put the car down and slid out from underneath.

He just stood there smiling, flexing those incredible thick pecs, striations ripping through the mat of hair. He clenched his fists and his arms bulged huge and hard through the hole in the coveralls.

"Fuck you're a giant, Al!" I gasped. I started rubbing my hardening dick through my pants unable to control my lust for this muscle giant! "How big are those arms?"

"Only 29 inches," he said casually as he raised them in a double-biceps pose and the coveralls gave way completely, revealing the huge peak on his arms and veins roped over his shoulders and forearms. "Wanna get a lot bigger," he said looking at the bulging muscle."Yeah, wanna pump these up to 32, 33 -- who knows?!" Then he looked into my eyes and said, "Wanna touch 'em?"

I gulped, my mouth going dry. "Yeah!" I said.

"Well come here, then, Son."

I moved closer to this hulk and reached up. My hands barely covered his rock hard massive bicep, let alone his triceps, which hung down like huge, solid slabs of beef. My hands ran over his shoulders thick and veined. "Yeah, it's all for you, boy. Feel this big muscleman flex."

The tears in the coveralls widened as he continued to flex. "Wait a minute," he said unzipping the coveralls to his waist, exposing massive rippling pecs and hard, thick abs. Every inch of him was huge! Each ab muscle was as big as a cinder block and hair trailed down to his crotch. I licked each nipple and pulled at the hair on his superhuman chest. And he lapped up my attention. The bulge in his crotch was growing as I caressed every gargantuan powerful muscle.

He stopped posing and lifted me up. His bristly mustache tickled my face as his tongue plunged into my eager mouth. I chewed on the thick mustache and sucked his strongman's tongue as we kissed, my hands grabbing and squeezing his massive arms and forearms. He carried me into the garage and closed to heavy doors behind us.

"Gonna show what else I pump, Son. Big muscle man pumps all his muscles!" Al put me down and went into his office. When he came back he'd shed his coveralls and was wearing only a black leather posing strap which barely held his huge dick. He was carrying a long plastic tube attached to a hand pump. He sat down on a bench beside me and said, "Strip for me, Son."

I took off my clothes slowly as Al watched me. He seemed very interested in my stripping, flexing his huge pecs and rubbing his crotch. Here was this massive muscle man getting into my strip tease. I was seductive about it as I could be, wanting to entice him and get that big dick he had even bigger.

"Yeah, hot!" he said as I finished undressing for him. Then he pulled at the posing strap and his cock flopped out half hard.

"Oh, Man!" I gasped. It had to be already about 9 inches and thick. He flopped it around.

"Like that? Ain't even hard yet, Son. Gets real fuckin big. Let's see how big we can get it, huh?" He rubbed some vaseline around the base of his massive pole and put the plastic tube over his cock. Then he attached the tubing and pump. The plastic tube was 20 inches long with markings at each inch and each half inch, and had to be about 10 inches in circumference. He started pumping the hand pump and almost immediately his massive dick swelled out toward the sides of the tube.

"Yeah," he said. "There it goes!" He continued pumpinghis freaky muscle dick and it started filling the huge tube. I stroked my dick and watched in amazement as this giant man's cock expanded and expanded. He pumped harder, with smooth movements and groaned as his dick passed the 12 inch mark. "Here," he said handing me the pump. "You do it, Son. Make this man's dick real fuckin big!"

I pumped with the same smooth movements as he did, my own cock staying rigid with excitement. His cock now reached the sides of the massive tube and continued to grow in length. It passed the 13" mark, then the 14" mark. Al flexed his massive arms and grunted as I continued the pump. Fifteen inches, 15.5" and it kept growing.

"Look at that huge dick!" I said. "Big muscleman's cock!"

"Keep pumping it, Son!" Al said as he flexed his hairy pecs and abs. "Gonna get even bigger!" I continued pumping the huge swollen meat and he grunted and groaned as his cock passed 16.5 inches - 17 inches! Finally at 17.5 inches, his massive dong swollen and red he grabbed the pump from me and stopped.

"YEAH!" he yelled as he loosened the tube and pulled it off slowly. It came off the end of his dick with a pop and his cock stood straight up. It looked really freaky. This fucking muscle giant with a superhuman dick. It wasn't soft like I'd seen other guys pumped dick. Al's dick was rock hard. He flexed it and it bobbed up and down slowly.

I leaned over and put my lips to the end of it, stroking my cock which was getting close to bursting. I could hardly fit the massive head in my mouth and he held the length of it in both his huge hairy paws jiggling it back and forth while I sucked the head.


Al stood up and his dick stood out in a 45 degree angle from his massive frame. I pulled on the freaky dick and Al posed and flexed his gargantuan muscles - rippling his pecs and tightening his abs, lifting his 29" guns in a freaky display of mass and power, flexing his massive thick quads and calves. "PULL FUCKIN HARD ON THAT DONG! YEAH! MAKE THAT HUGE DICK SHOOT!"

I used both hands now and jerked his huge swolled member. "Yeah, Al! You're the biggest fuckin muscleman! Biggest fuckin' cock!" I could feel his dick stiffen and the heat from it was intense. Al groaned deeply as the first load of white hot jism shot out and across the garage. Streams of cum flowed out of his 17.5 inch dick. Then, as his cock was still leaking, he picked me up in one hand, passionately kissed me and stroked my hard cock in his big hands. My whole 7 inches was enclosed in his giant hand and the cum flew out of me harder than it ever has before.

He carried me into the back room and we lay on a huge cot for the rest of the afternoon, his now soft, but still huge dick nestled between my thighs. •

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