Price of Freedom, The


By John

Final chapter. This tale is set in a period of history where entertainment and violence were often interchangeable terms. Please note that this story may contain acts of gay sex and violence. If this does not appeal to you, please do not read.

Caesar was a wise man indeed! His decree for Saul and Parth was nothing short of brilliant. With Borc's death, the last battle was to be between Parth, with his stunning new body, and Saul, with his speed, agility and amazing cock. When, instead of turning to fight, Saul stepped boldly forward to stand just below a confused Caesar, no one could have expected what he presented the Roman ruler. The words still echoed in the minds of many who had been there just a few short days ago.

"Caesar!" Saul had shouted up to the curious leader. "When you brought me into this contest I was promised that, should I be the victor, you would give both me and my lover our freedom. It was my final action that killed Borc and I claim that prize now!"

"You still have one worthy opponent left." Caesar had laughed at the apparent joke. "Only then may you have your prize."

"And that will be my prize?" Saul questioned.

"If that is what Caesar promised you" Caesar answered a bit perturbed "then that is what Caesar will give you."

"Then I claim Parth as my lover, Caesar!" Saul announced to the surprise and shock of everyone. "And since he is my lover, then I cannot fight him and you must set us free!"

At first the crowd was aghast as word of Saul's words were whispered around the entire arena. Then the crowd began to cheer. The cheer rose to a great swell of support leaving Caesar bewildered with what to do. As the crowd began to chant, an idea occurred to the great leader. Holding up his hands, the crowd grew silent with anticipation.

"Caesar is a man of his word." He began. "He is a man of his word to you and of his word to the citizens of Rome! I promised you freedom for you and your lover. And I promised Rome a glorious battle to the death between eight men with one victor. You have given Rome one less fight than they were promised. I will not make you and your lover fight and I will give both of you a chance for your freedom. But one of you will have to give Rome the last battle it was promised."

The audience sat silent and curious.

"This afternoon" Caesar continued, "I had pledged to introduce to Rome the seven great gladiators who, starting tomorrow afternoon, will fight to claim the title as Rome's new Champion! When we meet them this afternoon, here on the field of this great arena, one will be selected to fight one of you two. Should you defeat him, then you will both have your promised freedom. If he defeats you, then both of you will die."

A murmur began to stir through the crowd. Parth and Saul had won their hearts yet Caesar had proven, once again, his great wisdom and cunning. Soon the murmur turned into a rousing cheer of support for Caesar's decision. Caesar smiled and waved to his public further securing their support. He announced that this fight would take place tomorrow morning with the battles for the new Roman Champion still to begin tomorrow afternoon.

Saul and Parth had no choice. Caesar had one of his guards go down onto the field carrying two straws clasped in his hand. Each was to pick a straw and the one with the shorter straw would be the fighter. To ensure a balanced fight, the same weapons that had been made available today would be used tomorrow. Parth and Saul pulled the straws together. Then, with the decision made, the centurions escorted them to their chamber. Parth would fight for their freedom.

That afternoon, while Parth and Saul soothed their wounds and aches from the fight against Borc, Rome met Caesar's candidates to be the next Champion Gladiator for Rome. The seven paraded onto the field together wearing only the metal-girdled covering around their loins. Caesar had been training Kal's replacements for a couple of years. He had put his finest trainers, instructors and nutritionists to work building the biggest and best men ever to be seen in Rome or, for that matter, the known world.

The crowd was speechless as the massive men entered. Every one of them was bigger, more muscular and more fantastically sculpted than Dar or Kal had been. Their muscles were huge beyond belief; hard beyond definition; and beautiful beyond words. They were each introduced by both name and the region of the Empire from which they hailed. As each was announced, he stepped free from the others and offered a small show of power. Impossibly thick iron shafts were folded in half until the ends met. Wood posts as big around as their muscle-lined necks were shattered across muscled backs too thick and wide to be believed if not seen. One even snapped several torso wrappings of finger-thick rope using only the huge mountains of his monstrous pecs and flaired lats.

Caesar was as pleased with the men and their showing as he had hoped. These men were truly representative of the glory and wonder of Rome. It was a pity that only one of them could become `Champion' and that the rest would have to die. Caesar had made this requirement on purpose in order to avoid the issues he had just undergone with Kal. He announced that each year a new group would fight to the death with the winner facing the Champion from the preceding year. Whoever prevailed would earn the title and, with it a year of royal treatment and the right to lead a brigade into battle against Rome enemies.

All that was left now was to select the man who would take on Parth in the morning. Whoever was selected would earn a release from fighting in the first round against the other six challengers for the title of `Champion'. Caesar, his cunning sharper than ever, would let the audience pick the challenger with their applause. As he presumed, in the end those present selected Flavius, the biggest and most muscular of the seven; the one whose huge chest had prevailed over the ropes.

Morning came. Parth was led to the field. He and Saul had spent the afternoon in training; honing Parth's body for the fight. They spend the evening in each other's arms enjoying the pleasure of Parth's muscles and Saul's tremendous cock. As he entered the field, Parth could still feel the stretch within his ass muscles that had been required for him to consume Saul's massive erection. It was a wonderful and memorable feeling and Parth intended to use that memory to help drive him to victory. One last victory was all that stood between death and a life of freedom for them both. Parth knew which one he would prefer.

Parth felt good. His body looked magnificent. As he had done the day before, Parth offered a short showing of his flexing and graceful body of large, flowing muscle to the crowd. They cheered loudly and passionately as he displayed each and every anatomically perfect muscle from his gorgeously peaked, multi-split biceps to the wonderful dimensional spread between his fanned lats and chiseled waist. Parth's legs had never been cut sharper or pumped harder and the dimpled muscles of his stunning ass had never appeared so energetic and inviting. By the time he finished his cock was as hard as the rest of him pointing immovably out from the shimmering chestnut hair of his delicious groin.

Then Parth got his first look at the challenger before him as Flavius pranced onto the field wearing only the same metal-banded waist guard from the day before. Parth shuttered at the sight. The crowd grew dead silent. Those who had seen Flavius the day before were no less awed today. In fact, most thought that Flavius was even more spectacular than they remembered. Those seeing him for the very first time were as unbelieving as the crowd from yesterday. Many of the men found themselves shifting to conceal their raging erections and women began to fondle their privates without regard for the public setting.

Flavius had the body of a god! Not that of a mere man! His face was more angular and square-cut than Parth's but it carried a great masculine beauty with it. His tightly curled hair was short and dark and his eyes the color of the sea. Flavius had rich, wet-looking lips that begged to be smothered with kisses. The sharp head rode upon a thick neck, roped with muscle and beating with feeding veins and arteries. Long, rich triangles of trapezius meat angled down from the rear of his neck to his far-flung deltoids. Flavius' shoulders were as wide as half his height. Their capping muscle rolled from the top down to invade his upper arms fleshing out to be as big as his head and lined with cabled striations.

The meat of his upper arms was simply gargantuan. His bicep alone was, again, as massive as his head. Keeping his arms pressed against the molten muscle of his unflexed lats, Flavius' triceps filled out the girth of his upper arm making it as big around as his waist. He pushed his elbow joint straight and hard forcing his triceps to explode into vast horseshoes of muscle with the interior chasm deep enough to consume an entire fist. Coil upon coil of corded muscle flowed around the great, endless belly of his flexed triceps. Then he slowly, and deliberately raised his arms.

A pair of forearms as broad and wide as Parth's thighs writhing with vein-encrusted meat flashed into view. Next to their vertical mounting rose the wondrous, flexed biceps. Like bronzed cabbages they sat balled atop his arms reaching skyward at the split peak almost to his clenched fist. Just enough roping of veins wrapped the marbled meat to assure that the power of these great meat-giants was equal to their staggering proportions. Flavius extended and flexed his biceps and triceps several times causing more than one overcome spectator to faint at the sight.

In this position, Flavius back was fully unfurled. Muscle so broad and sweeping billowed from each sharply chiseled side covering enough area as to look big enough to use to sail the biggest ships of Rome. Only, these sails were not hollow or filled with wind but, rather, they were massive wedges of dense muscle to thick for an outstretched hand to embrace in its clutch and too hard for any one hand to crush. The rest of Flavius back was no less spectacular. Muscle cascaded over every part of his massive back from the flexed pilings of his traps to the tight fingers of his fissured erector muscles as they dove toward the promise of a great muscle-line chasm between his covered glutes.

Legs that defied description extended with uninterrupted muscle from the girdled metal coving his groin to the ground. The monstrous leg meat billowed out and then dove sharply into his knees only to surge out again into gorgeous mounds of lined calf muscle. Here, too, a river network of handsome veins fed the frenzied leg meat making it look more like honed stone than human flesh. Riding above a wide leather belt were paired rows of abdominals that were curvaceously thick and yet appropriately trim. Flavius waist was no bigger than Parth's and certainly looked no less muscular or powerful.

Flavius eyed Parth as if to measure him up as he finished his posing for the crowd. Flavius, like Parth, preferred the company of men and he found Parth to be as desirable a specimen as he had ever seen. The front metal panels of Flavius groin protector began to rise as the pressure of excitement pushed his trapped cock toward rigidity. He wanted to taste of Parth's beautiful ass with his cock as much as he needed to taste his blood in the battle. For now Flavius needed to concentrate on the battle and needed to finish his slow of power to the crowd.

The last pose was intended to show off his chest as much to scare Parth as to awe the audience. Taking several lengths of rope, Flavius wound them around his upper torso just as he had the day before. He exhaled hard to get the rope as tightly constricted around his back and chest. Then, pushing his pecs and lats to staggering, striated hardness, he forced blood and meat to work together against the fibers of the ensnarling rope. His pecs grew into huge mooned spheres of rock-solid muscle, as did his back. Flavius forced his curled arms against the outer flanks of his bulbous pec meat pushing the massive tits out to be as thick as his monstrous triceps. His nipples hardened as the rope rubbed erotically across their pointing surfaces. Flavius filled and bounced his heaving chest with endless power. The rope had no chance. It split apart exactly where it's wrapping bridged the hand-deep canyon of his muscle-tit cleavage.

The rope fell defeated to the ground. Standing proudly displayed; Flavius was almost ready for battle. Caesar, however, still had one more planned activity before he would let the fighting begin. At his signal, two of the other challengers to be Rome's new champion entered the arena wearing the same outfit as Flavius. As those present the day before had observed, both of these men were an almost perfect match to Flavius. Their massive muscles moved and shifted with unbridled raw power as they walked directly to the base of the stone pedestal in the center of the field.

Between them, secured by wrist and ankle to heavy chaining was Saul. He was naked and his tightly packaged body was chiseled with defined muscle as always. The two guardians wrapped the chains tightly around the pedestal with Saul's back pressed against the side facing Caesar. The Roman ruler explained that Saul deserved the right to see his proclaimed lover fight for their freedom. Saul and Parth's eyes met momentarily in a silent pledge and then Saul caught sight of the challenger to their freedom. Saul's mind was as quickly filled with dread as his cock was with lustful excitement. Flavius clearly enjoyed the diametrically opposed affects he was having on Saul. As he saw the gymnast's massive cock instantly harden, Flavius moved directly up to the spread-eagled chiseled body. The two guardians were immediately upon Parth and had him secure in their grasp so that he could not intervene.

Flavius was drawn to Saul's trim, athletic body almost as much as he was to Parth's. Both of them wore their skin vacuum-sealed so thinly onto this tight musculature that it appeared almost translucent. The huge gladiator reached out placing his strong hands on the lined muscle of Saul's furrowed pecs with a surprising tenderness. Stroking the fissured breasts, the metal bands at the front of Flavius' outfit rose noticeably high. His meaty palms slide over the stiff nipples and up the outer flanks of Saul's angular lat meat coming to rest on top of the cords of arced shoulder meat. From there Flavius smiled handsomely a Saul's nervous face as he let his hands come to know the hardness and joy of the smaller man's extended biceps and triceps.

Saul's flat plated abs were next to be enjoyed as Flavius' hands moved downward to the promise of the beating shaft protruding solidly from Saul's groin. At this point, Flavius stopped long enough to release the clasp of the leather strapping holding his tunic in place. It fell to the ground leaving the massive muscle-fighter completely exposed to an even more astonished audience. From the back, a vision of ass muscle blossomed into drooling inducing view. They were bigger than Parth's but as richly cut and striated. The upper gluteal meat hung precipitously over the dimple defining the larger lower gluteus masses. Flavius flexed and shifted their great bulk much like Parth had done earlier and with much the same affect on the audience.

From Saul's view at the front, he noticed two rich veins bisecting Flavius' lower abs like wires anchoring his cock to his groin. The cock was no less magnificent than the body. A pair of fist-sized balls were shielded beneath a cock shaft that a hand could not have reached around. It was so hard that marble-like veins stood wrapping its length and girth from the curled hair of Flavius' crotch to the glowing crown. The crimsoned head was bigger than Saul's clenched fist and looked to be as powerful. Flavius moved in closer laying his immense organ along one side of Saul's forearm long shaft. Their respective cock heads moved closer and closer until they licked the vertical walls of groin muscle at the same time. Their cocks were equally long with Flavius' delicious organ being the thicker of the two.

Flavius spit into his hands and wrapped both of them around the touching cock shafts and began to run them back and forth along both stupendous lengths of hardened meat. The rate of movement rapidly increased until sexual frenzy drove his motions. The sides of the hot cocks rubbed against one another within Flavius' pressuring grasp. Their hips and posteriors joined into the action causing waves of muscle-etching contortions shooting through their flexing bodies. Flavius carried the pace higher and faster. Groans of anticipation whispered through his wet, full lips.

Feeling that both he and Saul were near orgasm, Flavius stopped. Releasing his grip, their cocks moved apart as Flavius kneeled on the ground placing saliva-polishing kisses over the precum-dripping crown of Saul's stiff cock. The huge man's tongue tickled and toyed with the wet slit at the end of Saul's cock. Then Flavius' mouth opened to take in the entire cock head. He began to suck on the succulent organ drawing more and more of its glorious shaft into his throat. Leaning forward slightly, Flavius straightened out the curve of his throat leading deeper down his esophagus. More than half the huge shaft was in him. Using his teeth to provide additional stimulation, Flavius consumed the full length of Saul's cock until his chin could feel the waving mass of the gymnast's heavy balls.

Saul could hold back no longer. His balls churned with hot cream and the first of his freed cum rivered into Flavius wanting throat. Flavius ingested the rich fluid as fast as he could but some found its way along the tight space between gums and cock shaft to dribble out and down his handsome chin. Flavius let part of the great shaft out to make more space for the second eruption of cum. Then he gently slid the entire organ out letting the next arc of cum splash onto his waiting tongue.

As he finished his liquid protein drink of Saul's cum, Flavius re- engaged his own huge shaft with his hand. He stood facing Saul as he worked his cock back to orgasmic readiness. Soon Saul's wet groin was splattered with running white streaks deposited by Flavius' belching cock. For every gulp of cum Saul's had fed Flavius, the massive muscle giant left two helpings covering Saul's lower abdomen. When he finished shooting hot cum onto Saul, Flavius proceeded, to the cheers of the thousands of onlookers, to lap this second meal from Saul's muscle-ribbed abs.

No sooner had he finished than the two guards released a disturbed Parth from their hold of him. Not caring to wait for Caesar's signal, he raced toward Flavius. The weapons selected for today lay scatted around the pedestal on the side opposite Saul. Swinging one heavily muscled arm as he rushed past, Parth caught the back of Flavius head just above the ears. The huge towering muscle figure was caught enough off guard to send his brutally muscled torso crashing onto the ground. Flavius' dense muscular bulk carried him down quick and hard. Only the immense thickness of his massive breast meat prevented him from hitting headfirst. His cock was still steadfastly rigid with its fisted crown digging solidly into the hard dirt and forcing the root of its fat shaft into the screaming muscles of his groin.

Saul wanted to let Parth know that Flavius had actually been very tender with him but Parth sped by before they could exchange anything beyond a quick, reassuring glance and smile. Parth scooped up the net and both long poles. As much as he would have liked to get the knives, he had to make a choice and he figured that the size and density of Flavius' muscles would make anything other than a perfectly aimed and placed stab to be of any value. Parth did not think he could inflict the damage on this massive compilation of sinew and muscle he faced alone that he and Saul had accomplished working together on Borc.

As he spun back, Flavius was already on hands and knees getting back up from the ground. The amount of pure muscle plastered onto his body was almost unfathomable from this close up. His triceps were huge wheels of coiled muscle and his upper back was far too wide to even dream of straddling. From this position above Flavius' head, Parth caught sight of the true thickness of his monstrously formed and heavy pec meat. I any other situation, Parth would have been in heaven over the prospect of playfully engaging in a mutual mantit-to- mantit exercise ending in having his cock fucked between the twinned gargantuan mountains of breast meat.

On his turn, Parth noticed a length of rope nearby from Flavius' pec- power demonstration. Throwing the net over one of his own heavily muscled shoulders, Parth grabbed the rope. Flavius was up on his knees now as Parth approached from behind. Dropping the wooden shafts by his side, Parth took the rope tightly in both hands and flung it over Flavius' handsome head pulling it back hard against his throat. Flavius reached up instantly to try to work his powerful fingers between his constricted windpipe and the burning rope. Parth jumped up without thinking and locked his legs around the smallness of Flavius' rock-hard waist.

Holding for dear life as he continued to tighten the rope around Flavius' neck, Parth rode the massively muscled gladiator as if mounted on the biggest, wildest stallion in all of Rome's empire. The huge flair of Flavius upper back and the astounding cantilever of his striated pec meat actually helped keep Parth locked in place on the bucking muscle giant. The great swell of gluteus muscles acted like a vast human saddle supporting much of Parth's own considerable weight. He pulled as hard as he could on the rope until his own triceps and biceps were as defined as the cabled wrapping of the rope itself. Parth's hardened pec meat dug into the back of Flavius' head. He let the cleavage of his chest swallow up what he could of Flavius' head nestling the rear of his skull in his vice-like pec grip.

Parth's metal-hard cock lay wedged between his rocked abs and the spinal valley running along Flavius' lower back. The fingers of Flavius' flexing erector muscles and the shifting meat of his own abdominals massaged his excited cock bringing it nearer and nearer the point of orgasm. Were it not for the painful reminder of his trapped testicles, the pleasure of the experience could have confused Parth's focus from the need of the fight. Flavius began to cough as he less and less air made its way to his starving lungs during his wild charge around the arena. The extraordinary rocky masses of his severely balled biceps and mountain ridged pecs fought against one another as Flavius kept working to get his fingers beneath the coil of rope digging into his larynx. He needed to do something fast.

Using his great bulk to build up momentum, Flavius headed for the nearest corner of the stone pedestal. Twisting hard to one side as he came upon the head-high wall of rock, Flavius crashed into it with Parth's clinging body between him and the point of impact. Parth screamed in pain as his left shoulder took out a huge chunk of rock but he continued to stay atop Flavius' stone hard body. Flavius was as determined to succeed as Parth was committed to hanging on. Wheeling back a few steps, Flavius slammed them into the statue base for a second time constricting his own superlative musculature at the instant of impact.

Parth had no choice, it was either let go or be crushed to death between two walls of equally hard rock one of real stone and one of stone-dense human muscle. His body still hit the wall of the pedestal with jarring force even as he fell from his muscle-mount. Flavius' shoulder and the wall met with a force so powerful that the noise carried clear to the furthest reaches of the Coliseum. Many in the crowd groaned in sympathy pain along with Flavius. Another portion of the stone pedestal shattered with large chunks falling onto Parth. One clipped him hard on the left side of his head cutting a scar- creating gash into his temple.

Flavius, too, fell to the ground holding his impacted shoulder as his fingers searched through the dense ridges of aching deltoid muscle for signs of any irreparable damage. The two huge muscle bodies writhed on the ground nearby one another with all of their amazing muscles dancing through wave after wave of monumentally powerful display. Parth's hard cock waved valiantly in the as he rolled from side to side trying to refocus his mind. Blood from his head wound tickled into his adjacent eye both temporarily blurring his vision and advising him that the wound was not seriously deep. Some thought that the scar that would certainly mark Parth's head forever would actually make him even more beautiful and desirable should he live.

The action of the battle and the sensations of Parth's muscle-body rubbing against his own flowing muscle had made Flavius' cock hard again, too. The massive scale of his stunning musculature with his immense organ standing solidly up from his chiseled groin added to the audience's perception that this huge gladiator was invincible. No one had ever seen such a phenomenon of muscle before and the thought of its destruction seemed impossible to grasp.

Parth was the first to shake his head clear. For a few seconds he laid next to Flavius writhing body filled with the same sense of awe that possessed the crowd. This close up Parth could not believe the amount of muscle covering Flavius entire form. The arms and legs and chest and back were a true wonder of human creation. Then Parth knew that, in order to beat such god-like muscle, he needed to act and that he needed time to plan. Parth moved up as swiftly as the ringing pain in his body would permit. Instead of rushing Flavius as many expected, Parth darted around the base of the pedestal sweeping up the two knives and the net in the process. He ran with them half way across the field to where he had left the wooden staffs just below Caesar's viewing area.

When Parth looked back, he could see that Flavius was still disoriented by the way he kept falling back down whenever he tired to stand. It would not be long before the great mountain of gladiator muscle came completely around to his senses and Parth needed time. Leaving everything else behind, Parth rushed forward armed only with the net. Flavius was up again and seemed to be in much better hold of his faculties. Parth acted quickly; spinning the net like a wide saucer through the air at Flavius' massive torso. Parth turned immediately to go back to his stash of weaponry. He almost tripped over one of the pieces of rope that Flavius had destroyed earlier with the monstrous muscle of his pecs and back. An idea flashed into Parth's mind and he snatched up the rope.

Flavius caught sight of the flying netting just before it reached him. Pushing one hugely muscled arm skyward, most of the net wrapped itself around the gigantic muscle of his extended forearm and upper arm with some ensnarling his head and one shoulder. It took a couple of minutes before Flavius could successfully untangle himself completely. Parth was still busily working beneath Caesar's station. Flavius had no idea why Parth did not attack or what he was up to. He just kept one eye on the beautifully carved body as he unwound the net from his torso. Parth, Flavius had to admit, was one of the most amazing looking and physically desirable men he had ever seen. He watched Parth's ass muscles in glorious motion as he pulled the last of the net from himself. Flavius made a silent pledge to himself that his cock would come to know Parth's stunning ass before he destroyed the man to which it belonged.

The huge gladiator was impressed by Parth's strength and agility Flavius was also concerned that the evenness of the fight may have the crowd questioning his power and ability to beat Parth. Taking loops of the netting rope in both hands, Flavius decided it was time to remind both the audience and Parth just how strong and unbeatable he was. Using only his arms, Flavius began to pull the two clasped ends of the netting away from one another. The weaving of rope grew taut and strained as Flavius massive biceps became carved spheres of diamond-hard muscle. His forearm muscles formed great ridges from wrist to elbow growing to thigh-sized circumference at their biggest point.

Flavius pulled harder adding the striated mass of his huge pecs and mountainous shoulders into the effort. His hard cock poked its fisted head through one of the rectangular openings of the netting as his chest heaved high and wide. Flavius' back muscles became viciously pronounced from neck to ass. His glutes turned into unflinching carved boulders of lined muscle. He pulled against the netting for all he was worth and with all the vast power within his body. First one short section of tied rope ripped loudly. Then a second and third nearby the first tear followed. Flavius' biceps glowed with red-hot muscle power. Then several more bands of rope failed. Suddenly, the entire net ripped in half.

Monumental amounts of muscle were etched onto Flavius' glowing body. Leaning forward with crushing pride, Flavius forced his entire body into solid rock with fissured cords of muscle consuming his flexed image. His staggering cock growled with the same power evident in his other muscles, As he turned his muscles to pure stone, Flavius anxious balls sent our their reward of hot, victorious cum. The crowd was wild with uncontrolled excitement as they watched the thick streams of man-cream pour through the air in endless flowing arcs. With each spasm of cum, Flavius pushed his screaming muscles harder and sharper on his amazing body.

This was the moment that Parth had waited for. Flavius was so self- absorbed and so engrossed in gaining sexual release that he was not paying any attention to his opponent. It was time for Parth to draw upon his skills as a great marksman. While Flavius was engaged in his demonstration of strength, Parth had used the rope to secure one of the short knives to the end of one of the wooden staffs; fashioning a sort-of spear in the process.

First he needed to get Flavius' attention and, for maximum penetration, to get him to stop flexing his muscle so hard. Taking aim with the free knife, Parth sent it speeding through the air directly at one of Flavius' enormous man-tits. The knife hit its mark perfectly. The metal of the razor-sharp blade sunk in the rich, thick meat of Flavius' right pec all the way to the hilt. The knife was too short and Flavius' pecs too thick for it to have gotten to any vital organs, but the pain it inflicted was enough to stun the massive muscleman momentarily.

Flavius looked down at the mountainous rise of his chiseled pec as soon as his body told him that something had happened. A looked of confused disbelief crossed his face when he saw the wooden handle of the knife waving with each pumping beat of his twitching breast muscle. About a hand width of the razor-sharp shaft of metal still showed with an equal amount embedded cleanly into the dense meat of his pectoral. The entry into his stone-hard flesh was neat and clean. Only a trickle of blood spilled out and ran down onto his pointing nipple before dripping rhythmically to the ground.

Instinctively Flavius reached down to yank out the unwanted weapon. The injured part of his monstrous pec burned as he withdrew the invading metal object. Blood gurgled and sputtered from the small wound. Parth waited patiently for just the right moment. Flavius' pec meat burned as his body immediately began to repair the damage. As Flavius withdrew the blade from his massive muscle twinges of pain filled the closing space sliced into the dense meat of his pec. As he stretched the huge man-tit to ensure that the injury was minimal, he stood upright exposing the thinner muscle of his abdomen. This was Parth's moment to act.

A whooshing sound accompanied the blinding speed of the spear as it sped toward the core of Flavius' glorious body. An unbelieving crowd moaned at the thought of his doom. The spear zoomed closer and closer. When impact seemed inevitable, the well-trained gladiator dove with amazing speed and astonishing grace to one side. The spear zoomed past, missing Flavius by less than a hand-width's distance. A cool wind blew across his spared abdomen.

Everyone watched stunned to silence. Flavius rolled out to one side still clutching the knife he had pulled from his pec and ready to spring back into action. Parth stood silently. Saul stared back at Parth. Their eyes met briefly and shared a look of disappointment and pain. Saul glanced at Parth a second time then looked down. Blood poured from the hole in his gut opened by the deadly spear. The heavy weight of the wooden shaft pulled the free end to the ground causing the completely embedded knife blade to rip a wider gash in Saul's reddened abdomen. He tried to look up once more, but death came first.

Parth fell to his knees weeping loudly. It took Flavius a moment before he realized what had just transpired. Parth was weak and vulnerable but Flavius did not move in on him at first. When he did, it was slowly and unarmed. When he got to Parth, instead of lifting him for an easy kill; Flavius laid a caring hand on Parth's sobbing shoulder.

It had been a good plan. Parth and Saul had agreed to let Saul claim Parth as his lover. That way both of them could gain their freedom. In several weeks, everyone would have forgotten about them and Saul could have joined his true lovers leaving Parth free to move on. They had not counted on the cunning and devious decree of Caesar for one last battle. Now, the plan had failed, Saul was dead and Parth was doomed. It was Flavius who finally broke the silence. He stepped out to where Caesar could see him and hear him.

"Great Caesar!" Flavius began. "It is my honor to serve your wants and commands. Saul is dead and it was your decision that, should I defeat the challenger, both would die. If you wish me to kill Parth, say the word and it will be so."

Flavius paused for a moment. Caesar starred curiously at the muscle- paragon speaking to him.

"But I did not kill the challenger." Flavius continued. "Instead, he has killed the last of the original fighters. Now I ask for your compassion as the leader of all Rome. Parth has won against all his competitors. I ask that Parth be given to me to do with as I wish."

"Why should I do that?" Caesar questioned.

"Because it will show that you are as merciful as you are powerful!" Flavius responded. "Parth is still yours to do with as you want but he has done what he was challenged to do and the citizens of Rome have witnessed the full fight that was promised to them."

Caesar thought for several silent moments. He was, indeed, a cunning and wise man. He looked over the crowd to read their demeanor. In the grand scheme of maintaining power and order in Rome, the life of Parth was meaningless. What mattered was that Caesar was Caesar and that the Roman Empire should admire and respect their Caesar. And so it was decreed that Parth's freedom would be in his hands.

"Then, since I am excused from the first round of battle with my fellow gladiators for today," Flavius announced "I wish to have Parth delivered to me for tonight. With the rise of tomorrow's sun, he is free to stay with me or to go from me as a free man."

Before Caesar could even react, the approving cheers of the crowd told him that it would be unwise not to acknowledge Flavius' claim. The sun was high and hot upon the field and there was another great battle to be staged that would involve Flavius again tomorrow. It was obvious that the citizens of Rome had taken to Flavius and his huge muscle and magnificent cock. Caesar smiled his blessing on Flavius before exiting his viewing area for lunch. After all, Flavius might not even survive his next challenge, so one night of sexual reward was nothing.

Flavius returned to Parth's kneeling figure and gently helped the gorgeous and valiant man to his feet. Parth was still shocked and devastated from causing Saul's death. Flavius looked deeply into Parth's eyes with every ounce of compassion he could muster. Parth laid his confused head on the same mountain of cushioning pec meat into which he had launched the first knife. The phenomenally muscled gladiator wrapped both immensely muscled arms around Parth's stunning torso. Their stupendous bodies formed a union of unbelievably beautiful muscle. Locked together in a mutually supportive and emotionally charged embrace, they walked from the field to Flavius' quarters.

Flavius proved to be as compassionate and caring as he was huge and muscular. They spent the afternoon soothing each other's aches and pains as they explored the tenderness that their impressive bodies were capable of. Their longing mouths and lusting hands manipulated their various massive muscles enjoying their heavy pliability when relaxed and stone-like power when harshly flexed. Parth buried his handsome face in the huge swells of Flavius' biceps, lats and, especially, the mountained pecs. Parth gently licked clean the small wound he had inflicted on the monstrous right pec as he massaged and manipulated the hand-thick muscle. Then Flavius drained Parth's hard cock of its heated cum by wedging it in the muscle-filled niche between his bulbous forearm and his staggering bicep meat. As Parth forced the hard tube of his cock shaft back and forth within the capturing combination of rigid muscle and stimulating veining, Flavius flexed his head-sized bicep and cabled forearm. When Parth's cock couldn't restrain itself anymore, Flavius caught as much of Parth's ocean of cum in the cupping of his free hand.

They shared the meal of Parth's fresh cum and, by evening, Flavius was able to fulfill his promise to know the workings of Parth's stunning ass and interior and Parth came to know the pleasures of Flavius' amazing cock. The beating hardness of Flavius' sausaged cock felt as powerful inside of Parth as the rest the gladiator's muscle- saturated body felt in his hands. The blending of cock and anal passage felt to Parth like a fit fashioned by the Gods themselves as Flavius worked his thick, huge organ into Parth's sucking ass. Flavius' kneaded the flexing beauty of Parth's writhing glutes as he pumped his rigid shaft all the way in up to his groaning balls until the glorious ass swallowed an explosion of thick muscle-gladiator cream.

As evening turned to night, they laid joined together in peaceful sleep where they shared this one last night before Parth woke as a truly free Roman citizen. •

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