School for Studs

Size Matters


By Josef Howard

Breakfast was another heaping plate of scrambled eggs and bacon. It was a wonder the guys weren't smoothing out. This morning the server added something new a strangely flavored mystery meat. At first it had been a little gross, but they were so ravenous at mealtimes most of them went back for seconds and thirds. The eggs and the bacon didn't last, but the server piled on all the mystery meat the men wanted. Eldon loved the taste. It seemed that the more he ate, the hungrier he felt. He ate five full plates before the school closed the cafeteria.

Class that morning convened back in the gym and after the students' gym experience earlier that week the excitement in the room was palpable. Most of the guys already had their shirts off. Some were already flexing at themselves in the mirror and tenting their loose fitting sweat pants as they forced their veins to pop and watched their arms, shoulders, and chests swell with blood.

The instructor didn't even try to take their attention away from themselves. He knew they knew the drill from last time and were more than motivated to outdo their last performance in the weight room.

He singled out the smallest of them, a short blond guy with a thick growth of beard just since last night. Although he was the lightest of the men, a little over 200 pounds, his arms were almost as big around as his head. The instructor motioned to him to lie down on the bench and loaded it up with plates. It looked like more weight than the "little" guy could handle, but his face betrayed no lack of confidence. Rather he wore a defiant smirk. He positioned his hands on the bar and raised it confidently from the rack. Though it was obviously heavy for him, he wasn't intimidated. The first rep came slowly. His face flushed. He took a deep breath and lowered the weight slowly, savoring the strain on his pecs, shoulders and triceps. He let the bar graze the edge of his hugely distended chest muscles then pushed and smiled from ear to ear. He pumped out ten more, each one easier than the last.

Eldon was next. The instructor added more weight to the bar. Eldon's head had never been great with math, unless the numbers were written on iron plates. There were nine plates on either side. With the weight of the bar that was 855 a hundred more than his last weight. Eldon took two deep breaths. He lifted the bar from the rack. It felt heavy enough to crush him, but Eldon ignored his fear and focused on mastering the mass, controlling it on the way down and up, challenging his muscles to their limits and savoring the intoxicating feeling as they surpassed them. He set the weight down after 8 reps and motioned to the instructor to add more weight. The rules were one set of each exercise, but he sympathized with Eldon and added two more 45s on each side. Eldon lifted the bar with as much control as his last set and powered his way through another set of twelve. Eldon wanted to do a third, but he moved to the military press.

The fireplug had left seven plates on each side of the bar. Eldon added three more to each side. He stretched his shoulders, then eased the bar overhead. In the mirror Eldon could see his deltoids swell into huge humps the size of basketballs and the thick cords of arm muscle conquering the iron behind his neck. His cock, hard from the minute they walked into the gym, but previously content to stay beneath his elastic waistband, would no longer stay hidden. As he pumped slowly up and down it popped free of its tent and positioned itself between the twin columns of brick abdominals supporting his wide back and heavy pecs. He didn't care. He was proud of his erection, proud of his body, proud to be a man, a stud. It wasn't that no one cared. Several pairs of eyes drank in the intoxicating sight and many mouths watered, but no one thought it immodest or improper. Every last one of them was entranced by testosterone and muscle. Although Eldon couldn't think the words, couldn't fully fathom what he was feeling, he wanted their attentions. He wanted the other men to look at him, to want him, to touch him.

Eldon set the weight down and squeezed out a crab flex, enamored beyond reason at the size of his own shoulders.

At the dead lift station the bar was loaded with 100s instead of 45s 1600 pounds on the bar! Eldon gripped the bar and leaned back, lifting it off the rack. Too light. He added three more on each side. Better. Another three. Now that was a challenge. Not the least of the challenge was avoiding distraction as he bent over and his dickhead rubbed against his firm, ridged abdominals. Lubricated by thick gooey pre-cum, it glided against his stomach skin like silk on silk and drove him wild with lust. The lust fueled his lifts and he ended the set at 25 reps, his lumbar as tight as steel and panting like a dog.

Next station was dumbbell curls. The blond stud was still working on a set, probably his third or fourth. Eldon took hold of the heaviest pair of dumbbells on the rack two 300 pounders stood next to the little guy, grinned at him in the mirror and started pumping. He shouldn't even have been able to lift them off the rack, but they felt as light as the 50s he used to lift a week ago.

Eldon watched his biceps tighten up into blood engorged, oblong melons with each rep and felt so proud of his strength and his size he could almost pop. His little buddy was just as impressive for his size, but stared instead at Eldon as he sweated through his last set.

Eldon dropped the weights to the floor after twenty four reps and raised his arms into a double bicep. The height of his flexed arms was as great as his head. Eldon should have been freaked at the thought of how big he was, but all he wanted was to lift more and get bigger still. He wished there were heavier dumbbells in the gym, but to console himself he picked up the ones he'd dropped and pumped out two more sets.

The guy who followed him tried to lift the same dumbbells and barely got them off the rack. Eldon grinned and moved on to the squat rack.

Two other instructors Eldon had never seen before were working the station, putting 100 pound plates on the thickest barbell Eldon had ever seen. The loaded it up for him and stood on either side as he eased it off the rack over his shoulders and lowered himself till his ass almost reached his ankles. It was deeper than you were supposed to go, but this weight felt light too. Eldon's thighs were straining the formerly baggy legs of his sweat pants as he pushed up and re-racked the weight. The instructors knew what to do. They added as many plates and the bar would hold. Eldon squatted deep. This time his thighs were taxed. Eldon screamed as he pushed himself up. His leggings tore. His legs were free from this crotch to his knees. After 20 more reps, Eldon re-racked the bar and tore the legs off at the top.

The instructors were as big as top bodybuilders, but even they stared in wonder at the girth of Eldon's thighs. Eldon looked in the mirror. He was bigger than both of them.

At the donkey calf raise, Eldon put the pin at the base of the weight stack. Two of the instructors straddled his back. He eased out 3 sets of 25 reps with ease. His calves were even thicker than his biceps.

When Eldon completed his circuit, the first instructor pulled him out of the rotation and sent him into the office off the floor.

Eldon wondered if his behavior on the gym floor had been too extreme. Had he violated the promise he'd made to Race not to let on to anyone the true intent of the school by being so blatant in his display of excitement. The instructor took him down the hall into a small office and closed the door.

"They pulled you out of the rotation because the instructors thought you'd advanced beyond the ability of the equipment to challenge you," the instructor explained.

"Still feels good to lift, though." Eldon grinned and flexed an arm. Eldon caught the awed look on instructor's face.

"You'll get another chance in the advanced gym next week. I'm talking to all the guys as they finish their workouts." The instructor reached across the desk and set a bottle of pills on the desk.

"What are these?" Eldon asked.

"Something we need to talk about in private," the instructor said. "You and all the other guys have been getting pretty big in the last couple of days, but these pills make you big where muscles don't grow, know what I'm saying. They're probably superfluous to a guy like you. As I remember from endurance class, Eldon, your endowment was one of your strong suits. But the school wants me to give them to everyone. If you want, just throw them away. Or you can take one or two if you want. Some guys I tell to take the whole bottle, but you can have too much of a good thing, you know."

Eldon picked up the bottle and fingered it. Big as he was, it was incredibly hot to think he could get even bigger. Eldon took the bottle and put it in his pocket.

As Eldon and Race stood to shake hands again, Eldon noticed the bulge in instructor's pants. Why hadn't he seen it before? The guy was humongous.

Maybe he wouldn't throw it away.

As Eldon left the office he noticed a drinking fountain. He popped the pill bottle top, poured the pills into his palm, dumped them all in his mouth and gulped them down.


The next morning the students were filed into the gym for a weigh-in before they could even shower. Eldon had never seen so many men as big as they had all become. Not at the Olympia. Nowhere. The fire plug topped 250. Aaron, the one who had been the biggest, was up over 325. But Eldon looked by far the freakiest. Not only had his muscles grown, his skeleton seemed to have reconfigured to accommodate the size and shape of his physique. He looked like the wet dream of a comic book artist. He knew he should have felt embarrassed by the size, but he couldn't have felt more proud. As he waited his turn to be weighed, he just stared into the mirror and flexed. When he stood on the scale he weighed 365.

The other guys couldn't take their eyes off him as they filed out of the gym into the showers. But it was there that the freak show got even freakier. One by one, as they stepped out of the over sized green hospital pants they had worn to the weigh-in, they revealed even more outrageous growth between their thighs.

Apparently every one of them had taken the pills Race gave them the day before, and apparently every one of them had taken the whole bottle, just like Eldon.

Every one of them had cocks as thick as steel cables that even soft draped down to their knees.

In the executive offices of the School for Studs, many eyes were scanning the large-screen closed-circuit video of the scene in the shower.

"Each class is better than the last," a voice from the shadows remarked.

"Lucky bastards! They have no idea what's ahead of them," another voice said.

"They'll find out soon enough," said a third. •

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