School for Studs



By Josef Howard

Eldon woke the next morning in a small pool of drying cum from a wet dream he didn't remember with wood that still wasn't satisfied. He knew he wasn't the only one in the barracks with the problem because he could hear sheets rustling and bed springs squeaking. The testosterone in the barracks had obviously reached a level that had broken decorum among the students. As badly as Eldon wanted release, he couldn't quite bring himself to relieve his frustrations that publicly, in the same room with his fellow students.

Eldon wiped himself off as well as he could with his bed sheet and headed for the showers, hoping to distract himself from his frustrations, but he wasn't the first to arrive. Richard, one of the other students, was already there, soaping up. Richard didn't notice as Eldon walked in. Eldon realized why as Richard began thrusting his pelvis with his back turned. Eldon couldn't take his eyes off the guy's wide, muscular back and his bulbous glutes. Eldon's cock began to thicken and rise as he watched. His wet hands slide down his deeply ridged abs to the furry root of his quivering dick. Eldon hoped he didn't turn around to see him getting off on his butt, but he couldn't stop himself, and ultimately didn't much care. His blood pounded too hard in his veins and his need was too great. As he soaped himself up and began to stroke with both his hands, his penis erupted with long, full splatters on the tile floor that were quickly washed away by warm shower water.

Richard was still pulling his weed, unaware anyone had even been in the room when Eldon turned off the spigot, grabbed a towel and left. Not a moment too soon. Around the corner was Race, the school graduate who had put him through his physical examination before he'd signed up.

"Eldon, can you come with me?" Race asked.

"Eldon's blood froze. Had Race seen him in the shower? Had they realized he was attracted to men? Was he going to be expelled?

Race took him into an office. He motioned for Eldon to sit at the guest chair. Race stood.

The grin faded from Eldon's face. Fuck, he thought, women. When this was all over he'd be a slave to all the school's rich bitch clients. A few days ago he thought he'd never get enough pussy, but now the thought of it make his heart sink. All he wanted was to spend his time with guys now, and the bigger and more masculine they were, the more they turned him on. In fact, Race looked like he'd make a good second workout. The guy's ass was as thick and round as a pair of bowling balls. He thought all these thoughts should freak him out, but they all seemed so natural to him. Why wouldn't a guy like him appreciate other guys like him more than some small, soft woman?

"Eldon," Race suddenly asked, "do you feel any differently about the school than when you started?"

Eldon's face flushed. He tried to still his racing heart and will the blood from his face. Race registered no notice of his reddening, but how could he miss it? Eldon felt like his cheeks were on fire.

"N-no, sir," Eldon answered.

"I would understand if the answer was yes, Eldon. Not that the school would let you out of your contract, but lots of guys start having second thoughts once they're in the program. Maybe they don't like the way they're treated. Or they don't like being around other guys or the constant competition. People change."

"Do you like the way you feel, Eldon?"

"Yes, sir," Eldon answered.

"You look good. You look better than good. You look fuckable."

"Excuse me, sir?"

"Does that kind of language shock you Eldon? A guy telling a guy he looks fuckable? Or is that a boner I see inside your pants?"

Eldon's hard-on hadn't completely gone down since his workout, but now it was on the rise again. In front of this official of the school, Eldon wanted it to lay low. He willed it to lay low, but instead it kept rising, struggling with the waist of his pants, and then sliding free and popping straight up his abs.

Race grinned lasciviously. "That's good, Eldon. That's a very good response. Would it surprise you to know that part of your training has been subliminal? Would it surprise you to know that we've been programming your sexual responses?"

Finally the thoughts that Eldon had been having since the first day, the waking visions, made sense, but the thought that he was now a programmed fuck machine at the whims of strangers was more exciting than alarming. It made him feel hot all over.

"Part of your training has been the insertion into your subconscious of a series of key words that trigger intense and uncontrollable sexual responses. `Fuckable' is one of those words."

Hearing Race say the word made Eldon bone harder still. So much blood was rushing to his penis he could barely think. His eyelids were heavy. His jaw went slack.

"Another one is `wet'."

As soon as Eldon heard the word, his dick started burbling pre-cum. It coated the head of his penis and slid slowly down the thick shaft like thin honey.

"Good response, Eldon. Very good." Race stood. He pulled his t-shirt over his head. If Eldon hadn't been hard, the sight of Race's bare, hairy chest would have made him hard. The sight of Eldon lost in the reverie of his own sexual arousal had Race breathless, his chest heaving, his abs squeezing and releasing rhythmically. He pulled Eldon up from his chair, tugged his pants off, and sat him down on the edge of the desk. He raised Eldon's ankles and rested them in the valley between this steeply inclined traps and his high, round deltoids. Eldon heard him unbuckle his belt and pull open his pants. He wanted to see his cock, but his own high, thick chest muscles obscured his view. In a second he felt it though, pushing against his puckered asshole and driving inward, squeezing against his prostrate and filling him deep and high.

"'Tighter', Eldon," Race commanded.

Eldon felt his sphincter clench.

"Yes, that's a good boy. Very good," Race said. He slowly started fucking Eldon. "Now look at me, boy." Race grinned. Eldon couldn't take his eyes off him, his rigidly masculine face, his stony rounded muscles and his coarse chest hair. Eldon's felt like he had in his fancies and dreams of sex with men, only these feelings were infinitely more intense. These feelings were real. He was finally doing the things he'd fantasized about and the sensations were more intensely erotic than he could ever have imagined. Eldon fought to keep pace with Race's thrusts, pushing into him with every thrust, squeezing his massive cock, sucking it with his asshole. He had never felt more aroused in his life. He had never wanted to give another person sexual pleasure as much as he wanted to please Race.

"Look at my eyes," Race commanded. Eldon stared into his eyes, and felt an almost spiritual connection to the other man, a closeness that surpassed anything he'd ever had with another person. He gasped in amazement at the feelings in his ass and his groin, and at the same time he began to lose all sense of himself as a separate being, falling deeper and deeper into Race's coal black pupils, dazzled by his pearly white smile.

Race's pleasure was intensified by knowing the feelings Eldon had. He remembered the first time he'd been broken in when he was a student. He remember the feelings of slavish, wanton desire, and realizing first hand what Eldon felt for him, deepened his feeling of power over him. The gigantically muscular stud under him was all his for as long as he wanted him. He would do anything on earth to pleasure him for as long as he wanted, and Race knew his own desires were almost limitless.

As Race's boner stiffened to the point of petrifaction, he felt his cum pushing against the base of his dick, fighting to get free. It was time. Race pounded Eldon's ass harder and whispered the word, "squirt". Eldon quivered from the end of his dick to his toes. He arched his back and shot four long squirts of thick milky cum into the air, splattering his chest, his face and the desk. The spasms inside Eldon's ass took Race over the edge. He shouted and bored his dick deep inside Eldon, wetting his insides until the juice dribbled out on his balls. Eldon grabbed Race's muscled ass and pulled him deeper. When they both relaxed their clench, Race licked cum off Eldon's face and kissed him deeply, and Eldon tasted the sweet musk of his own jism.

"Eldon," Race said. Eldon's eyes looked adoringly into his. "Eldon, would it bother you if I told you our clients aren't women?"

Eldon grinned up at him. "No, sir!"

"Good. I didn't think it would."

Race helped Eldon to his feet. He wiped some of the dripping cum from his face with his shirt. "Why don't you go take another shower, Eldon? You'll be late for breakfast."

Eldon started toward the door.

"Oh, and Eldon, don't say anything about this to the other students yet. Most of them wouldn't be bothered by it, but a few of them are not as advanced in their training as you."

"Yes, sir!" Eldon answered. As he walked out the door, he looked back at Race and hoped with all his heart that he would get some time alone with Race again real soon. •

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