By MuscleBear

After that workout Coach looked hotter than ever. Hot, veined and ripped to the bone. He caught my look, uncanny how he did that, and smiled his wicked grin again. Christ, I wished those kits were gone, I could use a workout with coach right now! I went up to the private shower next to Coaches office to shower. The hot water running over my skin, I closed my eyes and saw Coaches hot body for me. I washed up, hoping Coach would follow me up, but knew he had other things to do. Putting on a fresh shirt and trainingpants, I saw one on Coaches joackstraps in the laundry bag. I smelled it, inhaling deeply. Coaches musky manhood smell send ripples over my back. I threw it back in the bag, feeling my dick getting hard again. Most of the kids were gone when I returned, and Coach was putting back a few weights, togeather with Harrison. Harrison winked at me as he left, as if he shared a joke a hadn't gotten the clue of yet. "I've got to run now Cam. I'll pick you up at your place, ok?", Coach asked walking to the door. "Sure", I said, "See you tonight." Hearing my voice, Coach halted and walked over to me, gently pushing me to a corner, out of sight of the locker room door. His big callused hand grabbed me in the back of my neck, and with his overpowering strength he forced my head up and kissed me hard, his tongue slightly touching my lips. His other hand firmly grabbed my crotch, squeezing it firmly, but carefully. "Don't worry Cam, I'll see you soon.". He grinned and walked away. My spirits lifted again, I set myself to the task of cleaning up some stuff and doing the necessary paper work. After that I closed up and rode my bike home. The wind and hot air relaxing me, getting in the mood of a night out in town. After a quick meal, I stood before my bedroom door mirror thinking what to wear, feeling like a girl going to her first date. Man what was wrong with me! I shook my head to myself and decided to dress simple. A pair of jeans, and a white T-shirt. Since Harry's was a rough place, I decided not to wear my leather jack, but put on a red and black flannel shirt and levy jack. Combing my hear for probably the third time, I heard the horn of Coaches pick-up truck. "Right on time", I thought. I closed the door, grabbing my keys from the table near the door. Coaches shiny black van stood in front, looked great in his black shirt made of of stretch material that really hugged his body. The short sleeves were stretched so taut, I wandered if is arms were getting enough blood. He was bending forward, looking through the frontscreen to see if I had heard him. When I entered the car I saw a nice blue colbert hanging in the back, which he probably wore standing at the door. "Hi Cam", not too late am I", he smiled at me. "No, just fine, just fine.", I said closing the door behind me. During our drive coach seemed relaxed, apparently not noticing I was eyeing him up. I had never seen him in these kind of clothes before, always imagining him in his ever-present training clothes. I wandered what other surprises he had in store for me. It took some time for us to reach 'Harry's' but it was all too soon for me. Watching coach drive was a fantasy all in its self, his arm muscles rippling at every move he made with the steering wheel. He parked at he back of a large building, on the front of which in yellow neon stood 'Harry's Place'. "This is Harry's", I asked him, my eyebrows lifted. I had imagined it to be a sleazy place, but this was a certified disco! "What else haven't you mentioned? It's a hay disco?", I joked. "Nope", he said smiling, "but many gays come here remember?" "Right.", I said. Making a big deal of it I looked at my clothes, making sure he noticed. He laughed and slammed my shoulder. "Don't worry, you're with me, remember. Besides, you look hot!" I caught the smile in his eyes and laughed. "Well", I joked, "if the bouncer won't let me in it'll be your fault!" We walked into a back door, where we were greeted by a big black guy called Jim. He gave coach some keys and slammed his shoulder before he left, a quick smile and a wink coming my way. "Nice smile.", I thought, "Nice back too." When we entered the main dance area Coach set up a bill for me which apparently meant it was on the house. The blond, blue-eyes guy, Mike I think I heard Coach say, nodded and gave me a quick smile. Was that a wink as well? "Ok. Who talked!", I said, but my remark was completely lost in the dance music. I followed Coach to his position by the door. He was busy right away, checking guys at the door who set off the metal detector, and after a polite wait I slipped away to the dancefloor, getting a smile from coach as he caught my look. A gulf of smoke came across the dance floor, and I noticed I girl, ravenblack hair dancing with a firmly muscled woman. They moved witch uncanny agility, the blond woman effidently very interested with the dark- haired girl, who kept looking straight in the eyes of men. Even I got a look and felt something stirring. She was hypnotizing. Must have been part of the hired dancers, I thought and I turned away to the bar, nearly bumping into a guy dressed in white, with a cane, a girl at both his arms. The blond woman and the girl joined him and went upstairs, joining a small group at a table. Behind my back the stroboscope started and the whole dancefloor entered into a slow-motion dance. I looked around, and sat down at the bar where Mike stood. "Hi, Mike?", I said holding out my hand. He shook my hand fast and nodded. "Be right with you." he said, finishing of a mix of some red concoction, probably a Bloody Mary, giving it to another young girl who followed the guy in white. Did this guy have a harem or what? "What'll you have?", he asked. "Just a orange juice", I said. He winked at me again and grabbed a few oranges, making some fresh juice. We talked some time, whenever he had time and I noticed the place filling up fast. A group of Asian types in the corner, with body guards. Ok, this was definitely as place I wouldn't go to alone. The music got more heavy, and lasers started using green and red light, perfectly synchronized with the music. It was uncanny how the light sometime seemed to make drops of blood on the dancers white skin, washed away by some movement or change of the light where it reflected on a mirror ball. I turned around and ordered a juice again. I was roughly pushed aside by some big guy, holding a woman in his fist. "HE, BAR BOY", he yelled, definitely getting Mike's attention. "Give my girl here a martini, and me a whiskey!". Mike just looked up and quickly served the drinks, getting the cash in the form of a half-wet bill. I overheard him tell the girl how hard it was to get a membership and a running bill here. Mike sat down my juice, and walked over to the other side of the bar to help a pair of young girls, dressed in identical yellow glitterdresses. I grabbed my glass and moved, hearing the girl laugh. Well, probably I supposed and walked up the stairs. In a ring around the pit, tables were occupied by all kind of men and woman, so they could look down on the dancefloor. I even noticed a couple of sailors, whose thick arms were straining their white shirts. They were talking to the girl in black, who was definitely giving them the turn on. They were in trouble, and they didn't even know it yet, if the hungry look on the blondes eyes where any indication. I just walked around the dance floor pit, catching an elevator door opening in the corner of the room, letting out a men of about 40-45. He had gray hair and walked over to the table where the guy in white with the girls were laughing loudly. I had seen enough of this place and walked further, around the pit, to the stairs again, noticing the lavatories in the other corner. Once down I walked towards Coach who was looking around, and smiled when he saw me. "What do you think?", he asked. "Great place", I said, "but I'd rather be looking around in your bedroom." He laughed out, so hard people looked up in the disco itself. "Don't worry. You'll get your fill tonight!, Coach said, his big hand hitting my butt as if he was making a joke while turning around, back into the disco. It took me some time before I realized he had. I must have been getting slow! I grinned back at him, over my shoulder, and walked over to Mike. Coach followed me, but turned as he noticed the man who had stepped from the elevator and now walked towards him. They talked for a few seconds and walked away. I was alone again for about 5 minutes when the guy who had ordered the whiskey before bumped into me again, too hard to be accidental. I looked up. "How come such a skinny guy like you can get a tab around here, huh?", he asked. "Don't now, lucky I guess?", I smiled, hoping the clichş would make him laugh. I can fight well enough, but I wasn▀t about to antagonize this guy! "Been sleeping with the bouncer, queer boy?", pushing me in the chest now. "Take it easy man!", I bluffed, "What's eating you?" I already knew what it was, my mind running overtime. The girl had laughed at him when I had gotten my juice without paying. "What's eating ME!", he nearly yelled. "You ass-hole eating piece of shit. You cost me my date, and you'll pay for it." I noticed Mike pushing a button behind the bar, but the guy was already swinging his fist at my face. Wham! I ducked, and saw then that the guy was bending over coughing and holding his chest. "This way Sir", Coach hissed grabbing the guys arm and twisting it behind his back. He deftly maneuvered the guy around the bar to the back exit, and I followed him. I saw him push the guy out the back door, his body ready for action. And of course it came, the guy just had to try it. Coach had hit him just before he could make contact with me, and he was pissed. He didn't stand a change. His wide blow may have looked impressive, but Coach just stepped aside, grabbed the leg and kicked. Hitting the other leg the guy went flat out against the pavement, face first. When Coach turned around, his green eyes shooting fire, I knew he was doing his utmost not to turn around and beat the guy to pulp. Good, I wouldn't want to see him on trouble, although part of me wanted to see him rip the guy apart. He certainly had the strength for it. I saw a woman standing in the shadows then, black hair, smoking a cigarette, wearing a trench coat. Probably the girl friend who had dumped him before. Well, maybe she could cool him down. Back inside, the gray haired man from the elevator turned out to be Harry. I could feel the tension between them as Coach explained what had happened. Probably the history Coach had told me about Harry's brother was playing through both their minds. We talked for some time. Harry seemed to like me, and he and Coach were closer than I at first had thought. My best guess was that the were more stories between these guys than either had let on so far, but that could wait. My dick was getting hard again, reflecting on how Coach had defended me. I wanted him badly. When I returned from the bathroom, Coach and Harry will still talking at the bar. Standing next to Coach, my hand made its way to his steel like buttocks, and a grin appeared on his face. 'Harry, can I show Cam the top floor?' said Coach, giving Harry a wink. Harry looked just a little surprised and nodded. 'You know the way', he responded with a twinkle in his eye for me. Ok, maybe I hadn▀t been subtle enough. Coach hand in my back, he maneuvered me through the dwindling crowd to the elevator. The moment the doors closed, Coach's big callused paw grabbed my crotch, and he had me crushed between the wall and his hard body. His mouth demandingly kissed me, while he virtually raped my dick, getting it hard in seconds. Against my belly I could feel his raging hard-on pressing through the cloth. I grunted as he grabbed me in his arms and lifted me when the doors opened. I barely saw the finely dressed room as he carried me to a large bed. He stripped, while I looked feverishly at this God of a man. His rippling muscles were on top of me again before I knew what was happening. His mouth wanting more of me. His hard pre-cum leaking cock was enough for me to loose it. I moved down and started to suck his encourged organ. He grunted and arched his back, sitting on his knees, as my hand caressed and squeezed his huge muscles. His hairy balls I took in my mouth one at a time, sucking them as hard as he could take it. He grabbed my head and rammed his cock up my throat, shooting his cum. I swallowed it like water in a dessert. Needing more. My body was lifted and turned as if weightless as Coach pulled me upside down, sucking my cock. In this vertical 69 ▀er I momentarily came. Coach doing no less for me as I had done for him a moment ago. We lay down on the bed now, as Coach held me to his hard body, his still hard cock tucked between my legs. He lanquishly gave me a kiss, his wet tongue tasting of my own seed. I quivered as his rocklike biceps enclosed around my head. I wanted more and more of this man, and was scared of the strong emotion behind this feeling. I realized I was in love with this man, and he with me. I opened my legs, and without missing a beat Coach▀s big finger entered my man-hole, fingering me up, until he gently let his wet cock slide against the tight hole. Pressing gently, but firmly I moaned as he entered my body. He manmeat made me moan as he fucked me to a quick and orgasm. My squirting dick erupted with gulfs off white semen, which spread on his washboard stomach. My twitching ass made him come as he gently pressed up until his balls touched my back. He came with long, slow squirts this time, and I could feel the heat of it inside of me. I loved the way he now caressed and licked me all over, while my body went limp. I passively let him take the advantage every time until I felt he wanted more off me. His big hands running over my muscles made me feel like piece of dough. Next, I buried my face between his ass cheeks and licked his hole. There on the bed he spread for me and I fucked him, while laying on top off him. I fucked him as hard as I could, making him grunt. My dick doing long and hard strokes, faster untill he did a double biceps for me. Did send me over the top. I grabbed his muscled upper-arms as I came inside of him. My hands squeezed his melon like biceps as I kept squirting my load in his tight butt. He flexed his ass cheeks, mangling the last of my seed from my cock. Sweat dripping from our bodies, he moved us to a shower, where we hold each other under a hot stream of water. Coach's cock got hard again, and I got it harder, washing it. Unbelievable how much sex this man was capable off. He gently sucked his cock 'till it stood out straight again. He gently probed my now tender ass with his big fingers, and pressed in, holding me close to him under the hot, running water. His tongue entered my ear and sent quivers up my spine, as he slowly fucked me. My knees buckling, he hold me up, as he came again. His big hand grabbed the back off my neck and he kissed me again' •

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