By robertschaefer932

My name is Danny and this is the story of what happened to my roommate Travis. Travis and I are both freshmen at State College. Travis was a pretty good roommate, except for the fact that he was always broke. I don’t know a lot about his past, but I don’t think he had a family. He never talked about any relatives

We got along pretty good. We were pretty well matched in size, I’m about 5’9” or 5’10 and weigh about 150. Travis was about the same height, but a little heavier at 165. A couple of times, we got into wrestling matches and I actually pinned him once or twice.

Travis was always borrowing money or mooching stuff off of me or borrowing my cell phone since he didn’t have one. Since he seemed kind of alone in the world, I usually let him get a way with it.

Then one day, Travis comes in with a brand new Ipod. He also ordered us a couple of pizzas for dinner. I asked him where he got the money from, but he wouldn’t say. The next few days, he bought some new clothes and shoes and some other stuff.

A couple of days later, in the middle of the night, Travis started moaning. It got louder and louder. I said, “Are you OK, dude?” He just groaned some more. I turned on the light and he was doubled over in bed. I got up and went over to him to see what was wrong. He looked normal, but was doubled over and moaning. I asked him if wanted me to call an ambulance, but he said, “No”. He said, “I think it might have been the drugs I was taking.”

I said, “You’re not doing drugs, are you. I don’t want any part of that!” He said, “No. No. They’re legal drugs. I found out they’ll pay you to take part in drug experiments. That’s where I got the money from.” I said, “What drug were you taking?” He kind of moaned and said, “Several. I signed up for 4 different tests.” I said, “You’re only supposed to do one of those at a time, you goof ball! Did you tell them you were doing more than one?” He said, “No.” Then he moaned some more. “I’ll be OK” he said. “Just leave me alone.” I said, “OK” and went back to bed. He moaned and groaned for a little while longer and it eventually stopped. I listened and he was still breathing so I guess everything was OK.

The next morning was bright and sunny. I got up and went down the hall to the bathroom. I was standing at the sink, brushing my teeth when Travis walks in. He stands at the sink next to me and splashes some water on his face. When he stands up straight, I glance over at him in the mirror and I notice something very astonishing. He was several inches taller than me! I said, “Travis! What happened to you? We used to be about the same height and you’re a couple of inches taller than me?” Travis looked down at me. He had to be at least 6’1 now. He looked at himself in the mirror and grinned. Then I noticed the rest of his physique. Travis always had a nice bod, but he really looked good now. He had nice shoulders and pecs and I could tell he had good looking biceps. Even just hanging at his side, they looked huge.

Travis raised up his arm and flexed in the mirror. I was shocked. I’d seen a lot of biceps in my day, but Travis’ was really impressive. It had to be at least 16”.

I said again, “What happened to you?” Travis said, “It must have been those experimental drugs I was taking. I guess the combination caused this. I felt like shit last night, but I feel great today. Really strong too.”

The bathroom had a scale in it. I said to Travis, “Get on the scale. Let’s see how much you weigh now?” He jumped on the scale and it read 190. “Damn,” I said. “190 lbs.” Travis grinned. I said, “Let’s go back to the room and see how tall you are.” So we went back and Travis stood up against the wall. I took a book and reached up and put a mark on the wall. We didn’t have a yardstick, so I used a ruler. I’ll be damned if he was 6’2” tall. It was unbelievable. I said, “You’re going to have to tell me what drugs you took. I’ve always wanted to be a 6 footer.” Travis said, “Measure my bis.” We didn’t have a tape measurer so I used a piece of string and then measured the string with the ruler. “16 and ½ inches,” I said. “You’re fucking huge, man.”

Travis hit a double bicep pose. I was mesmerized by the sight. Then he said, “I feel really strong too. He reached down and put his arms under my arm pits and raised me into the air, way over his head, like I was practically a feather. He wasn’t straining at all. The whole time, he had this big grin on his face. I have to say, being in close proximity to such power was very exciting. He raised me up and down a few times, while looking at his biceps bulge in and out and then he set me down. “Awesome!” He said. I was somewhat speechless. “I should go down to the gym and see what these babies can really do.” Travis said.

All of the sudden, Travis doubled over! He fell to the floor and started groaning again, like he did last night. I wasn’t as alarmed as last night. He said to leave him alone and that he’d be OK. I had an early class, so I headed off. When I got back to the room later on, Travis was in bed. He slept until later that evening. Finally, he woke up. He stretched out in bed and I noticed that his feet were hanging off the end of the bed. We just had those extra long twin beds in the dorm. I know some of the taller guys complained about them not being long enough. Travis propped his head up with one arm. I said, “How are we feeling now?” Travis said, “I feel great.” With that he swung his legs over the bed and stood up. My eyes followed him as he stood up. They went up and up and up until my head was tilted back.

I said, “Dude, you’re even bigger than you were this morning!” Travis said, “No way!” I went over and stood next to him. My head barely came up to his shoulder now. Which by the way was taking on bowling ball proportions. I said, “You’re a monster now. Travis went over and stood by the mirror. He was so tall, his head was cut off. I said, “Let me measure you again.” So he stood by the wall where we had measured him earlier in the morning. I couldn’t believe it. He was 6’6” tall now! And not only tall, his muscles were growing. Travis did a double bicep pose in the mirror and I about fainted. I don’t think I’d ever seen bigger biceps in real life before. And his chest and shoulders were huge. Even his legs were like tree trunks. I got the string and re-measured his biceps. They were an incredible 18”. I was so stunned, I had to sit down. I sat in my desk chair and just looked at Travis in amazement.

Travis looked down on me from his towering height and said, “I feel even stronger than before!. With that, he squatted down and grabbed the pedestal of the desk chair. Using just one hand, the muscle monster raised both me and the chair into the air. I held onto the sides of the chair! “Awesome!” Travis said with a big smile on his face. With his free hand, he flexed his bicep while he held what had to be almost 200 lbs. with me and the chair in the air with just one hand. “I’ve just got to get to the gym and see what these big guns can really do.”

I said, “One problem with that big boy. Look at you.” All Travis had on was a pair of white briefs that were stretched to their limit. “I don’t think your old clothes are going to fit you too well anymore.’ Travis said, “Wow. I hadn’t thought of that.” I said, “I’ll go down the hall and see if I can borrow some clothes from Fred.” Fred was a guy who’d gotten kicked off the football team for testing positive for Steroids and was forced to move into the regular dorm. He was a pretty big guy. I ran down the hall. I knocked but nobody was home. I tried the door and it was open so I went in and found some shoes and a shirt and pants for Travis. Just as I was getting ready to leave, the door opens and in comes Fred. “What the hell are you doing you little twerp? I stammered something in reply. Fred came over and grabbed me and started twisting my arm behind my back and he started to lift me off the floor. Fred was a big guy, probably about 6’4 and 300 lbs. He could have mopped the floor with me without a problem.

All of the sudden, I heard a deep voice say, “Leave him alone!” I looked over and there was Travis standing in the doorway. Not only was he taller than the doorway, his big shoulders just about filled the doorframe. Fred suddenly released me and I fell to the floor. Travis ducked his head and entered the room. Fred moved over and started to take a swing at Travis. I’d hate to be on the receiving end of a punch from one of Fred’s ham size fists! Travis caught Fred’s fist before it landed a blow. Travis began squeezing Fred’s hand. I distinctly heard the sounds of bones cracking. Fred fell to his knee and cried out in pain. Travis released his hand and put a hand around Fred’s thick neck. With just one hand, Travis raised Fred up over his head. He let him dangle there for a few seconds. Fred was gurgling from the pressure on his throat. Travis looked around and and then tossed Fred across the room onto the bed. The bed collapsed and broke under the weight of Fred’s massive frame.

Travis bent over and lifted me to my feet. He said, “Are you OK, little buddy?” I said, “I’m fine. Thanks a lot for saving me!” Travis said, “Hey. No Problem. After all, you were helping me out.” I gathered up the clothes I had borrowed from Fred and said, “Let’s get out of here.” On the way down the hall, we stopped at the bathroom. I had Travis get on the scale again. I looked at the scale in disbelief. He was up to 275 lbs.

We got back to the room again. All of the sudden, Travis started groaning again. He fell on the floor and curled up in a fetal position again. I figured he was probably having another growth spurt. I couldn’t wait to see how big he’d be in the morning!

The next morning, the sun came up. I looked over at Travis. He looked bigger, but it was hard to tell with him lying down. I went over and punched his arm. It actually hurt to do that. It was like punching a brick wall! I said, “Travis, wake up.” Travis opened his eyes and looked at me. I said, “Stand up! Let’s see if you’ve gotten any bigger.” Travis slowly stood up. It kind of reminded be of watching an elevator go up. When he was stood up all the way and stretched, I gasped. It was amazing. He had to be a foot taller than me. We had 8’ ceilings and his hands almost touched the ceiling. And his muscles were enormous! He brought his arms down from the stretch and hit a double bicep pose. Then he flexed one arm and rubbed his bicep with his free hand I swear, his bicep was bigger than my head! I just stared at him in amazement!

I said, “Let’s get you measured.” I stood Travis against the wall and got a chair to stand on. He was now 6’10” tall, He was growing about 4” every time he had a growth spurt. I measured his biceps. They were now 21 inches. For the first time, I measured his chest. It was an astounding 70 inches! I couldn’t believe it. My roommate was turning into a massive muscle stud. I took him down to the bathroom to get weighed. His weight was up to 325 lbs. Travis was the most massive man I’d ever seen.

When we got back to our room, Travis said, “I’m dying to know how strong I am.” He looked around the room and saw and old lucky horseshoe I had hanging on the wall. He walked over and pulled it off the wall. He grasped it with both hands. I watched as his biceps swelled up. A little vein popped up in his arm. And I’ll be damned if he didn’t twist that horseshoe like a pretzel. Can you believe that? Travis looked down at the bent horseshoe and grinned. He said, “I really need to get to the gym now!” He started for the door.

I jumped in front of him and said, “Wait! If you go out there looking like that, you’ll get arrested for indecent exposure!” His little 34” briefs were stretched beyond belief by his big thighs and as I could see quite easily a very large dick. I’d seen him nude a lot of times and let me tell you, this was definitely an all-over growth spurt!

I handed him the clothes we’d ‘borrowed’ from Fred. He pulled the shirt over his head. That shirt used to be baggy on Fred, and it was really tight on Travis. Every one of his bulging muscles were visible through the shirt. He looked really hot. The pants were a little big in the waist, but a little short in the inseam. Travis sat down to put on the shoes. I handed him one. I looked inside the other one and saw that it was a size 16. I’d always wondered what size shoe Fred wore. I looked down. Travis was having a problem getting his foot inside the shoe. I laughed at Travis. “Is big foot having a problem getting his foot inside a size 16 shoe?” Travis said, “Damn, it’s a tight fit. I guess it’ll do for now though. I’m going to need some bread for some new clothes and stuff.” I handed Travis the other shoe and he jammed his foot inside of it.

We headed over to the gym. We caught a lot of stares walking through the campus! We got over to gym. Travis reached out for the door and pulled. There was the sound of metal bending and tearing. The door was bent away from the frame. I looked at Travis and said, “Hey muscles. The door says Push, not pull!” Travis looked down at me and grinned and said, “Oh.” I said, “Damn, you’re strong. It takes some power to bend a door like that!” With that he pushed the mangled door in and we entered.

We started to walk past the guy at the desk and he hollered to see our Student ID Cards. I had mine, but Travis didn’t have anything on him. The guy at the desk was pretty good sized, probably some football player getting paid for not doing all that much work! Travis looked at the guy and grabbed the front of his shirt and lifted him off the floor with just one hand. “Here’s my ID card, dufus!” With that, he flexed one of his gigantic biceps in front of the guy’s face. “Go right in, Sir,” the guy said softly.

Travis and I entered the weight room. I was somewhat relieved that nobody else was in there and we’d have some privacy. Travis walked over to a bench that had a barbell on it. It had 2 big weights on either side. I had never worked out before, but Travis had done a little weightlifting in the past. He said, “Let’s give it a try.” He grabbed the bar with just one hand and curled it easily. “That was only 135 lbs.” he said. Let’s put some more weight on there. I went over to one side and there were some more plates the floor. I picked one up. They were only 45 lbs, but they were heavier than they looked. I looked at Travis and he had 2 plates in each hand and added them to the bar. We each got 6 plates on each side. Travis said, “Do some quick math, Brainiac. What is 6 times 45?” It took me a couple of seconds to come up with 270. Travis said, “OK. With the bar, this is 585. Let’s give it a try.” With that he picked up the bar with both hands. I could tell from the grin on his face and the fact that he wasn’t straining at all that it was easy for him. Then he removed his right hand and began curling the bar with just one hand. I couldn’t believe it. He was curling 585 lbs with one hand, like it was a 25lb dumbbell!

We added some more weight to the bar and he could still curl it with just one arm. I never got around to doing the math to figure out how much it was. He went quickly around the room maxing out at each station. I saw him bench press 750 with just one hand. Travis looked at me and said, “Well, this is no fun. It’s no strain at all. I still don’t know how strong I am.” I said, “I’d say you must be the strongest man in the world!” With that, he walked over to the bench press machine and lifted the whole thing off the floor with just one hand. He had to be lifting at least a ton when you include the bench and the weights and the frame!

We left the gym and were walking across the parking lot. All of the sudden Travis stops and stares at a car in the lot. I said, “Let’s get back to the room before you have another growth spurt! I’d have to get a crane to move you if you have one here.” Travis is still looking at the cars on the lot. He walks over to on and bends over. All of the sudden he stands up and up comes the back end of the car too. I was in shock! I’d never seen anybody lift up a car before. Then he removed one hand and raised the car up and down a couple of times with just one hand! Can you believe that!

Then, just when I think I’ve seen everything, Travis lifts the car up off the ground pretty high. He takes his free hand and gets it under the car and lifts. All of the sudden all 4 wheels of the car are off the ground. My roommate was lifting a car completely off the ground. Then he hoisted it up over his head, like somebody might hoist a sack of flour over their head. He even pressed the car up and down a few times, like it was nothing! Finally he set the car back down. He looked at me and grinned. “I am so fucking strong,” he said. I said, “You sure are. I’ve never seen anything so incredible before. Just think what you can do with that muscle. You could rule in the NFL. Or you’re so tall, you could play in the NBA. You can just about do anything you want. It must be great!” Travis said, “Yes it is, yes it is….” He flexed his gigantic biceps and grinned.

We went back to our room. Just as we got back, Travis started groaning again. He got into bed and laid there. This time, I decided to watch him. It wasn’t too noticeable, but I could see him growing slowly while he was laying there. I watched for several hours and then I fell asleep.

I was woke up by a poke in my chest. I heard somebody calling my name. I looked down and saw a huge finger poking me in the chest. I looked up and saw Travis standing over my bed. The clothes we had borrowed from Fred were all shredded. Travis said, “Get up little man and measure me.” I got up and looked Travis over. He was huge before, but now he was gargantuan! It was actually a little frightening being so close to someone so big! I felt like a little kid again. Travis straightened up and I got a good look at him. His chest was enormous, huge pecs stuck out like shelves at least a foot. His shoulders were literally the size of beach balls.

Travis went over and stood by the marks we had been making on the wall. “Get over here,” he said forcefully. “Yes Sir,” I replied. You don’t keep a big guy like that waiting. I got my book. Travis put his hands around my waist and lifted my up. I made the mark on the wall. Sure enough, it was 4” more than it was before. Travis had passed up the 7’ mark and was now 7’2” tall. “Damn, that’s great. I would have been happy being 6’ tall!” Travis said. I looked at him and said, “What if this doesn’t stop? Not too much more and you won’t fit in this room.” “I don’t care,” he bellowed. “I want to be the biggest and strongest man in the world. Nobody’s going to stop me, Nobody!” He grabbed me by the arm with one hand and lifted me up until we were face to face. “Nobody can stop me!” he yelled. I was in pain from the force he was exerting on my arm. I said, “Travis, you’re hurting me.” With that he set me down. “I’m sorry,” he said, “I got a little carried away.”

Travis walked over to the door. He tugged on the door with just one hand and the door ripped open and came off its hinges. This was a heavy metal door. He took the door in both hands and folded it in half, like it was a piece of paper. Then he ducked down and squeezed through the door. I followed him out the door. He went in to the bathroom. He got on the scale. It blinked a few times and then there was the sound of metal bending. “Damn scale,” Travis yelled. “Can’t even properly weigh a big guy like me!” He stepped off the scale, bent over, picked it up and crumpled up the scale into a ball. He threw it against the wall and it went halfway through the wall into the next room.

Then Travis caught sight of himself in the mirror. He grinned widely when he caught sight of himself. He began flexing and turning around and looking himself over. Then he said, “Come over here.” I walked over by him. He picked me up and set me down right next to him. “Let’s do some comparisons here. I want to see how big I am compared to you.”

With that, he reached down and ripped my shirt right off my body. Then he grabbed me by the arm again and lifted me up and ripped my pants off. Soon, I was completely naked. He slipped off his pants too. I felt like a little kid. He was so huge.

Travis said, “Look at this. He put his arm in front of my waist and flexed. Literally, his arm was bigger than my 29” waist. That’ll give you some idea how big he was.

Travis said, “Flex your arm.” I was always kind of embarrassed because I had skinny arms and I really didn’t want to compare them to this muscle stud. I started to say, “I…” when I felt a sharp pain in my neck. Travis had my neck in his hand. “Do it, or I”ll snap your neck like a twig.” I meekly flexed my little arm. Travis just laughed and flexed his bicep behind mine. “You are a fucking little runt!” he yelled with glee.

When he said, that, I decided to make a run for it and get a way from him. I bolted for the door and got it opened and got out the door. I started running down the hall. I turned around just in time to see Travis burst through the closed door. He didn’t even open it, he just broke through it. For a big guy, he was pretty fast. Must have been those long legs. I got down the hall just a little way when I felt something grab me from behind and lift me up. I looked back and saw Travis standing there with a big grin on his face. “Got you little man!” Travis said. He threw me over his shoulder and went back into our room.

Travis stood there noticing that we had no door. He went to the next room which happened to be vacant. He put his hand on the doorknob and forced the door open, even though it was locked. He tossed me on the bed, like I was a dirty shirt. He said, “I’ll need to secure you so you can’t get away again.” He picked up the bed with one hand and flipped it over. He literally tore the frame into pieces with his bare hands. Then he had me sit in a chair and he wrapped the metal from the bed around me. Then he started groaning again and doubled over. I knew he was having another growth spurt!” •

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