Muscle Gift or Curse

By iluvmassivemusl

"Where am I?" Thomas stared at the rusted sign on the side of the road. "You are now in scenic Acworth, Georgia." Thomas knew he had little choice but to stop here, and he was'nt happy about it either. "Why can't humanity learn how to recycle alittle, I mean this is against the law for this type of thing." He just stared at the beer bottle glass in his beetle's right rear tire with fury. He got out a piece of gum from his jeans pocket and stuffed it in his mouth, while also throwing the wrapper on the ground. At 6'1 250 lbs, Thomas had the body and personality of a stuffed teddy bear, at least around other people, privately, Thomas craved muscle. His fantasy was to worship the biggest muscle god. Every day, he would see at least one bodybuilder in Atlanta, but all they wanted was other muscle men to worship them. Ever since he discovered this craving at age 12, he was brutally cut down by all his so called "muscle gods". At 18, he moved to Atlanta to find his god, but nothing seemed to change, the emotional torture continued. He ended up going to Georgia Tech, which hurt him even more. All the football players were huge! He was constantly beat because they would catch him staring at them during practice with a 7in hard on. "All those sweaty hard bodies everywhere, how could I not get hard!" He was on his way to his parent's house for a visit when this story started. Thomas walked for the better part of half an hour down the highway trying to find a phone. He stumbled onto a small roadside stand that looked almost deserted except for a feeble old man. He was sweeping dust off of the floor of the stand which looked as old as he was. "Please sir, do u have a phone?" The old man looked up to see a fat white as a bedsheet man sweating through an dirty stinky shirt. "Why do you need my phone stranger?" "My tire is flat about 4 miles down the raod, I need to call a tow truck to come get my car." "Good luck stranger, the nearest towing station is five hours away, your welcome to come inside and call them though, I'll see if I can't get you something clean to wear." "Thank you very much mister...?" "You can call me Shawn." "Shawn, thank you, I'll go call them right now." About ten minutes later, Thomas comes out of the stand, he looks for Shawn, but he is nowhere to be found. "Did you get in contact with them?" Thomas jumped a foot in the air, he turned quickly to see Shawn standing right behind him. "I'm sorry for scaring you, but I found you something to wear." Thomas looked down at the piece of white cloth in Shawn's hand. "No. I can not wear that, I will look stupid and ugly." "Trust me, you will learn to wear it well." Thomas took off his shirt and sheepishly put on what Shawn had given him. "There is a law somewhere that I am breaking by wearing this!" Thomas was wearing a muscle shirt that barely fit over his gut and man boobs. Shawn just smiled and said, "Now let the show begin!" "What?" "You always wanted muscles, did you not Thomas, or can I call you Tom?" Tom looked as if he found out he had terminal cancer, his skin paled to a chalk white and all the fat on his body melted away in an instant. "What do you mean, how did you know, what is happening to me?" "Well it is quite simple really," Shawn said with a smirk," you wished for a while you wanted muscles, well, now I'm giving them to you." " No, I wanted a muscle god, not to become one, stop this!" " Tom, Tom, you do not even know what you truly want, under all that fat and stupid timidity, you want to make the ones who tortured you all these years to grovel and beg your forgivness, to make them love and worship you." Slowly, Tom was being changed into what Shawn was describing, his pecs started to erupt with big pulsing muscle, pushing out the shirt to the limit, his arms pulsed and grew too with the same death defying speed, his abs grew and seperated forming first a four pac, then a six pac, then a shredded eight pac, his legs grew bigger and stronger, ripping through his pants like tissue paper. Tom also started sprouting veins everywhere, his pecs, arms, and legs all erupted with the shredded muscle and veins of a bodybuilder but on a much larger scale. Tom's mind was also changing, his timid shyness was replaced with animal attitude,his high girl voice lowered to a sexy, booming bass. He started moaning in ecstacy as his body grew past human limits, but for some reason the shirt stayed on. No matter how massive his pecs flexed, or his traps rose, or his shoulders exploded, the shirt did not rip. "Hey Shawn, you wimp." Tom's voice made the walls groan and shake. " Yes, I know what ur going to say, what am I, well i guess I'll tell you, I am a worlock, I cursed that shirt to make whoever wears it into his or her's deepest desire." " You pansy, I was going to ask why this shirt dares to mock all this muscle by thinking it can grow as big as I can." " Well Tom, it is part of the curse I put on it, this shirt can mold to whatever form that the user morphs into." " Well then, we will see about that!" Tom screamed, flexing his swollen pecs. His chest started growing faster than the rest of him, he flexed harder and harder making his chest grow bigger and more massive than that puny shop could take. "Prepare to be homeless!" Tom went into a most muscular pose and quadrupled in size, smashing through the walls of the stand like a ton of tnt. Shawn snickered as Tom grew bigger and bigger, swelling to monsterous proportions. Tom also grew taller and wider to acomodate all the muscle. Tom was furious, this shirt would not come off! "How do I outgrow this fucking shirt?" "The only way is to accept the entire curse." " Ok little man, how do I do that?" "Well, you will have to be willing to die!" Tom's blood ran cold, the icy reality sunk in about this "Miracle Shirt". "Why" "Eventually, you will grow huge enough to rip that shirt, but when you do, the shirt will no longer give you the power to grow taller, you will grow until you explode, i have done this for 50 yrs and no one has wanted to go so freaky that they wanted to die. Also, if that shirt explodes, then I die from how much of my soul I had to use to make that shirt. It can never be destroyed because humanity is too scared of their own mortality. You do not want to die, you are only a mortal human, it is natural for you to want to live above everything else." Shawn did not realize it, but while he was talking, Tom was making a choice, to become the ultimate muscle god for a few minutes, or just stay the way he is. "What happens if i stop the growth?" "Well, then you go back to your old self and the shirt disappears back where it was before, and will wait until the next time. I will give you 5 more minutes and then you will get scared and give up and give me my shirt and leave." Tom already made his decision, he just stood in front of the blabing Shawn and smiled. "Ok, well it has been a blast Tom, but just give up, I mean you want to live right. Go back to your mildly interesting life and I will leave." "Did you happen to see my cock, little man, it is one huge prick ain't it?" Shawn looked in the direction Tom was looking and was stunned. All this time it had been ignored, but now it guardered full attention. It was as long as a stretch limo and as thick as a sewer line. Precum was pouring out of the end like a never ending torent, the head pulsing and growing with sheer power. Tom's balls also were so massive that they were passed the size of bowling balls and were now wrecking balls. "That is impressive but if you want to live then stop." Tom looked down his growing pecs at Shawn and snickered. "You were dead the moment you gave me that little decision, if I am going to die, then I'm going to have the best orgasm that any human has ever expirienced. I am going to coat the western hemisphere. I am going to be a god on earth at least for a few moments." Tom bent over and started wanking his godlike cock and groaning so loud people in the next county heard and saw. "You can not be serious, you humans value your own life more than anything." Tom looked at Shawn as his face paled as reality dawned on him. " I am dead serious!" Tom shouted. He flexed every muscle in his body as hard as he could. The last thing Shawn heard was the sound of his screaming Tom to stop and a faint rip of the shirt over Tom's monstewrous pecs, then total blackness, his last sensation was being washed down a river of warm sticky liquid, and how it tasted so good. •

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