Ursa Major


By xythan_shadow

My perceptions may have been off that early in the morning, but I could see some difference just from one day of working out. I stood a little straighter and I seemed ‘fuller’. Even I felt different, almost heavier. Plus, I didn’t feel nearly as sore as I did last night. In fact, I felt better, almost as if someone massaged me all night. I quickly showered up and dressed and was on my porch before Allen arrived.

When he arrived, I practically bounced to the car. Allen noticed my abundance of energy and commented, “Seems like you’ve recovered well for your first day.”

“Yeah, I don’t know, but I just felt amazing this morning. I just had so much energy after I woke up.”

Allen smiled and said, “That’s good to hear. You’re going to need it for today.”

I slightly groaned and Allen chuckled as he backed out of my driveway and drove over to Grizzly’s house.

We got there fairly quick and I bounded up the stairs, still full of energy. Grizzly and Arnold were already at the table waiting for us to arrive. Grizzly smiled and motioned to the table where a huge spread of breakfast was already sitting out, along with a shake that I’ve come to love in this short time. I sat down and started woofing down my food with the ferocity of the bear I was planning on becoming.

Grizzly said with amusement in his voice, “You seem to be in high spirits.”

Allen remarked, “Yeah, he was like that when I picked him up, all bouncing like a cub who just got some.”

Arnold laughed and said, “I don’t bounce.”

Grizzly patted Arnold on the shoulder and said, “Yeah, you do cub. Sometimes I think you’re a jackrabbit with all the bouncing you do after I give you a piece of this.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at that last comment. The other bears chuckled along with me and continued chowing down. It took us about 15 minutes to finish with breakfast. Although I didn’t eat nearly as much as my big brothers, I did notice I ate considerably more than I used to just a couple of days ago.

After breakfast, Grizzly and Arnold went to wash up and Allen led me to the bedroom. He pulled out a shopping bag and told me to strip. I immediately complied with him and started taking off all my clothes except my underwear. He pulled out of the bag a bunch of clothes and started laying them over the bed. Grizzly and Arnold came in with a towel wrapped around them. “They must’ve just rinsed themselves off” I thought to myself.

“So, have you ever been into any sports or anything,” Grizzly asked me.

“No, never” I respond. The bears smiled at me and Grizzly continued talking. “Well my boy, we’ll show you what it’s like in a locker room. Not that anyone you’ll see will be like us, but at least you’ll get used to it so you don’t pop wood everytime you see a good looking guy half naked or in the shower. You still have to watch out for homophobes in this day and age. Especially since you’re a smaller cub, if some guys see you ogling their gear, they might jump ya for being a ‘faggot’. And the last thing we want to see is you with a black eye because that means that we have to step in being your big bear brothers and all.

I chuckled to myself as Allen smirked confidently, “I seriously doubt anyone stupid enough to beat up on a kid could stand up to Arnold, Allen and myself. But we don’t like showing off like that, you know. So, it’s best to avoid situations like that if we can. We plan on you being in a lot of locker rooms because we’re going to train you to be able to play all kinds of sports. I assume that’s what you want right?”

I nodded my head and Grizzly continued, “Good. So, in locker rooms, you’ll see guys like this all the time. Not as beefy and furry as us, but this is how it is.” Grizzly walks around in his towel dripping wet. The fur is matted against him from the water and sinks into the indentations of his muscles. I try not to focus on them, but wherever I look, I see beautiful, thick, furry muscle. I could feel myself getting hard as I glaced at his fur covered power-belly. I try to stop by not looking at him, but it’s not helping much. I’ve already pitched a tent just from watching a wet bear walk.

I could hear the two bears chuckling behind me as my eyes were glued on the walking dream. Grizzly smiled and said, “Yeah, now while you most likely won’t see anything as big as me there, a reaction like that,” pointing to my tented briefs “could cause some trouble. You’ll eventually be able to control yourself around normal guys and eventually you won’t bone up around us. I mean, all three of us had to learn how to stay soft around each other, but we all can get hard almost on command. Like so.”

And with that, I could see Grizzly’s cock inflate under the towel. The thick tube slowly stretched down and out, peeking out from the cloth that was wrapped around his waist. Grizzly undid the towel and let it drop to the floor as his staff began to rise. My eyes were fixated on the huge cock in front of me, swelling to proportions I’ve never even thought about. My own erection became painful as Grizzly’s cock pointed at me, at least a foot long and thicker than a can. Then before as it started to point upward, suddenly it started to go back down, shrinking to its quite impressive 7 inch limp state. Grizzly smiled and said, “Ok, we’ll work on your control for the three months before school starts. Next thing is gear.”

Grizzly walked over to the bed where the large amount of clothes were spread. Allen had also shedded his towel and Allen was also getting naked. Grizzly grabbed this thing that looked like underwear or something and held it up. “This is a jockstrap. It’s to hold your stuff in place so it’s not flopping all over the place when you run or slide out your shorts when you do deep squats. Plus, a bear’s ass looks real nice when it’s on.” The three of them put on their large jocks, adjusting themselves as needed before turning around to let me inspect. Grizzly was right. Bears in jocks looked really sexy. But I didn’t have a jock. Hell, I didn’t have anything but the tattered clothes that were on the floor in a pile at my feet.

Grizzly pointed to the pile of clothes on the bed, “I went out last night and bought you all this. Don’t worry about anything you need. We’ll take care of you and whatcha need.”

I felt tears almost coming to the surface just seeing how much these guys cared about me and my dream. I choked them back and said quietly, “Thanks guys.”

Allen placed his huge paw on my shoulder and said, “Don’t worry bout it cub, you’re one of us. This is nothing.” He then smiled at me and I returned it.

Quickly, I stripped off my boxers and put on the jock like they had demonstrated, after adjusting myself and my hardon. The fabric felt amazing. It was something mesh, cotton perhaps, and the air on my ass felt interesting. The whole concept was new and entralling to me. I slowly ran my hands over the fabric, feeling the head of my cock beneath the material and moaned slightly.

“I think he likes it,” quipped Allen. The other two bears laughed and I smiled. Yeah, I liked it. Who wouldn’t. I mean it felt amazing. But there was plenty of time for self gratification later. I stopped running my hands along my package and looked back to Grizzly. He grinned and held up this shirt that looked like it belonged on a toddler.

“This is underarmor gear. It hugs closely to your body and helps keep your body cool. You’ll need it for the cardio today.”

I grabbed the shirt and tugged it over my head. It was a lot stretchier than I would’ve guessed and once I had it on me, it felt quite good. Mine was red, not too bright but definatly noticeable. Grizzly started to put his on, and damn if he wasn’t sexy. It fit him like a second skin, sinking into the depressions around his muscles and accenting them very well. If I didn’t like the fur better, I would’ve wanted to see him in this all day. Allen and Arnold were the same way, stretching the shirt, tugging it down and letting it mold to their superior physiques. If these shirts didn’t help cool, I’d be willing to bet they’d wear them anyway just for how they looked in them.

Allen was in a olive green, almost marine looking shirt, while Arnold was in a sky blue one. Grizzly wore a white one and all three looked so good I wanted to pounce on them then and there, but I knew I was there to work and not play. Grizzly handed me a pair of nice new shorts. They were black and sleek, loose as not to stick to my legs but not too baggy. I slipped them on real quick as the rest of the guys did the same. I put my new bear into my pocket and adjusted it a bit. Then we tossed on our socks and shoes as Grizzly commented, “We’re going to have to pick you up some new sneaks today. Those old ones you got there aren’t going to give you any support for all the running you’re going to be doing.”

I groaned. I didn’t much care for lots of running. Hell, the only time I ever ran was in gym class and not for long due to my asthma. “Do we have to run Grizzly?”

“Yeah. We do. You don’t look like this just from lifting. Cardio is a major componet to proper bodybuilding. What good is a house of muscle if you have a ton of fat covering it. But don’t worry cub, we’ll go easy on you.”

I sighed in relief and the gang smiled at me. Grizzly clapped his hands and said, “Ok bears, let’s pound some asphault.”

Grizzly led the way out of the house, followed by Allen, then myself and Arnold brought up the rear. We started with a light pace, almost a trot. It gradually increased for the next ten minutes until we were jogging at a brisk pace. I felt my lungs and legs burning at this rate, but it was a good burn. We maintained the speed for about 5 more minutes before it started increasing again. But I couldn’t keep up and I had to pant out to the crew to stop. Grizzly smiled and lead the pack of bears to this park we were near.

“You rest up here cub. We’ve got about ten more miles to go. You did great for your first day. You kept up for almost ten miles. We’re real proud of you Gabe.”

I couldn’t help but beam with happiness. Their approval meant the world to me right now, and they were glad to give it to me. They all patted me on the shoulder before they continued to head down the road at the increased pace we were maintaining.

A few minutes later after completely catching my breath, I decided to explore this park I was in. I planned on not straying too far from where my brothers left me. It was a nice big park, plenty of trees and shaded areas along with some playgrounds. There were even a few fields for basketball, baseball and such. It was really nice and I could see it being very active later in the day. Seeing as how it was near seven in the morning, I wasn’t really expecting to see anyone.

So I was really surprised when I heard a group of kids somewhere near the woods. But it wasn’t a happy sound. It was angry, mean and violent. I went towards the sound and found a group of teenagers, older and bigger than me surrounding this little kid. I could tell they were up to no good as soon as I saw how badly the kid was shaking.

“So, do you have our money?”


“And you know what that means, don’t you, you little pussy.”

“Pl…pl..please d…d.d..d..d…don’t h…h.h..h…h..hurt me”

“Maybe if you get down on your knees and beg us, we might forgive you.”

The kid dropped his knees and folded his hands in front of him and studdered out, “P…..pl…..please sirs, I….I….I…I’m so…sorry…I couldn’t get the mo..mo…money.”

My fist were balling up at this site. I felt something deep inside of me, a feeling I had never felt before. It raged at this injustice. The fury was primal, so entrenched and ferocious that I had to fight for control. But why was I fighting this feeling? Was I scared at what would happen if I intervened? Was I scared of getting beat up by these guys?

“Maybe if this little pussy sucks our cocks, we might be willing to forget it, this time, what do ya think guys?”

“Pl…plea…please don’t…sirs….I…I….I…don’t….like….”

“You’ll do it you little faggot or we’ll pound the shit out of you today, and ever day you don’t have our money.”

I snapped at those remarks. I let the primal rage loose. I could feel it rush through my body like a tidal wave of strength, power, and fury. I ran up to the gang of bullies and roared, “LET HIM GO!” My voice was so full of bass that I knew it couldn’t be me. It was as if something possessed me and was using me to do what I knew deep down was right but was too scared to do on my own.

The bullies turned to me and laughed. I was still a small kid, with one day of working out under my belt and there I was challenging this group of five guys that had to be jocks. Each of them had the bodies that you get from playing sports all your life. They weren’t wearing any shirts on this warm summer morning and I could see their defined pecs, their broad shoulders and the abs. The leader of the group sneered at me, “Look guys, another little punk that needs a lesson. C’mon, we’ll take care of the new kid then get our cocks sucked by both of them.”

I probably was foaming at the mouth by now. My fists were balling and I could feel my forearms flexing. I could tell I was bearing my teeth as though there were fangs, but I didn’t really have control. The primal essence was in control and I threw myself at the largest guy. I don’t remember much of what happened. All I know is that I fought like an animal. I was clawing and punching with the intensity of something fighting for its life. I felt myself getting hit and kicked, but it didn’t faze me. Eventually, the bullies backed off and quickly left the area, defeated, humiliated and confused.

I looked back to see if the kid was safe. He was curled near a tree, obviously scared. Seeing him safe though calmed me a bit. I could feel the rage sinking back into me. When I had calmed down enough, I whispered, “Are you al…”

I didn’t finish my question before I fell to the ground unconscious. •

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