Ursa Major


By xythan_shadow

Grizzly worked his way over to the far side of the room where there was a bench already set up. He smiled then lay down as Allen went to spot. “I’m glad you guys made it back, Arnold can’t quite spot me on this just yet, but he’s getting there.”

I looked at the bar and the weight on it . In my mind, I started adding it up but was interrupted when Arnold mumbled, “815 lbs.” My jaw could’ve hit the floor when he said that. There was no way that he could be that strong. I’ve never heard of anyone benching that much.

But I would soon be a believer as Grizzly’s meaty paws gripped the thick bar. With a deep breath, he unracked the weight and, with great control, brought it down to his thick chest. With a growl that was part esctacy, part primal, the bar moved upward. I watched as his furry chest buldged as the pure power of his muscles fought against gravity, and won.

He performed 14 flawless reps before dropping the bar back on the reinforced rack with a clank. He sat up, not even tired and looked at me, still stunned, and said, “That’s a good warm up. How bout tossing two 25’s on there?”

I didn’t move till Arnold nudge me out of my shock. It was so hot seeing him lift that much. I never thought that a man, even one as big and bearish as Grizzly could be so strong. I muttered, my mouth completely dry, “How strong are you?”

Allen spoke up, “Grizzly here usually goes for 875 lbs for about 8 reps. I looked it up a while ago and he could easily be holding the world bench press record if he wanted to.”

“Yeah, but you know me, no need to show off to random non-bears. It would just be so much trouble having people hanging out here, interrupting our lifting and our fun,” Grizzly said with a chuckle.

I nodded my head in disbelief and went to place more weight on the bar. As I put the weight on, I wondered to myself how much could he really lift. I was starting to get hard just from thinking about him lifting half a ton or maybe more. Seeing that huge, furry barreled chest slowly lifting the weight was so arousing, I had to stop thinking about it to keep from sporting wood. Now there was 855 lbs on it. Grizzly smiled at me and said, “Put two more 25’s on there. I wanna show you something.”

I did what I was told, bringing the total weight up to 905 lbs. He laid back down and said, “Stand on this side near me,”as Allen prepared to spot him again. I followed my orders and stood where he wanted me to. He grabbed my hand in his and placed it on his huge furry pec. “I want you to feel this muscle work. You’re going to have this and maybe more one day.”

Already I was in heaven. Just him laying there not benching anything, I could feel the mass of swolen muscle beneath my hand. It was larger than my hand, just like almost every other part of his body. But that was just the beginning of it. When Grizzly lifted the bar off the rack, I could feel each individual strand of muscle flex beneath the skin. Each part of his muscle was thicker than my fingers and bulged with amazing power as he lowered the bar. I could feel the coarsness of his chest hair beneath my hand and the blood rush to the muscles as they worked against the weight. The movement beneath my hand was breath taking and so very hot that my cock went to full attention almost immediately. When the bar touched his chest, I could feel the muscle contract and shift as it prepared to lift it back up. I placed my other hand on his chest and felt the pure power that was being displayed. Grizzly did 8 perfect reps with me enjoying the feeling of power he had.

He sat up and smiled. Pointing at my stiff rod, he said, “That’s what I like to see. You’re going to need all those hormones to get a good pump. We always get real horny in here as we lift. All that testosterone running through our systems helps build the muscle. But no touching the little guy until after the workout’s done.”

I nodded and everyone smiled. Then Arnold started benching. Grizzly told me to feel Arnold’s chest as he lifted, and I did. While he wasn’t lifting the tremendous amounts Grizzly was, he was amazingly strong for someone his age, benching 400 plus pounds. His muscles felt firm and solid beneath my touch and moved just like Grizzly’s.

After a few chest exercises with me enjoying the feel of their pecs as they got an amazing workout, they switched over to arms. From the first dumbell curl Grizzly did, I felt like I was going to explode. Grizzly had picked up the 150 dumbell as if it weighed nothing. He sat on the bench and nodded his head for me to come closer. I did and he glanced at his arm. I took that as a sign to feel it also. With him holding the dumbell at rest, I couldn’t get my hands around the massive ball of muscle. But then he started curling. It was an amazing feeling. I could feel the power of his guns pushing my fingers apart. I even tried squeezing his arms, but I couldn’t move it at all. Grizzly smiled as he cranked out the reps, one after another with machine-like presicion. I could feel the muscle swell with strength as each rep pumped the muscle bigger and bigger. By the time it was over, Grizzly’s arm was red and swollen, glisening with sweat and simply amazing. I did the same for Arnold, and it felt the same, albeit a bit smaller.

By this time, my erection was painful. Just one stroke and I would’ve spurted every ounce of cum I had in me. It was around this time Grizzly spoke up and said, “Ok Allen, I think our new cub’s ready to get started.” Allen smiled and led me to the other side of the room, where the lighter weights and different machines were.

Allen guided me through a lot of stuff. We started with squats. He showed me the correct form, which continued to strain my self control. Watching that beautiful furry muscle butt squat so deep was trying, but soon those feelings were being repressed by the feeling of tension as I did my own set of squats. My muscles burned from the new sensation of weight lifting, and while it did relieve some of the sexual tension that had been building, it was soon replaced with the rush of my muscles working, striving to get bigger.

By the time we had finished our legs, which was about 3 exercises in total, I noticed that Grizzly and Arnold had left. But their scent remained. I didn’t notice it before, but now I could cleary distinguish two separate, yet sexual scents in the air. It was from the sweating the two bears had done I presumed, but still, the aroma was intoxicating and arousing. I wasn’t sure how I could smell them so distinctly now. It was as if I could tell exactly who’s scent was who’s now that they weren’t in the room.

I glanced back at the bench and smiled. They had wiped up their area and cleaned up, but graciously left a lower amount of weight on the bar, which I can only assume was for me. It was then I heard a lot of growling and the sound of skin slapping against skin. Allen smiled and went over to the stereo and cranked up the music. “We’ll never get anything done if we sit here listening to those two go at it,” he said with a bellowous laugh. I couldn’t help but smile.

With the music blasting, and with a couple of breaks, the time went by insanely fast. It was when we were finishing up that I noticed a content pair of bears standing by the door. I could only imagine how many times they went at it, but even now their cocks were semi hard and delicious looking. But my body protested while my mind lusted. Grizzly walked up to me and put his hand on my shoulder and said, “How was your first day cub?”

I tried to speak but was dead tired, so I just nodded. He smiled and said, “Well, let’s get some muscle fuel in that belly and send you home. It’s going on 7, so we need to wrap up so you can get some sleep.”

I was led around the corner back towards the kitchen where a full spread was laid out. There was meat and veggies of all different types set on the table. The aroma wafted to my nose and my stomach roared in response. The bears around me chuckled and sat down, motioning for me to join them.

When I sat down, I started eating like I’ve been starving for the last few months. But I hesitated because I didn’t want to be rude. But Grizzly, being the eldest and wisest bear, saw my hesitation and spoke up, “Don’t worry bout being polite here. Eat up little cub, you’ll need all the fuel you can get if you wanna be big and strong like your bear brothers here.” And to add emphasis, he flexed his huge gun. Memories of how it felt combined with the visual stimulization caused my cock to get hard and I started woofing down the food, renewing my determination to become huge.

After dinner, Grizzly fixed me a gigantic shake as Arnold got some epson salts for me. I got dressed along with Allen as Grizzly told me what to do with the salt. The two giant bears hugged me as I left, letting me entrall myself in their embrace once again and I hopped in the car with Allen to go home. Allen dropped me off at my driveway, gave me a big bear hug and reminded me that it was going to be the same thing tomorrow, same time, but harder. I groaned aloud and he chuckled before saying good night.

I went straight to the bath when I got inside, waving at my parents. Pouring the epson salt in the tub of hot water, I stepped outside the bathroom to talk to my dad.

“So, how was it son?” he asked.

“It was tougher than I ever thought anything could imagine. It’s like every single part of my body is crying out in pain, but it does feel kinda good. Almost like something deep inside of me just woke up.”

My dad chuckled, “Yeah, I remember that feeling. Let me get some epson salt for you, that’ll help with the soreness.”

I laughed and responded, “Don’t worry dad, the guys sent me home with a ton of the stuff. I guess it’s a wide known cure for ‘first time lifting’”.

“It is, I used tons of the stuff when I was just getting into sports.”

I smiled, seeing the obvious pleasure in my father’s eye that I was, for the most part, following in his footsteps. I gave him a quick hug and said, “Ok dad, I’m taking my bath now, I already had dinner at Grizzly’s house so I’m good.”

“Grizzly? Who’s that?”

“I’ll tell ya later dad, gotta wash up.”

He smiled and continued to his bedroom while I went into the bathrooom. Slowly stepping into the warm water, I let out a deep sigh. Already I felt better. It was so relaxing that I quickly fell asleep, deep in the soothing relaxation of the water and salts. I was awoken by my father and the cold water I had been soaking in for almost 30 minutes.

Quickly drying and warming myself, I got out of the bathroom and headed straight to bed. Obviously I was more exhausted than I thought because no sooner than my head hit the pillow, I was asleep.

I started to dream. I was floating around in a clear blue sky when Grizzly appeared on the horizon. I flew toward him and when I got to him, he was already lying on a bench. He was huge though. I was barely the size of his nipple. He chuckled and I shook from how deep the bear’s voice was. He nodded toward me and started benching a bar of weight that stretch to infinity. I immediately descended to his chest and walked around on his pecs. It was a road beneath my feet, harder than asphault, but furry and warm. I could feel myself getting hard. Grizzly chuckled, then racked the weight before I floated back up. Then Allen materialzed behind me. He flexed his arm and I floated over to feel each ridge of the muscle with my whole body. I rubbed everywhere on his massive mountain of an arm with my naked form. Then Arnold appeared and flexed his quads. I flew around them in a frenzy, darting in and out of the canyons his muscles made. Then I heard a voice, much like a whisper of all three combined into one that sunk into my very soul.

“Grow. Grow for us.”

I stopped flying around the three bears and listened a bit more closely.

“Grow. Become the biggest, the strongest, the protector.”

I growled. I wanted to grow. I needed to grow. I HAD to grow.

“Become what you are destined to be. Grow!”

I started inflating and stretching, twisting in midair as my bear protectors looked at me with huge smiles on their faces. I was growing, I needed to grow. I needed to be the biggest and strongest. I grew and grew and grew until…

The alarm buzzed and woke me up violently. I turned and shut it off, groaning at the time. “Man, that was some dream,” I said to myself as I noticed my sheets were stuck to me from the explosion of cum in the night. I quickly got up, taking the sheet with me to dump in the hamper. Thankfully, my mom wouldn’t mind much. I started the shower and yawned. Then I happened to glance at the mirror and was taken back in shock.

Was I bigger? •

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