Ursa Major


By xythan_shadow

She gave me a hug and we returned to the living room where Allen and my dad had finished talking.

“Ok son, it’s all settled. Tomorrow, Allen here is going to pick you up at 5:30 in the morning for your training.”

My eyes widened as I muttered, “5:30?”

Allen smirked and said, “Yup, hope you didn’t think it was going to be easy.”

I groaned and looked at the clock. It was already 9:30 and if I wanted to be up in time I would need sleep then. I waved to my new trainer and friend and headed upstairs to sleep as my father and Allen continued to talk about sports and the local football team.

The next morning at 4:30, I awoke, groggy as could be. I stumbled to the shower and somehow got cleaned up. I put on some old shorts and a t-shirt and got out the front door at exactly the right time. Allen was there waiting on me and I staggered, half asleep to the car.

I hopped in the car and fastened my seatbelt, expecting Allen to hurry along our day, but he didn’t even crank up the car. Instead he turned to me and started talking. “I need for you to be good and awake for what I’m about to say, tell me when you’re ready.”

I yawned and stretched before nodding back at him. He continued, “Ok, before we start this, I want to make everything perfectly clear. This is not going to be easy. My buddies and I are going to work you harder than you’ve ever thought possible. We are going to push you to the edge of your limits then kick you over. You will be in pain beyond your worst fears. You will cry, puke and probably bleed. Parts of your body will hurt that you didn’t even know you had. But in the end, we will mold you into the biggest, strongest bear you can possibly be. If this sounds too much for you, get out of the car now. But if you agree to be shaped and pushed, fasten your seat belt.”

We sat there for a few moments while I though. I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was probably understating what I was about to go through. This was going to be intense. Part of me was scared, scared that I would fail and quit. But the other part of me, the one that was first attracted to these guys, was saying that it was possible and it would be worth it. I fastened my seat belt and said, “I’m determined to grow up to be like you and I’m not going to let something as small as hard work and pain get in the way.”

Allen patted me on the shoulder and smiled, “I’m glad you said that. Let me be the first to welcome you as an honorary cub of our bear lodge. Now, let’s get going, we have a lot to do and a few bears to meet before we can begin.”

We drive along for about 20 minutes before pulling up at this large ranch house. There was a police cruiser, a 4x4 truck and a car already in the yard. We park off to the side a bit and Allen leads me up the stairs and into the open door where I hear some loud rock music and the clanking of metal. Allen barks a deafening “Woof” and I hear the clanking stop and some loud thuds of someone walking towards us.

This huge figure, equally as large as Allen enters the living room where we’re standing. If Allen was the biggest bear I’ve seen, this guy could’ve been what he would look like in 20 years. He had a similar build to Allen, but he was a bit thicker with a huge hard looking gut. He also had a military hair cut and a thick black and grey beard. He was wearing no shirt and had on a pair of almost too tight shorts that threatened to burst from his huge legs. The two massive men gave each other a giant hug and Allen spoke up, “Hey man, this here’s the kid I was telling you about. Gabriel, this is Officer Jacob Gregors.”

The big guy chuckled and kneeled down. “Heh, everyone calls me Grizzly, or Officer Grizzly, or just Papa Bear.”

I shook the massive bear’s paw, amazed at how big it was and he drug me in and engulfed me in a hug. I almost instantly bone up in the embrace of this muscle bear and he chuckles a little. “Excitable little cub, aren’t ya?”

I nod yes and he says back, “It’s ok, I know how it is.” He then stood up to his towering height and bellowed, “Hey Arnold, put some shorts on and get that furry ass out here!”

I hear a little stumbling before this lineman type guy hurries out of the back area. He’s significantly shorter than the two bears, but huge in his own right. He was about a foot shorter than Grizzly and Allen but had just as much muscle packed on to his shorter frame. He looked like he shouldn’t be able to walk with the mass he had, but he bounded across the room with remarkable agility and stood right next to Grizzly. Grizzly placed his arm around him and said, “Gabriel, this here’s Arnold. He’s been my cub for a while now and I trained him up since he was about your age. He’s 22 now, starting lineman for State University just like his papa bear.”

Arnold reached in and grabbed me for a bear hug, just like Grizzly did. His hug was equally as engulfing, and the dense muscle against my frame felt amazing. Allen spoke up and said, “This is where we’ll be training for now. Grizzly’s got the best gym around and he lets all the bears and cubs use it when he’s around. We’re going to be your trainers and I promise you, when we’re done, you’ll fit right in.”

I beamed a smile and said, “Ok, I’m ready to start!”

Grizzly responded, “Not so fast there little cub, first Allen’s gotta take you to see Doc Martins. He’s gotta check you up and make sure you can lift with us. Safety first.”

Allen looked at his watch and said, “Yeah, we should probably start getting ready to go. Griz, you got the shakes up already?”

“Yeah man, they’re in the fridge. Just don’t take mine.”

Allen walked around the corner and came back with two giant cups. He handed one to me and started downing the other. Grizzly spoke up and said, “Those are some protein shakes that I got from a gym a while back. I was a few towns over on business and they had a couple of guys as big as me there. Gave me this jug of stuff that I mix into the drinks and it seems to give us a better pump.”

I started to drink the chocolate shake, noticing a hint of peanut butter and something else. The taste was familiar, slightly arousing, but I couldn’t place it. Allen finished his shake and then picked me up. The guys all gathered together and surrounded me in a fortress of impenetrable muscle and Allen said, “From this moment on, we’re here for ya. Anything you need, we’ll do our best to get. We’re your big bear brothers, your guards and your mentors. We promise that it might be a rough ride, but we won’t let anything bad happen. Do you trust us?”

I felt safer than any other time in my life. I knew that this wall of beef that surrounded me was the best thing I could ever get in my life and I truly knew I would be safe around these guys. I nodded my head and the bears around me smiled. They all squeezed a bit tighter before releasing the hug and placing me back on the floor. Allen waved to the guys and led the way outside as Grizzly said, “See you two in a few hours!”

I was just finishing up my huge shake as we stopped at our next destination around twenty minutes later. We walk into this sports clinic/kid’s doctor place and are immediately greeted by another huge guy. I began to wonder how many giants were in this area when he walked up to us and hugged Allen. Allen said to me, “This here’s Doc. Martins. He’s Grizzly’s older bro.”

“Please, call me Tony,” the doctor said with a huge smile. “So, this here’s the new cub in the lodge? Getting ready to grow up to be huge like these guys?”

I nodded somewhat and he smiled. “That’s good. Don’t worry, they’ll take good care of ya and grow ya up big. I assume you’ve met Arnold?” I nodded again. “He used to be about your size when he first started. He turned out well. Well, enough chat, let’s get this physical over with, I’m sure Allen and Grizzly have a ton to take you through today.”

The doctor led us to a fairly large examination room. He explained how he already got my medical records and that my asthma would be under watch for the first few months, but he foresaw no problems now that I was in a much cleaner environment. He then took me through a routine physical, covering all the bases, including a blood sample. When he checked my reflexes though, I noticed a glint in his eye. He then took out a few tools I’ve never seen and started measuring my body more specifically.

After a few hours sitting there in my shorts, he finally finished. He started, “Well Gabriel, everything seems to be within normal ranges for a kid with your background, except one thing that I found slightly odd.” He rolled over to the computer and punched in a few numbers. “For your height and body fat, you should weigh this much,” he said while pointing at the screen. “But, you weigh a lot more than that. After a few measurements, I discovered that your bones are extremely dense for someone your age. But don’t worry; nothing bad’s going to come from this. It just means you’re probably going to grow up to be a decently big guy. I wouldn’t doubt that you would grow up to be as big as myself, or even Allen and Grizzly.”

I started grinning from ear to ear as he finished, “I’ll report these findings to your parents and will let them know when I get the blood tests back, but from what I see, there’s no reason you can’t start the program right now. I’ll be seeing you every month to track your progress.” He then stood up and gave me a quick hug before taking me off the table.

He led us back through the office and to the door. “Good luck with your lifting!” he said as we walked to the car, but my mind was still swimming with the thoughts of having the potential to grow as big as or even bigger than the bears. I vowed right then and there that I wouldn’t quit lifting with the guys or following their instructions till I was as big as I could possibly be. I had a feeling that I was going to be huge by the time all was said and done. •

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