Ursa Major


By xythan_shadow

I understood why we were moving. Still, it’s hard to leave the place you grew up and lived most of your life. But I understood why. Southern California was just too smoggy for me. The doctors said that if I wanted to be better, I would have to move somewhere far away from the pollution. So, we packed up and moved to near the Redwood forests in the north.

It was a fairly long drive. Nothing much to see, just cars and trucks cruising down the highway. My father was rambling on and on about how he wish he could’ve grown up out in the country, far away from the busy cities. He also went on about how it’ll be great to run and play outside and do sports and such. I just daydreamed while staring out the window. I never was really interested in doing stuff outside. It was always so hard to breathe, even after just a little activity, that I stayed inside most of the time. I became good at video games and working on computers because I spent most of my time alone in the house. Sure, it sucked sometimes because the more athletic kids would pick on me, but what can you do?

I could feel the sun on my pale skin and I looked up at the sky. It seemed bluer than I could remember and more natural, so I assumed we were nearing our destination. An hour later, we arrived at this suburban area. We parked in this driveway leading up to this nice two story house and we all get out of the car. My dad took a deep breath and exhaled with a great sigh.

“Ahh, smell that fresh air. Go on boy, take a deep breath.”

I hesitated, but started inhaling the air. It felt crisp, clean and pure to my sinuses. I didn’t cough or wheeze or anything and soon I was taking in giant gulps of the cool air. My father smiled and we began to move stuff into our new home.

A few days later, my computer and games were yet to be unpacked and I decided to go for a walk I was wandering near the edge of the forest when I noticed what looked like a path. It wasn’t clearly marked, but definitely had signs of recent activity. My mind told me I shouldn’t explore, but something deep inside of me craved the unknown results of this venture, and after a few moments, I began walking down the path. The trail was dimly lit and the scurrying of small animals surrounded me, bringing me a level of serenity that I had scarcely felt at my former home. The scene was filled with natural beauty and contrasted greatly to the hard streets that filled my old home.

Then I turned a corner and was brought to a halt by something I’ve never seen before. There, in the clearing, was a group of burly, hairy men all having sex with each other. I stood there in awe as they went at it from various angles, stuffing cocks into holes left and right. I felt that I should be appalled and disgusted, but oddly, it seemed right. I never thought about it before and I was certain I was straight, but seeing those big guys fucking each other turned me on.

I leaned against a tree and watched these three go at it. The smallest guy was on the bottom and he was still huge compared to me. He had to be at least 6’ tall and 230 lbs. He was fairly muscular and had a decent package that was flapping around as another guy drilled him from the rear. This guy had to be the biggest of the three, standing at least 6’2’’ and 300 lbs. He had a bit of a gut but amazing looking arms and legs that stood out from the rest of his body. And from the way the guy was moaning, I can only assume that his cock was big and thick.

The third guy stood near the smaller guy’s head and rubbed his hair as he got fucked. I pegged him to be around 6’ also, but looked to be a lot meatier than the guy getting fucked. He was stroking his cock and I swear I had never seen anything that big. It had to be around 10 inches long and it was throbbing madly as he stroked it with his free hand. I could feel my pants tenting up slightly as he slowly slid the large meat into his partner’s mouth.

The trio’s moans mingled with the moans of the rest of the group and I couldn’t help but stroke my cock through my jeans. There was something masculine, something primal about this scene I was watching. I was so enthralled by it all. The muscles, the hair, the cocks and balls, I felt that I wanted to have more. I wanted to be in there, wrapped up in the embrace of a huge guy as he slides his meat into me. I didn’t even know I had this desire before, but now it was a major desire, almost a need.

“Enjoying the show?” a deep, growling voice said. I turned around to see a guy that looked like a square. He was short and wide, almost a perfect cube of muscle. He was naked except for his socks and shoes and at this distance I could see veins of muscle squirm and move under his glistening skin.

My breath hitched in my throat as I searched for a response. I felt a mixture of panic and arousal as I watched his heaving chest move up and down with the rhythm of his breathing. My eyes must have glazed over because he smiled and started flexing his chest. First the left pec, held it for a second, then the right pec. Back and forth the muscle bounced and I felt my cock getting harder and harder by the second. Through the fog that my mind was in, I heard his voice cut through, “Hey kid, you like this?”

I nodded my head a single time and he flashed me another toothy smile. He then raised his right arm and slowly contracted the ball of muscle, causing it to swell into a mass of power I couldn’t even begin to phantom. I’m sure at this point I was drooling, but nothing really mattered. “You want to be like this?” he asked, his voice once again cutting through the haze my mind was in.

I wiped my mouth with my sleeve and mumbled out all I could, “Uh huh.” He smiled at me and motioned for me to follow him. I felt kinda scared, following this lineman type guy into the mist of these huge guys. Part of me wanted to run, but it was immediately put down by the lust and eroticism that had completely engulfed my mind. He led me through the crowd of guys finishing up and took me to the center of the grove.

My world suddenly became very small as this large group of men began to surround me. There were guys of every body shape and color surrounding me, from thin guys barely bigger than me to humongous bodybuilders. They were all naked, sweating and exceptionally hot. I could feel the steam coming off their skin, smell the musk of man-on-man sex and could see hair and muscle all around me. Conflicting emotions rose in me. One was worried about what would happen, scared about being in the woods with a group of unknown gay men. The other was enthralled in almost pure bliss, being surrounded by such masculine beauty that he didn’t even know existed until a few moments ago.

I turned around in a circle, gazing at these guys as they all sat down around me. I began to draw up, feeling their eyes on me and their condescending gazes. The thick lineman type that led me down here sees my inhibition and says, “Hey little dude, it’ll be ok. I promise no one here is going to hurt you.”

I smiled and relaxed a little as the last guy sat down near a tree. The guy who I was drooling over raised his voice ever so slightly and spoke with tremendous authority, “Well fellow bears, seems we have ourselves another bear lover in our mists. What’s your name kid?”


“And how old are ya kid?”

“I’m 12 going on 13 sir.”

“And do you really like what you see ‘round here?”

I looked around at the guys surrounding me. There were a few sitting by themselves looking at me, a few snuggling up with each other and a few kissing passionately. There was muscle and cocks everywhere and everyone seemed so free with themselves and each other.

“Yes, I do like what I see.”

“Would you like to become one of us?”

I eagerly nodded my head and the big guy smiled, “So, who would you most like to be?”

I looked around, noticing everyone seemed to be focused on my answer. I was reluctant to choose who I wanted to be like most because I didn’t want to offend anyone, but the big guy near me whispered, “Don’t worry, just be honest with yourself, everyone will be happy for you no matter who you pick.”

I turn back to the group and let my feelings guide me. My eyes seem to constantly drift to the same guy after several sweeps of the group. This guy was the biggest guy there. He towered over everyone else, at least 6’8’’ feet tall and humongous. He had to be at least 350 lbs of massive muscle monster. He had a goatee and a pair of glasses, but what struck me most, besides his amazing stature, was the cute, almost innocent smile he had. He noticed me looking at him more than the rest and his grin broke into a full smile. Once I saw that smile, I knew I wanted to be him. It wasn’t just because of his amazing physique or his towering size, but the kind and gentle appearance that belonged to this powerful beast of a man.

My guide saw my intentions and motioned for the huge man to come to us. In two giant steps, he was standing next to me. At this range, I had to lean back a bit to look up at the underside of his massive chest. This guy was amazingly big. His legs were larger than me, thick with veins and full of power. His chest was startlingly wide, hairy with huge muscles and led down to his stomach which was smooth and solid from what I could tell, with a faint 6 pack and a beautiful V shape.

His arms were even more amazing, if that was possible. His hands look like they could cover my head easily and were connected to Popeye sized forearms corded with thick veins rippling with power. From the looks of it, he could easily crush my skull if he wanted to. Those led to the largest biceps and triceps I could imagine. The top of the arm looked like someone stuffed some large fruit in it and the back looked like a Clydesdale horseshoe. He wasn’t flexing in any way, but each muscle stood out as if they were tensed and pulsed with blood as he stood there.

My gaze traveled down his body to his legs. They were as thick as my guide’s legs, but stretched out longer which made them look a bit bigger and stronger. The meaty thighs led down towards a set of calves which had to be bigger than my head. I guess you would have to have powerful legs to hold up all that mass. From the front I could tell they were exceptionally powerful and solid.

Then finally, after avoiding looking at it, I went back to his cock. I held in a gasp as I saw it. It was long and thick, hanging down halfway to his knee against a backdrop of two golf-sized balls and a bush of thick golden brown hair.

My guide’s voice broke me out of my trance, “So, is this what you wanna be when you grow up?”

I looked at my guide, then the big guy again, seeing a gentleness and playfulness in his eyes and I said, “Yes, I do.”

Everyone in the clearing started clapping and I couldn’t understand why. My guide spoke up though and told me that “Allen” would take me to the side and explain everything. I followed my giant mentor to the side where he put on a pair of extremely tight shorts that accented his muscles and cock and sat down next to a tree. I sat down next to him and saw that we had a nice view of the clearing.

We sat there as Allen explained a lot to me. He told me that all the guys here were members of the bear lodge. He also explained the concept of beardom to me. Basically, bears are usually masculine gay guys, sometimes hairy, mostly big, and very cuddly. I could easily see myself being one. He also explained to me cubs, daddies, musclebears, musclecubs and chasers. It was a lot of information to take in, but the one thing I know for a fact is that Allen is a musclebear and he’s going to help me become one.

We sat and chatted for a while as the rest of the bears and cubs continued their activities. I couldn’t help but be enthralled by my mentor though. He was everything I wasn’t; strong, handsome, huge and happy. But Allen told me repeatedly that I could be everything he was and more, and that he would help me in every way possible. For some reason, I believed him more and more, and eventually, the sun began to set.

The party began to disperse and I was afraid of what my parents would think and say. Allen stood up and extended his huge hand. I grabbed it, amazed at how much bigger it was than mine, and got up.

“Well, I guess it’s about time for me to meet your parents.”

I froze. This is exactly what I was afraid of. What would my parents do? Would they accept this huge guy as my mentor? But Allen saw the worry in my eyes and patted me on the shoulder. “It’ll be ok, I’m sure your folks will love me,” he said with a chuckle. I was still slightly worried, but I let him guide me out of the forest and we walked back to my house.

The meeting with my parents went a lot more smoothly than I would’ve imagined. They both came to the door when I rang the bell, and both stood there looking up at my huge mentor. Now my dad wasn’t a small guy. He was fairly big and strong in his younger days, but lost a little size and strength. But when Allen walked into the house, twisting slightly to fit through the door, even my dad was awed. They shook hands and I could see my father smiling a bit.

We all sat down in the living room, the couch and coffee table the only things in place, and Allen proceeded to tell my parents almost everything. He told them about the bear lodge, about my desire to be a bear, about the meaning of being a bear, etc…. The only thing he didn’t mention was the details of the sex in the woods. He also told my parents that he was the head football coach at the high school and that he wanted to take me under his wings to help me grow into the biggest and best person I could be.

My father was holding in a grin as my mother asked me my thoughts. I simply told her that Allen was everything I wanted to grow up to be, no offense to my father. My dad broke into laughter and said, “Gabriel, you don’t know how happy I am. I love you no matter what, but I was afraid that you would’ve grown up to just be a geek. I’m thrilled that you want to become a jock.”

My mother gave him a sideways glance and he shrugged and said, “What? It’s true.”

We all laughed as my mother sighed. Allen then went over the details of his plan to buff me up and turn me into a giant musclebear. A lot of the details went over my head, but from the way my father was acting, it was all fairly normal stuff. My mother motioned for me to follow her into the kitchen. Once there, she fixed herself a glass of water, then turned to me. She looked deep into my eyes and whispered a single statement, “Did he do anything to you?”

I burst into laughter and my mother shushed me quickly. I replied, “Mom, if he wanted to do something to me, he could’ve easily done it before we got here. And I’m sure there’s a ton of places that he knows of that he could’ve taken me. No, I trust him mom. I know deep down he wouldn’t do anything to hurt me.”

She leaned down and placed her hand on my shoulder, “You’ll be careful right? You’re my big boy and I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to you.”

I blushed and said, “Yeah mom, I’ll be careful.” •

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