By MuscleBear

The irony in his voice thrilled me. This man knew exactly what was going to happen next. He suddenly grabbed my balls in one of his big hands and took two steps forward, his other arm preventing me from falling over. Pressed between the wall and his solid muscles I could barely move as he rubbed my raging hardon and balls against his crotch. He made fucking movements with his body, and I could feel his wet dick pressing into the meat of my stomach. His left hand grabbed the long hair in the back of my neck and he pulled my head backwards. His strength was irresistibly and he started to kiss my neck. He was passionate and rough, his tongue rubbing my skin until he grunted a little and started to softly nibble on my throat, his teeth nearly raking my skin, I was completely helpless before this man. My knees buckling I grabbed his left arm to get a hold, and felt his huge biceps against my face when he put his arms around me to keep me up against the wall. The huge shape of his arms, the taut muscle straining against the skin nearly made me come on the spot. My breathing stopped for a second and I heard the sharp intake of breath when he flexed his arm to a full front biceps pose and with his right hand crushed my face against his solid muscle. He had noticed my reaction and was playing into it! "Yeah Cam, that's what a real man's arm should look like don't you think. You like that don't you, me running your face over my arm like that. Come on, bite it. Don't be so squeamish boy, eat it! Eat my muscle!" I opened my mouth wide and he almost violently rubbed my face against his biceps. The veins on his arms stood out, and he wasn't even pumped yet! He nearly crushed my face when he pulled me to his chest, my face stuck between his pecs and biceps. He flexed and nearly crushed me, only letting me catch my breath when I started to spin on my feet. He once again pulled back my head and started a long, wet kiss. His tongue was demanding, just as the man. His white teeth sometimes biting, sometimes playfully raking my tongue. His saliva was clear and a bit sweet. My hands were rubbing through his dense, still wet blond hair. We both breathed heavily and I could feel my stomach getting wet of the pre-cum he generated in huge amounts. I grabbed for his dick, and this time it was his back that arched. My hand had struck paydirt and I now had his throbbing head in my hand, and as I firmly squeezed a gulf of precum filled my hand. I rubbed it over his dick, getting it slick and wet. I looked up to tell him I wanted him, but the look in his eyes was enough for me. He bent down a little and lifted me of my feet, my back against the wall, and he started to suck my dick! His head slightly bent forward he started to do a strange sort of arm curls, pumping his biceps by lifting me up and down. My dick, rising and falling, was facefucking this god of a man. I could see a rush of blood going to his arms, the veins quickly rising up. He sucked hard, his face slowly turning red, the thick neckmuscles nearly popping with veins. He sometimes paused, holding me effortlessly in the air, slowly sucking my head or putting his tongue in my piss-slid. He licked around my cock-head, and made me wish for his cock up my ass. I bent over and grabbed his now sweaty hot neckmuscles. He pulled me closer and slowly started to let me down again, grinding my dick against his chest muscles. He held me there a few seconds and flexed his pecs with my dick deeply in the hairy crevice between them. God, he knew how to use his body... His huge callused hands separated my buns, and I felt the pre-cum leaking, hot head of his gargantuan dick pressing against my hot man-hole. I started to pull up my legs, but he deftly moved most my weight against the wall so his hands were on my upper legs, holding me up and my legs wide apart. Without missing a beat he sucked hard on my left chestmuscle and nipple, biting hard. I grabbed him around the head and moaned as he let gravity do the work. I tried to get off, but he hold me too well to get free. "Easy does it Cam, don't worry, I won't hurt you. Much..." His warm voice, without irony now and with a bit of humor warmed me inside. His voice was one of which only a few people I know of have good command off. He had the kind of voice that could make you quiver of fear, or lust... His slick wet dick was really pushing hard now and I was a bit scared. "You do want me to fuck your little tight ass, don't you?", he asked, his mouth against my skin. "Don't you want my muscle-meat up there beating the shit out of you?". I moaned as I felt his dick slipping in my ass hole. "Please, be easy, you're so BIG! I nearly yelled. "Let's lie down or something, ugh..." His hard dick wasn't going to stop until he had come deep inside of me and we both knew it. I needed to get really hot, real quick or I was about to get raped. I pulled on his strong arms and he allowed me to lean against the wall. I nearly begged him to put his pumped arms around my head, driving me wild with his hot, nicely veined biceps. I bit down hard on his biceps as he grinded down inside of me. I nearly veined with lust. The pain and fear were gone and I bucked down on his hard dick. He pumped hard but soon let me down on my back, pulling my legs over my shoulders. With me gliding my hands over his hot body, feeling his pecs and arms he was fucking me good. He gave me little but hard pushes of his dick, only grinding in his dick deeper with each stroke, his balls slapping against my ass. He looked up, his eyes looking a little wild. "Go for it coach!" I nearly yelled, my hard dick swinging wildly against his washboard stomach. His back arched and he pulled out his huge manmeat. I could see the large veins on his dick filling as he pumped up his dick hard and only left his cock-head inside me. His flowing muscles, sweat dripping from his hairy chest, rippled as he heaved his dick back inside my tight hole. He actually moved my body with his hard style of fucking, and I felt like I was taken by a big bull. I closed my eyes, and tears of ecstasy welled up. I noticed I was again sucking and biting on his hard muscled arms, every part of them I could reach. He swung his head a bit and grunted, shifting in a higher gear of fucking. He really started pumping his big dick now. Taking it out all the way and pushing down hard. His throbbing dick hurt me so good I wished he would never stop. When I looked up I saw he was watching my face intently, and feeling for my cock. He started to jerk me off and I grabbed the back of his neck. "Come on man, fuck me!" I yelled in his faced. I wanted, no NEEDED him to come in me. I never had felt this before. He grinned and bore down hard. His dick growing harder, he started to do some kind of rabbit stroke. His giant dick flashing in and out of me and I could feel myself reaching my orgasm fast. "I can't keep this up for long", he grunted. "Come in me God 'dammit. Do it. Fuck me! Harder!", I begged and hurt at the same time, wishing for more, yet fearing he could keep this up much longer. He let go of my dick for just a second to pull me up against his dick. He was now sitting on his knees, his dick pumped hard, just as his muscles. "Watch me!" his voice commanding, and I had to look at him. He had his right arm behind his neck now and flexing his biceps he licked the solid globe of muscle it formed. His wet tongue licked his solid muscle, his teeth caressing the veined skin. He slowly flexed his arm, his biceps bulging and stretching in front of me. His other hand jerked my hard dick, nearly beating my semen from my body. I felt myself coming. My ass twitched around his dick and he felt me starting to come too. He grabbed my waist and started fucking me again, fast and hard. His now encourged 12' dick was rockhard, and I could actually feel the veins on it, evidence he was as hard as he could get. He flashed his white teeth at me as he started to grab my legs and nearly crushed them with his huge paws. He grunted and threw back his head. My belly felt like bursting, and my dick was veined itself now. Without any stimulating on my dick, I started to come, and I could feel him rushing to meet me. We both came, me quivering all over, holding on for life as this man came inside of me. I could feel his throbbing burst of sperm hitting my insides as he grunted, his face distorted by his orgasm. He didn't stop fucking but kept it up until he had come. His whole body was one rockhard muscle by now. Once pumped up, this guy good enter a heavyweight bodybuilder contest and probably make it to the top five winners. My breathing was heavy as he lowered himself on me. He waited a few moments before he took out his dick. I was grateful for it and enjoyed the way his dick felt after my orgasm. He squeezed out of me and now rested his full weight on me. His heavy masculine form was hot and I licked some of his sweat from his neck. We kissed long, and I learned this guy could be tamed and be gentle if he wanted to. I rubbed and kissed him all over and he flexed for me, enjoying the attention to his body as we rested. I noticed once again the few scars he had on his hands, some of which looked new. He explained he had a part-time night job, as a bouncer in a 'mixed' gay- singles bar, near the harbor area. Some of the guys hanging out there weren't there for fun, at least the gay guys who got beaten up by them didn't think so. "You can fight too?" I asked amazed. "Sure", he smiled," didn't I mention I used to be in the marines?" He hadn't. My fastly swollen dick drew out a laugh, and he jerked it a few times. "So you like the idea of me fighting don't you?" he said. "Would you fight for me?", I asked. "For you? Sure. Just point me to the guy and I'll break a couple of legs for you, if he's lucky!", his smiling face assured me. My hard grown dick pulsed in his hand by now and he started sucking, then he looked up, seriously. "I mean it Cam, if you're ever in trouble, or if someone has hurt you, call me. I'll be there for you, and if needed I'll break his neck with these very arms of mine". "How?" I asked quivering, liking the idea of him fighting for me. "Like so", he said, and he stretched his arm. He put my dick against his elbow en did a front biceps pose. My dick was now firmly held between his underarm and biceps. He squeezed hard until my cockhead got blue then released the pressure a bit. "Like this!" His face was smiling but his eyes were stonily cold and serious. The green color almost emerald as they sparkled as he imagined me getting hurt my someone. "But first I'll make them pay for what they did to you!", and he squeezed my dick again, as he unconsciously flexed his arms, still caught between his biceps and under arm. I wanted him to keep doing the arm thing since it was a boyhood fantasy of mine, but he pulled me up and close to him. "I love you Cam", his eyes strangely vulnerable. "I think I'd kill for you", his voice soft. This man had seen things, I suddenly realized, and done things to men he wasn't particularly proud of, or ashamed. "So", I asked, trying to eleviate the subject, "where do you work then?". "In 'Harry's', he's a straight guy, but has a brother who was gay". "Was?". "Yeah, he got killed by a couple of guys after one of them picked them up. That's why Harry doesn't mind me being 'tough' on the guys who make trouble near his place." The look in his eyes turned me to stone as I realized this man's story. "That was your lover, wasn't he?." He looked up, shocked that I read him so easily, but glad at the same time. "Yeah, I was away for a couple of days. We had had a small quarrel, over nothing really. We never had the change to make up." "You want to come with me to Harry's, next week-end?", he asked. "Sure", I said "if that's ok?". "Don't worry, Harry's ok." his eyes truly smiling again. We kissed and took a shower in the office right there. The one man shower was a bit crowded, but we managed. He came first this time, when we did a 69 right there. How? Easy if you have a guy who is strong enough to lift you upside down for some time. I really wanted to come off with the biceps hold, maybe letting me lick the sperm of it afterwards. Ah well, maybe after Harry's. That is, if there wasn't any trouble. Harry's could be rough he told me. •

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