Little Monster


By Luxury

“So how do you like me now?” he said in a deep booming voice. He knew he had gained all this power over me. He loved making me feel smaller, after all I did make him feel that way for years. Shit, what have I done, how did I get myself into this problem. Then he picked me up. I was like nothing to him now. He has gained so much strength. “Come on bro, lets go have a little fun.” He then decided to take me outside, which I thought was odd. “Dude, you’re naked, are you ok with that?” I asked him. “Haha, I’m a muscle god now, I want people to see my perfection!” his voice shaking the ground. “So where is your Pickup truck?” looking around for it. “It’s in the garage, why?” I said. “You’ll see.” He said back. He proceeded to the garage, opened the door, and told me to bring the truck out for him. I drove it out for him. “Want to see some power, bro?” He took his two hands, put them on the back end of the truck and started to lift. The truck started to lift off the ground. “Holy Shit!” I thought. You could see the veins in his forearms going up to his biceps straining and growing to accompany this weight. He managed to lift it half-way, then drop it. Then he proceeded to flex his massive biceps, they looked like they grew another inch! Veins were exploding all over them. “Think I can flip the truck over, bro?” he said. “Dude, that’s a new truck!” I cried. He took his two massive arms and started to lift it again. You could see his whole body just grow, it was amazing, I didn’t even care about the truck, he was so beautiful. All the grunting, you could see his arms just expanding, growing to lift that weight. Soon enough, he flipped the truck over. “FUCK YEAH! I’M POWERFUL!” his dick growing with all that excitement going on. “Come on bro, lets celebrate my new found power!” I was scared to know what was coming next. He took me back to his bedroom. “Bro, feel my new found muscles, my new found power, my new found godliness.” I had no choice I had to worship this new god whether I wanted to or not. So I started from the top, his neck was so huge, I took my hands and started to feel his huge neck, you could see it was all muscle, the veins just feeding into it. His Adam apple was huge, then I moved down to his traps, and shoulders area, he was so wide. I couldn’t help but rub then, he groaned loving the worshipping I was doing. “Fuck, dude you’re good.” Then I moved to his pecs, two massive what looked like globes on his chest. I licked his nipple, he moaned, loving it. He would put all the world’s most powerful muscle men down. Then I couldn’t forget about his massive arms. His biceps must have been 30+ inches around. Veins just feeding into them. He flexed them for me and it just amazed me, they were gigantic. He loved the power, he loved how his massiveness was making me weak. His forearms were thicker than my biceps, or even my quads. Then I moved to his eight pack. God, that thing was as hard as a rock. I could help but feel that over and over again. Groaning he said to me “Dude, you’re good at this.” I couldn’t help but lick his abs over and over again. They were so rigid and firm. Then I moved to his massive member, that thing must have been a foot or longer, and so extremely thick. I skipped it for now though, for I wanted to enjoy his legs, his quads were so thick, his calves, and all of his back, looked so powerful, so unbelievably huge. I just could help but get a boner. Speaking of that I went back to his, I started to suck him off, he moaned with delight. “Oh, yeah!” he moaned. I sucked him harder and harder. “Oh God, here it comes!” he moaned. All of a sudden he exploded all over the place. It went everywhere too. I couldn’t help myself either I exploded in my pants. It seemed to have worn him out and he passed out on his bed. I just stayed with him. As he turned to the side, I could see his massive back, that thing had muscle upon muscle on it. I was wondering what was going through his mind while he was getting so big. Then I snapped back to reality when I thought of that. I couldn’t let my little bro be bigger than me. I was the one who was supposed to be bigger. Wait a minute wasn’t there still a half of mixture somewhere? I need to find it, I need to get bigger than him. Then he decided to turn around on the bed and trap me with his massive arm. How was I going to move his arm, it was so heavy. Somehow I managed to get that massive thing off me so I could search his room. I know it was here somewhere. I had to do this before he woke up again after that erotic performance we had earlier. Where was it, I couldn’t find it, then it just sort of fell into my lap, not literally, it was on the floor. Now if I could just get the damn cap off. Wow he was strong even before he took this stupid thing. So I looked for something to take the cap off, anything before he woke up, before he could take it away from me. There were some gloves here, “maybe those will help” I thought to myself. My hands were raw from trying to open it. I finally opened it. I whispered to myself “Now it’s my turn little brother!” but before I could even take a drop, and huge massive hand grabbed my neck. It was my brother, my angry massive brother. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” •

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