Little Monster


By Luxury

“Hey Tim, little bro, how was your day?”

“Pretty Good, but could you please not call me little, I hate that and you know it!” he said to me. He always hated how I put him down for being smaller than me. It wasn’t to be mean but I loved knowing I was bigger than him. “Well little guy I am much bigger than you” flexing my bicep in front of him. “Jesus dude I wish I could get as jacked as you” he said in kind of a sad voice to me. I didn’t mean to put the poor kid down, I felt kind of bad making fun of him for his size. See he is only 5’6” 120lbs and is really skinny. I mean for an 18 year old he is rather small. See I’m 6’ 200lbs of muscle, I’m 22 years old. I love being big no one could ever mess around with me at high school and I was rather popular. My bro on the other hand has had a tough time at school, so I protect him often, although he resents the fact that I do. “Why can’t I be as big as you? All I want is to be like you, you are so lucky, you get respect for being your size, help me get big so you don’t have to protect me anymore” he said desperately. Now I felt bad about flexing in front of him, making him feel like shit. “Fine I’ll help starting tomorrow, but you’ll never be as big as me.” I still like belittling him though. He looked at me with anger after that statement, it did put a little fear into my mind, but then I thought it would never come back on me. I watched him slowly go back to his room, later on I heard him crying, I did feel a little bad but thought the kid has to learn reality otherwise he will keep living this fantasy of one day being huge. He just doesn’t have the body type. The next day I went downstairs to have breakfast, see we lived alone because our parents died 3 years earlier, in a car crash. So it has been tough on both of us. He looked at me funny before he got ready for school, like I said something that really hurt him yesterday. “Dude why are you so mean to me, why do you ruin my dreams?” he cried. “You have to learn reality kid, some things just will never happen.” He looked at me with real anger and said “Well one day you will get what’s coming to you for downing me all the time about this!” He said. I felt bad for him but one thing is for sure he really has to grow up if he wants to live in the real world. I went to go workout, and he proceeded to the bus. Then the afternoon came, he arrived back from school, “Hey man hows it going feeling a little better?” I said. He didn’t even look at me and just went up stairs. There was a package for him that someone sent him, he didn’t give a return address but I figure it’s his so I better not open it. “Hey man, I have a package for you, why don’t you open it?” I said because I was curious to see what it was. He didn’t say anything while he opened the package. “This is odd he said, there is only a bottle here.” Curiously he said. “Hey look there is a little note here.” The note said “Drink only a teaspoon, and dispose of the rest.” I laughed. However Tim looked curiously at it. “Hey why not try it?” He took the bottle and drank about half it. “Dude?!, Are you Crazy? What if there is poison in that bottle?” I said alarmingly. My brother could be so stupid sometimes. I swear if anything happens to him he is on his own. “Well I guess nothing is going to happ…..” before he could finish his sentence he started moaning. “What’s wrong!?” He couldn’t even reply he was so much in pain. “Oh Help, please bro, ouch……” Then just like that it stopped. He stood up he looked a little different somehow. He looked slightly more muscular but I wasn’t sure. “Hey take off your shirt” I said. He did. “Shit dude you have a six pack now, what is that stuff?!” I said surprisingly. He put his shirt back on a little embarrassed. “I don’t know broth…” Then another spasm hit this time stronger, and less painful for him. The grunting, the sweating and the pounding for about one whole minute. Then he stood up he then lowly grunted “YES!”

I was about to see something that I couldn’t believe.

All of a sudden Tim’s body began buldging out. His arms began to inflate from those tiny little baseballs to softballs no wait maybe even as big as cantelopes. His forearms became huge and veiny, as he was letting out grunts of pleasure. His back widened and his shoulders shot out to accommodate his growing frame. You could see his shirt was straining from all this sudden growth, while his chest was giving way to two huge slabs of meat, his pecks look like they were going to burst through his shirt. He knew this was happening and started to fall in love with it. He lifted his arms an did a double bicep pose. His shirt exploded revealing a huge upper body that would have gasped even the largest bodybuilder. His pecks were two huge orbs, his six pack expanded to an eight pack, he seemed so wide. All I could do was watch as this guy became a monster. Then his growth expanded down to his legs, man you could see the fabric in his jeans starting to tighten as his legs became incredible thick. Soon enough his jeans became too tight and started to split. He laughed knowing the muscle that he dreamed of having. He took his massive arm and ripped his jeans off. Revealing two massively muscled veiny thick legs. All that was left was his underwear, which was about to go to a massive package. You could see his massive cock just ready to blow out of his underwear. After a few more seconds it did. He roared. He was thrilled he ripped apart all of his clothes and was a huge monster. He continued to grow, until he became simply enormous. He was a god. I got the hugest hard on from it, even if it was my brother. He stood there enjoying his knew found muscle and strength. He didn’t grow much taller but he grew so much thicker. He then walked up to me knowing his power now, and pressed his huge naked body against me. He knew his power he knew it was his turn. What was I going to do with a massive muscle brother who I put down all the time? •

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