By Choco_Cow

You've heard most of this before...I'm a lurker here, and I have been for a few months now. This is my first shot at a story of this nature sooo *bites my lip* Here goes nothin

I had been gifted, since birth with what seemed to be like unnatural strength to most. Ever since I was a small child, running and playing around the back yard, I knew I wasn’t like other kids. Most 8 year olds couldn’t lift a picnic table over their heads. Most kids couldn’t punch through a wall and not feel any pain.

Through an awkward phase in middle school to a jock phase in high school, my strength only seemed to grow with each passing year, and exploded once I hit puberty. The kind of control I had over my body was simply unparalleled. I could lift all the weights in the weight room put together, without breaking a sweat. I won MVP of the Varsity Football team and went all the way to the top in Wrestling, earning the gazes of several Big Ten colleges, succeeding in getting starting position at University of Texas. My body was raw muscle, perfectly proportioned to the hilt. At a good 6’4 and 260 pounds, I was fast and strong, the coaches fought over me for the first few months, until they found out I had enough stamina to play both sides of the field. As a running back and a defensive lineman, I was unstoppable, and I still managed to get my degree in Chemical Engineering.

I had offers to go pro, but I knew just how short termed they could be. And how much more money I could make doing what I loved to do…messing with the body…seeing how they tick, to put it bluntly. I didn’t think I’d ever find someone with my strength, or my stamina, my speed. I didn’t think I’d find anyone else that was superhuman. That day had started like every other day really. I was never bored with my job, and I loved the work I did, but each day begins exactly the same for me.

I walked easily through the three or four security checkpoints, looking up to the sky as I continued thinking about my latest set of clients. It was a group of four, ranging in the ages from 18 to 36, every one of them was a different body type, and each one of them, as I heard, was like me in some aspect or another…powerful. More than they should be.

I nearly came the first time I saw what some of them could do. How each of them had come to light was amazing as well. Feats of strength that couldn’t be explained, near Godlike proportions…Perfection of the male form…I smiled a bit at that, finally ending in my department, shrugging off my lab coat, and walking easily from the carpeted area that served as a sort of lounge for all the scientists, and the clean, near sterile atmosphere of the lab itself.

Waiting for me on my desk were a listing of all the men I’d be observing for the next few months.

The First one was Shawn Castillo, age 18. As I came upon his most recent photo, I gasped, nearly dropping it as I sat down to get more comfortable. It was a picture of him and his sister leaning against a rock face, smirking a bit. Confirming what my eyes saw with the stat sheets. He was a strapping 6’3, and a good 270 pounds, looking at his shirtless form in the picture, I noticed the lack of fat on the boy’s body—6% according to the sheet—which was apparent in the striations that rippled over his form even in still life. His pectorals glistened in the picture, apparently covered in sweat from the hike to the rock face, his abs, all eight of them perfectly defined and deep enough to lose a finger in. His arms rest at his side, un-flexed they stood out to near the size of footballs. His hands were curled into fists, which made the muscles of his forearms stand out in detail.

The three deltoid muscles were fighting for room on his broad shoulders, the folds between them deep and inviting. His traps seemed to meet near his ears, his neck thick and perfectly sculpted.

As I looked down to his jeans, they seemed to be struggling to hold on, his quads thick and defined, all four muscles in sharp relief. The picture was of course 2-D, so I couldn’t see the rest of him, but from what I could see, he looked nearly flawless, including his dark good looks thanks to his Italian heritage, and the grey green eyes that nearly glowed from his face. His hair was short clipped, gelled up into spikes. The smirk on his face was sexy and confident.

I smiled softly. Looking over the stat sheet, as I flipped through the rest of his near life story. Apparently his body had gotten a boost since puberty, as within the space of about a year he went from 215 to 240, and the next year up to 270. . I placed the files carefully back into the folder, and looked up to the door. Shawn would be first.

I got to my feet easily, before looking towards one of the observation areas. I simply had to see what the man was up to…and how he could be used appropriately. •

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