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I stuttered, starting to say something, anything, and the coach smiled. "Don't worry about it, Cam. No need to get your balls in a knot." He sat down in his chair, clasped his big hands behind his head and leaned back. I stood in front of the desk, feeling like I was back in highschool, called in before the principal. But no principal I'd ever had to face was this sexy. He examined me with his intense green eyes, as I couldn't help but stare at his hard, bulging biceps, taut as shifted his hands behind his head. He leaned back in his chair, and put his feet up on the desk as I babbled something about being confused, about never having been with a man, about not knowing what he was talking about. All the while, my eyes raked over his body. Those great slabs of muscle that were his pecs, pressing tight against each other. I yearned to run my tongue down that deep crevice, to have him flex and trap it there. He kept slowly, unconsciously, flexing his biceps as he sat there, listening to me babble. My eyes drawn to those pulsing muscles that rose and fell hypnotically, I lost my train of thought and fell into silence. My dick began to grow hard in my jeans and I simply stared at him as he regarded me stonily, my words lost. "You like what you see, Cam?" he asked, finally. I nodded, unable to say anything, my throat dry. I was sweating in my clothes as I watched his dick slowly rise, pushing at his towel, finally dislodging it from around his waist. It feel around his waist and my eyes widened, unbelieving. I'd only seen his dick from a distance before, and it seemed pretty impressive then. But now! From across the desk, I could see that his cock must be at least 11 inches, and thick! I'd seen pictures like that in magazines, but had always assumed that they'd been graphically enhanced. But here it was, large as life and twice as hot! I desperately wanted to reach out and touch it, but something kept me rooted to my place. Finally the coach stood up to his full height, and walked over to me. I watched the light glisten on his still-wet body as he came slowly around the desk, and stood directly in front of me, his dick almost touching my belt buckle. He just stood there, massive, blocking the light from his desk lamp, so that I remained in his shadow. We must have stood there for 2 minutes before I reached out to touch his chest... I touched his nipple first, red and pointy, buried in a forest of chest hair. It responded to my touch and grew hard. And suddenly, Coach grabbed me in his big arms and crushed me to his body, his lips bruising mine. Our teeth banged against each other as he drove his tongue into my mouth, and I responded with equal passion. His cock ground against my abs and I bit down on his tongue, trapping it in my mouth. He felt so good, that I started to black out, my vision getting dark. My head back, he licked my neck, his stubble rubbing against my skin, bringing me back to the moment. My cock screamed for release and he clawed at my jeans. Seeing that big man, his deltoids bunching and flexing as he struggled with my belt, put me over the top and by the time he got my cock out of my jeans it was already streaming precum. "Pretty enthusiastic, aren฿t' you Cam?" he said, grinning evilly. "When you get going, that is." I chuckled and said "Well, I could hardly help myself, with you around." "HARD-ly" he said, and chuckled himself, as he squeezed my dick. He pulled my jeans slowly off the my legs, and I stood there, naked, in front of the sexiest man I'd ever seen. We were both breathing hard, our cocks throbbing softly, and he slowly flexed his whole body. Starting with his calves, each of his muscles hardened and grew as he tensed his gargantuan form, his thighs bulging out, his abs clenched into 6 solid bricks. His chest rippled and his lats flared out from his back, while his shoulders mounted up beside his incredibly thick neck. Finally he flexed his way down his arms, and his biceps bulged unbelievably, separating from his formidable triceps. At last his forearms tightened. By this time my dick was quivering uncontrollably, and dripping like a faucet. He grinned. "What shall we do now?" •

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