Zuberi the Orphan


By johnd7102000

The next day Zuberi jumped into the van and yelled, "I'm hungry! I'm so hungry I could eat a whole chicken. Maybe two chickens. I'm so hungry!" I realized that after his feast yesterday he had had only a half portion of dinner and a half portion of breakfast. No wonder he was so hungry. The new exercises had caused his muscles to start growing and they wanted food. His body was now growing rapidly and it needed more food. His appetite had returned in spades. We got to my unit and he ran inside. "Food, food," he yelled. He was like a wild man. "First we've gotta weigh you," I said. "Let's see how much you've grown." He jumped on the scale. The needle went up to 85 pounds. "Wow, you've gained another three pounds. You're five pounds heavier than you were two days ago." He looked into the mirror and flexed his biceps. The fibers of muscle were definitely showing in his arms. Plus I could see little fibers of muscle in his shoulders and his pecs. His legs looked more solid, with muscle fibers growing there too. "Yeah," he yelled, only briefly looking at his body. He turned to me and yelled, "Food, food!" I looked at him seriously. "You weren't sick, were you Zuberi? Did you feel okay after eating all that chicken and the milk?" He smiled. "I felt great! My body loved the food. My shit was even bigger this morning. Now give me more food. I'm really hungry." I brought out one cup of his normal grain cereal, which he wolfed down so fast I could hardly believe it. Then I brought out the rest of the chicken (3/4 of a whole chicken) and a couple of ears of corn. Plus a whole quart of milk. He looked at the food and smiled. He started eating the chicken. Then he ate an ear of corn. Then some milk. Then some more chicken, the rest of the corn and finally the remaining chicken plus the milk. He finished off the whole meal in five minutes. "That was so good," he said, licking his fingers. "But I'm still hungry." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I gave him another cup of his grainy cereal. He poured milk on top of it and wolfed it down. "That's your dessert," I said, marveling at how much he had just eaten. His stomach must have expanded because he had no problem putting away that much food.

He leaped up from the table and ran over to the weights. "Time to work out," he said, like he was a trained Olympic athlete. This time he did three sets of all the exercises we did yesterday. And I added weights to the dumbbell, so he was now lifting five pounds instead of 2-1/2. . While he could do only one set of eight or ten reps yesterday, this day he was doing three sets of 10 with double the weight. And he made it look easy. I decided to give him a challenge. I put the barbell bar, which weighed 20 pounds, at his feet. "Pick it up," I said. He looked at the bar and then bent down and picked it up. "Press it up over your head, just like you did with the little dumbbell bars." He got the bar to his shoulders and then pressed it up. He slowed down at little near the top, but he got it all the way up and locked his elbows. "Fantastic!" I yelled. He tried to do another rep, but failed after getting half way up. I spotted him and he finished the rep. Then he did three more reps with my help. He looked in the mirror and raised his arms up and down. "I'm getting strong!" he said, smiling broadly. We did some bench presses, rowing motions, squats and toe raises with the same weight and he managed to do a couple sets pf severa; reps with my help. He tried to curl the 20 pound bar, but needed my help even for the first rep. Then we did another one and he said his biceps were burning. And then we did a third rep and he said his biceps were on fire. “No pain no gain,” I said as he flexed his biceps in the mirror. They were definitely getting larger. I could see the flexing fibers under his paper thin skin. I felt the muscle and it felt very hard. Hard like a rock. Zuberi had been working out only three days and his muscles already felt very hard when he flexed. He finished off doing sit ups and now he could do five on his own. He did three sets, with me helping him finish five reps in each set. He was exhausted. But his body looked radiant. His little muscles were all bulging under his thin skin. They were getting pumped with blood. I could see his veins, now pulsating with blood feeding the muscles.

"More food," he said. "I'm hungry again." He ate another half chicken, two more ears of corn and another cup of his grainy cereal. Plus another quart of milk. I thought I saw his stomach bulging out a little, with all the food it was holding. We watched some TV and then he ate again, just before we had to go back to the camp. He finished off the chicken and two more ears of corn. Plus another cup of grainy cereal and a quart of milk. That afternoon he ate 1-3/4 chickens, 6 ears of corn, three cups of his grainy cereal and three quarts of milk. I just couldn't believe how much this 14 year old boy could eat.

I didn't want him to starve again after his little half cup dinner and half cup breakfast. He needed lots of food in his body and it wasn't right to force him to eat all of it in four hours. So I made him a big protein shake and took it with me to dinner. I showed him where I hid it and he ate it after dinner. "That shake tasted real good," he said the next morning as I showed him the hiding place for his morning shake. Each shake had 75 grams of protein and lots of other nutrients. He ran over the van after lunch, still yelling that he was hungry. His appetite was just enormous.

When we got to my unit, he jumped on the scale. The needle jumped to 90 pounds. "Holy shit," I said. "You gained five pounds. All that food is turning into muscle!" He flexed his arms in the mirror and we both saw the biceps that were now bulging under his skin. His shoulders were showing fibers of muscle and his pecs were showing too. He was even developing some lats, although they were very small. I could see a little eight pack developing in his waist. He had absolutely no fat, so the little muscle he had put on was showing completely. And his legs were getting thicker, with strands of muscles showing under his black skin. "Yeah," he yelled. "I'm getting muscle. I'm gonna have bigger muscles than Kwame!" I looked at his body and nodded. "You sure are," I said. I was just so pleased for Zuberi.

This time we added 10 pounds to the 20 pound barbell bar, making 30 pounds for for most of his exercises. He was able to press it for reps of 10, 8 and 6 in three sets. The benches were easy, and I loaded five pounds on each side and he was still able to do three sets. He was also able to use the 40 pounds for his squats and toe raises. He curled 20 pounds for three sets of six to 10 reps. He was way stronger in all his exercises. He was really getting strong fast. Four days ago he could barely lift 2-1/2 pounds with one arm. Now he was benching 40 pounds and curling 20. He was like a new boy. He ate two chickens, eight ears of corn, 10 eggs and three quarts of milk. Plus three servings of the grainy cereal. Plus I increased the protein in his two secret shakes so he would have 100 grams per shake.

I watched him at dinner and I was watching the reaction of the muscle kids to his new ten pounds of muscle. He carried himself straight and tall, with his chin high and his shoulders back. I could see the new muscles in his arms, pecs and shoulders and I'm sure the other kids could see them too. When he got his food, the 13 year old muscle bully grabbed it out of his hand before he could eat one bite. "You look different, stick boy. Somehow you've been puttin' on some weight. I don't know how you did it, but you don't need your dinner, that's for sure. You gotta stay skinny." He wolfed down the grainy cereal and Zuberi just looked at him. The kid was amazed that Zuberi didn't say anything. Very strange, he thought. He looked at Zuberi's body. Zuberi slowly flexed the bicep and tricep muscles in his right arm. The little muscles bulged under his skin and the mouth of the 13 year old muscle boy dropped open. "You're not supposed to get any muscle," stammered the boy. "I got muscle and you don't got shit." He flexed his own arm and his much larger muscles bulged under his thin black skin. "Look at my fucking muscles." Zuberi looked as he had done so many times before. But this time he wasn't afraid of the kid. He just stood there, tall and proud. The kid was enraged. First, the skinny kid was showing him some muscles and now he didn't run away when the bully boy flexed his big arm. The kid pulled back his right arm and smashed it into Zuberi's gut. He noticed that the gut seemed harder than it had in all the other times he had smashed it. But Zuberi was nothing to the kid's muscles and he went crashing to the ground. "Fucking stick boy," yelled the bully as he walked away. Zuberi got up and rubbed his abs. They hurt from the punch, but they felt hard too as he flexed them. He again stood up straight and tall. All the other kids were staring at Zuberi.

After dinner, Zuberi went out and found the hidden protein milkshake. He gobbled it down. That shake had 10 times more protein and 10 times more nutrients than the grainy cereal the muscular kid took. And it tasted real good. He flexed his arm and felt his bicep muscle bulging. His abs were hurting but Zuberi felt great.

The next morning we served breakfast, and as usual one of the muscular boys took half of Zuberi’s breakfast. But he didn’t care. He had a big protein shake waiting for him. Then I heard some noise near the end of the food line. A skinny kid, probably about 12 or 13, was holding onto his food with both hands while the 10 year old muscle kid was trying to take it away from him. The skinny kid had just arrived in camp the day before. He obviously didn’t know the rules of the camp. The muscle boys take what they want.

“Gimme your food, you little twig. I gotta feed these muscles. They need lotsa food. You don’t need shit.” The new boy held on to his food and said “I’m hungry,” as his eyes looked plaintively at the 10 year old’s muscular body. The 10 year old sneered. “Fuck, do you think I care? Do you think I care if you’re hungry? Lots of kids in this camp are hungry, but us studs don’t care. We need extra food to feed our big bodies. Our big muscles need more food than your little twig bones need. And we take all the food we want from you little wimps.” The boy moved close the new kid and flexed his arms. Even though he was only 10 years old, his bicep muscles bulged under his thin black skin, forming golf ball sized balls of muscle. His arms were way bigger than the new kid’s arms. “Now I’m gonna show you what happens to you when you don’t do what I tell you.” He smashed his right fist into the new kid’s gut, forcing the new kid to buckle over in pain and drop his food. The new kid looked up at the 10 year old’s body with a look of total fear in his eyes. “I’m only getting started,” said the 10 year old, with a glint of terror in his eyes. ‘I love beating up kids.”

The 10 year old smashed his fists into the new kid’s chest and gut, landing blow after blow. The new kid was very weak and he couldn’t fight back. He was like a little rag doll, being manhandled by the strong muscles on the 10 year old boy. “You fucking little shit!” yelled the muscular boy as he landed a hard punch right into the new kid’s face. The new kid hit the ground with blood flowing from his face. The 10 year old was getting ready to jump on the fallen kid the beat him up even more when a hand grabbed his arm. “Let him go. You’ve done enough damage.” The muscle kid looked up and saw the skinny Zuberi trying to stop him from beating up the boy. He sneered. “Fuck you! I can do whatever I want to this little shit.” Zuberi’s hold on his arm was firm, but his ten year old muscles were strong and he jerked his arm away. Then Zuberi felt a big muscular arm wrap itself around his neck. “You just bought yourself the worst beating you ever had,” said a voice in his ear. It was Kwame, the 15 year old leader of the muscle kids. He turned to his 10 year old brother and said, “Finish off the punk. I’m gonna make this tall boy wish he was never born.”

The 10 year old started pounding again the new kid’s body and face, this time while the new kid was on the ground. The 10 year old muscle kid was sitting on him and laughing as he smashed his fists into his bony body. Testosterone was coursing through his veins. His skin was sweaty and I could see his muscles bulge every time he smashed his arms into the poor new kid. He had a lot of muscle in his shoulders, which flexed and bulged every time he moved his arms. His pecs were thick with muscle and his arms had hard cords of tricep muscles as well as strong biceps muscles. His forearms were shredded with muscle has he made fists with his small 10 year old hands. He was like a muscular animal -a young lion - pounding his muscular arms into the weak flesh of his victim - the wounded gizelle. “Fucking little shit!” he yelled as he pounded his fists into the poor new kid with wild abandon. “Nothin’ but a fucking bag of bones. I got muscle and you don’t got shit!” The other muscular kids were yelling out to the 10 year old muscle kid to smash the skinny little wimp into a bloody pulp. The much larger number of skinny kids were standing there silently, watching the brutal beating with a look of sadness in their eyes, as the strong conquered the weak yet another time.

Kwame moved his arm around Zuberi’s neck so his bicep was right next to the thin kid’s windpipe. He flexed his bicep gently a couple of times. The muscle bulged against Zuberi’s pencil thin neck, pushing in slightly with each flex. “Feel that muscle, shit face? Feel how big is is? Now you’re gonna feel how strong it is.” Instantly, he pulled in on his forearm and flexed his bicep real hard. The big muscle smashed into Zuberi’s neck, crushing his windpipe as it bulged with rock like hardness. There were loud cracking sounds as Zuberi’s cartilage was crushed. Zuberi’s little neck was nothing to the big muscle in Kwame’s arm. “I love crushing kids’ necks,” said Kwame. “I love hearing their necks crackle when my big muscle flexes and smashes into them. I love to flex over and over again, hearing and feeling that big muscle smash your little twig neck like it’s a little piece of twig.” He flexed again and again and laughed as he heard Zuberi’s neck getting smashed into nothing. Zuberi’s face was contorted in pain. “Yeah!”yelled Kwame. “Big strong muscles crushing the puny little weakling!” He was really getting turned on by seeing the damage his muscles could do.

Finally he got tired of crushing Zuberi’s neck and spun him around. Zuberi was several inches taller than Kwame, but Kwame was all muscle. He made a fist with his right hand and flexed his forearm and bicep muscles. Zuberi’s eyes got wide as he saw how big and strong Kwame’s muscles really were. “Big strong muscles crushing the little twig,” yelled Kwame as he smashed his fist right into Zuberi’s gut. Then he immediately followed up with an uppercut with his right hand into Zuberie’s face. And he was just getting started. He pounded Zuberi’s body mercilessly. Even though Zuberi was stronger than he had been a few days earlier, he was nothing to the big strong muscles of this 15 year old bully. He landed a few punches to the bully’s chest, but they dropped away harmlessly. “Fucking weak little shit,” yelled Kwame. He just stood there for a minute while Zuberi punched him, laughing away. Zuberi’s punches felt like feathers to him. Then he started punching Zuberi again, using all the force of his muscular 15 year old black body. Finally he landed a blow to Zuberi’s face which cause Zuberi to go crashing to the ground.

Kwame jumped on top of the battered skinny boy and looked at his body. Zuberi’s body was still clean from his showers at my unit, even though it was now badly bruised from the beating he just took. “You’re so fucking clean. I fucked up your body real bad but your still fucking clean. Look at my body. Yeah, look at it.” Kwame flexed his chest and lats as he sat on top of Zuberi. “Yeah, my body’s all dirty and sweaty. It’s covered with dirt and sweat. Yeah, I get real dirty and sweaty when I’m playing football, working out my muscles, taking food from you skinny wimps and beating you up. Yeah, I like being real dirty and sweaty. I’m a real man. Big muscles covered with dirt and sweat.” At that he dropped down and covered Zuberi’s body with his body. He started rubbing his muscular chest on Zuberi, rubbing off his sweat and dirt onto Zuberi’s clean skin. “I’m gonna put my dirt and sweat all over you. You’re gonna be covered with my dirt and sweat, you little punk.” Zuberi could feel the 15 year old’s big pec muscles bulge as he rubbed his dirt and sweat into Zuberi’s bruised skin. He was like a dominating lion, putting his scent on his conquered enemy and making the enemy know who was the boss.

He moved his chest up so his armpit was on top of Zuberi’s face. Then he pushed his armpit down into Zuberi’s face and rubbed his sweat all over Zuberi’s face. His armpit reeked of smelly sweat. Zuberi smelled that pungent smell. It was so strong! The bully held his armpit against Zuberi’s nose, making him breath in the sweat. “Smell my sweat, stick boy. Smell the sweat of a real man. A real man who can beat you up any time he wants.” He flexed his arms and rubbed his sweaty, dirty muscular arms on Zuberi’s bloody face and then on his shoulders and arms. He was covering Zuberi with his dirty sweat.

He then started moving his hips up and down. Zuberi could feel the boy’s cock getting hard under his shorts. Testosterone and adrenaline were surging through the muscular boy’s body. His muscles were hot and pumped from beating up Zuberi and now his cock was horny as hell. “I’m gonna fuck you, stick boy. I’ve fucked every girl in this camp and now I’m gonna fuck you. I bet you have a tight little ass, ‘cause you’re so fucking skinny.”

Kwame sat up and unbuttoned Zuberi’s shorts. Then he jerked them off and threw them to the side. “Fuck, look at your shriveled up little cock. Your cock ain’t big enough to fuck a rabbit. Your cock’s just as small as your fucking shriveled up body. What a fucking loser. You wanna see a real man’s cock? You wanna see the cock that’s fucked every girl at this camp? You wanna see the cock of the biggest stud around?” He pulled down his own shorts and his thick seven inch teen cock sprang up. It was already fully hard. “Yeah, check it out, stick boy. I’m gonna fuck the shit out of your tight little ass with my big cock. And I don’t care if you like it or not, ‘cause I’m strong and you’re weak and you can’t do a fucking thing about it.”

Kwame rolled Zuberi over so the skinny boy’s ass was facing up. His ass was very small and tight. But before the 15 year old muscle bully fucked him, he rubbed his chest and armpits all over Zuberi’s back, rubbing in his sweat and dirt all over Zuberi’s back and shoulders. He wanted the skinny boy to be covered with his dirt and sweat. As he rubbed, his cock got even harder as it felt the skinny boy’s thin body. He loved the feeling of his muscular body riding on top of the skinny boy’s skin and bones. He knew his was the alpha male. He knew he was a total stud. He was ready to fuck. “Take it all!” yelled the muscle kid as he raised up his hips and rammed his cock into Zuberi’s ass. Kwame’s thick rock-hard cock forced itself into Zuberi’s tight ass like a pile driver driving into soft clay. It rammed itself deep inside Zuberi’s body like it was made of steel and his body was made of putty. Zuberi cried out in pain as the thick seven inch weapon jammed itself all the way into his very thin body in one big thrust. Zuberi’s sphinter muscles were busted open as the big cock pushed away anything in its way. “Fuck yeah!” yelled the stud as his cock got all the way in. Zuberi’s ass was so tight. It really felt good on Kwame’s hard cock as he pulled his cock out and then rammed it back in. He felt like such a stud, ramming his big cock up the little wimp’s body. Kwame started pumping his cock in and out. He groaned as he enjoyed the sexual pleasure and his total humiliation and domination of the tall skinny orphan. Blood started flowing out of Zuberi’s ruptured ass, which actually made Kwame’s pumping easier and even more erotic. He pumped harder and faster, groaning with sexual arousal and frenzy. I looked at his body as he fucked. What a young muscle boy he was. His shoulders were broad and covered with muscle which was twitching with every fuck. His lats tapered down from his broad shoulders to his narrow hips, completely covering Zuberi’s thin body with their thick muscle. His narrow lower back had two ridges of muscle that looked very strong. His ass went up and down as it powered his cock, the muscle flexing with every thrust. His ass muscles were beautiful, hard globes of muscle with dimples in the sides. His legs were muscular too. He was a total stud fucking his helpless prey. The muscular strong fucking the pathetic weak. Finally he let out a huge roar - like a young lion vanquishing his prey - and his thick cock spurt shot after shot of cum deep inside Zuberi’s ass. He yelled “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” as the spasms of erotic pleasure surged through his muscular body. When he finanally finished, he pulled his still hard cock out of Zuberi’s sore ass and said, “Nice fuck, stick boy” Kwame had conquered another human being with his muscles and his cock. Zuberi just laid on the ground in pain.

Kwame stood up, put his foot on Zuberi’s bloody ass and flexed his arms in the air. His thick cock was still rock hard and it stood up at a 45 degree angle. He looked like a virile king, king of the kids. There were probably 200 kids watching him beat up and then fuck Zuberi. When he stood up and flexed, about 30 girls rushed up to him and started feeling his muscles. “God feel his fucking muscles,” they yelled. “You’re such a fucking stud!” Kwame smiled as the girls worshipped his body. Several of them grabbed his still hard cock and started groaning. “So big. So hard. You such a fucking man! I want this big hard cock inside me. I wanna have your babies. Big, strong, muscular babies. You are such a stud!” Meanwhile, Zuberi lay on the ground and all the girls ignored him. All they could think about was Kwame’s muscles and his cock. Several of the weak boys came up and dragged him out of Kwame’s sight. They dragged him over to where the new weak boy was laying on the ground, battered by the 10 year old. Zuberi looked at him and said “Give them half your food and they won’t hurt you.” The boy looked into Zuberi’s eyes with a look of profound sadness. “And don’t give up hope,” said Zuberi.

Zuberi crawled to his knees and finally stood up. His body was battered and it was covered with Kwame’s dirt and sweat. His face and ass were bloody from the beating and the fuck. He got his shorts, drank some water and sat on a log for a long time thinking. Many skinny boys came up to wish him well and to say they hoped he was okay. Lots of them had also been beaten up, either by Kwame or by the other muscle boys. Zuberi got in the lunch line and handed over his half lunch to the muscular 13 year old who was laughing at him and calling him a loser. Immediately after lunch, he jumped in the van and said very quietly, “I smell like Kwame. He rubbed his dirt and sweat on me. I gotta take a shower real fast. I hate smelling like Kwame.” I nodded my head as I looked at his dirty, battered body and smelled Kwame’s pungent sweat. We got to my unit and Zuberi took off his shorts and headed right to the shower. He was in there a long time, cleaning off every bit of Kwame’s smell and dirt from his tall black body. Meanwhile, I washed his shorts so they wouldn’t smell like Kwame either. He came out of the bathroom. He was still standing tall, even though I could see bruises all over his black skin. His face was bruised too, but it didn’t look like Kwame had inflicted any serious injury - no broken nose or bones. “Why don’t you take a day off from your workouts and recover from the fight,” I said helpfully. He looked at me with a very serious look in his face. “No, I wanna work out extra hard. I wanna eat lots of good food. I wanna get big. I wanna get strong. I wanna fight Kwame and smash his body with fists that are so big and strong and hard I’ll break his bones. Then I’ll fuck him so hard he won’t be able to walk.” I looked into Zuberi’s brown eyes and I could tell he was very serious. I came up to him and gave him a big hug. “Yeah, let’s do it,” I said. “Let’s see if Kwame knocked some pounds out of you.” I pointed to the scale and Zuberi jumped on it. “Niney-three pounds. Even after that fight you still gained three pounds. Your body really wants to gain weight. It’s like it can hardly wait to add mass and muscle. If you had a normal diet at the camp you’d probably weigh about 130 at 5’ 10”. But I think you’ve got really good genes. With the weights and all this food you’re gonna get a lot bigger than that.. It’s so fun to see you grow.” Zuberi’s eyes lit up and he yelled “Yeah!” •

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