This scene happened when I was a teacher's aid during a college class in Hawaii. I was a phys ed major, thinking I wanted to be a high school gym teacher. I worked with a guy who just did that at a local high school on the islands. A lot of surfers go to school out there and they're hot! This particular guy looked like the perfect picture of a coach. Tall, blond crew cut, hairy chested, built like a brick shithouse. He was about thirty-four (that seemed old to me at the time), totally masculine, hot as hell. I was just coming out then, and my cock would start getting hard everytime I had a conversation with the guy. He picked me out of a list of ten applicants. When he interviewed me, it was at the high school and we were in his office located high above the locker room. A large window looked out over almost every inch of the large concrete room. There was a class of high school kids taking showers and changing below. I stared down knowing that the one way glass hid my expression and my gaze, so I stared openly at a couple of the more hunky guys. I watched as they soaped themselves down, rubbing their hands over their hot young, athletic bodies. My cock started to stiffen as I stared at one particular kid. He was obviously a leader and a real jock. Looking a little older than his seventeen years, especially his body which was muscular and smooth, with a little hair on his chest and ass and a lot around his huge cock and balls; he had an air of authority about him besides being sexy in the extreme. You know the look. There's something ripe and voluptuous about their bodies without being feminine or fat. I was running my hands up and down his body in my mind when I heard someone clear their voice behind me. I spun around. It was the coach. He had a funny look on his face, a slight grin. His green eyes quickly went up and down my body. I flushed, thinking that he might be able to see my semi hard cock straining in my Levißs. But the look passed and the interview went by without a hitch. I got the job. I was to work with this hunky man three days a week and help him with the football team after school two nights a week. He said it was going to be a lot a work, but to me the prospect made my heart beat faster. The first week was pretty uneventful, except for the last day. I was alone in the office, there was no practice and classes were out. I was going over the attendance lists for the week, the coach (his name was Ben) was gone for the day. Being alone in the locker room slowly got to me. I looked out over the room. Knowing I was alone I walked down the steps and strode along the lines of lockers. I went to the locker of the kid I had stared at the first day. I later found out he was quarterback on the football team, a real popular guy. He also surfed when he had the time. I'd see him around school in his tight levies and school jacket always with some hot chick with him. Anyway, I went up to his locker and just for the hell of it yanked on the combination lock on the locker. It opened. Slowly I swung open the metal door. Inside was his complete gym outfit. I could smell the kids odor, the sweat as is poured out of the confines of the locker. I reached in rummaged around his raunchy gym outfit. I found his jockstrap. I took his T-shirt. They were soiled. It looked like he never washed them. I sniffed them. They smelled so strong my head began to spin. I thought of the hot jock who wore them and my cock began to stiffen. I stood alone in the empty locker room the hot jocks raunchy jock strap and T-shirt to my face. The smell was strong, pungent, overpowering all the other smells of the locker room. My cock was fully hard in my tight levies. I suddenly realized where I was. I couldn't let anyone catch the coaches assistant sniffing jock straps. I went up to the office high above the locker room. I closed the door and pulled my cock out of my straining Levißs. I breathed the young jocks smells into my nose. I had never been so high on sex in my life. I began to jack my 8' inch throbbing rod, when I heard a door slam downstairs. I looked out the one way glass. It was the coach, and he was locking the door behind him. He had come in from running laps alone. I quickly hid the jock strap and T-shirt in the waste paper basket. And stuffed my cock back in my jeans... I started to sit back down at the desk to go over the attendance figures for the week. But noticed the coach wasn't headed for the office. He went to his locker in the corner and opened it. He was sweating like a pig. His T-shirt clung to his body, I could see every deeply chiseled muscle of his massive back. When he turned his chest was outlined in such detail, I could see the individual hairs and the outline of his nipples. I suddenly realized, the coach didn't know I was in the office and I was hidden by the one way glass and he was going to take a shower! My cock which had been softening, now sprung to attention. Thinking he was alone, the coach was going to shower in the large area, not in the shower in the office. I watched as he pulled his sweat soaked T-shirt off. I hadn't seen him without a shirt before. He was incredible. Tanned, with blond hairs covering his chest and arms. He rubbed the sweat off his arms with the T- shirt, his big arm muscles rippling under his skin. In passing he puts the shirt to his nose and breathed in. He was smelling his own body! I pulled the jockstrap and T-shirt out of the wastepaper basket and put them to my nose. The image of the young smooth quarterback of the football team in that jockstrap on my face mingled with the image of the coach as he stripped of his gym shorts. He stood in only his jock, his ass was square and hard and also covered with blond wiry hairs. He was built like a bull. He walked over to the john across the locker room. I watched every step he took, his ass flexing, the pouch of his jock bulging. Standing with his back to me he pissed into the urinal. He rubbed his chest as he did, then his hand went to his ass and ran up and down the crack. This man loved his body! It was if he was putting on a show just for me. My cock was so hard I thought it was going to burst. He went back to the locker. I could see a spot on his jock, where his cock leaked some piss. He stripped off his jock strap. As he did he bent over. His ass was in full view, I could see the tangle of darker hairs where his asshole was hidden. He threw the sweat soaked gym outfit into the locker, slammed it shut and turned. I saw him fully naked for the first time. His cock hung down far below his heavy large balls, the hair on his crotch was incredibly blond against the tan of his body. He obviously sunbathed in the nude. There was no tan line. As he walked to the showers, his hand went to his crotch and cupped the massive genitals, rubbing his balls and dick together. I breathed in the smell of the jock strap and T-shirt. The coach soaped up his body, lovingly rubbing it, slowly savoring it. He began on his cock and balls. I noticed the cock was even larger than before! It slowly began to rise until it was sticking straight out from his massive bod. He ran his huge callused fist along it, throwing his head back so that the water ran down his handsome features, his thick neckmuscles bulging. I stood in the office high above the locker room watching the coach jacking himself off in the showers below. I had the young quarterback's jockstrap and T-shirt to my face and I was jacking off my slick and dripping piece of meat knowing that the butch stud coach couldn't see me through the one way glass. The steaming water ran down his massive body, every muscle was straining as his cock grew bigger in his fist. His other hand went to his ass. I couldn't see what he was doing, but he arched his back and I could imagine that he was sticking a finger up his asshole! I shot my load all over the coach's desk as below I could hear a loud grunt and saw the coach shoot a load of hot cum into the steaming shower water. I quickly began cleaning up the desk, trying to get my cum off the attendance papers. I stuffed my still stiff prick back into my pants and put the sweaty jock strap and T-shirt I had stolen from the high school athletes locker into my binder. As I threw the paper towels into the wastepaper basket the door of the office opened. The coach walked in buck naked a towel thrown over his shoulder. I spun around. Sweat was still pouring off my forehead and I must have looked pretty wild eyed. The coach didn't bat an eye. "I didn't know you were still here, Cam. You work too fucking hard." I stared down at his huge cock and balls swaying between his legs, the cock I had just seen spurt cum all over the shower floor. He wrapped the towel around his waist and went to his desk. He did it with a nonchalance as if this was a politeness he really didn't like to be bothered with... He picked up the papers, they were still spotted with my cum. "What the fuck have you been doing, Cam, drooling over the attendance records?", his voice the same tone he used to drill his students. He put his finger to one of the cum spots. He pulled it away. It was unmistakable what it was. He looked at me and smiled the same grin-like smile, I had seen before when he complimented a footballplayer. "You should be more careful where you shoot, stud." I was never so humiliated in my life. But then the coach shocked me senseless. He put the finger with the drop of cum on it in his mouth and licked it off. Still staring at me with his intense eyes, his smile turned lecherous. "Not bad." He glanced out the one way glass that looked out into the locker room. "You got a pretty good view from up here, Cam." His hand idly brushed over my books. He spotted something. I looked down. One of the straps of the jock was sticking out of my binder. He opened it and pulled out the raunchy strap and T-shirt. "What've we got here, Cam?" He examined the items. There on the label in the T-shirt were the initials the football player. "You doing Mike's laundry now, Cam?" I still hadn't said a word. The coaches eyes were now openly traveling up and down my body, paying particular attention to my crotch. I could feel my cock which hadn't totally gone limp after my orgasm, start to stiffen again. The coach, water still dripping from his hair and chest stepped up to me with the jock and T-shirt still held high. "You ever notice what this fucking locker room smells like, Cam?" I nodded. He smiled and continued. "You like the smell, Cam." I didn't answer. Slowly he brought the jock to my face. I could smell the aroma from the young quarterbacks crotch as the coach held the raunchy jockstrap under my nose. "You look at this jock carefully, Cam? You see those blond pubic hairs? They're off of Mike's crotch. That turn you on?" I still hadn't spoken a word. I only nodded. My cock was now fully erect in my Levißs. "You see the shit stains, Cam? Open your mouth." I opened my lips. The coach stepped even closer, I could feel the heat pouring off his body, I could smell the soap from his hairy chest. He placed the jockstrap to my lips. "That's where the strap touches his asshole, Cam. Taste it. Taste it. You ever taste and asshole before." I hadn't. I shook my head. I could feel the material enter my mouth. As my spit moistened it there was a bitter taste in my mouth. The aroma of sweat from the strap coupled by the closeness and smells of the coach made me weak. I pulled away from the strap and stepped back from the coach afraid that my knees would buckle. "I spotted you the second I laid eyes on you, Cam. I knew we could have a hot time this semester. I know what you want, I know what you've been fantasizing about. You ever been with a man, Cam." I started to answer… •

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