Kid Muscle

Play Time


By Corwin

Terry and Jim watched their sons playing. Jim had driven Wally over to play with Tom that morning. Wally was anxious to go to a gym after his victory the night before, but Jim and Terry had wanted to talk.

"You just play with Tommy for a while," he explained as they got out of the care at Terry and Monica's house. "Then you two and Tommy's dad and I can hit the gym."

Wally frowned. "But Daddy. You told me not to play with other kids. I hurt them. Remember..."

Jim knew all the broken noses and bruises Wally had caused trying to play with kids his own age. He put his hand on Wally's shoulder, his fingers spread wide over the boy's bowlingball sized delts. Jim squeezed, barely able to dent the boy's hardened muscle, his ring finger and pinky raised up the Wally's thick traps. In the back of his mind, he had always worried that the other adults were right -- his son was a freak. But last night, when he saw Tom next to Wally, he felt his son is not alone. When he talked to Terry, he realized there were other parents like him. "It's OK Wally. I think Tom can take it. You boys have fun."

Tom took Wally to his room. Monica went to make coffee, and the fathers went upstairs to watch the boys. Both Tom and Wally had taken off their shirts, and Tom was searching in his dresser.

"Wha..." started Terry, but Jim hushed him.

"Let's see what they're doing," he whispered.

Tom threw Wally a shirt. It was a man's large that had been cut down for the boy. He took out one for himself.

"These have been getting too small for me," Tom explained. "So let's play Incredible Hulk. You put that shirt on, and I'll put this one on, and we flex and the first one to rip out of the shirt wins, OK?"

Wally stretched his back, then twisted and flexed his pecs. "OK," said Wally. "But I haven't lifted today yet. It would be easier if I had a pumped."

"You can get a pump by flexing," said Tom. "Haven't you ever done that?"


"I'll show you. Come on," encouraged Tom, "put the shirt on."

Tom slipped a sleeve over his arm. He struggled to get it over his thick bicep, then put his other arm in before slipping the top over his head. Tommy had to inhale to get the body of the shirt over his thick chest and wide lats. The bottom of the shirt hung lose over the boy's tiny waist.

For all the trouble Tommy seemed to have, Wally had more. As he pulled the sleeve over his arm, the fabric strained to contain his thick arms. Wally pulled at the fabric, and seams popped as it stretched over his wide shoulders. He inhaled deeply, fitting the shirt over his thick pecs. As he squeezed into the shirt, it fit him like a second skin. Wally had to control his breathing, afraid that if he took too deep a breath, the shirt would burst.

"Wow," whispered Terry. "He's huge. That shirt looks like it's going to pop off him. Even Tommy..." Terry's voice dropped off in disbelief.

"Doesn't Tom see that?" Jim whispered back.

"I don't think he cares," said Terry. "Look at them. They're having fun, I think."

"OK," said Tom. "On three. One. Two. Three."

Tom flexed and started to growl. His muscles rippled through the fabric as his kid body displayed its power. Tom flexed into a most muscular crab pose. Tom's wide lats and thick pecs pressed into the fabric, and the shirt ripped down the back, revealing the thickness of the boy's lats. Tom then stood upright, and the shirt split between the two mounds of his meaty pecs.

Wally stood there and smile, then laughed. "Oh ya," he giggled, "take this." Wally exhaled and brought his arms inward. He crushed his pecs, and the front of the shirt exploded around his solid boy muscle. He then raised his arms, bursting the sleeves with powerful boy biceps. The sleeves tore over Wally's wide shoulders.

Not to be outdone, Tom did the same, flexing his arms and expanding his chest. He flexed so hard his arms shook, and the sleeves tore around his boy muscle.

Wally responded with his own "Grrrr," and struck his own crab pose. The poor shirt had no hope of containing his more powerful body, and shredded around his wide lats. He held the pose, flexing his lats and pecs, forcing them to grow larger. The tears expanded as Wally's body pumped larger with his flex.

Tom flexed as hard as he could, hearing Wally's shirt ripping like paper. He felt his shirt ripping around his powerful boy muscle, but not as fast and not as much. Soon his own body had reached its limit. He stood, watching Wally flex and staring at the fabric as it continued to rip around Wally's muscles. "Come on Wally," he shouted encouragingly. "You can do it."

Wally growled louder, fighting the cramping in his muscles, then finally stood. Fabric that use to be sleeves hung below his armpits, his cannonball shoulders totally revealed. A vein ran over his boy biceps, thumping blood visibly under his skin. Wally's traps rose high around a collar that had had been stretched. Below the collar, shredded frabric revealled Wally's powerful chest and back. The only part of the shirt to remain intact was the part that tented over his thin waist.

Tom's shirt was in better condition, but not much. The sleeves were torn, revealing his own wide shoulders and powerful arms, but remained largely whole. His collar was stretched, and the fabric shredded around Tom's own mountainous lats and powerful pecs and back, but the tears were smaller than on Wally's shirt.

"You won Wally!" Tom said, smacking him on the back.

Wally smiled and grabbed at the collar of what was left of his shirt. "Grrrr..." he yelled, pulling down and ripping the remains from his torso and revealing his powerful body.

"You're the Hulk," said Tom.

Wally grinned and walked over to Tom, grabbing the collar of his shirt. Tom prepared himself by flexing as Wally growled, "Me Hulk!" and pulled hard, easily ripping the shirt from Tom. "Who are you?"

"I'm The Thing!" Tommy smile, then putting his hands on Wally's chest, and pushed. "Hulk not so tough," he giggled. The Thing is strong too."

"Not as strong as Hulk," said Wally, who put his hands on Tommy's chest and pushed harder.

"I'm made of rock," said Tommy, who flexed his eight pack into a relief map of muscle and power. "Go ahead and punch 'em. Hard as you want. Thing stronger than Hulk!"

Wally looked afraid, then said softly, "I don't want to hurt you Tommy."

"I'm not Tommy! I'm the Thing," said Tommy, who hit himself hard in the stomach. His fist bounced off his defined eightpack. "Besides," he whispered, "I'm strong too. Go ahead."

Wally looked pensive, then said, "OK." He made a fist, his forearm thickening, then swung as hard as he could into Tommy's abs. There was a loud thump as Wally's mighty fist met Tom's rock gut.

Tom laughed, and rubbed his hands over his flexed abs. "See. Thing is tough. Tougher than Hulk!" Then he raised his arms in a double bicep and looked at their large peaks.

"But didn't it hurt?" asked Wally softly.

"Nah. It kinda stung," admitted Tom, then said louder, "Now Thing show Hulk how strong he is."

Tom brought his arms down and made his own fist, and watched as Wally thinned his waist, then flexed hard. A deep canyon formed on the boy's stomach as thick cinderblocks of hard muscle pushed out. Wally's waist was thinner than Tom's but looked even harder. Tom didn't hold back. With the full force of his powerful chest, shoulders, back and arm, he swung into Wally's stomach. It sounded like a thundercrack as Tom's hand hit the wall of muscle Wally had created.

Wally smiled, wondering if Tommy's hand now stung as much as his abs did. Wally's abs had absorbed the punch without even the slightest pain. "Thing strong, but Hulk stronger!" he bragged as he made a vaccuum pose that undulated his powerful abs, displaying his superior muscle control.

Both boys laughed as two children having fun will do.

"Thing show Hulk!" Tommy said as he jumped on Wally, and the two rolled to the ground.

Terry and Jim walked away, secure in knowing their boys were getting along. "I always worried about him," admitted Terry as he sat down with Jim. "They called him a freak in school."

"Ya," said Jim, "same with Wally. It's nice to have someone to talk to about it. Being an only parent with a special son is hard."

Terry nodded. "Looks like the boys are getting along. That's good."

"Ya. I'm glad Tom's not upset at being second best to Wally."

Terry looked at Jim, a bit of anger in his eyes. "BOTH boys are special," he said.

"Ya, but last night. I'm sure Tom thought he was going to win. Then to meet Wally..."

"It's only one contest," interrupted Terry. "Tom will catch up."

"I don't know," said Jim with pride. "Wally's tough, and looks a lot bigger than Tom. You saw how he destroyed that shirt. Tom couldn't do that. He's got a good 15 or 20 pounds, and he's younger and shorter," bragged Jim.

"Tom will beat him next time," said Terry with confidence.

"Wally's a hard trainer, and a growing boy," said Jim with a bit of anger. "He'll hold his own. I'm sure Tom is good, it's just that Wally is better."

Terry was about to say something, but he saw the look on Monica's face and stopped. "We'll see," he said with a bit of a huff. "We'll settle this in the gym. But first, let's talk about the boys a bit. What did the doctors tell you?"

Upstairs, Tom and Wally wrestled. Everytime Tom thought he had an advantage, Wally would power out of it and turn the tables. First, Tom jumped on Wally and, sitting on Wally's chest, pinned his arms to the floor. "Thing has Hulk!" Tom bragged.

Suddenly, Wally began to flex. Tom felt Wally's pecs turn from pillows of muscle to iron-hard boulders that raised him a couple inches higher. Next, he saw the fibers of muscle pulse in Wally's shoulders as Wally began to raise his arms. Tom fought back, flexing his own powerful shoulders and forcing Wally's hands down. The boys rocked back and forth, powering up their impressive kid muscle, but Tom was outclassed. Slowly and with great effort, Wally lifted his arms. Then he crunched his powerful abs, forcing Tom back. Finally, he flipped Tom onto his back then lept to his feet. Wally bent over Tom and crunched his pecs, then growled. "No one is stronger than Hulk!" he proclaimed.

Tommy jumped up. "Thing is stronger!" he said, staring at Wally, who unflexed and stood still, thinking of what to do next. Tom didn't wait. He grabbed Wally around the chest and lifted him into a bear hug. Tom's arms barely were long enough to wrap around Wally's massive torso. Tom squeezed hard, and felt Wally tense below his powerful arms. Tom flexed, digging his own hard muscles into Wally's body.

Tom's arms were under Wally's as they pressed into Wally's lats, which deformed around Tom's hard forearms. Wally began to press his own guns into Tom's as he flexed his chest. Wally flexed, pressing his titanim-hard upper arms into Tom's iron-hard guns. Tom felt his arms pinned between Wally's torso and huge arms. Wally pressed hard as Tom tried to crush Wally's body. Although Tom was flexing, the pressure from Wally's arms began to flatten and deform his hard boy muscle. Kid muscle fought kid muscle as both boy's realized the hardness and power of the other's body. Tom's face turned red as he felt Wally's crushing force against his own powerful body.

Wally too was turning red. He knew he would eventually win since he was more muscular and stronger than Tom, but decided to change tactics. "Hulk crush Thing?" he said, making sure Tom knew it was a question.

Tom tried to tighten his crushing grip, flexing hard against muscle stronger than his own. "Noooo!" he cried in desperation. Then he felt Wally's arms loosen. Was he winning? He looked at Wally who was smiling.

"Now Hulk show Thing real muscle!" Suddenly Tom felt Wally's torso harden even more. He was flexing. Wally's chest thickened more, his pecs inflating with muscle power, striations and veins pushing through the skin. Tom's own muscles fought, but Wally's stronger flex flattened his muscles as they began to cramp.

Tom clenched his finger together, trying to hold tight against the increasing pull.

"Hulk's chest is strong," bragged Wally, "but his back is stronger!" Wally began to flare his back. Once again it was kid muscle fighting kid muscle. Tom felt his popeye forearms being dented by Wally's thickening lats as they forced themselves out. Wally's wings spread and lashed into Tom's arms. Tom struggled, trying to hold back Wally's powerful back, but it was hopeless. Tom felt his grip weakening as Wally, red-faced from the effort, grinned at him.

"Hulk will be free!" he said and flexed all out, creating a wave of muscle that overpowered Tom. Tom's arms snapped apart as he was forced to let Wally go. Wally jumped to the ground and struck a most muscular pose that caused Tom's heart to skip a beat. "Grrrr...." he said with total superiority.

"Wow!" said Tom. "You really are strong."

Wally smiled a friendly smile, then turned it into a snarl.

"Hulk the strongest!" declared Wally forcefully, stepping forward. "Now Hulk SMASH!" Wally continued stepping forward and Tom backed up until he hit the mirror on his bedroom wall. Wally stepped forward, pressing his pecs into Tom's. "Thing scared of Hulk muscle?" he said, making his pecs dance against Tom's muscular chest. Tom moved to push Wally back, but Wally grabbed Tom's arms. Tom fought, but it was futile as Wally's strength once again prevailed, pushing Tom's arms into the wall. "Thing give up?" Wally asked. Tom didn't answer. Instead, he flexed his own kid muscle against Wally.

Tom's body felt hard and strong against his own. Wally's eyes moved to the mirror. He was slighly shorter than Tom, and even though Tom was flexing Wally's body was wider -- his muscles noticibly thicker. He thought of the night before, and what the judges must have seen. Tom was huge, but Wally was bigger. Both boys loved being big and strong, and they didn't need to hold back against each other. Wally grinned. "Grrrrrr..." he said, pressing harder into Tom, forcing him against the mirror. Tom's body was like a rock, and Wally could barely dent it, but he could and he knew it. He didn't want to hurt Tom, so he stepped back.

"Hulk give up?" Tom asked.

"Hulk want Thing to flex his puny bicep!" Wally ordered.

Tom grinned wider. "Thing not puny!" He raised his right arm parallel to the floor, his bis and tries thick ropes on his upper arm. As he bent his elbow, a softball mound formed and hardened on his arm. He twisted his wrist as his father had shown him, displaying his huge kid bicep for Wally.

Wally then did the same. His own thick ropes of muscle formed a bowlingball sized mound that grew and hardened on his upper arm. He placed it next to Tom's. "Thing not puny like humans, but NO BODY BIGGER THAN HULK!" he said as he showed off his superior size once more. "And nobody tougher!" He lowered his peak and moved his hand to Tom's bicep. He began to squeeze. Tom flexed harder, forcing Wally's fingers around the hard peak. A strain crept onto Wally's face, then he began to growl his Hulk growl. His fingers slowly began to dent into Tom's arm, only to be forced out as Tom flexed harder.

Tom had never felt such pressure against his arm. He fought, but Wally fought harder. It took minutes, but Wally's fingers slowly began to crush Tom's bicep.

"Thing gives up," Tom cried. "Hulk is stronger!"

Wally let go immediately. "HULK IS STRONGER!" Wally roared, and made a bicep. "Now Thing tries!"

Tom put his hand on Wally's arm. He began to squeeze, but Wally's bicep was hard as steel. Tom could barely believe how much bigger Wally's arm felt compared to his own. He squeezed as hard as he could. If his fingers began to dent Wally's flesh, Wally smiled and flexed harder, forcing Tom's fingers out. Tom began to grunt, but still, his fingers made no headway against Wally's flexed arm.

"I give up!" Tom said, letting go of Wally's arm. He flexed his own bicep, feeling it and realizing just how much stronger Wally was than him.

"Yes," Wally said, making a fist and leaping into the air.

"Wow Wally! That was fun!" said Tom. "I can't wait til I'm as strong as you!" he said, feeling his own arm. "And I will too. Soon!"

"And I'll help you! Then together we'll get stronger!" said Wally. "Just like real super heroes."

"I'm glad we're friends," Tom said. "I never had a friend I could play with like this before."

"Me too," said Wally. "The older kids are OK to train with, but they don't have fun like this."

"Boys!" Terry cried from downstairs. "Ready to go to the gym?"

"I'll race you," said Tom.

Wally flexed his thigh, showing his thick, ripped quads and diamond-shaped calves. "You think you can beat these wheels?" Wally said. "You're on!" And the boys bolted downstairs and to the car. •

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