By ma12345678

I stood there as he flexed infront of the mirror. “Aww FUCK I’m huge!” He yelled to himself, his body was the most amazing thing id ever seen. His stomach rippled with muscle and his pecs were like two slabs of meat just hanging off him. He kept squeezing his nipples and toying with them. He closed his eyes in ecstasy. And rubbed his hands up and down his body. He lifted his arms and flexed both of those powerful biceps.

I just stood there unable to move and whispered “holy shit…” to myself. His eyes snapped open and he turned to me. “You fuckin faggot I knew you liked this!” and he started grabbing at his huge veiny chest. There was no way I could resist this, all my self control as out the window. I wanted to feel those muscles, I wanted to worship them. “Get down on your knees you little bitch” and he pointed to the ground in front of him. I obeyed. I had waited for this for so long there was no way I could possibly resist. He slowly undid his tight jeans to reveal ripped thighs and a fat round muscle ass. I reached around his mammoth legs to rub that hot ass, but he grabbed my wrists and in a commanding voice said, “You will only touch me when you are told too.” I knew better then to not listen. He grabbed the back of my head and told me to lick his thighs. I stuck my tongue out and started slowly caressing the hairy muscle. As I got more and more into it he loosened his grip on my and continued rubbing his chest and arms. I ran my tongue along the grooves of his leg circling each muscle. I looked up to see his eyes closed and him pinching his big nipples, I also noticed a large bulge forming in his loose boxers. He grabbed his crotch and pushed my head away while he pulled down his shorts.

A huge cock flopped out, still partly flaccid. I wanted to wrap my lips around it so badly, but when I moved my face closer he said I wasn’t ready for that and he stood me up. I stood nearly face to face with this hunk. The hunk who was once my friend and equal. But looking at that face now I just saw that smirk. He was not the innocent boy I used to know. He was now a huge stud who made me powerless and under his control.

He lifted his arms and I began licking his hairy, sweaty armpits. “Ughhhh, yeahhh…..lick big daddy’s arm pits….holy fuck….” He lowered his arm and I slowly worked my way up his powerful shoulders and following the veins to his bulging bicep. He flexed it even harder and it seemed to grow before my eyes. “I think you’re ready to suck my big dick now. I slowly knelt down, running my hands along his stomach until his fat erect dick was at my face. I slowly slid it in my mouth as far as I could and started massaging it with my tongue I got a rhythm going and lost all track of time. He moaned louder an louder until he finally withdrew his cock. “My biceps need to be worshipped” he said. I stood up again and grabbed onto both of them with my hands. I squeezed as hard as I could, but wasn’t able to dent the rock hard muscle. We stared into each others eyes and pushed our lips together. I reached around and started grabbing his fat ass cheeks. I could feel the stubble of his chin rub against mine until he pulled away. “You know what its like to have big fucking muscles like these? What its like to be worshipped and now that you have a body that every man wants to have and to worship! Fuck it makes me so hot! I want to get bigger I want to grow fucking huge! D you want to see this big muscle fucker get huge!?” “Yes, o god yes, I want you to grow, aww fuck, get huge, be a freaky muscle monster!” Without anything touching his huge dick, he began to shoot his load merely at the thought of his huge muscular body getting bigger and unnatural. I heard the click of the shower Jess was occupying at the time, and I knew however badly I wanted to keep worshipping Cole I had to stop…for now. When his ecstasy finally subsided he was no longer in the self obsessing trance and it was if he was only now aware that I was in the same room as his naked body. “Get the fuck out of here you faggot” surprised by this a slowly left the room to retake my place on Jess’ bed, although sweatier and hornier then I had ever been before. When she came back to her room she had no idea what had just happened and the night went on as it usually would, at least for her. But for me I couldn’t stop thinking about the next time Cole and I would meet. •

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