By ma12345678

Back in the days of elementary school we would all pair off into our short yet spectacular romances. If we were lucky sometimes we may even get a kiss or two before we traded partners.

When I was about 12 a brother and sister came to our school named Cole and Carissa. Cole and I were instant friends. At the time I didn't know what drew me to him, but looking back it was how developed he was for his age. His voice had was deeper and still cracked a bit. He was tall and thin, clean cut and a really seductive smile sat between two strong cheek bones. He had a mop of brown hair that I always felt compelled to run my hand through. I didn't understand this so I resisted. He was a really nice guy, not cocky by any means, although he sure had reason to be.

His sister was cute and we would talk often. Our friends had us paired together from the start and the only reason that romance happened was so I could see her brother more often. We broke up not long after Elementary school and her and her brother went to a different high school. We never really kept in contact and I hadn't spoken to them for a few years.

One night after watching my friend Jessica's basketball game we went back to her house just to watch a movie and sit around. Her step mom was talking to us for a while and mentioned that Jess' step brother and his friend would probably be coming back to the house later that night, and Jess' dad and herself would be going out for the night.

A few hours later we heard two deep loud voices coming up the stairs. Those sexy voices were enough to get me excited and I couldn't see the bodies and faces to match them. They opened the door to Jess' room and stood at the foot of the bed where we were lying. I couldn't believe my eyes! There was Cole standing at least a foot taller then I remembered. But that deffinetly wasn't the most noticeable change. Even though he wore a loose shirt you couldn't miss the thick layer of muscle covering his body. I looked up from his narrow waste up to his wide shoulders and thick neck to the face of Cole. But not Cole when he was a boy, but as a man. His jaw jutted forward, and he no longer hed that cute smile. It had been replaced by an arrogant grin. There wasn't that mop of brown hair, only a short mohawk covered by a backwards baseball cap. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. This wasn't the Cole I remembered from school...This was the Cole I remembered from my fantasies.

"Sup fags" He said in that low sexy voice of his, "nothin, u?" was all I could say in response. My mind wasn't working in his presence. Him and Jessica continued talking but all I could do was quietly listen and watch him. They compared stories of our old friends and I finally tuned in to hear "So guess what Josh has been trying to buy off me?" Jess and I both asked what and he answered "Some of my roids, as if I'd sell them to that puny fucker." Then I finally piped in "You do steroids?" "What the fuck do you think?" Then he flexed one of the biggest and hottest arms I've ever seen. He rolled up his sleeves to reveal a huge round ball covered in veins. He looked over and winked, but I wasn't sure if that was directed at me or Jess, but my dick sure reacted. I had to change position so no one noticed, but he kept watching me untill he continued on with his stories. I just kept picturing that arm and the arrogant look on his face while he flexed it. You could tell he liked being admired. I also imagined what the rest of his body looked like under his shirt and that got me even harder. I was so turned on I could barely think. All I wanted to do was jump up and just start caressing his hard body. But I had to control myself.

Jess's brother and Cole left the room and Jess announced that she needed to take a shower. So she left me alone in the room. Soon after her step brother told me that he was going to the store and would be right back if Jess asked where he was. So I just continued thinking about Cole and how I wanted to go into the next room and see that body.

My train of thought was lost when I heard the shower turn on almost in unison with that sexy deep voice. It was Cole in the next room, I could barely make out what he was saying but I heard some moaning and I had to see what was happening.

I opened the door to see him standing there by himself, naked from the waist upů •

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