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After the incredible show Vince gave the bar crowd, he gathered what remained of his clothes and changed into a t-shirt and jeans for the show. All night he watched the guy in the corner. He seemed oblivious to the scene, and this made Vince even more intent to find out who he was and really impress him with his ultimate size.

After their last set, Vince grabbed a beer and approached the guy. He was little - about 5'8" and slim. He wore glasses and his hair was thinning at the sides. Besides that he wasn't a pretty guy, Vince found him very attractive.

"Hi," he said. "I'm Vince. With the band."

"Hi," the guy said casually. "I'm Paul. I saw you. Good music."

"What did you think of the pre-show show?" Vince grinned, and flexed his pecs.

"Well - I guess you did okay."

"Okay!" Vince said. "I fuckin' had the bar in heat with these fuckin muscles!" Vince raised his huge guns in a double-biceps and the tight t-shirt ripped at the sleeves. Paul sipped his drink, seemingly uninterested in the mass of hard muscle near him. "It's not hard to impress this crowd. A 10 year old with a plastic dumbbell would turn them on. I require something more impressive than that."

Vince was determined now. He was goingto seduce this guy if it took his whole life.

"What would it take?" he asked.

"Come to my place and perhaps you'll find out." With that, Paul put his jacket on and walked toward the door. "Are you coming," he said to Vince.

Vince followed Paul out the door and down the block. On a dark side street Paul stopped him. A single lamp post stood half-way down the block. "Bend this, Vince." he said. "If you're such a big man, you'll have no problem."

Vince was taken aback a bit, but his determination was steadfast. He grasped the post in one hand, took a deep breath and applied pressure. At first his hand hurt with the exertion, then he felt a tingling in his arm and the triceps bulged and tightened.His arm was tearing the sleeves as it expanded with the contraction. He grunted a few times his arm trembling, pushed hard and the post creaked, then like balsa wood it bent in half, the light almost touching the road.

"There!" Vince shouted. "How's that?!"

"Pretty good, for starters. My house is over here. C'mon." Paul walked upto the door, unlocked it and went in followed by Vince. In the dark of the house, Vince had to squint to see, but Paul didn't turn on the lights. "Follow my voice," Paul ordered. Vince followed Paul down a hallway and into another room. Paul closed the door behind Vince and flicked on the light. Suddenly the room was lit in a dim light. Vince looked around and noticed weight sets, but bigger than any he'd ever seen in a gym. The weights were like the old-fashioned kind - large round iron balls on either end of a rod. These weights were huge. The smallest dumbell was as big as a great dane! On one of those balls he noticed the weight written - 400lbs - an 800 lb dumbell! On a larger weight, easily the size of a volkswagon beetle he saw the weight - 1400lbs - that barbell was 2800lbs. He looked at Paul who stared at him, poker-faced.

"Impress me." was all he saidas he unbuttoned his shirt. Vince started to take off what remained on the tattered t-shirt, but Paul stopped him. "Not like that," he said. "No hands."

Vince grinned. "Yes, Master!" he said eagerly, grinning. He started flexing his pecs and felt the shirt stretching over the muscle. He tightened his neck and traps and the shirt gave way. The chest of the shirt ripped open and tore down the middle, exposing his massive flared pecs. The neck stretched and tore revealing his incredible traps and the veins popping over his thick, basketball sized shoulders. He clenched his fists and flexed his arms at his side. The sleeves burst with the thick biceps pushing the flimsy fabric. He flexed his quads and calves and the jeans ripped with a loud sound. All the while Vince just grinned at Paul. Paul began stroking his crotch slowly. Vince pulled what little remained off his pumped body.

"Now get at those weights," Paul commanded. "Show me what a real muscle freak can do."

"Yes, Master!" Vince replied and immediately hoisted the 800lb dumbell and pumped out 10 reps, then another10 and another. He put the weight down. "This isn't heavy enough, Master. Let me move to another." He grabbed another larger dumbell - 1000 lbs and pumped out 20 reps. His arms started to swell with the pump and the veins popped out on his massive guns. His forearms were huge and the veins were like ropes on them as he continued pumping out rep after rep. grunting and making faces, sweat began pouring off his brow, but he kept going. Paul pulled out his dick, athick 8 inches and stroked while he watched Vince. Vince's dick was pulsing and lengthening now.

"More weight!" Vince yelled. "Gotta have more fuckin' weight!" He moved to the heaviest barbell and lifted it on one hand. He pumped out curls with 2800lbs and yelled as he felt every muscle expand. His body was red hot with the pump. He shiftedthe weight to his other hand and pumped out more reps. Then he took it to a bench and pressed out more reps. He kept going and his muscles burned. But he felt like he was getting bigger and he loved it! Finally he stood up and held the weight out in front of him. He gripped the ends of the post and bent. The iron bar squeeked as it bent in two and Vince dropped the weight to the floor.

"Master!" Vince yelled. "Look at me now!" Vince flexed his gargantuan arms. They were easily 32 inches now and rose like mountains, the peaks snaking with veins. His neck was incredibly thick spreading to his massive shoulders through his superhuman traps. Every inch of Vince was pumped and rock hard. "You like this fuckin muscle, Master?"

"You've done more than any other was able!" Paul said. His hard 8 inch dick throbbing, Paul moved toward Vince, who stood in the middle of the room, every pumped muscle twitching and bulging. "Yes, Vince. You're a freaky muscle slave now. Pick me up and suck my dick."

"Anything you say, Master!" Vince reached under Paul's legs with one hand and lifted the little man. He curled Paul up and down sucking his cock down his strong throat. The action of Vince's throat muscles, made Paul crazy.

"Yeah! I'm your muscle slave, Master! Make me do incredible things! I could crush a car! I could lift this house off its foundation! Anything!"

"You're gonna fuck me with that hard cock, slave."

"Oh, Master! Yeah! I wanna fuck you with this powerful dick!" Vince slapped his dick with his free hand and squeezed it. It was fully hard and streched to 11 inches! He lubed his cock and Paul's ass. Then he gently and slowly lowered Paul onto the massive dick.

"Can you feel me, Master?" Paul justed groaned as Vince jacked him up and down on his huge cock, flexing the thick dick in his ass. Vince held Paul in one hand and raised his arm in a biceps pose. Paul licked the huge muscle. "Yeah, Master, chew on that arm, chew on my powerful bicep!" Paul bit the solid steel of Vince's arm and licked his shoulder. Their mouths met and Vince's tongue swirled in Paul's mouth. Paul chewed on Vince's mustache driving Vince wild with lust.

Now Vince was jacking Paul on his cock faster. "Deep inside you, Master! I'm deep in that hot ass! Fuckin big musclestud slave in your ass! Feel my huge dick in your tight ass!"

Paul's cock twitched and shot a load of hot cum on Vince's ripped thick abs. AsVince felt the hot jism on his stomach his own cock stiffened. He let go of Paul who hung suspended on the massive cock and Vince shot an incredible load in Paul's ass.

They stayed that way for along time, Vince carried Paul into the bedroom and together they slept. It was the beginning of Vince's training as a muscle slave and Paul was going to be an excellent teacher… •

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