By slayerfx116

This one was inspired by one of my favorite movie hunks, Brendan Frasier. Thanks for veiwing.

Brendan came home from work that night, tired and hot. He had had a long day on the set filming his new movie and was exhausted from the stunts. He went into his living room, rubbing his square jaw and feeling his new beard he had grown out for the movie. He went to the couch in a few short strides. He stood about 6’4 and liked it like that, in high school he wished he would stop growing so he wouldn’t be some freak. 6’4 was just tall enough in his book. He took off his size 16 shoes, which was another thing, his feet were huge, his hands were big and his fingers were long. He sat on his couch and rubbed his balls. He was very well endowed; a 10 incher, and it had always gotten him looks in the locker room and women in his bed. The only downside was that he often crushed the huge thing between his legs when he walked. All in all he was pretty happy. He lay on his couch thinking of what it would be like to be a normal sized man, his whole life he had been Mr. Big and Tall. He felt a tingle and a warm feeling wash over his body. He shook it off and thought it was just from the lack on energy. Wait, he wasn’t tired anymore, he was…well…energized! He sat up and looked at his feet, they almost looked…BIGGER then they had before and he had never noticed the hair on his toes before. He reached down to rub them when he noticed something else, his shirtsleeves were shorter. Now he knew something was weird, he knew they had been too long for him because he got them caught on the hanger when he took them out of his closet this morning. His shirt was tighter on his chest and his pants were straining against his butt and crotch. His pants were wrapped around his baseball-sized bulge, which stuck out proudly in front of him. He stood up and hit his head on the ceiling fan. He had it put in so it was a little higher up than he was…he was taller! Suddenly his shirt pulled tighter around his chest and back. His pecs grew bigger and bigger until they were ripping a hole in his shirt. His wide shoulders grew wider and wider as they ripped the shirt from the top, his back had gotten more muscle on it as well and was straining to stay in his shirt. His jaw tingled and pushed farther out from his face, square and prominent. His neck got thicker and ripped the neckline of his shirt. His pants were a lot shorter and only reached his knees now, his legs were hairy and his calves were tight. His feet ripped out of his shoes and his head was now held high above the fan. His jeans ripped open and his hugely muscular thighs swelled out, coated with hair. His shirt ripped off and his abs grew bigger and harder, now an 8-pack. He had grown a treasure trail and his enormous pecs were coated with a thin layer of hair. His briefs strained and were starting to rip; his testicles were now the size of basketballs and were getting bigger. His ass strained against the seat of his briefs and was taught and round. His underwear burst off and his now 16-inch soft dick hung down between his legs, almost to his knees. His clothes lay in shreds on the floor and his head touched the ceiling. His worst nightmare had come true; he had become the giant, enormous man that haunted his high-school dreams. His dick grew hard and was now thicker than a beer can and about as long as two golf clubs. It stood erect and curved up, if he tried it would reach past his belly button on his stomach. Suddenly another wave of heat washed over him and he started getting taller and taller, his muscles growing and swelling out in all directions. He burst through the roof of his house and stood up, his foot was bigger than two house put together and his balls almost touched the ground, his dick reaching his chin now, rubbing against his rough 5 o’ clock shadow. His adam’s apple had grown bigger and bulged out of his enormously thick neck. He had become a giant mountain of manliness. •

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