By Richard Jasper

Carlos floated on the designer sheets of the California king bed in Roger’s apartment-sized bedroom. Roger was straddling Carlos’ bubble butt, giving Carlos a much needed back massage.

“Jesus, man, where’d you learn how to do this…?” Carlos asked, groaning and purring simultaneously.

“Uh, well, in fact…”

“Let me guess,” Carlos interrupted. “You’ve never done it before…?”

Roger shifted from the small of Carlos’ back to his incredibly overdeveloped trapezius muscles.

“I guess I’m better at this body stuff than I thought I was…”

Carlos flipped over, tumbling Roger into the velvety softness of the subtly woven duvet.

“You got that right,” Carlos said, stretching out on his side.

“So, Mister Mister,” Carlos said, looking into Roger’s deep blue eyes. “What does it for you?”

Roger blushed.

“Are you kidding? This does it! YOU do it!”

“And that’ud be what, man? Big dicks? Brown skin? Big muscles?”

Roger sighed.

“All of the above…”

Carlos knelt.

“And this?” he asked, flexing his 21 inch bicep.

Roger groaned.

“Or this?” Carlos flared his meaty, sculpted lats.

Roger’s erection slapped Carlos’ thigh.

“Yeah, man,” Carlos said, crunching his tiny 28 inch waist into a spectacular display of cobbled, striated abs. “This is what you really want, isn’t it?”

“Fuck,” Roger said. “Pose for me, Carlos. Please?”

“You don’t have to ask twice, buddy.”

Carlos pulled Roger from the bed, stood facing him toe to toe, his big, fat uncut cock playing swords with Roger’s even bigger, even fatter white boy dick. He took Roger through the posing routine that won him last year’s Tri State competition, the one that qualified him for the Junior Nationals. He called out each pose from memory, hearing the music in his head, his fluid movements controlled but graceful, elegant but oh so masculine.

Roger moved with him, around him, behind him, oohing, ahhing, moaning, gasping. Licking an arm, then the small of Carlos’ back, caressing his shoulders, the back of his neck, tweaking one nipple, then the other. With every pose, Carlos was a bit more pumped. With every pose, Roger’s dick was that much harder, his breathing that much deeper.

“Fuck me,” Roger said, hoarsely. “Fuck the shit out of me, Carlos.”

Carlos grabbed Roger by the shoulders and threw him onto the bed.

“You sure you’re ready for this, boy?”

Roger flexed his creamy, white boy ass, his new back muscles rippling all the way up to his neck.

Carlos thumbed the Magnum condom down his fat cock, spat twice (once on his dick, once on Roger’s cherry), and plunged in.

“Fuck!” Carlos cried. “Where’d you learn how to do that?!”

Roger’s ass swallowed the head of Carlos’ cock like a python going for an ostrich egg. He took it all, massaging every one of Carlos’ 9 inches, until his butt cheeks rested on Carlos’ pubic bone.

“Christ, yer good at this.”

Roger mumbled into the pillow.

“What was that?”

“Fmy furs ime…”

“Your first time fucking?!”

Carlos shook his head.

“Shit, dude, urgh, I, argh, ain’t never, ugh, met nobody, shit, who was such, oh, Christ, a fast fuck fuck fucking learner!”

The fuck went on for a long time. Every time Carlos came close, Roger instinctively loosened his sphincter. Every time Carlos’ attention began to flag, Roger did something that brought Carlos’ cock roaring back to life.

Eventually, dripping with sweat, Carlos could take it no more.

“Eww, dude, dude, I’m gonna jizz!”

Carlos’ cum exploded into Roger’s ass, his hot tub orgasm having paled in comparison. Carlos fell on top of Roger, his 240 lb. bulk completely covering the smaller man, but Roger never let go, his ass never unclenched, taking in every drop of Carlos’ hot man juice.

With the last spasm of Carlos’ big dick, Roger let go, then quickly turned himself and Carlos topsy-turvy, the hunky bodybuilder’s sizzling torso spread before him. Roger straddled Carlos’ hips, his left hand pinching his left nipple, his right hand vigorously pumping his massively engorged member. After two hours of foreplay, it took no more than three or four strokes for Roger to come to climax, at the last moment clamping down on his huge cock.

The eruption went on and on, the creamy jizz marbling the caramel perfection of Carlos’ killer bod.

“Shit, man, don’t tell me you ain’t ever done THAT before, OK?”

Roger smiled.

“This? I do this every day, sexy – doesn’t everyone?”

Carlos shook his head.

“Man, I just don’t get it. You really are…”

“Unstoppable.” •

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