By myoder

After Vince's change, he was eager to show off his new huge muscle to the other guys in the band. They had a gig that night at the Tropics Club, a trendy gay bar, and this would be his chance.

That evening, before going to the club he stood in the bathroom, and carefully studied his massive frame. It gave him a hardon just admiring his new mass and definition. He grabbed a bottle of baby oil and poured the slick liquid over his arms. As he rubbed the oil over his arm he was amazed that his big hands could barely cover the peak on his massive biceps. He rubbed the oil over his gargantuan shoulders and felt the deep cuts in his delts. He poured the oil over the top of his huge pecs, and flexed them one at a time while the oil tricled through each striated mound, over the hair on the middle of his chest and in a rivulet to his ripped abs. His hand cupped the mass of his huge pecs and he squeezed each one, massaging the oil in deep. He tightened his pecs and tried to squeeze them - they were hard as rock.

"Oh, yeah!" he laughed. "I bet I could break bricks over these fuckin things!"

His hands roamed over the ripples of his thick six pack and down to his crotch. His dick was rising as he felt every inch of his massive muscle. He poured oil over his quads, tensing the muscle as the liquid flowed over them. He oiled his massive calves and then poured oil in his hands and massaged it into his traps and neck - more like the back of a buffalo than a human. He ended by rubbing oil as much as he could over his huge, thick lats.

His whole body was shining and huge! He turned off the lights and turned on the sunlamp. Staring at the monster in the mirror, he was incredibly turned on. He flared his lats and flexed his pecs, first flexing them together, then one at a time, cheking out the control he had over this superhuman body. His dick responded by rising slowly. He was getting hard just looking at himself. He felt so fucking hot looking at his body, studying every freaky muscle. His dick continued to harden and lengthen to its full 10 inches. He flexed his cock and struck poses, seducing an unseen admirer with his mass and muscle control. He tightened his neck and the veins popped as the muscle thickened, and his traps rose in huge slabs beside his head, almost to his ears. He casually raised his 29 inch guns and hit a biceps pose, meant to make anyone faint with the sheer size of the twisted steel muscle. He grinned to the unseen admirer, and flexed his cock several times. He was getting into this seduction, feeling completely confident that he could easily have anyone he wanted, man or woman. He went into the bedroom and pulled on the loosest fitting tank top he had and went back into the bathroom. He flexed his pecs in the shirt and the fabric started to tear.

"Whoa, better watch that," he said to himself. He went back to the bedroom and pulled on a pair of loose shorts, stretched over his huge quads, and stuffed his softening prick into them. Even soft his dick was about 6 inches long. He grabbed his keys and headed to the club...

When he got there, the guys were setting up. Vince strolled over to Demon and winked. "Hey, guy- what ever you did, thanks!"

Demon smiled, "Looks like it really worked on you, Vince. My results took longer. Man you're fuckin huge!"

Vince raised his arms and hit a double-biceps. "Twenty-nine and counting, fucker!" he laughed.

By now the other guys were gathered around and so were a number of club patrons. Men were hanging off Vince's arms, squeezing the muscle and Vince started getting hard with the attention.

"Stand back," he said. "I'll show you size queens what a real fucking man looks like." He stood started flexing his massive pecs. The thick muscles stretched the tank top and eventually the shirt ripped down the middle, exposing his oiled, hard abs and hairy chest. He struck freaky pose after freaky pose, and the attention of the crowd was getting his huge dick hard. The shorts could finally take no more of the strain and his massive 10incher popped out and slapped against his stomach.

The crowd gasped. Several guys moved forward and started pulling on his huge dick. "Yeah!" he said, "be real rough with that big dick. You can't fucking hurt that muscle prick." He continued hitting poses, men hanging off his superman frame, stroking his thick cock. "Yeah! Climb on this muscleman! Feel what a real superman is like!"

Vince was so turned on now that he threw his head back and growled. He loved how these guys were worshipping his mass, and he felt the cum rising in his balls. As he felt himself about to cum, he tossed everyone away from him, like they were rag dolls. Men falling on the floor around him. He grabbed his huge cock in both hands and fisted himself till he shot an huge load on the floor. He stood there, gleaming with sweat, every muscle twitching with exertion. The band and patrons were all into their own jerking now, an orgy erupting from the incredible muscle lust that Vince had incited.

But Vince noticed one guy who didn't seem interested. A slim, little guy whosat in the corner and watched... •

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