Curious Cats


By Richard Jasper

Richard Jasper's independent continuation of the original story written by FanTCman.

And the two of them strutted down the stairs, out onto the street and walked toward home, parading their new super maleness, the enormous bulges of their baskets bouncing before their thick, hairy thighs.

"You know what I can't wait for, Todd? I can't wait for our first gym class."

"Yeah," Charlie answered, "but I've got an even better idea."

Todd looked at his friend quizically, then noticed where Charlie was staring.

"Oh, you're kidding," he exclaimed. "They won't let us in there!"

"Wanna bet?"

The two 13-year-old musclestuds, radiant in the late Sunday afternoon summer sunshine, walked up to the door of "The Rod," the neighborhood's most notorious--and reputedly wildest--gay bar. The bouncer looked them over lasciviously, then nodded them in.

"I can't believe it was so easy," Todd said.

"What did you expect?" Charlie snorted. "Hasn't it sunk in yet? You saw that guy at the door. He's at least 6-2 and 250 lbs.--and we're both an or two taller and at least 50 lbs. heavier, and covered in hair. He didn't see a couple of 13-year-old boys--he saw a couple of NFL linebackers!"

Todds eyes widened, but then he nodded slowly, as it finally began to sink in.

"So, uh, now what do we do?"

It was Charlie's turn to be puzzled.

"Looks like there are plenty of people just standing around, I guess we'll do the same," he answered.

The two of them walked through the bar and then up the stairs to the mezzanine, which was open to the dance floor and apparently the place to go if you wanted to just watch. The two boys, their massive cocks bulging ridiculously in the tight spandex of their shorts, were oblivious to the fact that all eyes were on them as they made their way across the bar, that easily two dozen men were getting erections at the sight of two massive, hairy musclestuds sauntering through a bar were hotbods were an everyday occurrence. They were only vaguely aware of the jostling, brushing, pinching, grasping fingers of the horny, watery-mouthed men they passed.

"Gee," Todd said, "people don't pay much attention to where they're going around here, do they?"

The boys found a place at the railing, leaning on their incredibly massive arms, unconsciously thrusting their insanely overdeveloped glutes and quads out for everyone passing by them to see and salivate over.

They were surprised a couple of minutes later when a tall, handsome young man tapped Charlie on the shoulder, and asked him if he wanted anything to drink. "Uh, well, sure, that'ud be nice!" he answered, smiling brilliantly. The young man raised his eyebrow but Charlies couldn't think of anything else to say. "So, well, *what* do you want to drink? And how about your friend?"

"Oh, uh, a beer, that'ud be good," Charlie said, with Todd chiming in, adding, "Yeah, a beer'ud be great, it's so fucking hot outside!"

The young man smiled. "I'll be right back."

Returning, he handed each of the boys an icy cold brew in a long-necked bottle, then stuck out his hand.

"I'm Kevin," he said. "You guys are new around here, aren't you?"

The boys introduced themselves but again fell silent. What to say?

"So...," Kevin continued, "are you from around here?"

"Oh, yeah," Charlie answered for the two of them, "we're from around here but we don't get out much. School keeps us busy..."

"Football players for State, huh?" Kevin asked. "God, they're growing you guys big any more. I figured you must be a couple of pros but I guess that's the way it's going..."

The boys just looked at each other and grinned.

"It's not exactly like your little or anything," Todd pointed out, which was true enough. At 6'1, Kevin, who turned out to be 29, was a solid, muscular 225 lbs., with broad shoulders, a thickly muscled chest, wide back, narrow, well-defined waist, and big, powerful arms and legs.

"Well, yeah, I'm no shrimp," he answered. "Not compared to most guys, that is. Next to you guys, though, I feel like a piece of spaghetti. Just how big are you, anyway?"

The two blushed.

"Not really sure, actually," Charlies confessed. "It's been a while since we were weighed."

"And what are your measurements? I bet those arms are at least 22 inches," Kevin continued, eyeing the two boys intensely.

Todd laughed. "We've never taken them! I guess we'll have to change that at some point!"

"You'll have to come over to my place sometime," Kevin said, chuckling quietly. "I always have a tape measure around somewhere."

The two boys looked at each other. "That could be fun!" they said in unison.

Kevin refilled their drinks at that point and the conversation continued, the boys letting their new friend do most of the talking. He told them about his track and field days in college, about his weight training and his amibitions to someday compete as a bodybuilder. And he kept refilling their glasses.

An hour later, the boys had each consumed six beers and they were beginning to get the giggles.

"Y'know," Kevin said, "I think it's about time you guys headed home. It's pretty obvious your coach doesn't let you out too much and I don't want the two of you to get into trouble for breaking training. So, you gotta ride?""

"Uh," Charlie & Todd responded.

"OK," Kevin replied quickly, "you can ride with me."

The three made their way out of the bar. The boys couldn't quite make out what all the other guys were saying to Kevin as he led the way but they could tell that some of it was embarrassing--he would turn a fairly bright red from time to time.

"He must be very popular," Charlie whispered to Todd, "to have so many friends."

In the parking lot, they climbed into Kevin's shiny new jeep and leaned their heads back, happy to be in an open air vehincle on a hot summer night.

"Where to?" Kevin asked. "Back to State?"

"Uh, no, uh, we live off campus," Charlie said.

"A bathroom!" Todd exclaimed. "Just take me to the nearest bathroom...."

Keving grinned at that.

"That would be my place I'm afraid," he said drily. "It's just three blocks away. Are you sure you don't wanna go home first instead?"

"No, man," Todd answered, "I *really* gotta go."

"Whatever you want," Keving replied, giving him a toothy grin, and the Jeep sped off. •

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