Curse, The


By hairyman101

Superman knew what he had to do....get that cursed ring off the man's finger and take it to the outer most part of the universe. he flew back to find lex still playing with himself. "uhhhhhh.....lex?" lex turned to see the man of steel. "i was just adjusting my jocks" superman picked him up by his shirt..."look....i need a friend now and not a so-called friend" dropping lex to the bench he told lex he had thought about this all night. "well you know it is the ring that is his source of power" lex smiled. superman nodded. "if it has power like that there is always a way to destroy it" lex could only dream of power like superman's. "your the brain lex......tell me what to do" lex got up and patted his friend on the back..feeling his huge traps....."i would think that pure water would destroy it" superman looked at him...."water?" "yes...a power source and water never mixed" superman smiled " but i have to get to him first and he will drain me again" they both thought more......lex looking at superman's body and wanting it.

Mike woke up from a deep sleep. the house was quite. he knew what had happen the night before with the woman. his muscles sagged from being pumped out and now losing the power they graved. "i must find superman and have my breakfast" laughing loudly. he got up and with the dead womans ' husbands clothes made his way back to town.

"take an axe and chop his finger off" lex said. superman shook his head no. "he is to fast" his super hearing picked up a plane in trouble. "have to go.....think lex....think" he flew to the plane that had trouble with the landing gear. pulling it down for landed safely. going into a dark room at the airport he changed back to clark. though the window he saw the man......mike......."he must be looking for me" he turned and walked to the front doors. mike looked and the ring was pulsing a bright green. "he is around here" his body was aching for strenght. he pulled a woman to him and started to hit her....beat her. the screaming was loud in clarks ears. he had no choice. before mike could hit her another time....superman hit him....knocking him back against the wall. lex watched from the corner of the hallway. superman flew to mike to try and take him to another planet but the strenght drain started...."you fool!!! you came right for me......" mike clung to him like a wrestler and all the power was draining into the evil paprasite. his body was getting stronger each second. superman tried to reach for the cursed ring but mike hit him with now great power....knocking him backwards...."imagine the great superman beaten by an earth man" mike picked him up like a sac of clothes and flung superman over his back. lex saw his chance....running with a bucket of water he threw it onto the two men. the ring was wet and the green glow stopped. mike could feel the ring burning like acid....he reached for it and it came off....he threw it down the hall. the ring bouced and then went into a heat grate. the holes just right for the ring not to be reached. mike stood there....wet. cold.......and back to normal. superman shook his head as his strenght regained. mike ran but did not get far. "now superman you know that was not my was a cursed ring!!!" he backed away more as superman walked toward him. suddenly his body shook as if every nerve fiber was on fire....he felt his heart being pushed out of his chest....."help me!!!" superman watched as the man exploded into a million pieces of flesh and blood. "the ending to a curse is always death" superman whispered. he turned to look for lex to thank him .....but lex was gone to find that ring but he did not see where it went....."damn.....i always lose!!!!" lex sat and kicked the heat grate. •

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