Curse, The


By hairyman101

Clark looked around the pool as the quests started to leave. lois still looked at him "are you sure you are alright?" clark looked at her as if coming out of a daze..."im sure was just panic" lois knew when he was lying...but said nothing more about it. she got up.."well time to go" clark got to his feet and felt find now..."i think i will stay and help the coach with cleaning up" lois smiled..."you are up to something....but ok i will walk with judy to my car" clark waited until she had gone and slipped into the dark hall....his body began to shake as the superman suit melted into his skin. "now i must see what happen to that man" superman watched as the last person left. flying up and out above the pool he saw the coach sitting on the steps...his head in his arms. landing beside him he asked "whats wrong??" the coach motioned to the gym. superman walked in to find bones in a circle. "what happen here coach?" the man was so in shock he could not speak. superman knew it must have something to do with the man that he saw. using his x-ray vision he scanned the high school. he saw the man in the restroom. "he must have got some of my strenght because he is huge for a human male" Mike still flexing in the mirror and hitting holes in the wall as he felt as strong as hundred men. "i want more!!!!......all of it!!!" he had it....."i have enough power to lift a train or plane...i will cause a disturbance so he has to come to me" mike laughed as he walked out of the building and looking up he saw superman hovering. "come get me superman!!!!" "i dare you" his ring still glowing green. Mike saw the afternoon train coming in so he ran to it with lightening speed...his leg muscles huge and thick. he put out his hands and the train rammed into him....he held it back.....the flames coming up from the tracks.......he pushed hard into it and the train derailed. he stepped out of the way as the train cars crashed into the station. superman flew to help anyone that was aboard. "he's coming to help.....the fool" mike waited as superman landed beside the train. mike ran into him and instead of fighting superman started to feel the drain. " where were we!!!" mike clinged to him as his body fed off superman's. "feels good....all that super energy going into my muscle fibers" "its like jacking my big cock and feels so good!!!!" superman tried to hit him to get him off....but mike held on. mike's body was growing .....his biceps almost tearing where the viens were popping out. his cock was hard and he was on top of the world!!!!

Some people were injured in the train but one man made his way out. lex luther had been traveling back from his vacation and now he was looking at the train he was in and to his left he saw superman and this man on top of him like they making love. "what are they doing?" he saw the greenish glow around them and how superman was not in control. "this interests me" walking a little closer he saw the man's arms and his huge pecs. "he must be.....he is.....draining him" lex had always wanted to know a way of gaining pure power and this man had found a way. lex found it a turn on and his cock was wanting attention. he unzipped his pants and his cock plunged out..jacking it slowly as he watched superman dying was such a great thrill he came in no time....his cum shooting across the ground. he arched back with all the pleasure his body felt. mike had noticed him. "come join us for some fun" mike pointed at lex. his cock stayed hard as if more cum wanted out. mike opened his mouth and pointed to it..."let me suck you.....i will take the very life from you and it will feel grand" lex nodded NO...he knew he would be dead if he went any further. superman was regaining his strenght slowly as mike drained him. mike could feel no let up on the power he was taking. "you are like a battery charger....your body never runs out" mike knew if he got to much he would maybe tear open as his chest felt like it would now. "i will let you go superman.....but when i want more.....i will find you and your a.k.a clark kent" he let go and ran with such speed he almost flew. superman lay still regaining his strenght as lex came to him.....his cock dripping cum. superman rolled over on his back and looked up at the penis hard and ready. the cum drops hitting his face. "" lex stoked his cock more as the cum came out like pee onto the man of steel's face.

Mike was naked clothes would fit him. he picked up a tree and tore it from the roots....lay it across some rocks and sat back to rest. his body lit up with more power than he had ever felt....his heart was racing.....his cock was hard. he thought of his dick and without touching it made it cum....the white cream shooting everywhere. "i have all the power i need to take over the world"......his human body quickly was losing some of it...but he taken alot from superman. he got up and picked up the tree and threw it away. as he was rubbing his massive chest he saw a woman putting out the dog as the sun was going down. "hmmmmmm......i could make her cum a thousand times before she died likeing it" walking nearer the dog started to bark. he grabbed it and threw it into the woods. the woman came out to see what happen as a strong hand made its way over mouth and the other up her pussy. "lets have some" he laughed loudly. taking her inside and stripping her clothes off he pressed his hard cock into her pussy. ramming it as she choked on her spit. his cock never gave out as she came over and over and over....the pussy juice and the cum mixing and running out.....and the blood came also but was never noticed has mike tore into her.....raped her. she lay there as if in shock still taking his cock....her pussy all slimy and ready for more as her heart gave out. her head went back. mike smiled as he felt her life run out and his dick still wanted more. he stopped. "to would have made great babies together" his eyes saw men's clothes in the closet. he tried them on......they barely fit but he knew his power was going down. his human body was tired as sleep came on him so tossed the womans body to the side and slept.

lex had finally helped superman up. "i saw the whole thing" lex said. superman gaining all his power back looked him in the eye....."yeah.....i guess this stuff on my face is milk????" lex smiled and slapped superman on the back..."well we are old friends and remember how we use to have a circle jerk..." superman put his hand over luthers mouth. "not now lex.....we have to figure out how to get this.....this......parasite.......away from this planet" superman let lex go and flew to the moutains to think. lex knew him and this parasite could be real good friends. •

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