Curse, The


By hairyman101

His body was getting weak again as he walked the sidewalk. his shirt was torn from the muscles he had but now were shrinking. mike looked for that one special guy. nothing. then up ahead was the high school he went to years ago and the young football team had just finished practice. "hmmmmm.......maybe.....but teen muscle is not that much......worth a try" he walked to the back fence where there had always been a hole big enough to leave was still there. he made his way to the locker room where the naked teen bodies were taking showers. he shook his head "i cant kill these guys......the police would come in a minute" he thought and then he knew what had to be done. smiling he walked in and the one guy looked at him that was just coming out of the stall. "can i help you?" mike looked as his lean tight body and his cock that swayed semi-hard. "i was to meet the coach about my son" mike lied....."the coach is not here , he had to go." mike could feel the pleasure cycle in his balls and cock as he watched the others start to come from the showers. mike turned the cursed ring around on his started to glow red....this had never happened. the teens all dropped their towels and their clothes that they had on ...came off. they all lay on the floor in a circle....their dicks hard. "we are ready for you" the one guy he had met said. mike walked into the circle and took out his cock....then dropped to the floor . all around him was cocks. he started to suck.....then from one to another....harder cocks....thicker cocks.......dripping......shooting...still sucking while the ones that got off started to sucked him. the ring still red. he noticed there teen bodies growing smaller. he felt a huge gain. he jacked cocks and he had three guys on his dick...licking....sucking....he felt the force of his cum flow and it was licked up by these zombie teens.....they still sucked him and got smaller. the ring was working without dying or killing. he was a parasite now.

He opened the door of the gym with his massive body back in place. the bodies of the teens still in a circle but now all bones and some barely alive. "i want more!!!"......"much more!!!!" he threw away his tore was to small now. bare chested he felt his biceps and chest...."i feel like i have the strenght of 10 men!!!" "the police will come soon when those teens mommies dont hear from them" he turned the ring again and glowed green. "i wonder what this does to me?" just then he saw a woman walking toward him....."sir??" she shouted. mike stopped. " lois lane and i was wondering if you were the lifeguard?" mike looked at his muscled body.."yes...i am" lying again. "well we have been waiting on you at the pool " mike watched as she looked at his muscled body. "i was just on my way" mike said. " there soon...please" she turned and walked to the other building that housed a huge swimming pool. "thats all i need is lois lane....reporter....and probably clark kent too" mike made his way to the pool so has not ot be under doubt. walking in he saw clark kent and the others around the pool. clark got up and came to him to shake his hand to greet him. As the two hands met mike felt power and strenght he had not ever known rushing into his body. clark seemed to be dizzy. mike clapped down on clark's shoulders....the strenght coming from this man was never ending. "you must .....are....superman in disguise" clark looked at this muscle bound man...."you must be" mike leaned into him as the rush of power continued...."what luck.....i will drain you of all your power.....and then kill you!!!!" lois looked at clark and got up to what was wrong. mike had to stop. clark fell to the ground. "clark!!!.....what happened?" lois clinging to his arm. "its nothing ....but a little....panic attack" mike slipped back into the crowd of people...his viens were exploding with pure strenght. he made his way to the rest room....turning the knob on the door. the door flew off and bolts too. "wow.....he is superman....and i want all of that.....pleasure.....power......." he laughted as he threw the door to the back of the stalls. he turned to see himself in the mirror. his perfect body now twice as big as before the "teen orgy" he posed and flexed. "the green ring must be why i found superman." " do i get him alone?" mike smiled as his fist rammed into the wall!!

At the pool clark was better but knew now there was a enemy that he didnt know how to defeat. •

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