Curse, The


By hairyman101

Mike could tell that the men around him in the shower wanted his cock. the stares and glances were enough that it had become rock hard. it was fat and uncut and measured some 9 inches of viened meat. The gym rat he had become had packed on alot of muscle of which he felt .....his body hard as his dick. "why dont you let me take care of that?" the hairy man beside of him asked. mike turned toward him and felt the warm wet hand stroking his cock. the other guys left....afraid of this monster that had finally taken mike's dick. "suck me" mike mouthed the words. the massive man lowered himself down and took the whole 9 inches down his throat. Mike felt the pleasure and then he took both hands ....putting them arousophie nd the mans head and shoved his cock all the way in. the hairy man gagged and mike would not let go as his cock was now choking the man. He laughed "at a loss for words?!!!" his hands turned the mans neck around....breaking his dick slipped out and the hairy mass of man felt back onto the wet floor. "to bad, he had a nice body" he took the mans still warm cock and jacked it until sperm burst out and the cum flew in his face. he licked it as if it was candy. then putting his mouth on the dead mans mouth...he sucked in....the power of the massive hairyman going into mikes viens and muscles....his heart beating fast. the others looked in...."looks like they had a great time...." they all laughed and went about as if nothing had happen. Mike felt no more power going into his body and what was left of other guy was just bones. His massive biceps pumped to perfection....his strenght was as two men. he got up and got dressed. his body still feeling the raw power of the dead man. he had to hurry before he was found out. his next victim could not be far away. Walking with his gym bag and not looking he ran into Joe old high school enemy that had made fun of him. "excuse sorry..." "why if isnt Joe" "how are you mike" "i didnt mean to run into you" "thats look like you have added alot of muscle" mike flexed his arms and let him feel. "wow....nice.....a change from high school" "yes.....a very nice change" mike stared at Joe's body. "you still have that jock must workout too?" Joe flexed his arms and let mike feel. mike felt his cock getting hard. "nice.....we should arm wrestle someday" "why not today.....i have a meeting in a few minutes and i will go home afterwards" mike licked his lips.....his huge cock pushing against his pants. "ok.....what address?" Joe wrote on a piece of paper his address. "i know where that must have money?" "i have done well.....and you?" mike knew that all he did was eat cum and power....but quickly came back with..... "i work at a gym and then some computer repairing on the side" "i have to go mike......i will see you at the house?" mike licked his lips more...."yes...i will be there......" Joe walked away as mike grabbed his cock and stroked it through his pants. he looked at the address on the paper and knew his football sized calfs could run there in no time. "this will be a night to remember Joe Roberts" mike smiled and started to run to the next feast. He took off his shirt and waited for his enemy to come home......his muscles bulging but starting to go down some. "i must have his strenght.....all of it!!" he felt the sun on his skin as he thought back to the day when he found the ring and the message. he was near the forest and he caught a bright shining object in his eyes. going to it and picking it up....the ring was of a medal he did know of....not anything he had seen. putting it on...he felt an overpowering will to kill.....he tried to take it off but it would not budge.....then he saw the message written on the rock beside it....."To whomever wears the ring, You are now cursed , a life of damnation and power" he looked at the ring now.....thinking of all the dead men he had to kill for the cursed ring! but he liked the rewards. a strong body and huge cock and all the sex he wanted. Joe pulled up in his porshe. getting out he saw mike's huge arms. "i was just sunning ....waiting on you" Joe slammed the car door shut and walked toward the man of his dreams. "i want your body" mike smiled..."you dont waste time" joe shook his head " no i mean we can go in and get this arm wrestle going" "i will beat you" mike said as he looked at the ring. walking in the house joe took off all his mike did too...."we will do this greek style" they looked at each other ....nude. each one's cock hard. "hmmmmmm......why dont we take care of buisness first?" mike said. Joe just nodded as he got on his knees and started to suck. mike knew the power would start to drain . he also knew for it to work he had to eat joe's cum and kill him!! joe was sucking fast on the vieny uncut cock. mike reached for his joe's head to break it. joe stopped. "i think we should beat off some and then have a long evening of cumming over and over" mike was surpised. "yeah.....ok.....we can do it that way..." they both sat together on the floor with their backs up aganist the couch. stroking each others cocks mike made his way toward joes lips...."kiss me" joe's body started to shake and his cock was leaking precum....mike reached down and licked it as the cum blew out ......mike swallowed the cock and ate the cum. he came off the cock and with cum dripping he tried again to kiss the muscle man. joe went down on mike's dick.....the pleasure was unreal as joe's tongue knew where to lick. mike reached for the head that was causing him so much pleasure.......with both hands bound tight around it he twisted it. he heard the crack!! as the neck broke. joe's body stopped sucking and mike rolled him over. mouth to mouth he felt the power going into his body. his biceps pumped up ....18inches....19....20......."he had lots of strenght" he thought......the cum dripping now from his cock as his body became one with his old high school enemy. R.I.P

Joe's body was bones as mike finshed and got up and flexed in the mirror. his chest had grown to at least 56 inches or more. his pecks hard and defined. he licked the last drop of cum off his mouth. "i must find a new man.....i want more power!!!! •

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