Transfer Student, The


By johnd7102000

I started my military presses. I could barely lift the 25 pound bar but I did manage to press it up eight times once I got it to my shoulders. I could feel some pain in my shoulders. They had never lifted something so heavy before. I dropped the bar and rubbed my shoulders. Vinnie could tell I was feeling some pain. “No pain, no gain, Arnold. The more pain the better. That means your muscle’s gonna grow.” He looked down at his bar. “Five more pounds,” he said. “I’m gonna curl 140 pounds. I’m gonna pack a pound of new muscle on each of my arms.” We loaded the bar to 140 and Vinnie picked it up. He curled the bar four times, with me spotting him for the last two reps. I was yelling at him and watching his huge biceps explode under his thin skin. I had never seen Vinnie’s biceps get so big and pumped before. They were gigantic. His veins were flowing with blood, which was surging through the muscle making it bigger and harder with each rep. When he finally curled the bar to the top on his last rep, he yelled “Fuckin’ strong!” as his muscle bulged with enormous massive power. Then he lowered the weight slowly and dropped it to the floor. “Fuckin’ big! Fuckin’ strong!” he yelled as he flexed his arms in my face. “My biceps really hurt. I’m blastin’ em so hard. They’re gonna get so big!” His right arm was right next to my face. It was covered with sweat and I could smell the pungent smell of Vinnie’s sweat emanating off his hot body. I put my face on his arm and rubbed my nose and cheeks on his beautiful skin, feeling his throbbing muscle as I smelled his sweat. “You’re so big, so strong, so beautiful,” I said as I felt Vinnie’s huge arm with my face. Vinnie grabbed the back of my head with his other arm and rubbed my face all over his huge bulging bicep and triceps. Then he pulled my face away from his arm towards his face. He looked me in the eyes for several seconds. I was just overwhelmed by the beauty of Vinnie’s face. Then he pushed my face into his and he kissed me. He forced his tongue into my mouth and kissed me hard. Just like his muscles, his tongue was big and hard, much bigger and harder than my tongue. I was beside myself with joy. I wrapped my arms around Vinnie’s huge chest and squeezed him as hard as I could. After a few moments Vinnie let go of my face and said “Gotta finish our workout. Muscle before sex.” God that kid had discipline.

Vinnie and I continued through our workouts. Since I was only doing three sets and Vinnie was doing five sets, I finished my workout before he did. I did my last set of situps with Vinnie yelling at me to do the final three reps. Then I lay on the floor totally exhausted. My whole body ached, but it was a good ache. My muscles were exhausted but I felt so alive. I had never worked my body so hard in my entire life. When I flexed, I could feel my tiny muscles getting hard under my skin. They were pumped! It felt so good to have a pump. Adrenaline was surging through my pumped up body. I could almost feel my blood pulsing through my muscles, feeding them with the protein those muscles were now craving. And I was getting hungry. My muscles wanted more protein.

I got up off the floor and rubbed my shoulders and pecs. “God I feel so sore but I feel so good. Working out with you makes me feel so good.” Vinnie grinned. “Yeah, it feels great working out. My body feels so big, so powerful, so strong. I love working out.” Then he grinned even more, reached over and ripped off my shorts. “Gotta let that little rock hard cock be free.” he said “You’re done, but I got more work to do. I’m gonna do my weighted dips. You gotta spot me real good.” I nodded my head as I looked at Vinnie’s sweaty, bulging body. His red workout shorts were soaked in sweat and covered his cock and butt so tight that I could see his huge cock bulging and his muscles flexing underneath. That was so sexy, but I wanted more. Vinnie could see all of me and I wanted to see all of Vinnie. I reached over and pulled off shorts. He laughed. “Now my spotting will be a lot more fun,” I said as I looked at his rock hard abs and his big semi-hard cock. Vinnie swung his big cock around and grinned.

He got on the parallel bars facing me and said “Warm up set.” He cranked out 20 quick reps like it was nothing. I watched his body go up and down, his washboard abs and huge cock going by my face with each rep. His triceps, delts and pecs bulged with shredded muscle as they pushed his body so easily. Even his legs bulged with muscle as they moved up and down. I moved my face very close to his body so I could smell the pungent smell of his crotch sweat as he pushed himself up and down. I so wanted to put that cock in my mouth. He dropped down and grabbed a 40 pound dumbbell. “Regular dips are way too easy for me. I can do 50 reps easy. I need to add weight to really challenge my muscles. To make ‘em really grow. I’m gonna start with 40 and go up from there. He buckled a weight belt around his waist and said, “Snap it on.” I reached down and tried to lift the 40 pound dumbbell, but I could barely get it off the floor with two hands. I certainly couldn’t snap it on to his weight belt. “Fuck, I forgot how weak you are,” said Vinnie as he grabbed the dumbbell with one hand, lifted it up with ease and snapped it onto his weight belt with his other hand. He got on the bars and said “I don’t think I’ll need a spot yet.” I didn’t need to spot him yet, but I so wanted to touch Vinnie’s body. Vinnie started raising his body and the 40 pounds of iron up and down. As his cock went by my mouth, I stuck out my tongue and licked it as it passed. Every time he went up and down, his cock got a little lick by my tongue. “Oh God!” Vinnie yelled. “You’re making me wild!” His intensity increased and he blasted out 15 reps. He dropped to the floor and dropped the weight. “Fuck,” he yelled as he looked down at his semi hard cock, wet with my saliva. “You gotta let me finish my workout, dweeb. You’re gettin’ me so hot!” I laughed and put my hand on Vinnie’s tricep. “Gettin’ huge,” I said as Vinnie flexed it for me.

Vinnie did three more sets of dips, with 50, 60 and finally 70 pounds of iron hanging from the weight belt hanging from his muscular waist. For the last set, he did four reps, with me spotting him for the last three. I just couldn’t believe how strong he was. I ran my hands over his arms, shoulders chest, and abs as he pushed himself and the heavy weight up and down. When I spotted him for the last few reps he blasted his muscles to complete exhaustion. His body was covered with sweat and his muscles were bulging with incredible mass and hardness. His cock continued to be semi-hard as I worshipped his body. Not only was I touching his muscles, I was yelling at him, telling him what a fucking muscular stud he was, how big his muscles were and how fucking strong he was. This made him even more wild and he blasted out his reps with the energy of a superhuman. By the time he finished his last rep, his body was red with blood, blood surging into his muscles, making them bigger, harder, stronger. He was breathing long deep breaths. His triceps were totally exhausted from those five sets of grueling dips. His arms were totally pumped from his brutal workout. The muscles were bulging and veins popped out everywhere. God what a stud he was.

After his last rep, he dropped to the floor, dropped the weight, tore off his weight belt and jumped at me, pushing me down onto the wrestling mat with his hot, naked, muscular body. He forced my arms to the ground and looked me in the eyes. “I’m done with my workout, dweeb. Now it’s time for sex! But I’m gonna wrestle you first. You’re gonna see just how strong these muscles are.” He flexed his huge, bulging, pumped up arms. “Oh fuck,” I gasped, looking at his arms. They looked so big, so muscular, so pumped, so hard. I reached up and grabbed his right arm. It was hot and sweaty and so fucking hard I couldn’t believe it. I ran my fingers over his bulging bicep and tricep muscles, moaning as I felt his huge muscles. “So big, so hard,” I moaned. “And so strong!” yelled Vinnie. He started wrestling with me, pushing me around, pinning me, twisting my legs and arms. He was using me as a toy as he showed off to me and to himself how strong he was. Once in awhile, he’d let me pin him. Then he’d smile up at me and lift my arms off the mat, pushing me up and down like he was doing easy bench presses. “You’re so fucking light,” he’d laugh. A couple of times I put both my hands on one of his hands and he could still lift my whole body up with just one arm. I was nothing to this totally muscular kid.

After a few minutes of wrestling me like I was a toy, Vinnie flattened me on the mat with his muscular chest and legs forcing me down on my back with his muscular body on top of me. He held my arms above my head.. I could smell his sweat and feel the heat and power in his body as he lay on top of me. He pushed his crotch against my crotch and I could feel his cock getting hard, pushing up against the soft muscles of my flabby stomach. Vinnie looked me in the eyes and I looked back at him as I felt his cock grow. Then he lowered his face and kissed me as his 10 inch cock continued to get bigger and harder, pushing against my stomach. He rubbed his pecs into my chest and started thrusting his hips up and down as he kissed me. His hard cock buried itself into my soft gut with each thrust. His cock was much harder than my gut. Then he pushed himself up into a pushup position and in an instant, he spun around. His cock and balls were now right above my mouth and his washboard abs were above my chest. “Lick my balls,” he ordered. He lowered his body down so his balls were right above my mouth and I started licking those huge balls filled with testosterone and muscle kid sperm. I had been waiting for this moment all day. Vinnie groaned with pleasure as I licked and sucked his big balls. Each ball was as big as a lemon. Big, round and hard. I kissed and licked and sucked Vinnie’s huge balls. Both of our cocks were rock hard. I moved my hands over Vinnie’s butt, abs and pecs, feeling his rock hard muscles as I licked. I was groaning in pleasure myself as Vinnie groaned and groaned. After a few minutes, he moved his cock next to my mouth. I didn’t need any orders. I started licking and sucking Vinnie’s cock. He was totally aroused. After only a minute of licking, he pushed his huge weapon into my mouth. I had never sucked a cock before and I couldn’t believe how big and hard Vinnie’s cock was. I licked and sucked it furiously and Vinnie groaned louder and louder. But he had only about half of his huge cock in my mouth. My mouth could only hold half of Vinnie’s huge dick. Slowly he thrust his hips forward, ramming his cock down my throat. At first I wanted to gag, but I was so turned on that I didn’t. I started moaning louder as I felt Vinnie’s huge cock in my mouth and throat and felt his bulging muscles with my hands. Vinnie started thrusting his hips, jamming his cock in and out of my throat and groaning with pleasure as he felt my tissue creating erotic sensations on his huge dick. I licked and sucked and felt Vinnie’s body. We were both moaning and groaning with total erotic pleasure and arousal. Then he lowered his upper body and started licking my own hard cock as he fucked me. I couldn’t believe that Vinnie was licking my cock as he was ramming his own huge cock down my throat. Vinnie started yelling as he pumped harder and harder. The sensation of Vinnie’s tongue on my cock sent me into an erotic spasm, and I immediately shot load after load of cum all over my chest. At the same time, Vinnie came too, shooting huge amounts of cum down my throat. He thrusted and came for over a minute, yelling and groaning with pleasure. I must have had a half pint of cum spurt into my esophogus. Then, he dropped himself on top of me, keeping his hard cock in my throat, rubbing his sensitive skin on my throat tissue, as he licked my hard cock with his tongue. We rolled around the mat together and groaned with pleasure.

Finally Vinnie pulled his cock out of my mouth and we laid on the mat for a few minutes feeling each other’s bodies and kissing. Vinnie’s cock never got soft. It stayed as hard as a steel pipe. After no more than five minutes, he said “I’m gonna fuck you in your tight little ass.” He rolled me over so I was laying on my stomach, opened my ass crack and spit a few times. This was all the lubrication I was going to get. “This might hurt a little bit,” he said as he jammed his cock into my asshole. “I love to fuck tight little asses like yours.” Vinnie was already a fucking pro and this was my first time. He pushed his cock in about an inch with each thrust. It took him only ten thrusts to shove his thick ten inch cock into my little ass. I thought for a moment I was going to die from pain. My little sphincter muscles were nothing to Vinnie’s huge dick. It just blasted through them, splitting them open like they were made of soft rubber. I started moaning in pain and Vinnie just said “Don’t be such a wuss, dweeb. It’s gonna feel better in a second.” Sure enough, Vinnie was right. My pain soon turned to pleasure as Vinnie started pumping his cock in and out of my ass. His giant weapon rubbed against my prostate gland sending spasms of erotic pleasure through my body. Vinnie fucked me hard for five more minutes and then came in my ass, yelling with each spurt of his cum. After he was done, I grabbed my hard cock and came too. We had two more orgasms right after that one. I gave Vinnie another blow job and he fucked me in the ass again. We had four fucks in about an hour. Those were the four best orgasms Vinnie and I had ever had in our lives.

After our fourth orgasm, we went back into Vinnie’s house. “I’m so fucking hungry,” I said. “My muscles are all so sore and I’m so fucking hungry.” Vinnie smiled. “That’s what happens when you work out and fuck a lot Little Arnold. Your muscles get sore and you get real hungry. I’ll make some protein drink.” Vinnie mixed up a huge amount of protein drink. I thought he was going to drink most of it and give me a little bit, but he divided the drink in half and gave one half to me. “Okay, Little Arnold. You gotta eat big and work out big. Then you might get big. Drink it.” I looked at the huge glass of protein and smiled. I drank the protein and it tasted so good. “Eat a big dinner and a big breakfast,” said Vinnie. “Lots of protein. We gotta put some muscle on you.”

I went home like I was in a dream. In the bus, I thought about working out with Vinnie, feeling his body and having fantastic sex with him. My cock was hard again as I rode the bus. My muscles were sore and when I flexed them I felt little bulges where I had worked them with the weights. The thought of actually building some muscle was starting to turn me on too. When I got home, I told my mother that I was starting to lift some weights with a friend from school and I was really hungry. She looked at me and said “That’s nice, Fred. You’ve never done anything athletic before. I’m glad you’ve found a friend that is encouraging you. I’ll make an extra piece of chicken for you.” I thought about one extra piece of chicken and said. “Make it two pieces, Mom. I’m really hungry.” She came over and hugged me and said, “Well, that’s a lot of chicken. People tell me teenagers can really eat. You’ve never been a big eater before. Maybe now you’re gonna start eating like those kids people talk about.” I ate my three pieces of chicken so fast that both my Mom and my Dad were looking at me like I had flown in from outer space. My Mom gave me half of her piece too. They couldn’t believe how much I was eating. I gobbled down my vegetables and drank three glasses of milk. I ate three times as much in that one meal as I usually ate. My parents were flabbergasted. I got hungry before I went to bed and raided the refrigerator for protein. I knew I was going to have to buy some protein supplements like Vinnie had. •

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