Transfer Student, The


By johnd7102000

We got to Vinnie’s dilapidated old house and went into his bedroom. It was just the same as yesterday. Clothes strewn around the room, pictures of bodybuilders and Vinnie’s own drawings of muscular men on the walls, and the smell of sweat like a men’s locker room. I looked again at Vinnie’s pictures. He was a very good artist. He loved drawing pictures of himself as a huge muscleman. In a lot of pictures he was smashing small weak humans into bloody pulps. I looked at Vinnie’s body and at the pictures and I could see he was soon going to become that huge muscleman. It was a good thing he kind of liked me.

Vinnie ripped off his clothes and stood before me naked. I had been waiting for this moment all day. His cock was semi hard. He looked at me with a look of arrogant confidence on his face. He stood there flexing his muscles ever so slightly. He casually flexed his abs and his pecs and his shoulders and his lats as I stared at his body. Then he flexed his huge arms as they hung at his sides like big hams. I was frozen as I watched Vinnie’s muscles bulge. He wasn’t posing but his muscles were still flexing slightly as he stood there teasing me. I didn’t know if he was doing this on purpose, but he was making me crazy. Then he flexed his thighs, changing the firm but solid muscle into granite. His cock started getting hard as he was just standing there, watching me salivate over his muscular body. I wanted so much to feel his muscles and to feel his cock. I looked at his cock and thought about what it would be like to have that huge steel pipe in my mouth - and down my throat. Vinnie’s cock was way too big to stay in my mouth. It was now rock hard and I stared at the 10 thick inches of thick steel pipe that was standing straight up on Viinnie’s body, covering a part of his corrugated abs. That weapon would blast itself all the way down my throat. It was way to big for my mouth. I had never sucked another boy’s cock, but now I wanted Vinnie’s cock in my mouth so much. I looked at Vinnie’s huge chest and shoulders. Oh how I wanted to feel his muscles. I just couldn’t stand there any longer. I walked over stood in front of him. I reached out towards his shoulders as they flexed with each little movement of his big arms. Before I could touch his skin, Vinnie reached up and stopped my hands. He flexed his arms as he held my hands. “No touching, dweeb. You get me too excited. I gotta work out first. Gotta work out these muscles so hard they’re gonna burn. My dad said you should work out first and then fuck afterwards. When you work out, you need all your testosterone in your body. It helps your muscles to work out real hard, so hard that they burn and grow. Then after you work out you can fuck and fuck and fuck. And you can fuck whoever you want, ‘cause you’re so big and so strong.” I got so excited as Vinnie said that. Fuck and fuck and fuck. Oh my god I could hardly wait. Vinnie put my hand on his big cock and I grabbed the thick, rock hard fucking machine. “After my workout I’m gonna fuck you real good, dweeb. I’m gonna fuck the shit outta you.” Vinnie’s cock got even harder and he twitched it in my hand. Even his cock was strong as it twitched up and down in my hand. It was stronger than my hand as Vinnie made it move.

I started trembling with excitement. Vinnie pushed my hand away from his cock. He grabbed his pair of red nylon shorts and pulled them on. His hard cock came out of the top - it was way too long to be hidden by those shorts. “Strip,” he ordered. He handed me another pair of shorts and said, “Put ‘em on.” I put on Vinnie’s shorts. Before I put them on I smelled them and I could smell Vinnie’s sweat. I was going to be putting on Vinnie’s sweaty shorts! I was so excited. My little cock was rock hard. I almost shot a load right then Putting on Vinnie’s shorts! The shorts were very tight on me because Vinnie’s waist was so small, but I managed to get them on. Unlike Vinnie’s cock, my cock was too small to push out of the top of the shorts. Now Vinnie said, “Need some protein and energy drink before the workout.” We went into the kitchen.

Vinnie mixed up a big portion of the protein and energy supplement we bought yesterday with my money. He drank about two thirds of the thick liquid. I watched him drink. This kid had eaten 18 sandwiches during the last seven hours and he was still hungry. I ate only a half sandwich for lunch while Vinnie ate eight sandwiches. Plus he had three sandwiches for his afternoon snack. How could he still be hungry? I was starving as I watched him drink the thick protein. Yesterday when I asked him for some, he said it would be a waste for puny little me to be eating his protein and he gave me a small glass of milk instead. But I got up my courage and said, “Vinnie can I have some? You said I could work out with you, so I need some protein too.” He looked at my puny little body. Then he drank a few more swallows and handed me the rest. “Fuckin’ waste of good protein,” he said as I gulped down the liquid. I got about a quarter of what he had made. But I was ready to get whatever Vinnie would give me. We drank some water. Then he grabbed my upper arm, just like he did in school yesterday, and squeezed. Pain bolted through my arm, but Vinnie didn’t care. “You wanna work out? Okay, lets go work out.” He pulled my arm, still squeezing hard, as we headed out to the gym in his garage.

“Gotta warm up first,” said Vinnie. “Do some pushups.” He got on the floor and started cranking out pushups. He did them so fast he was doing more than one pushup per second. He stopped after the 20th rep and yelled up to me. “Do some pushups, dweeb. You gotta warm up.” I got on the floor and started doing pushups. While Vinnie was on his 40th rep, I started my first one. Vinnie was pumping so fast that for every five to ten reps Vinnie did I did one rep. And I could only do three. That was it. Vinnie pumped out 100 reps and jumped to his feet. “Fuck! You could only do three reps? God you’re a fucking wuss. Do three more. Now!” I pushed my self up once and then struggled for the second rep. I was about to give up when Vinnie yelled “Push yourself up, you fuckin’ little dweeb! If you wanna work out you gotta work! When you work out with me, you’re gonna work! Push your fucking little wimp body off the fucking floor!” I pushed and managed to finish my third rep. Vinnie was moving his arms back and forth, stretching his muscles. “One more set, dweeb. I’m gonna do 100 reps and you’re gonna do three. And you better be done with three reps when I finish 100!” He punched me on my shoulder and then jumped down on the floor and started doing his pushups. I rubbed my sore shoulder before I realized I better start doing pushups. He had already finished 20 reps before I started. I did one rep and then had to rest. Vinnie was already at 50 reps when I started my second rep. I struggled and finally finished and then fell to the floor. I rested for a few seconds and started my third rep when Vinnie was at 90. Vinnie finished his 100th rep while I was still struggling to finish my third. He jumped up to his feet and yelled, “God what a weak little shit. I did 100 reps and you’re not done with three. Push yourself up you fucking dweeb.” When I heard Vinnie’s voice yelling at me, it jolted a spurt of adrenaline into my blood. I finally finished my third rep and I fell to the floor. I felt a strange sensation in my chest, a kind of burning pain. I had only done nine pushups but I could feel my tiny muscles burning inside me. I had never pushed my muscles like that before. I guessed that they just weren’t used to the punishment they took and were paying me back with pain.

Vinnie came over and picked me up like I was a feather. He held my shoulders and I stared at his chest and shoulders, which were bulging with sweaty muscle. I reached up to touch his body with lust in my eyes, but he batted my hands away. “Down boy. We’re gonna work out. Remember? All you got is sex on your mind. You gotta work out before you get any sex. Now we gonna do some pullups. They’re a good warmup, just like pushups. You can do pullups I hope.” I gulped. “Maybe I can do one,” I said sheepishly. I was really ashamed of my weakness, especially after being with Vinnie and seeing how muscular and strong he was. There I was at five feet six inches tall - two inches taller than Vinnie - but I only weighed 90 pounds - forty pounds less than Vinnie. I had never really taken my measurements, but I knew my arm only measured 10 inches. Yeah, I was a wimp, A real dweeb, just like Vinnie always called me. “Watch me do some pullups. First I’m gonna do regular pullups. Then you do the same thing.” Vinnie jumped up onto his chinning bar with his hands at shoulder width with his palms facing towards him. He cranked out 25 pullups like it was nothing. I watched as his biceps grew with each rep, getting more and more pumped with blood, blood that was surging through his huge muscle fibers. He jumped down and said, “Your turn, dweeb. Do 5 reps.” I looked at him like he was crazy. “Yeah, right,” I mumbled as I jumped up onto the bar. No way could I do five pullups. I held the bar the same way Vinnie did and I started my first pullup. To be honest, I don’t think I had ever done a pullup before. I just wasn’t into physical activity. I struggled and got about half way up and then my energy gave out. But before I dropped to the floor, Vinnie grabbed my waist and held me. “Okay, dweeb. I’m your spotter. You try as hard as you can and I’ll press you the rest of the way up.” So I tried to pull myself up and Vinnie raised his arms, pushing my body to the top. Then he held me as I dropped back down. “Four more,” he ordered. Well I couldn’t even get half way up for the second rep, but Vinnie pressed me up again and lowered me. “Try harder,” he yelled. “I wanna feel you trying harder.” I pulled as hard as I could and I did reps 3, 4 and 5. When I dropped to the floor my bicep and lat muscles were really burning with pain. “You’re so fucking weak,” said Vinnie as he jumped up and did another set of 25 reps, this time with his palms facing away from him and his hands wide apart. His lats bulged out on his back, wings of thick muscle, as he lifted his body up and down, growing bigger with every rep. “One more set,” he ordered. “Grab the bar the way I did.” I grabbed the bar and did five reps of the wide grip pullups, with Vinnie helping me with each rep. Vinnie set me down and grabbed my lats. There was only the tiniest bit muscle there even though there was lots of pain shooting through those little fibers. “You got no muscle at all. You’re like nothing but flab. And you’re so fucking weak! You’re weaker than a girl.” I looked at Vinnie in the eyes with a helpless look that said yeah I’m nothing. Vinnie looked me back and punched me in the gut, real soft “Okay, weak boy, now we’re ready for our workout.” I rubbed my sore chest and arms and back and felt like I had already had my workout. But this was just the warmup.

“I’m gonna work my arms and you’re gonna work your whole body. It’s gonna be fun watching you try to lift some weights. I’m gonna be your personal trainer. Oh, you owe me $70 for the first training session.” I looked at Vinnie and he laughed. “I’ll collect it later,” he said. I didn’t know whether he was kidding or not, but if Vinnie wanted anything I had, I would give it to him. So it really didn’t matter. Vinnie always got what he wanted. Especially from me. “Okay dweeb. You’re gonna do bench presses, military presses, lat pulldowns, curls, squats, calf raises and some ab work. You’re gonna do three sets. And we gotta set the weight light enough so you can do at least 10 reps. That’s probably a stick of wood!” Vinnie laughed at his joke. I couldn’t believe I was going to do all those exercises. When Vinnie said I could work out with him, he really meant a workout! “I’m gonna do barbell curls, dumbbell concentration curls, reverse curls, forearm raises, dumbbell tricep raises, tricep press downs and dips with weights. My arms are gonna be blasted when I’m done. And you’re gonna spot me so I lift super huge weights. I’m gonna put a pound of muscle on both of these big guns! I’ll go first.”

Vinnie always went first. He grabbed a barbell that said 100 pounds on the side. Then he curled it for 15 reps. “Just a warm up,” he said as he shook out his huge guns. He grabbed a bar with no weight on it and put it on the rack for the bench. “This weighs 45 pounds. Let’s see if you can lift it 10 times.” I got on the bench and grabbed the bar. Vinnie told me where to hold it. Vinnie raised the bar off the rack and I started lowering it to my chest. The bar went crashing down. Luckily, Vinnie had his fingers under the bar and stopped it before it hit my chest. I tried to push it up but I couldn’t do it. “Shit, you’re weaker than I thought,” said Vinnie as he grabbed the bar with one hand and threw it on the floor. He then got a smaller bar and put it on the rack. “This only weighs 25 pounds. Let’s hope you can lift it,” he said, looking at my frail body. “Maybe I really will need a broomstick for your pussy little body.” I grabbed the bar and Vinnie let go. I lowered it to my chest and pushed it up. “Yeah!” I yelled. Vinnie grinned. “More reps,” he ordered. I lifted the bar 12 more times with Vinnie helping me a little on the last rep. “Twenty-five fucking pounds,” said Vinnie sarcastically as he put the bar back on the rack with one hand.

“I was benchin’ 25 pounds when I was three years old. How’d you like the three year old Vinnie coming in here and benching as much as you just did? Fuck, what a wimp you are. I could do 50 when I was five. Shit, when I was five I was twice as strong as you. Think of that. A five year old Vinnie that could beat the shit outta you. Twice as strong as you and twice as tough. That sure would have been fun. Beating the shit out of you when I was five. I used to beat up older kids all the time. Kids who were my age were way too easy to beat up. I could beat up 10 year olds when I was five. I didn’t really start lifting weights until I was eight, but I was always strong. And when I started lifting weights, I really started getting real strong. I could bench 125 when I was nine. Think about it, dweeb. I was five times stronger than you when I was nine years old. I could kick your ass so bad. Oh that would be so fun, being only nine years old and beating the shit out of you. Fuck, when I was nine I was beating up teenagers all the time. It’s so great being strong. And now I’m gettin’ so strong I can beat up anyone I want. I’m benchin’ more than 250, which makes me 10 times stronger than you. I can fuck up anybody I want. I love beatin’ guys up. There was this kid in my old school that I beat up a couple of times. He looked at my funny or pissed me off. I can’t remember. I just liked beating him up. So much fucking fun. So he brought his big brother to school as his bodyguard. The big brother was in college and home for a break. I beat the shit outta that big fucking brother so bad he had to go to the hospital. Then I beat up the kid in my class real bad too ‘cause I was so pissed at him. He missed school for a week. They learned not to piss off Vinnie. If I wanna beat you up you just gotta take it. If you bring your big brother, I’m gonna beat you both up even harder. That’s just the way it is. You don’t fuck with me. You give me respect. If I think you’re disrespecting me, you get smashed.”

“After I beat up those two motherfuckin’ brothers, they transferred me to your pussy school. They couldn’t handle me at that school any more. And it was a working man’s school, a way tougher school than your pussy upper class school. Your school’s just full of wimps. You’re just like your pussy friends. A wuss. Fuck you’re nothing compared to me. I’m a man and you’re just a fucking weakling.” I looked at Vinnie’s body and nodded my head. Yeah, I sure was a weakling. And Vinnie was a superman. Vinnie was flexing his arms, getting ready for his next set of curls. I said, “Vinnie, why do you like to beat up kids so much?” He looked at me like I had asked such a stupid question. “Fuck, it gives me such a rush to feel my fists hitting human flesh. I like to feel my fists smash into the warm mush of weak flesh. I get a surge that goes through my body when my muscles flex and bulge as they smash my fists into the flabby flesh of some kid. I love to feel a kid’s flesh getting pulverized by my muscles. Hitting, wrestling, you name it. I love to feel my muscles smashing some kid into a bloody pulp. My hard body smashing some weakling. Yeah, what a rush. Oh yeah. One other thing. Because I can. Nobody can stop me. That’s how I grew up in this neighborhood. Be tough or be trampled. Only the strong survive. And I’m tough and I’m strong.” I gulped as I looked at Vinnie’s body in awe. This human machine of destruction was becoming my friend.

“Watch my biceps get even bigger and stronger,” he said as he picked up a barbell weighing 120 pounds for his next set of curls. He curled the bar up and down with fierce determination. When he got to rep eight, he slowed down and I put my little fingers under the bar. For reps 9 and 10 I helped Vinnie lift the bar, maybe applying three pounds or so. His biceps did almost all of the work. He barely finished rep 10 and dropped the bar to the floor. “Fuckin’ strong!” he yelled as he flexed his biceps in front of me. I couldn’t resist and I wrapped both of my hands around his right arm. I felt the huge bulging bicep and the thick triceps as Vinnie flexed. I thought about the power those muscles possessed and how it would feel to be punched by his big fist that was clenched above his bulging forearm. “Oh my god, Vinnie. Your muscle’s huge. And it’s so hard.” Vinnie lowered his arm and grabbed my arm. “Yeah, big and hard. Unlike your little stick. Do another set of benches, dweeb. Gotta try to put some muscle on your puny body.” I did 10 reps with the little 25 pound bar, with Vinnie helping me the last two reps. “Gettin’ huge,” said Vinnie as he laughed. “My turn.” We put another 10 pounds on his bar, making it 130 pounds. It weighed the same as he did. I didn’t know anyone could curl their own weight, but I was sure Vinnie could do it. He was going to curl more than five times what I could bench.

He grabbed the bar and stood up straight. Then he started curling as I watched the muscles bulge in his arms. Three, four, five reps. His biceps got bigger and more pumped with every rep. He slowed down with rep five and I put my fingers under the heavy bar. He did rep six with almost no help from me. “Two more!” he yelled as he looked down at his bulging arms. Rep seven was hard. His biceps bulged out of his skin as they powered up the heavy weight. They were exhausted and he couldn’t move the bar after he got half way up. I applied a little force and I started yelling at Vinnie. “You got it, stud. Look at your fucking arms. Look how big they are. That little weight is nothing to your huge biceps. That weight is like a little stick to your big muscles. You’re a fucking superman, Vinnie.” Vinnie’s face got a mean and determined look as he forced his arms to lift the weight. He got it all the way up and then slowly lowered it. I couldn’t believe the fibers and veins bulging in his arms as he lowered the heavy bar. He looked me in the eyes and said “One more.” He commanded his young muscles to curl the bar, and those huge 13 year old biceps followed the orders of his dominating brain. They lifted the bar up about a quarter of the way. The fibers of his biceps were bursting out of his skin. His skin was red and covered with sweat. His veins were the size of a pencil, filled with blood being pumped into the working muscle by his big, strong, athletic heart. The exhausted muscle tried to lift the bar farther, but it just couldn’t do it. As that muscle kept lifting with all of its might, I put my little fingers under the bar and gently helped. “It’s all you, Vinnie! Your fucking muscle is lifting this huge weight. Look at your muscle bulge. Look at it lift the heavy iron. Your fucking muscle is so pumped. It’s so huge. It’s so fucking big. It’s growing, Vinnie. It’s getting gigantic. It’s blasting out of your skin. It’s so fucking strong! Fuck you’re a stud!” Vinnie got the weight all the way up, looked me in the eyes and yelled “YEAH!” Then he lowered the weight slowly and dropped it on the floor. “Fuck, what a set!” he yelled. “You are a fucking great spotter.” He flexed his arms in my face and I grabbed those sweaty bulging guns. “Oh god, Vinnie. Your arms are so huge. They’re so big and they’re so hard.” I moved my face up next to his right arm and started licking his throbbing bicep. “Oh Vinnie,” I murmured as I licked his rock hard muscle. I wanted Vinnie so much.

He put down his arms and said “Finish your workout, dweeb. Another set of benches for your puny body.” I got on the bench and did another 10 reps, with Vinnie helping me with the last five reps. My pecs were exhausted. And they were burning, like they were on fire. I flexed my pecs and felt my little muscles. The muscles felt harder, like they were getting a pump just like Vinnie got. “Hey Vinnie, I think I got a pump, just like you. Feel my muscles.” Vinnie grinned. “Oh yeah, you got a pump” he laughed. “I don’t think your little muscles could ever get a pump.” He put his fingers on my pec and I flexed. Then he looked me in the eyes. “Hey, dude, I think you’re right. I can feel your little muscle bulging in there. I think you got a pump. The muscle’s tiny, but it got a pump.” He raised his hand and gave me a high five. “Fucking little bodybuilder,” he said, almost like he was my big brother and was proud of me.

He looked at his huge 130 pound barbell. “Another five pounds,” he ordered. “I got two more sets and I’m gonna work these biceps until they cry!” He flexed his arms and watched his huge biceps bulge with power. Vinnie was doing five sets of each exercise while I was doing only three sets. He told me I could go to five sets if I put on some muscle, which he doubted. Those three sets had killed my pec muscles, so I was happy that he wasn’t making me do five sets like he did. We loaded the bar to 135 pounds, more than Vinnie weighed. He lifted the bar and curled it six times, with me helping for the last two reps. I was yelling at him as usual, forcing him to strain his biceps with every ounce of power they had to force that huge weight up and down with their brute strength. After he finished, he flexed his arms in triumph, the triumph of curling more than he weighed. I grabbed his arm. “Oh my god, Vinnie. It’s fucking huge. It’s so big. So hard. So strong.” Vinnie looked me in the eyes and said “Yeah! And they’re gonna be even bigger and stronger.” Then he grabbed my shoulders and said, “Nothin’ but fuckin’ bone. You gotta put some muscle on your fuckin’ shoulders. Time for some presses, Arnold.” I looked at Vinnie quizzically and then realized he was talking about Arnold Schwartzenegger, my all-time favorite bodybuilder. “Yeah!” I yelled. “I’m gonna be just like Arnold!” Vinnie laughed at his joke. •

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