Muscle Club, The (By John D.)


By johnd7102000


As Justin and Deon approached Mike and Tony, who were facing the opposite direction, all the 10th graders stopped talking. They stared at Justin and Deon's muscles, unable to speak. One of them finally raised his arm and pointed. Mike and Tony turned around when the boys were right in front of them. "Holy shit!" yelled Mike as his eyes focused on Deon's bulging chest, shoulders and arms. "Whats up, you fucking asshole" said Deon. "You telling all your buddies about the video game you played? You telling 'em what big thugs you are? You telling 'em about how you fucked up the whole city in the game and then came to school and fucked up some skinny 9th graders, just for fun?" Mike looked over at Tony and then at Justin, who was standing there with his hands on his hips. His white snake was flexing as he flexed his pecs under the tight shirt. "Uh, not exactly," said Mike, twitching nervously. "Remember how you used to bully Justin and me, calling us the Snake Eyes and trying out all the brutal moves you played the night before in your stupid video games? Well guess what, fuckface. The snakes have gotten bigger. And they've gotten stronger. I'm the black snake and Justin's the white snake. Look at the snake's muscles." Deon flexed his own pecs, making his black snake's muscles ripple and bulge on his tee shirt. "Yeah, the snakes have gotten way bigger and way stronger. Way stronger than you, you big fat motherfucker.." Deon raised his arm and flexed his big black bicep right in front of Mike's face. Mike's eyes bulged as he saw the huge 15 inch rippling muscle flexing in front of him.

Justin looked at Tony. "Yeah, we're the snakes you used to crush in the video game. Remember that game, asshole? Remember how you smashed the snakes and then came to school and smashed us? Well, when you play a video game and you get tired, you can just push "Pause" and the game will stop for you. Or you can just turn off the game and you're done. But think about what might happen if the snakes you smashed in the video game popped out of the screen like real snakes. Real snakes who had gotten real big and real strong and hated you so much they wanted smash you day after day after day. You've been sitting around playing video games while we've been lifting tons of iron and puttin' on muscle like crazy. The snakes have gotten big and strong. And you can't turn off the game because the snakes you tortured have now come to life. Video game hell, fuckface. Now you're the prey, not the predator. And you can't turn off the game. We're the fucking snakes, we're stronger than shit and we're gonna give you hell."

At that, Justin smashed his fist into Tony's gut and Deon smashed his fist into Mike's gut. Their fists went all the way through their intestines to their spines. Mike and Tony had never been hit that hard, ever. Each of those arms could bench a dumbbell weighing 120 pounds, and all that power was forced into the bullies' guts at blinding speed. The two thugs collapsed on the ground in pain. There was a huge cheer from the 9th graders. Justin and Deon grabbed the bullies and pulled them to their feet. The bullies were buckled over in abject pain, the same kind of pain they had inflicted for years on their smaller prey. Justin looked at Tony and laughed. "You wanna punch me, asshole? You wanna punch my gut just like you always did? Here, I'll give you a freebee." Justin ripped off his shirt, exposing all the muscles of his torso. There was a gasp from all the kids, 10th graders and 9th graders, as they saw Justin's muscles. Justin's abs were like corrugated steel, a washboard of solid muscle. Above those abs, his pecs were thick round bulges of striated muscle. His erect nipples were pointing downward a bit, because there was so much muscle underneath them. You could see muscle fibers everywhere on his torso, and veins were pressed between the hard muscle and his tan paper thin skin. His neck was thick and muscular, with his big traps forming ridges to each side. His shoulders were capped with inches of thick striated muscle, big melons of powerful muscle. His big arms hung down from those huge shoulders, rippling with muscle fibers and veins. His thick lats flared out under his armpits and tapered down to his narrow waist. Justin's blue eyes twinkled as he saw the effect his body was having on all the kids. He knew he was a stud. But then he got a mean look on his handsome face and said "Hit me in the gut, fuckface. Hit me as hard as you can." Tony looked at that muscular body and froze. "I said hit me!" yelled Justin. "If you don't hit me I'm gonna use these muscles to tear you apart." Tony gulped as Justin hit a most muscular pose, flexing his chest, his shoulders and his arms. The kids gasped at this display of total muscular strength. Tony knew he had no choice. He made a fist, pulled back his arm and smashed it into Justin's abs. "Smaaaaccccck!" His fist had hit a solid brick wall of muscle. It didn't make the slightest dent in the hard fibers. Tony pulled back his fist and rubbed his knuckles and wrist. He had hurt his hand pounding his fist into that stone wall. "Fuck, I couldn't even feel that," said Justin, rubbing his hands over his abs. "Fucking hard as steel. Hit me in the chest. Hit me as hard as you can, you fucking shithead." Tony wrapped his hand around his hurt wrist and shook his head. "Use your other hand, fuckface. You got two fat arms, ya know. Hit me in the chest or I'll pound the shit out of your sick body." Justin made a fist and smashed it into his other hand. Tony shuddered. He made a fist with his left hand and smashed it into Justin's right pec. "Smaaaaccccck!" His fist bounced off the rock solid pec like he had hit a steel plate. To Justin it felt like a little feather hitting his hard muscle. "You are so fucking weak. Weak like a little girl. You're a fucking weakling, you know that asshole?"

Justin reached over and grabbed Tony's arm. "Your arm's full of fuckin' fat. Your muscle is as soft as mush. My muscle's way bigger and it's as hard as steel." Justin flexed his bicep right next to Tony's arm. There was no comparison. Justin's arm was big and it was solid muscle. The bicep formed a huge round baseball sized ball of muscle with fibers bulging and veins showing under Justin's white skin. "Flex your pathetic muscle fuckhead." Tony curled up his arm and flexed. You could kind of see a bicep, but it was soft and covered with fat. "Look at your pathetic arm. Look how fucking flabby and soft it is. This is what an arm should look like. This is a real man's arm. You're just a fuckin' wuss." Justin flexed his arm next to Tony's and laughed. "Fuck yeah," he said, looking at how much bigger and stronger his arm was. Then he grabbed Tony's arm. "Fucking soft as a pillow. Feel what my muscles can do to your fucking wuss arm." Justin squeezed, forcing his thick fingers into Tony's bicep muscle. "Feels like fucking mush," said Justin. He squeezed harder as Tony cried out in pain. "That hurt you, fuckhead? Fuck, I'm not even trying hard. I got so much muscle I can hurt you without even trying hard. Are my big14 year old muscles hurting your big bully body? God it feels good hurting you like this." The muscles in Justin's forearm were writhing like a nest of snakes. "Look at the snakes, motherfucker. Look how the snakes are writhing in my forearm. Those snakes are putting hundreds of pounds of force into my fingers. My fingers are way stronger than your fat bicep." Tony was now crying tears. Justin wriggled his fingers, now pushing them down to the bone. "Fuck yeah," he yelled, watching his big muscles squish that bicep into nothing as Tony cried out in pain. Then he let go.

"You got too much fat on your fucking body, you big wuss. Gimme your lunch money. You two bullies don't need to eat any lunch. You can just live off your fucking fat. Gimme the money fuckhead." Without letting Tony answer, he smashed his fist into the bully's chest, knocking him back three feet. At the same time, Deon threw a hard punch at Mike, saying "gimme your money asshole." The two bullies pulled out their wallets and handed all their money to Justin and Deon. They knew they didn't have a choice. The muscle kids took the money and walked over to the 9th graders and tossed it into the crowd. "Here's part of what they owe you. You'll be getting a lot more every day from now on." The kids grabbed the money and were squealing with glee. Tony and Mike gulped, realizing that this was going to be happening to them every day.

Justin turned back to Tony. "You thugs thought you were strong, but next to us you're total weaklings. We're like five times stronger than you are. You're both fucking weaklings. What did you two thugs used to do to weaklings?" The bullies stood there petrified. One of the 9th graders yelled out "They beat us up. They always beat us up!"

Deon laughed. "Yeah, they did didn't they. And that's what the snakes are gonna do right now. We're gonna beat up these fucking thugs. You're weaklings compared to us and we're gonna fuck you up real good. And guess what motherfuckers? This is gonna happen every day. And you can't turn off the game!" At that, Justin and Deon started smashing their fists into the bullies' fat bodies. The bullies were still a little heavier, but they didn't have anywhere close to the amount of muscle the boys had. They were fat and they never worked out while Justin and Deon had added 50 pounds of rock hard muscle to their bodies, bodies that were now so ripped and strong it was beyond belief. The muscle kids pounded the bullies unmercifully, and every time the bullies hit their muscular bodies, the blows bounced off like nothing. Those kids were invincible. After about two minutes of this thrashing, the muscle kids wrapped their arms around the necks of the bullies and flexed their biceps. "We're gonna do a head pop," said Deon. "We're gonna pop your heads right off your bodies, just like the video game. And we got the muscles to do it!" He flexed his big bicep and it smashed itself into Mike's neck, crushing his windpipe. "God that feels good," said Deon, as Mike turned red. Deon flexed and unflexed his arm a dozen times, hearing and feeling the big muscle bash itself into the poor bully's neck, crushing more and more windpipe. Then he flexed real hard and held it, watching his rock hard muscle smash that fat neck. "Fuckin' strong muscle!" yelled Deon. Mike started drooling and gasping. He couldn't breath. Finally, Deon pulled his arm up, pulling on Mike's chin like he was going to snap his head right off his body. "Time for a head pop," said Deon. Mike's eyes were wild with fear. Never was there more panic in someone's eyes. Deon held this position for 30 seconds, as total fear swept through Mike's body. Then Deon let go and pushed the trembling bully to the ground. "See ya later, fuckhead" he said. He and Justin strutted away with all the 9th graders cheering and yelling at them. Mike and Tony were writhing in pain on the ground.

That morning at school was great. The muscle kids used to be very quiet and reserved. They were so skinny they didn’t want to call any attention to themselves. Now, after gaining 50 pounds of solid muscle, their personalities were totally different. Shot after shot of steroids had pumped so much testosterone into their bodies that they were supremely confident, cocky and arrogant. They swaggered through the school, letting the girls and some of the boys feel their muscles. Even the teachers treated them with more respect. They walked into their math class wearing their tight fitting snake tee shirts and the male teacher’s jaw dropped open. “Geez, you guys really look good,” he said. “Thanks, Mr. Kelly,” said Justin as he raised his arms and flexed. Mr. Kelly looked at those huge muscles and then at Justin’s beautiful eyes and face. A bulge started appearing under Mr. Kelly's pants. “Look at my abs,” said Deon, not to be outdone by his blond friend. He raised his shirt and flexed his eight pack. “Twenty eight inches,” said Deon. “Solid muscle.” Mr. Kelly now had a full hard on. “Very nice,” he said as he looked at Deon’s abs and compared them to his big chest. Then he looked at his ruggedly handsome black face sitting on top of a thick, muscular neck surrounded by big bulges of trap muscles. “Workin’ out for football,” said Deon. “We’ve been liftin’ weights like crazy and eatin’ tons of good food. We’ve been packin’ on so much muscle we can add more weight every day. We’re really strong.” Deon hit a most muscular pose, showing off the big, striated muscles of his chest, shoulders and arms. Mr. Kelly gulped. “Yeah, I can tell,” he said. “Watch,” said Deon. He bent down and picked up his desk. He lifted it to his shoulders and then pressed it overhead. He lowered the desk and pressed it up again. “This is real easy,” he said. “The desk probably weighs about 50 pounds. I can press 180 pounds, so this feels like a feather.” Mr. Kelly watched Deon’s muscles working as he pressed the desk up and down like a toy. His delts were bulging from his shoulders and his arms looked like huge pistons of muscle power. Deon put down the desk and flexed his arms in front of his awestruck teacher. “Real strong,” he said. Mr. Kelly’s eyes were bulging out of his head as he stared at Deon’s muscles. Justin came over and put his arm next to his teachers’ arm. Keeping his arm straight, he flexed his bicep, his tricep and his forearm. “Look how big my arm is, Mr. Kelly. My muscle’s twice as big as yours. Feel it Mr. Kelly. It’s as hard as rock.” Mr. Kelly reached over and felt Justin’s arm, starting with his bulging bicep and tricep and then moving down to his bowling pin writing snake forearm. Fibers of muscle were bulging under his white skin. Veins crisscrossed everywhere, surging with protein filled blood. The muscle was hot and it was as hard as warm marble rock. Mr. Kelly squeezed but he couldn’t make even a small dent in the bulging fibers. Mr. Kelly’s arm started shaking as he felt the big, hard muscles of Justin’s arm.

Mr. Kelly treated these boys very well. If the work was hard, he said he would give them special help after class. He treated them much better than he treated the other students. Yeah, you get respect with muscles.

At lunchtime, the boys ate four big meat sandwiches and a quart of milk. Some of the 9th graders gave them some of their protein-filled food too. They had voracious appetites. They got up from their chairs and patted their full stomachs. “Need lots of food to feed these big muscles,” said Deon as he flexed his arm in front of the 9th graders. The he looked across the room. “Let’s go fuck up the thugs.” Justin smiled and nodded his head. They got up and headed over to where Mike and Tony always sat. The big thugs didn’t have any money to buy lunch, but a couple of guys had given them half of their sandwiches, which they were now eating. Justin and Deon came up to where they were sitting and jerked the guys sitting next to them off their seats. They didn’t say “excuse me. ” They just jerked them away and sat down. Any friend of the thugs didn’t deserve any politeness. “I’m still hungry,” said Justin looking at Mike. “I ate four meat sandwiches and some other good stuff, but these muscles need more food. I just finished eating and I’m still hungry. I’m always hungry. I’m gonna arm wrestle you for your food. The winner gets it all.” He put up his arm. His shirt was so tight that he had pulled it up to expose his shoulder. You could see his bulging delt and his whole arm, an arm just bristling with muscle fibers. Even though he wasn’t flexing the muscle, you could see the fibers under his white skin with veins surging with blood. Mike hesitated. “Put up your fucking arm, wuss. Fight like a man.” Mike looked into Justin’s sky blue eyes and saw the determination in his handsome face. He put up his arm and locked grips with the 9th grade musclekid. He was surprised how thick and calloused Justin’s hand was. It was full of muscle and calloused from hours and hours of lifting heavy iron. “My hand feels a lot different than your stupid video control, don’t it. Now you’re u against a real man with real muscles. My big hand could crush your hand like a grape.” Justin squeezed his fingers, crushing Mike’s hand like it was nothing. Justin looked into Mike’s eyes and smiled. Then he looked down at his bulging forearm. “Yeah, real muscle,” he said.

“Ready, set, go!” yelled Deon. Mike forced his arm forward. His arm was fairly big, but it was soft and spongy. Justin’s arm was way bigger, it was solid muscle and it was hard as a rock. Mike pressed as hard as he could but Justin’s arm didn’t move at bit. In fact it didn’t even look like it was flexing very hard. Mike’s face was red and his teeth were clenched because he was straining so hard. Finally he managed to push Justin’s hand down until it was about an inch from the table. He felt some hope. Maybe he could win. But then the movement stopped. It was like he had hit a brick wall. A brick wall of Justin’s muscle. After 20 seconds or so he looked up at Justin’s face. Justin was calm and smiling, like he was pressing on a feather. “Is that all you got, fuckface?” said Justin. “You’re so fucking weak. You’re such a fucking weakling. Feel a real man’s muscle!” At that, Justin ordered his arm to explode with power. His big bicep flexed instantly, popping up under his thin skin. In a fraction of a second, Mike’s arm was smashed down onto the table. Justin held it there for a few seconds, looking at his big muscles and the helplessness of the former thug. “I win,” he said, “I’m always gonna win.” He grabbed Mike’s sandwich and wolfed it down. Then he grabbed his drink and gulped it all down too. Mike just sat there stunned.

Next, Deon smashed Tony’s arm to the table and gobbled down his food. Then he grabbed Tony’s wrist and twisted it up his back. “Fucking fat weakling arm,” he said. “You’re so fucking weak I can’t even feel you fighting back. I can tear your fucking arm right off your body. Look how easy it is. I’m so fucking strong you can’t even fight back.” He raised Tony’s arm higher and higher on his back. Deon’s muscles were bulging as they forced the helpless bully’s arm higher and higher. Tony started crying out in pain. Pain was shooting through his shoulder as his tendons and ligaments were being ripped apart by Deon’s strong muscles. Tears were running down his face. Finally there was a “pop” sound that came from his shoulder. The tremendous force of Deon’s muscles had popped his arm loose from his shoulder. A surge of pain enveloped his whole shoulder and arm. It was dislocated. Deon let go and the arm fell down like a helpless, unmoving appendage. That arm would be out of commission for months. “Fucking wuss,” said Deon. “Remember the video game when you did that to people on the screen. Then you came to school and did it to us. You weren’t strong enough to pop our arms, but you made us cry. But now I’m strong enough. I’m strong enough to pop your fucking fat arm right off your body. You’re not shit to my muscles.” He flexed his arm right in front of Tony’s nose, grabbed the back of his head and then rubbed Tony’s crying face in his hot pumped upper arm. The tears from Tony’s eyes covered Deon’s flexed upper arm. “Feels so good to feel your tears on my big arm. Makes me feel real good to have a bully’s tears on my arm.” Justin looked at Mike. “Tomorrow it’ll be your turn,” he said, flexing his arm. “I’m gonna love popping your fucking arm.” Mike gulped. The musclekids turned around and left.

Tony and Mike were terrified. Their school day had been absolute hell. Their lives had been turned from the pleasures of bullying weaker kids to the misery of being beat up themselves. They were being beat up by 14 year old muscle kids who were so strong it was unbelievable. And the muscle kids were going to do this to them every day. They said they had a lot of paying back to do. The bullies frantically thought of what they could do.

The first thing they did was go to the nurses office with Tony’s dislocated shoulder. The nurse took a look at the shoulder and said “Go over to the gym and see Coach Phillips. He can pop your shoulder back into its socket. He’s real strong. He’ll pop it back in.”

So the bullies cut class and went over to the gym, with Tony carrying his arm in his other hand. They had never been inside the gym before. The walked inside and down the hall and then saw the huge weight room. There were big weights everywhere, stacks and stacks of big Olympic plates, dumbbells arranged in a rack going all the way up to 200 pounds, benches for bench presses, squat racks, leg press machines, pullies for rowing and lat pulldowns, more weightlifting equipment than they had ever seen before. “Fuck, look at all that weight,” said Mike. He went over and picked up a 45 pound Olympic plate. He could barely get it off the ground and to his waist using both of his hands. “Fucking heavy,” he said, dropping the weight to the floor. “Shit, look at that bench,” said Tony. “Look at all the fucking weights on the bar.” They went over and looked at the bar. “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight,” said Tony. “Eight times 45 is 360. Three hundred sixty pounds. And there are two more 35 pound plates on the bar. That makes 425. And the bar itself must weigh 50 pounds. So that’s 475 pounds. Fuck, who can lift all that weight? Who could be so big and strong that they could lift all that fucking iron. They must be fucking monsters. You could barely pick up 45 pounds and somebody’s benching 475. Holy shit.”

Suddenly behind them a deep voice rang out. “We got a couple of senior football players who use that weight. They’re huge. A black guy and a white guy, Marcus and Ryan. You should see all the muscle on their bodies. They’re strong as shit. They can do six reps with that weight.” Mike looked at the loaded bar and than back at the man. “Holy shit,” he said, thinking about two high school students lifting that weight. “My name’s Coach Phillips,” said the man, who was now coming into view by the two boys. He was huge. “’Course, they’re not as strong as me. I can bench 550. But I’ve been liftin’ a lot longer than they have. They’re only been lifting three years and they’re already bigger than most college players. Fuck, we’ve got two freshmen who can already bench 300 pounds. They’ve gained 50 pounds of muscle in only a month. I know they’re gonna get bigger and stronger than Marcus and Ryan. They’re another black guy and a white guy, Deon and Justin. They’ve put on muscle so fast even I can’t believe it.”

Mike and Tony gulped. “You know those guys?, asked the coach. “Uh not exactly,” said Mike. “But we know who they are.” The coach smiled and put out his hand. “We build our football players real big. Real big and real muscular and real strong.” He shook the boys’ hands and asked, “What can I do for you?” Mike pointed at Tony’s shoulder. “Tony got his shoulder dislocated this morning. Kind of an accident. The nurse said you could put the bone back into the socket. She said you were so strong it wouldn’t be a problem.” Coach Phillips curled up his arm and flexed his 20 inch arm. “Twenty inches of solid muscle,” he said. “I’m so strong I could break your arm in half. But I can also use my strength to help. Here, hold your arm straight.” Tony straightened his arm and the coach put one hand on his elbow and one hand on his shoulder. He moved the arm around a bit to feel for the right position. Tony winced in pain. Then the coach flexed his huge bicep and pushed real hard. There was a loud snap and a jolt of pain jolting though Tony’s shoulder. “It’s back in place,” said the coach. “But keep your arm in a sling for a couple of months. It will take a long time for the tendons and ligaments to heal.”

The coach looked around the weight room. “This is like a second home to me. Ryan, Marcus, Justin and Deon are coming here next period for a workout together. They wanted to work their shoulders and chests extra hard, so I gave ‘em a hall pass to skip a class. When you’re on the football team and building so much muscle, I let ‘em skip classes to work out.” Mike and Tony nodded. It was obvious that building muscle was way more important than classes. “Well, I hope you get better,” said the coach. He turned around and walked out of the room.

“Holy shit,” said Mike. “Justin and Deon are coming here to work out with their two huge senior friends. Let’s find a place to hide and spy on them. Maybe we can find out how they’ve been putting on muscle so fast. Maybe we can dig up some dirt and use it to blackmail them. Then maybe we can get them to leave us alone.” Tony held his sore arm and nodded. “Good idea, man. We better find out something fast or we’re gonna be dead meat. Let’s hide in those lockers over there.” The two bullies went over to a row of lockers at the end of the gym and found two of them that were empty. They got inside and opened the doors just a little so they could see what was happening in the gym. “We gotta keep real quiet,” said Mike. Tony whispered “Yeah.”

They stayed in the lockers for about 10 minutes. Then they heard some noise. “Fuck, gotta work these shoulders and my chest real hard today. I feel so fucking strong. I’m gonna go up 10 or 20 pounds in the bench press. Just you watch.” The other boy said “Fuck, you’re not the only one who feels strong. We’re the strongest kids in the whole fucking school. I’m gonna beat you in the bench. You go up by 10 and I’ll go up by 20.” The other voice said “Fuck you Ryan. I’m just as strong as you are. Big, black and fucking strong!” The bullies saw the two huge boys enter the room. They were even bigger than they had expected. Giant young specimens of pure muscle. The seniors took off their shirts and stood in front of the mirror in just their training shorts and sneakers. They both flexed their arms. “Fucking huge,” said Ryan. “Our guns are fucking huge.” Marcus nodded. Then he said “Justin and Deon are gettin’ big arms real fast too. They been packin’ huge muscles on their guns. They been packing their bodies with tons of fucking muscle. And they’re gettin’s so fucking strong. It’s hard to believe they’ve only been lifting a month. Their bodies are gettin’ huge. It’s great to have ‘em in the Muscle Club. They’re buildin’ big muscles real fast and they got totally hard tight asses. I just love to fuck their tight little asses.” Mike and Tony’s mouth’s dropped open as they heard this. “Yeah,” said Ryan. “And they give fantastic blow jobs too. I can’t wait to have an orgy after our workout. I’m so horny I’m gonna cum six times.” Mike and Tony’s eyes bulged in their heads.

Then they heard another pair of voices coming into the gym. It was Justin and Deon. “Look at you two big studs,” yelled Justin at Ryan and Marcus. “You look fucking huge. Well, Deon and me are gettin’ huge too. You better watch out. We’re gonna catch up to you and then beat you. We’re gonna be benching 500 and you can only do 450.” Ryan went over to the blond 14 year old and flexed his pecs. “Yeah, if you’re benchin’ 500, I’ll be benchin’ 550. You just try and catch me.” Justin laughed. Then he punched Ryan in his pec, real hard. The punch was so hard it would have knocked over a normal boy. “Couldn’t feel that,” said Ryan, laughing. Justin and Deon stripped off their shirts so they were also just wearing green workout shorts and sneakers. “Time to work out these big delts,” said Deon, flexing his massive shoulders. “Gonna make ‘em bigger and stronger. Gonna make ‘em huge and strong as shit.”

So the four muscle kids started their workout, the workout were Justin and Deon military pressed 185 pounds, a new record for them. Justin and Deon worked with one set of weights while Ryan and Marcus worked out with a much heavier set of weights. But they all did the same exercises. Ryan and Marcus had been the trainers for Justin and Deon and they had done a great job. For their shoulders, they did six sets of military presses, six sets of seated behind the neck dumbbell presses, six sets of side laterals and six sets of bent over laterals. They did 24 sets of brutal exercises for their delts, going up on the weights from their prior shoulder workout day. They were 10 pounds stronger in the barbell exercises and 5 pounds stronger in the dumbbell exercises. At the end of their shoulder workout, their delts were bulging out of their bodies, literally popping out of their skin. The older boys had bigger delts, but all the boys had thick muscle capping their shoulders. The muscle was red and hot, dripping with sweat and literally bursting out of their paper thin skin. It was like they had big melons sitting on their shoulders, striated with vein covered muscle. Next to their delts, their traps were huge, pushing up against their thick, muscular necks. Their delts were so pumped that their shoulders were incredibly thick and wide. It was hard to believe these boys were still in high school.

“Fuck yeah,” yelled Justin. “Look at our fuckin’ shoulders. They’re huge. They’re fuckin’ huge and they’re fuckin’ strong. I could lift 50 pounds in each arm for the lateral raise. That’s more than I could press a month ago. I’m so fucking strong.” Then he heard a deep voice from behind. “Yeah, you’re all fuckin’ strong. You’re real men. You’re big fucking strong men.” It was Coach Phillips checking out his proteges. “You guys all look great,” he said as he walked into the gym. “I’m so proud of the members of the Muscle Club. You guys are all stallions. The biggest, strongest, toughest guys in the whole school. You Muscle Club members are totally hot shit.” He rubbed his crotch as he looked at the boys’ muscled-up bodies.

“Time for our chest workout,” said Ryan as he flexed his already red hot pecs. "I'll work out with you," said the coach. "I need to blast these big fuckers." He stripped off his shirt and rubbed his hands over his gigantic chest, feeling the thick muscles bulging in his pecs. The boys and the coach started out with bench presses, first warming up with 135 and then 225 but then jumping to enormous weights for their work sets. Ryan, Marcus and the coach loaded the bar with three 45 plates on a side - 315 pounds - and easily cranked out 15 reps. Then they add another 35 pound plate on each side, adding 70 pounds to the bar like it was nothing. The bar bent downward. It was holding so much weight. Now it was loaded to 385 pounds. “Fucking heavy weights,” yelled Ryan as he looked at the iron. “God it feels so fucking great to be so strong. Joining the Muscle Club was the best thing I ever did in my life, Coach. I get to lift huge weights, pack on more muscle than I ever dreamed of, fuck the little pledges, and smash the football players on the other teams with my fuckin’ huge muscles. God I feel great. It’s great to be a huge football jock. It’s great to be in the Muscle Club. When I lift these huge weights I feel so big and pumped. I feel so hot. Like a wild animal.” Ryan was getting all worked up, as the muscled up members did all the time. The steroids had increased his testosterone so much that he was pumped with energy and almost rage. Yeah, ‘roid rage. He was on fire.

He jumped under the bar, lifted it off the rack and lowered it to his chest. Then he pushed it up, boldly and solidly. “Fuckin’ strong!” he said as he pushed up the heavy bar. He did eight reps on his own and two more with a spot from Marcus. After he finished, he jumped up off the bench and bumped his huge chest into Marcus. “Fuckin big. Fuckin strong. I feel like a fuckin’ animal.” Marcus pushed his own hard chest right back into Ryan’s. “We’re both animals, white boy. Big strong fucking animals.” Marcus got under the bar and cranked out 10 reps of his own, with a spot from Ryan on the last two. “Yeah,” he yelled as he jumped off the bench and flexed his pecs in the mirror. Sweat was streaming down his black chest as his pumped muscles bulged under his thin skin. Then Coach Phillips got under the bar. He lowered the bar and cranked out 15 reps, not needing a spot at all. The last rep looked as easy as the first. “You boys gotta put on more muscle. You gotta get as big as me.” He flexed his pecs in the mirror. They were so gigantic, shredded mountains of muscle. “Fuck yeah!” yelled Ryan. “I’m gonna get as big as you. Even bigger. I’m gonna get so huge they won’t have football uniforms big enough for all my muscle.” The big boys and the coach were now bumping each other with their chests, pushing themselves around with their huge bodies. Mike and Tony stared in awe, looking at their huge muscles and the huge weight on the bar.

“Lets go to 435,” yelled Marcus. “It’ll be no problem for my muscles. I feel like a fucking bull.” Ryan nodded in agreement, rubbing his hands over his hot, sweaty, totally pumped pecs. So the boys took off the 35 pound weights and added 45 pound plates plus two 20's. They now had eight 45 pound plates, two 20's plus the 45 pound bar, a total of 435. Ryan got under the bar and pumped out four reps, with hope from Marcus on the last two. He jumped up and bumped his big chest into Marcus, pushing him backwards with his massive sweaty pecs. “Yeah,” he yelled. “You as strong as me, black boy? You as strong as this big blond stud? You got muscles as big as mine?” Ryan flexed his arms in Marcus’s face, pushing his big body into his friend. Marcus laughed. “Yeah, white boy. My black muscles are bigger than yours. My black muscles are stronger than yours. You’re a creamy white pancake and I’m a big black bull.” He raised his own arms and flexed his muscles. pushing back on Ryan. The two huge boys were pushing at each other with their biceps flexed. They looked like two young rams fighting in the spring.

Finally Marcus got under the bar. His black skin was glistening with sweat. His huge pecs looked incredibly pumped, with strands of muscle fibers showing under his thin skin, literally trying to burst out with youthful energy. “Black power,” he yelled as he hoisted the bar off the rack and lowered it to his chest. He pushed the bar upward and his huge black arms rammed it to the top. “Fuckin’ pussy weight,” he said, looking at the eight 45 pound plates he had just pushed up. He lowered the bar again and again pushed it back up. “Stronger than shit!” he yelled as he held the weight above his huge black chest. Then he lowered the bar for his third rep. He pushed it back up slowing down slightly at the top. “Yeah,!” he yelled. “No fuckin’ spot for this big black stud.” He lowered the bar again and cranked out two more reps with a spot from Ryan. He had done one more rep than Ryan. He jumped off the bench and rammed his hot pumped chest into his friend. “Stronger than you,” he yelled. “Fuckin’ stronger than shit!” He grabbed Ryan’s hand and put it on his sweaty pec. “Fuckin’ big and fuckin’ strong,” he said, staring at the blond boy’s blue eyes. Ryan nodded his head. “We’re all so fucking strong its unbelievable,” he said.

Meanwhile, Justin and Deon were working out real hard too. For their fifth set, Justin and Deon benched 295, their maximum from last week, for eight reps, with a spot needed for the last three reps. In their last chest workout they could do only two reps with this weight and now they were doing eight. Their pecs had grown way bigger and way stronger in just a couple of days, just like they had done every day since they joined the Muscle Club. Their pecs were red and aching and bursting out of their chests. You could see the striations of muscle bulging out and pushing their nipples downward. Sweat was streaming out of their chests and dripping down to their red hot shredded abs, looking like rivers on their very hot thin skin. "Fuckin' strong!" yelled Deon as he looked at his pumped up chest in the mirror. "Fucking big and fucking strong! Put on another 30 pounds," he yelled.

The boys added 15 pounds to each side of the bar and Justin got under it for his final set. He gripped the bar and the muscles in his forearms rippled with power as they closed in on the iron. His arms were hot and sweaty. His triceps were bulging under his thin white skin as he extended his arms and his biceps looked like steel cords as they stretched. His delts and pecs were shredded with hot, sweaty muscle as they prepared to lift the heavy bar. “Fuckin’ light weight,” yelled Justin as he looked at the two 45 pound plates, one 35 pound plate, one 10 pound plate and one 5 pound plate on each side of the bar. Tony’s mouth dropped open in the locker as he saw all that iron that the formerly puny Justin was going to lift. Justin’s big muscles were going to bench 325 pounds. Tony couldn’t believe this 14 year old, a kid he used to push around like a little girl, was going to lift that kind of weight. Justin lifted the bar off the rack and slowly lowered it to his chest. Then he pushed up. His pecs exploded under his red hot skin bulging up with fibers bursting out like steel cords. His delts and triceps exploded too, the pumped up muscles bursting with power. Blood was surging into the hot muscle, torrents of muscle building blood gushing into the muscle from the strong steady beats of his big, athletic heart. Slowly the bar went up. Justin’s muscles contracted like steel as they forced his arms up higher and higher. His pecs looked like two big melons, striated with fibers of muscle. His skin was red from all the blood surging in the muscle and sweat was pouring off his red hot body. Finally he got the bar to the top without any help from Deon at all. He winked at Deon and then lowered the bar again. This time he got the bar about half way up and then needed a spot from Deon, only a few pounds, to finish his press. By now his muscles were aching, aching with muscle building pain. He burst through the pain barrier and finished the rep, racking the bar with a loud clang. He jumped off the bench, hit his pecs with his fists and yelled “Fuckin’ strong! I’m so fuckin’ strong I can’t believe it. I’m like a fuckin’ animal. I love those fuckin’ steroids.” Coach Phillips reached into his bag and pulled out five syringes. “I got the juice right here. We’ll all take a shot after our workout. You guys are gettin’ fuckin’ huge. You’re gonna be as big as me.”

Suddenly, the boys heard a noise coming from the lockers. “Steroids!” whispered Tony to Mike. Tony was so excited at what he had heard and at what he saw that he forgot how loud he was whispering. Ryan and Marcus went over to the lockers and yanked them open. “Fuck,” yelled Marcus. “We got two little punks in here. Two little asshole punks.” Justin and Deon ran over to the lockers. “It’s Tony and Mike,” yelled Deon. “They’re the bullies who used to beat us up all the time. The Muscle Club is secret! The Muscle Club is secret! You’re gonna pay!” He smashed his fist into Mike’s gut, so hard that his fist went all the way to the bully’s spine. At the same time, Justin smashed his own fist into Tony’s face, knocking his teeth out and fracturing his jaw.

“Roid rage!” yelled Ryan as the two 14 year old muscle kids started pounding the shit out of the bullies. Those young arms that had just benched 325 pounds were now smashing their hard fists into the bodies of Mike and Tony. The Roid Rage was overwhelming, as all the hate that had built up from eight years of being bullied by the two Thugs was coupled with the absolute testosterone muscle aggressiveness and dominance that was coursing through their bodies as a result of the steroids. Their muscles were hot and bulging from the hard workout. And those muscles were now smashing the bullies into oblivion. “This is better than playing a video game,” yelled Justin as he looked Tony in the eye before smashing his fist into his gut again. “It’s way better,” yelled Deon as he grabbed Mike’s arm and yanked it up his back, ripping the joint of his arm away from his shoulder. “We’re doin’ all your moves right on you. You like that Thug?”

“Kill ‘em!” yelled Ryan as he watched the young muscle kids smash the two bullies. “Smash ‘em into nothin’” yelled Marcus. The two big boys were excited and energized. They wanted these punks crushed. The Muscle Club is secret! The steroids are secret!

“I’m gonna snap your spine,” yelled Justin at Mike. “Just like you tried to do to me.” He wrapped his arms around Mike’s waist, flexed his chest and let all the air out of his lungs. Then he contracted up his hard ab muscles, leaving a big gap in his waist. Then he pulled in with his arms. His lats spread out like wings and his biceps bulged like steel balls and they forced his muscular forearms into Mike’s spine. Mike groaned in abject pain. His face was mangled, with a broken nose, a broken jaw, all his teeth gone. His torso was so battered and bruised and his arms were hanging down unattached to his shoulders. Now his spine was feeling shooting pain as Justin applied enormous pressure with his new muscles. Justin squeezed and squeezed, with his muscles bulging out of his skin, but he couldn’t snap the spine. Finally, he let go and pushed the punk over to Ryan. “Snap it,” he said. “Snap the motherfucker’s spine. Your muscles are so big you can snap it like a twig.” Ryan’s blue eyes got small and angry as he looked at the beat up bully. “You fuckin’ asshole,” he said as he wrapped his huge arms around Mike’s back. Then he flexed his massive chest, exhaled all the air from his lungs and pulled in his rock hard stomach with his chisled ab muscles. Then he pulled in with his arms as hard as he could. His lats sprang out from the sides of his back like thick wings. His shoulders bulged with striated muscle bursting out of his skin. And his biceps bristled with flexing muscle pulling with incredible force. Ryan could do barbell rows with 400 pounds, and all that power was now smashing his forearms into Mike’s back with overwhelming effect. Immediately everyone could hear a loud CRACK as Mike’s spine was splintered in two by Ryan’s huge muscles. “Owwwwww!” yelled Mike as pain surged through his back and legs. Never in his life had he felt pain like this before.

“Just like the video game, fuckface” yelled Justin. “Pop off his head, Ryan. Pop off the motherfucker’s head. It’s another video game move he tried on us. Wrap your arm around his neck and put your bicep under his chin. Then flex that big mother and pop his fuckin’ skull right off his body!” Mike’s eyes got wide with fear. “Fuck yeah,” yelled Ryan as he flexed his right arm in Mike’s face. He was completely consumed with Roid Rage, just like the other boys. He wrapped his arm around Mike’s neck and positioned his bicep under his chin. He held down Mike’s body with his other arm. Then he flexed his bicep. The giant muscle bulged upwards, smashing itself into Mike’s head. He flexed harder and the rock hard muscle pushed like a steel battering ram on Mike’s head pushing it upwards from his body. Suddenly there was a loud popping sound as Mike’s head was severed from the top of his spinal cord. Ryan’s giant bicep had popped his head. “Cool,” said Ryan as he looked at what his incredibly strong muscles had done. As he let go, Mike’s head dangled downward, now unattached to his body by any bone. He was dead.

Tony was watching all this in absolute horror. “Your turn,” said Deon as he smashed his fists into Tony’s gut, chest and face a couple more times. “Snap his spine, Marcus. I wanna see your big black muscles snap the motherfucker’s spine. And then smash his ribs. Snap the asshole’s spine and then crush every one of his fucking ribs.” Marcus grinned. “Yeah,” he said. He looked real hot and excited. “No, no,” yelled Tony. “Fuckin’ too late,” said Deon. “The Muscle Club’s a secret. You know the secret. Smash him, Marcus.”

Marcus wrapped his giant black arms around Tony’s lower back. Tony’s eyes were in total fear as he looked at Marcus’s huge black shoulders and chest. Marcus’s sweat was pouring off his rock hard body and rubbing all over Tony’s fat white body. Marcus expanded his chest and flexed it. Then he sucked in his waist. Then he pulled in with his huge guns. Immediately there was a loud crack as Tony’s spine snapped in two. Tony yelled out in pain. “Fuckin’ strong,” yelled Marcus as he let go with his right arm and flexed his spine breaking bicep in Tony’s face. He was still holding onto Tony with his left arm. “Smash his ribs,” yelled Deon. “Yeah, those ribs are like little twigs to my muscles,” said Marcus. He wrapped his arms around Tony’s chest and then squeezed. His lats flared out in his back like thick wings of muscle. His traps bulged out from his thick neck. His delts were huge melons of striated muscle flexing on his broad shoulders. And his arms were rippling with shredded black muscle as they pulled. Instantly, there was the sound of crack, crack, crack, crack. One by one all the bones in Tony’s ribs were broken apart by Marcus’s giant muscles. Marcus kept squeezing and soon Tony’s chest was almost the size of his waist. It was completely crushed. The bones had smashed into his lungs, which were now crushed into nothing. Tony couldn’t breathe. He was in abject pain. “Good bye, bully,” said Marcus as he grabbed Tony’s neck and twisted it with his right hand. His huge forearm muscles bulged, producing enormous force in his fingers. There was a snapping sound as Tony’s neck was crushed. Tony was dead.

Marcus threw Tony on the floor next to Mike. Coach Phillips said, “We’ll put ‘em in my car and bury their bodies out in the woods. Nobody will ever find them. Seems like the two bullies ran away when some of their former victims started fighting back. But first lets take our steroid shots.” The boys all smiled. “Yeah,” said Justin. “And after we bury their disgusting bodies, we can have some wild sex tonight.” All the boys yelled their agreement. It was great to be a member of the Muscle Club.


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