Muscle Club, The (By John D.)


By johnd7102000

Tuesday morning arrived and the boys ate a huge breakfast. They packed their backpacks with a big lunch and protein shakes. They now had a swagger as they walked to School. They felt big and strong and cocky. They entered the school yard and walked up to their dweeb friends Donnie and Freddie. “We had two brutal workouts over the weekend,” said Justin. “And we’ve been eating like crazy. I weighed myself on my scale this morning and now I weigh 128. I’ve fucking gained 13 pounds of muscle in a week. Actually I’ve gained more muscle than that, ‘cause I’ve lost all my fat.” Deon grinned. “Fuck, I’m up to 130. Fifteen pounds heavier and I ain’t got no fat either. We’re both solid muscle. And that muscle’s getting’ bigger and stronger every day. We’re fucking working out like wild men and eating like animals. We’re gettin’ big and strong! Nothin’ but muscle on these bodies.” He and Justin pulled up their shirts and revealed their eight pack abs. “Feel our abs, dweebs. Feel some real muscle.” Donnie put his hand on Justin’s abs and Freddie but his hand on Deon’s abs. “Holy shit,” yelled Donnie. “That muscle is so fuckin’ hard! It feels like a washboard. Like corrugated iron. Oh my fucking God!” Justin smiled. Freddie was almost frozen as he felt Deon’s rock hard abs. “Jesus Christ,” he mumbled as he ran his fingers over the ridges of muscle. Deon grinned as he saw the impact his new muscles was having on the little dweeb. He grabbed the sleeve of his tee shirt and pulled it up. Then he flexed his arm. A big bicep now sprang up where there was only a little bump before. His paper thin black skin showed the fibers of muscle bulging in that bicep, which was covered with several big veins. “Look at that fucker, Freddie” said Deon. “I can curl twice as much as I could a week ago. That muscle’s gotten real big and real strong. Go ahead. Feel it.” Freddie put his fingers on the hard muscle and squeezed. “Oh my God,” he said. “It feels like a rock. It’s as hard as a rock. I can’t make even a tiny dent in that muscle.” Deon smiled. “That’s fuckin’ right, you little dweeb. That muscle’s getting real big and real hard and real strong.” Justin pulled up his sleeve and flexed his bicep for Donnie, who was aghast at the size and hardness of the new muscle. “I feel like such a wimp next to you,” he said as he looked at and felt Justin’s big arm. “You’re putting on muscle so fast I can’t believe it. You’re turning into a muscle kid.” Justin laughed. “Yeah, wimp boy. A big muscle kid and a little wimp boy. You like that, little boy?” Donnie nodded his head as he felt Justin’s muscles, now rubbing his fingers over his delts, pecs and lats. Justin flexed his muscles as Donnie felt them. Donnie couldn’t believe what had happened to his friend. Justin looked down and saw Donnie’s rock hard cock. “You like my muscles, don’t you Donnie. You like my big new muscles.” Donnie looked into Justin’s sky blue eyes and nodded his head. Justin smiled. The little wimp was admiring his muscles just like Justin admired the huge muscles of the Muscle Club members. The little wimp was really into his body. Justin whispered into his ear, “Meet me after football practice outside the gym. Me and Deon will be all hot and pumped up. You’re gonna feel some big muscle, wimp boy.” He reached over and grabbed Donnie’s hand and put it on his own cock which was now hard. Donnie gulped. Then he nodded his head. He could hardly wait for school to be over.

All of a sudden Freddie said, “Oh shit. Here come the Thugs.” The boys looked over and saw Mike and Tony approaching. “Get your fat butts outta here, assholes,” said Deon as the Thugs got there. The mouths of Mike and Tony dropped open as they heard this. They had never heard these wimps give them that kind of shit before. Their eyes got a fierce look. They were enraged. They made a fist with their right arms and drove a punch right into the guts of Justin and Deon. However, instead of the dull thud of their big fists ramming deep inside their guts, there was a hard smacking sound as their knuckles bounced off the brick walls of muscle of Justin’s and Deon’s abs. They sure weren’t expecting this. “Owwww,” yelled Mike as he pulled back his arm. His hand was hurting real bad. “Did you hurt your little hand?” said Justin as he pulled up his shirt. “Looks like your hand hit a wall of solid muscle.” The Thugs eyes widened as they looked at Justin’s abs. Then Deon pulled back the sleeve of his shirt and flexed his arm. “Check it out, fuckface,” said Deon. “I’ve gotten twice as strong in a week. Look at that muscle.” “Fuck,” said Tony, not quite believing what he was seeing. But the Thugs still outweighed the boys by 30 pounds and they were used to doing whatever they wanted to Justin and Deon. They grabbed the boys’ arms and twisted them up their backs. Justin and Deon pushed back and the Thugs noticed how much stronger they were. They were now almost as strong as the big bullies. But the Thugs were stronger and shoved their arms until they were screaming with pain. “So you put on a little muscle. It’s nothing compared to us. You ain’t shit compared to us.” But their eyes were wide as they saw the muscles and felt the strength of their formerly weak prey. They decided to let go and they didn’t even demand money from the 9th graders. They were stunned. They walked away, looking at Justin and Deon with a worried look in their eyes. “Wait till next week,” yelled Deon. He turned to Donnie. “The way we’re puttin’ on muscle, those guys will be toast.”

The boys had a tough workout with weights and then a brutal football practice. They could now lift way more than twice as much as they could the week before. Their bodies had lost all their fat and were solid muscle. And when they stripped their shirts, their muscles bulged with steel like hardness. Some other members of the Muscle Club slapped them on their shoulders, which were now covered with muscle. "Putting on the muscle real fast, ain't you guys. You guys are lookin' strong. Lookin' big and strong." They laughed and flexed their giant arms. "Gonna be as strong as us. Gonna be a fuckin' stud!" The boys looked at those huge guns and flexed their own arms. Their biceps sprang up like baseballs, now bulging with muscle. "Yeah," said Justin. "Gettin' real big and real strong." He and Deon reached into their backbacks and took out a big protein drink. Then they drank it down so fast. "We're hungry all the time. We get hungry right after we eat. We're eatin' so much food it's amazing. And all that food is turning into muscle." The big guys smiled. "Yeah, eat and work out like you're animals. You're doin' great." The big guy reached out and felt Deon's arm. "Yeah," he said as he felt the bulging muscle as Deon flexed. Deon smiled. Justin and Deon grabbed another protein shake and wolfed that down too. That should last them an hour or so. Then they'd be ravenously hungry again.

Donnie was watching the boys practice football from the sidelines. He could see how much stronger they were by the way they ran and tackled other guys. And they were cocky too. All that testosterone was coursing through their bodies, making them confident, aggressive and swaggering. After practice, they walked up to the little wimp. Justin flexed his arm in Donnie's face. "Solid muscle, you little shit. Deon and me are solid muscle. Big, strong muscle. You're still a little nerd. You're still a fucking little wimp.” Donnie looked in awe at the boys' sweaty bodies. He couldn't believe how much muscle they had built in such a short time. He breathed in the hot smell of their jock sweat. His cock was rock hard.

Justin grabbed Donnie’s thin, stick-like arm and pulled him over to the side of the gym where nobody was around. The muscles of these two football jocks were totally pumped, gorged with blood and raging with hormones. All Justin and Deon were wearing were shorts and sneakers. Donnie stared at the bulging muscles of his blond, blue eyed and black classmates. "You lookin' at our muscles? You checkin' out our bodies? You like our big muscles?" yelled Deon. Donnie nodded his head. Then they flexed their biceps. Justin looked at Donnie with his sky blue eyes, his light blond hair showing off all the light of the sun. His skin was tan and covered with sweat. His arms bulged into baseballs of muscle, with fibers visible under his thin skin and veins pulsating with blood covering the muscle. Deon's sweaty black skin showed off his new muscles like he was a Greek statue. Every fiber was visible in his arms. Besides his big biceps and triceps, he also had fantastic forearms which bulged with vein-covered muscle. He looked at the shriveled little Donnie with a look of arrogance in his eyes. "Fuckin' big and fuckin' strong," he said as he flexed his arms. "Way bigger and stronger than you, you little wimp. How's it feel to see your two friends puttin' on all this muscle while you're still a little nerd? How's if feel to see our two muscular bodies right in front of your puny little shitpile?" Donnie looked at their pumped up hot bodies and gulped. Justin reached down and felt Donnie's hard cock. "Your cock’s doin’ all talking, you little dweeb,” said Justin

Donnie reached up and felt Justin's hard bicep with his right hand and Deon's hard bicep with his left hand. There he was, looking at the most beautiful blond and black bodies he had ever seen. His own two friends were changing into musclemen. "Oh fuck. Your muscles are so fucking hard. And they're so big. They're so fucking big and so fucking hard. Oh my fucking god." He rubbed his little dweeb fingers all over their arms, feeling the hard biceps and hard triceps. He moved them to their forearms, feeling the writhing snakes of bulging muscle. Then Justin moved right in front of Donnie and bumped him in the chest. "Big pecs too. Feel how big and hard my pecs are. We can bench our bodyweight now. Pretty soon we'll be benching 200 pounds. Then 250, then 300. We're gonna be 9th graders who can bench press 300 pounds. Think about all that muscle, Donnie. Think about all the strength in that muscle." Donnie rubbed his hands over Justin's bulging pecs, feeling the fibers of twitching muscle under his skin. He felt his hard nipples pushing out of his pecs, hard as iron spikes, being pushed out by the hard muscle underneath. "Oh my god," mumbled Donnie as he felt the muscle. Suddenly Deon bumped Justin aside with his muscular shoulder. "Feel my lats, punk. Feel my fucking wings. I can do 25 pullups easy now. This week we're gonna start adding weights to our pullups, hangin' a big dumbbell on our waists to add more weight. Regular pullups are too fuckin' easy for us. We're gettin' so fucking strong!" Donnie felt Deon's wide lats, slabs of muscle he didn't even have a week ago. The muscle had sprung up on his body like magic, slapped on to his black body by tons of testosterone, fueled by shots of powerful steroids, coursing through his body and the huge amounts of protein he was eating. "Oh fuck," said Donnie, feeling the rock hard muscle. Deon reached over and felt Donnie's back. There was nothing but skinny bone there. Donnie had no lats. His waist was as wide as his chest. "Fuckin' wimp," said Deon, looking at Donnie with a look of muscular contempt. He was so fucking cocky. And Donnie loved it. His cock sprang up even harder in his shorts.

“On your knees, wimp,” said Deon as he pushed Donnie down. Donnie looked up at Deon’s rock hard abs, corrugated muscles that looked like a washboard. He reached up and felt the muscle, reveling in the hardness of the ridges and the cuts made by the crevices. “Pull down my shorts,” yelled Deon. Donnie slowly moved his hands down those rock hard abs and grabbed ahold of the shorts clinging very low on Deon’s hips. He felt the hardness of the black boy’s flexor muscles that slashed down from his narrow hips to his crotch. Then he pulled the shorts over Deon’s big round butt, a butt that was hard with muscle, and down over his thick thighs and bulging calves. He paused to feel the hardness of the black boy’s thigh muscles, muscles that had sprung up on his body after set after set of heavy squats and leg lifts. Every day his legs had gotten bigger and stronger. Now he was squatting with much more than his bodyweight on his brawny shoulders. “Fuckin’ strong,” said Deon as Donnie felt his thighs. “If I hit you I’d smash you down so hard you’d never get up. My legs are fuckin’ strong as shit.”

As Donnie pulled the shorts over Deon’s hard cock, the big weapon sprang out. It was rock hard. Donnie could smell the jock sweat evaporating off Deon’s sweaty body. His black pubic hairs were wet with sweat. Deon reached down, grabbed his cock and slapped it a couple of times on Donnie’s face. “Big black cock for you to suck, you little wimp. A big black muscle cock for a skinny little wimp.”

Donnie was salivating as he felt Deon’s rock hard muscles. His eyes roamed from the black boy’s abs to his legs to his calves and then to his huge cock and giant balls. His hands followed his eyes, feeling the bulging muscles and Deon’s rock hard cock. His nose smelled the jock sweat pouring off the muscle kid’s body, sweat produced by his hard workout and football practice. Donnie pressed his nose in towards Deon’s crotch so he could smell the sweat even better. “Suck my balls, twerp. Suck by big black balls, you skinny little wimp.” Donnie stuck out his tongue and started licking Deon’s big balls, feeling their huge size and tasting the sweat as he licked it off his black skin. “Ummmm, feels so good,” murmured Deon, as Donnie caressed his genitals. “Feels so good to have my balls sucked by a little dweeb like you. You like my muscles don’t you dweeb? You like my big black cock and my huge balls, don’t you dweeb? I already got strong muscles and a big cock and you don’t got shit.” Deon was confident and arrogant. He knew he was a stud. He loved having his stud body worshipped by the little twerp. Donnie murmured in agreement. “Now lick my cock. I’m getting so hot. I’m gonna fuck your face so fucking hard. I’m so turned on I’m gonna fuck and fuck and fuck.” Donnie started licking Deon’s hard shaft. The big weapon was long and thick and it was pressed almost against the corrugated washboard of Deon’s stomach. “Ummmmm,” moaned Deon’s as the little wimp’s tongue caressed his big tool.

Justin was getting totally turned on as he watched Donnie fondle Deon’s muscular body and caress his genitals. “Fuck, look at your muscles,” said Justin. “Look how they ripple and cut into your skin every time you move. Look at your arms. They’re bulging with muscle. Look at your fucking abs. They look like steel. Your whole body’s gotten so big and muscular Deon. That little wimp really likes your body. It’s unbelievable how much muscle you put on already. Look at all that fucking muscle. Look at the huge cock. Fuck his face, Deon. Fuck the little wimp’s face.” Justin was almost panting as he watched his muscular black friend. He ripped off his own shorts and stroked his own dick as he watched. He was totally aroused too.

Deon pushed back Donnie’s head and said “Open up.” Donnie opened his mouth and Deon forced his big black cock inside, ramming it all the way down Donnie’s throat. “Oh yeah,” yelled Deon as he felt the fantastic sensations of his cock being surrounded by Donnie’s tender mouth and throat. “Suck it, wimp,” yelled Deon as he started thrusting his hips back and forth. Donnie sucked and licked the huge cock. He couldn’t believe how big and hard it was. He wanted to gag as Deon forced the dick into his throat but he didn’t. He was in heaven. He wrapped his arms around Deon’s legs and felt the big muscles bulge as the muscleboy thrust his cock in and out.

Suddenly Justin came around in back of Deon and wrapped his own hands around Deon’s muscular black shoulders. “Ummmm,” he said as he rubbed his cock up and down Deon’s hard butt, feeling with his cock the firm round muscles bulging underneath the kid’s thin black skin and feeling with his fingers Deon’s muscular upper body. Justin’s arms moved around Deon’s hard black torso, feeling his striated delts, his bulging pecs and his steel-like, corrugated abs. Then Justin looked down at his hard cock and spit on it a couple of times. He slowly forced the cock into Deon’s round ass, pushing in and then pulling out again and again until his cock was all the way inside. “Feels so fucking good,” murmured Justin in Deon’s ear as he ran his hands all over the black boy’s body. “Your ass is so fucking hot.”

Deon was now turned on so much it was unbelievable. He was fucking little dweeb Donnie’s face with his big cock and was being fucked himself by his blond muscular friend Justin. He started moving his hips back and forth rapidly, fucking Donnie’s little face so fucking hard. Justin held on to his sweaty black body, letting his cock go in and out of his friend’s tight ass with each thrust of those black hips. Justin was ravenously aroused also. “Ohhhhh ohhhhhh,” yelled Deon, as he came in Donnie’s throat, blasting spurt after spurt of jism down the little boy’s esophagus. At the same time Justin cried “Fuccccckkkk!” as he shot load after load of jism into Deon’s solid ass. Deon’s ass was so tight that the cum came out of the tight hole around Justin’s cock and dripped down his muscular ass. Finally Donnie came too, shooting cum out of his own little cock, only a small amount compared to the huge amounts of cum shot by Deon and Justin, but he felt so good. Finally, after a few minutes of bliss with Deon’s cock rubbing itself inside Donnie’s throat and Justin’s cock still hard inside Deon’s ass, the boys pulled out their cocks. “Fucking hot,” said Deon as he rubbed his abs and stroked his cock. “Yeah,” said Justin. ”Fucking hot as hell.” Then he looked at little Donnie, who was still on his knees looking up at the two muscle kids. “I wanna fuck your face too, wimp. I just fucked this hot black stud and now I’m gonna fuck your face. I’m still horny as shit!” So Justin pushed Deon aside and shoved his cock right into Donnie’s mouth. “Lick off all the shit, twerp. Lick off all the black stud’s shit. I bet that shit tastes good to you. It’s the shit of a big black muscle stud.” Donnie looked at Justin’s hard cock and started sucking. Deon got in back of Justin and slowly rammed his own big cock into Justin’s ass. Justin and Deon had another wild fuck. They had so much testosterone in their bodies that they had no trouble cumming again only minutes after their first fuck. Donnie, being the wimp he was, couldn’t cum again. He would have to wait for another day.

Three weeks later.

“Lift that fucker up!” yelled Deon. “Lift that fucking iron. I’m lookin’ at your fucking muscles. They’re big and they’re pumped! They’re strong as shit!” Justin was doing his last set of military presses. His body was covered with sweat. His deltoids were bulging out with thick striations of muscle. “Fuck yeah!” he yelled back to Deon as he pressed the heavy bar up with his new muscle. “Four.....five....six,” yelled Deon as Justin slowly cranked out the last few reps. Deon had to spot the last three painful reps, as Justin blasted his delts beyond the pain barrier to finish his sixth set. Justin lowered the bar to his shoulders and then dropped it to the floor with a huge crash. “A hundred and eighty-five pounds!” yelled Justin, looking at the two 45 pound and two 25 pound plates on the Olympic bar. “Fuck I feel strong. A month ago I couldn’t have lifted that weight to my knees. Now I’m pressing it overhead. Fuck!” Deon came over and rubbed his hands on Justin’s shoulders. “That muscle’s gettin’ real thick, white boy. It’s gettin’ real thick and real strong.” Justin turned around and faced the mirror. He was wearing only his training shorts and some sneakers. “Fuck, look at your body,” said Deon. “Look at all that fucking muscle.” Justin raised his arms up and down a couple of times, looking at his big delts that were bulging on his shoulders like striated cannonballs. His whole torso was fantastically muscular, with thick traps bulging away from his muscular neck, wide lats flaring down from his broad, muscular shoulders and big round pecs striated with muscle fibers bulging out from his chest. His abs were like a washboard of corrugated iron, covering a small 28 inch waist. His bulging shoulders were now almost twice as wide as his narrow athletic hips and his V shape looked incredible in the mirror. His arms were bulging and rippling with muscle, hanging like muscle-packed hams at his side, hams of solid muscular steel. His legs were big and thick, with chiseled bulges of muscle covered with veins. And his calves flared out with two head of solid muscle. His blond hair was cut short. With his blue eyes and blond hair and incredible muscles, he looked like a Nordic god. “Fuckin’ white boy stud,” said Deon, looking at Justin’s body.

“Well look at you, black boy,” said Justin, looking over at Deon’s body. Deon was standing right next to Justin before the mirror, dressed only in his shorts and sneakers. Deon had finished his last set of presses just before Justin and he did three more reps than Justin in the final set. He was a little bigger and a little stronger than his muscular blond friend. “What do you weigh now black boy, 155? You gained 25 pounds in the last three weeks. I only gained 22, so I’m at 150. You’re a fucking black muscle stud. Look at all the fucking muscles on your body.” Deon grinned, raised his arms and flexed his biceps. The muscles bulged like big black baseballs, with veins covering the bulging rock-like flesh. “Fuck yeah,” said Deon, flexing his arms back and forth. “And we’re puttin’ on so much muscle so fast, we’re gonna be 200 pounds before summer. We’re gettin’ huge!” Deon and Justin flexed before the mirror, admiring their brand new rock hard muscles. They couldn’t believe what had happened to their bodies in a month.

Then the boys heard a deep voice say “Lookin’ good, nigger. You’re lookin’ pretty fucking good.” Marcus put his large hand on Deon’s shoulder and felt the muscle. “Fuckin’ big and fuckin’ hard. I better start watchin’ out for you.” Then he laughed. He grabbed Deon’s hand and put it on his own shoulder, a shoulder that was twice as big as Deon’s. “You just pressed 185. My shoulders can press 300.” He rubbed Deon’s fingers on his rock hard delts. “Fuckin’ big, ain’t it bro? But in a little while you shoulder’s gonna big that big too. Three hundred pounds is not gonna be a problem for you nigger. I can just tell. You’re gettin’ real big and real strong real fast.”

“Yeah, you too, white boy,” said Ryan, who was looking at Justin. “You’re gettin’ fucking huge. You look like a magazine fitness model. Look at your fuckin’ face and your muscles. Just looking at you gives me a hard on.” He rubbed his big cock that was getting hard under his shorts. Then he placed his big hand on Justin’s pecs and rubbed it on Justin’s hard body, all the way down to his abs and finally his cock. “I’m ready for some hard fucking after the workout,” said the big blond muscle stud. Justin nodded, looking at Ryan’s huge body. He could hardly wait to have sex with this young muscle god.

Justin and Deon now weighed almost as much as Mike and Tony, who weighed 160 pounds. Except Justin and Deon were solid muscle. Mike and Tony had some muscle, but they had a lot of flab too. They never worked out. They just played video games. Justin and Deon had been working out like wild men. They had been eating tons of food and devouring pounds of protein every day. And they had been getting steroid shots every other day which increased their testosterone levels so high that muscle grew on their bodies like wild flowers in a spring rain. All that protein was turned into solid muscle, muscle that enabled them to add more iron to their exercises with each workout. They worked out so hard that the muscle knew it had to grow even bigger and stronger so it could handle the heavy weights of their next brutal workout. So they got bigger and stronger at an astronomical rate. Justin and Deon had gained 35 to 40 pounds in four weeks. And because they had also lost all their flab, they had actually gained about 50 pounds of solid muscle. And that muscle was strong. Fucking strong.

The morning before this workout, they decided that it was payback time for Mike and Tony, the two bullies who had tormented them for so many years. Fuck, they could bench 300, squat with 375, and curl 120. They knew they were way stronger than Mike and Tony. The bullies had avoided them after hitting their solid abs after their steroid filled bodies’ first week of lifting weights. The big thugs picked on some other small kids in school, still not able to control their bullying instincts. Because they had avoided Justin and Deon, they hadn’t noticed how much muscle these 14 year old 9th graders had been packing onto their bodies. They figured they were still stronger, but they didn’t want to try anything foolish. After all, there were a lot of little guys they could pick on.

Justin and Deon had been wearing sweatshirts every day to school. Only a few other 9th graders knew how much muscle they had been packing onto their bodies. Donnie and Freddie knew, of course, and they really got off on feeling the rock hard muscles of their friends as those muscles grew bigger and bigger. Donnie felt like he was in heaven because he got fucked all the time, orally and anally, by these two muscular boys who seemed to be able to fuck constantly. And their excess testosterone made them so aggressive and dominant. Donnie really liked that. He got to worship their bodies, get fucked by the most muscular black and white 9th graders he had ever seen, and blow his own little cock as they fucked him. They were so aggressive and dominant they could just look at him and he might cum. Yeah, he was in heaven. And he could hardly wait for payback time because he had also been bullied for years by Mike and Tony.

Instead of their usual sweatshirts, Justin and Deon arrived at school wearing white tee shirts. These were tee shirts their mothers had bought them at the beginning of the school year, and at that time they were loose on their 14 year old skinny bodies. But now the boys had added 10 inches of muscle onto their chests. Instead of little 33 inch bony chests, they now had big, muscular 43 inch chests. And those chests were straining those little tee shirts to their limits. You could see their big pecs bulging under the tight fabric, with their hard nipples pointing a bit downward because of all the muscle underneath them. Their lats flared out like wings, straining the tee shirts to their limits. Their shoulders were bulging out thick and wide, forcing the tee shirts to stretch to accommodate all that muscle. Their big arms now filled up all of their sleeves. In fact those muscular guns were bigger than the sleeves and the boys rolled the sleeves up to expose their rippling biceps and triceps. The only part of the shirts that was loose was the bottom, which fit loosely over their tight, narrow washboard waists. They tucked their shirts into their 28 inch shorts, showing off the difference between their broad shoulders and wide lats and their tiny, muscular waists. Their shorts exposed their big calves and strained to contain the bulging quad muscles of their thighs.

They swaggered onto the school yard that morning, and suddenly the heads of every student turned towards them. “Oh my god,” said a girl in their class. “Look at all the muscles Justin and Deon got. I can’t believe it.” She and her friends instinctively moved towards them. A primal urge told them to get closer to those muscular male bodies. Justin looked at the girls and winked. His face was beautiful, with his short blond hair and sky blue eyes. Several of the girls let out an audible gasp as their eyes fixated on Justin's gorgeous face and his muscular body. Then Deon raised his right arm and flexed. His round black bicep bulged in his arm, easily the size of a big baseball. His tricep bulged as well, looking like a football underneath that huge bicep. His forearm looked like a bowling pin made up of a mass of writhing snakes. Veins crisscrossed the bulging muscles of his forearm and bicep. All the rock hard muscle fibers were clearly visible under his paper thin black skin. "Oh fuck," said a girl as she rushed towards him.

When the girls got to the boys, they immediately started running their fingers all over their bulging muscles. The boys flexed for their female admirers. They knew they were now studs and they loved to show off. One of the girls said "What happened to you guys? I didn't know you were so big and muscular." "We been workin' out for football," said Deon. "We're buildin' big muscles real fast. Fuckin' strong muscles." The girls were making cooing sounds as they felt the boys' hard bodies. One of the girls was feeling Deon's washboard abs and then moved her hand down under his shorts. She grabbed his cock which immediately started to get hard. Deon could get hard in 10 seconds. "Fucking hot body and a fucking hot cock," she whispered in Deon's ear. "I want your body and your cock." Deon smiled and whispered back "My cock's always horny bitch. I'm gonna fuck you real good." Deon was cocky and arrogant. The girl sighed while feeling his muscles and his cock. One of the other girls looked Justin in the eyes. Then she put her hand on the back of his head and kissed him, sticking her tongue inside his mouth. He kissed back, sticking his bigger, stronger tongue in her mouth and pulling her into his body. She could feel his big pecs pushing into her boobs. He started humping her with his now hard cock, lifting her up off her feet with his muscular arms and the thrusts of his hips. She felt so light to him. He could deadlift 380 pounds and she only weighed 100. He humped away right in front of the other students, knowing he was now the top dog of all the 9th graders, along with Deon. Finally he dropped the girl and said, "I'll fuck you later." She looked into his beautiful face and nodded.

Then the boys turned away from the girls and headed towards the other 9th grade boys, who were standing there with their mouths open. Only Donnie and Freddie knew how big and muscular Justin and Deon had become. "Holy shit," yelled one kid. "A month ago you were just as skinny as me. Now you got muscles all over your bodies. You got huge!" Justin laughed. "Yeah, workin' out with weights is great. Every day we get heavier and stronger. We've been eatin' like animals and puttin' on muscle like crazy. Feel my pec, wimp. Feel how big and hard that muscle is." The kid put his hand on Justin's pec. Justin flexed and the kid froze. "I can bench 300, kid. Just think how strong that muscle is. About 10 times stronger than yours." The kid was transfixed, thinking about how big and strong his friend had gotten. "Make a muscle," said one of the boys, using the phrase everyone knows means flex your biceps. Both Justin and Deon raised their arms and hit double bicep poses. The boys gasped and immediately started feeling their bulging arms. "Oh fuck," yelled a boy as he ran his fingers over Deon's 15 inch arm. He pushed and he pinched but he couldn't make a dent in the rock hard muscle. "My arm's put on five inches of muscle," said Deon. "It's gotten real big and real hard and real strong. I can curl 120. That's fucking more than you weigh. Here watch." He lowered his arms and put his hands under the skinny boy's armpit and leg. Then he lifted the boy off the ground and started curling him up and down. The muscles in his biceps were bulging as he lifted the boy with ease. They looked like steel cords when they were extended and then they rolled up into a hard ball of muscle at the top of the curl. "Fucking light weight," said Deon as the boys gasped at what they were seeing. "You only weigh 100 pounds. That's nothin' to these big biceps." After 10 reps he dropped the boy on the ground and flexed his arms. "Yeah, that's real muscle," he said as he admired his bulging biceps. The boy looked up at Deon in complete and utter awe.

Justin then got a serious look on his face. "How many of you guys have been bullied by Mike and Tony?" Hands shot up in the air from every one of the little 9th graders. "Well now it's payback time. Deon and me are gonna make those two thugs the most miserable kids that ever lived. They're gonna pay back double for every time they bullied one of us little kids." It was funny that Justin still referred to himself as a little kid even though he was far from little now. But it had only been a month since he was indeed very little. "Those guys are gonna get way more than the video games they play every day. This time they're gonna feel some real muscle. Instead of them blasting all those video enemies they have, and instead of them smashing us with all their stupid video moves, they're gonna get wasted every day by Deon and me. Every day is gonna be hell for those thugs." Justin pointed down at his tee shirt. There was a picture of a cobra snake stenciled on the tee shirt. The outline was black but the snake was white. Its eyes were scary and its fangs looked menacing. Its body was thick with muscle. Deon had another cobra snake on his tee shirt, but it was all black. "The thugs call us the Snake Eyes," said Justin. "'Cause I'm a white snake and Deon's a black snake. Well, now they're gonna feel what some real muscular snakes can do to them. We're not video snakes. We're real snakes. Our muscles look like flexing snakes." He flexed his forearm and the muscles writhed like muscular snakes. "And we're gonna smash 'em! The Snake Eyes are gonna smash those thugs so bad they'll wish they were never born." The skinny boys started yelling their approval. "Yeah, smash the thugs," they yelled. "Twist off their fucking arms. Crush their necks with your big guns. Punch their guts until they buckle over in pain. That's what they did to me." Justin looked over at Deon. "Let's go," he said. They swaggered over to where the 10th graders were, with all the 9th grade dweebs following their muscular leaders. •

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