Muscle Club, The (By John D.)


By johnd7102000

The next day, Justin and Deon's mothers made them a huge breakfast of eggs and ham with lots of toast and milk. The boys wolfed it down. Their mothers also made lots of sandwiches for lunch - chicken and tuna sandwiches - plus a whole quart of milk. No longer would they be buying pizza or hamburgers in the school cafeteria. So they didn’t take any lunch money to school, just their food and two cans of protein shake. One for the morning and one for the afternoon. They were loaded with food.

They entered the school yard and hurriedly put their food in their lockers. Then they went out to talk with Donnie, Freddie and their friends. “We brought our own food today ‘cause we’re trying to gain weight for football. We had a brutal workout yesterday,” said Justin, winking at Deon. He pulled up his tee shirt sleeve and flexed his arm. Then he felt it with his other hand. “Fuck!” he yelled. “I can feel some muscle flexing in there. Yesterday I couldn’t feel anything. Now I feel some fucking muscle. Here, feel it Donnie.” Donnie reached up and felt Justin’s arm. “Yeah, I can feel some muscle, Justin. Feels pretty hard too. You got a hard little bump of muscle in your arm.” Justin grinned proudly. Deon raised his own arm and flexed. You could actually see the muscle bulging in his arm “Jesus Christ,” yelled Freddie. “Look at the fucking muscle in Deon’s arm. Fuck, man, you already built some muscle!” He reached up and felt Deon’s black bicep. “Fuckin’ hard, man. Your muscle’s fuckin’ hard. Way to go man.” Deon grinned. Wow, he thought to himself.

Suddenly Mike and Tony barged into the group. “You little Snake-eyes showin’ off your muscles to your dweeb friends? Fuck, you ain’t got no muscles. You played football for one day and you already think you got muscles? Gimme a break. Geez, what a bunch of fuckin’ stick boy losers. Feel some real muscle smashing your soft little guts.” At that, the two bullies pulled back their right arms and smashed their fists into Justin’s and Deon’s guts. Then they did it again with the left arm and then their right arm. The boys buckled over in pain. “Yeah, that’s muscle,” said Tony. “Last night we gut-punched some guys until they were dead. The Thugs totally rule. We punched ‘em so hard they started spitting out their guts. Yeah, and we rule you too. Your little guts feel like mush to our big fists. We’re so strong we could kill you, just like we did in the video game last night. Now give us the money, you little weaklings.” Deon looked up from his buckled up body and said ‘We ain’t got no money. We brought our own lunches today. We brought our own football player food.” Mike scowled and smashed his fist again into Deon’s gut. Tony did the same to Justin. “Shit! Well, we’ll just take all the money from these other little dweebs. Give it up boys or your guts will get smashed the same as the Snake-eyes. Donnie, Freddie and two other wimps looked at Justin and Deon, buckled over in pain, and then looked at Mike and Tony’s clenched fists and arms. They reached in their pockets and handed them their money. “Just wait,” yelled Deon as the big Thugs swaggered away.

Justin and Deon ate their protein shake between classes, and they were still hungry at lunchtime. Donnie, Freddie and the two other dweebs had nothing to eat because the Thugs had taken their money. On the other hand, Justin and Deon each had four big sandwiches, some vegetables and lots of milk. They wanted to share their food with their friends but Donnie stopped them with his hand. "No, don't give us any of your food, Justin. Eat all that food so you can keep building those muscles. We can go without lunch today. We want you to get big and strong so you can kick the Thugs’ asses. We want you to smash those Thugs so fucking hard they'll wish they were never born." All the boys nodded their heads as Justin and Deon started wolfing down their sandwiches. "Yeah," said Freddie. "And if you want more food, we can go get some from our other friends. There are lots of kids here who would give some of their food to you." Deon nodded as he chewed like an animal. The muscles in his jaw and face were bulging as he ripped his white teeth into the chicken. He had never been this hungry before. Before long, the boys had finished all their food. "I'm still hungry," said Deon. "Me too," said Justin. At that, the four little nerds jumped up from the table and started going around the lunchroom, talking to the other ninth graders. Soon they returned with eight more halves of meat and chicken sandwiches, one half given up by the other little nerds in the class who had been bullied by the Thugs. Justin and Deon chomped into the sandwiches with their teeth, ripping the food into their mouths and chewing the protein-rich nutrients with their jaw muscles chewing rapidly. The other boys watched their eating in amazement. Then they washed down their food with the milk. "Umm good," said Justin, rubbing his stomach which was still sore from the pounding it took that morning. "Yeah," said Deon. "I can't believe how much we ate."

Two hours later the boys were done with classes and went to the gym for their workout and football practice. Some of the other members of the Muscle Club were there already, changing out of their street clothes. "Puttin' on some muscle, men?" said Marcus as he looked at the boys' bodies. "Yeah!" yelled Deon. "Look at this." He flexed his arm and his bicep muscle appeared, bulging at the top and covered with a little vein. "That wasn't there yesterday!" Justin flexed his chest in a lat pose. "Look at my lats. I'm buildin' some lats. I didn't have any lats yesterday." Sure enough, there were little ridges of muscle under Justin's armpits, lat muscles that had sprung up overnight. "Fantastic," said Marcus. "You're really coming along fast. Lets go weigh you."

The boys went up to the scale and Justin jumped on. Marcus adjusted the balance weight. "One hundred seventeen pounds," said Marcus. "Fuck," yelled Justin. "I gained two pounds already. Two pounds in one day!" Deon pushed Justin off the scale and jumped on himself. Marcus adjusted the balance weight. "One hundred eighteen pounds," he said. "Holy shit," yelled Deon. "Three fucking pounds of muscle. I already gained three pounds. Shit, all that food we've been eating has turned into muscle!" He and Justin turned around and faced the mirror in the gym. All they were wearing was their training shorts. "Our bodies look a lot harder," said Deon as he flexed his new muscles. "Yeah," said Justin. "Look at our muscles. They’re really bulging. And our fat seems to be going away. We're losing fat and gaining muscle. Look, I can almost see my abs." He flexed his abs and a slight six pack was barely visible under his skin, which still had some fat underneath it. "That fat will be gone next week," said Marcus confidently. "Then you'll be solid muscle. You each gained more than five pounds of muscle, ‘cause you’re burnin’ off the fat. You’re turning into solid muscle.” The boys smiled and gave each other high fives. "Yeah!" they yelled.

They raced to put on their shoes and get out to the gym to do their workout. Ryan and Marcus led them through the exercises again, making sure they used the right techniques and forcing them to use the heaviest weights possible. And they were stronger in all their exercises than they were yesterday. Their bench had gone from 60 to 70 pounds and their curl from 30 to 35. Their other exercises went up as well. All that new muscle was making them stronger and stronger. The 60 pound bench which they could hardly do for a few reps yesterday was now their warmup weight for today. They cranked out 15 reps easy and then did they work poundages with 65 and 70 pounds, forcing their muscles to the max in their fourth set which they did to failure with three reps. The felt their pecs and could feel the hot muscle throbbing, filled with muscle-building blood, pumped to a degree they had never felt before. "God that feels good," said Justin as he felt his small but bulging pecs. His whole body was pumped and sweaty. Getting such a pump felt so good. "My whole body feels terrific, almost like I'm having sex. That pump feels so good." he said. "Yeah,", said Ryan. "Lifting big weights and getting pumped sends surges of hormones through your body. It's almost as good as having sex. I get so turned on after a hard workout my cock's totally hard."

The boys finished their workout and then did their football practice. They had so much energy it was unbelievable. It was like they were new boys. They could tell they were stronger and faster on the field. They knew they were going to be great football players. After the practice, they took their showers with the other players. Now they were flexing their muscles at each other and the other players, showing off their new muscles that weren’t there yesterday. The other players flexed back, showing off their huge super strong muscles. Yeah, this team loved their muscles. Ryan came up to Justin and whispered in his ear. “You and Deon show up at my house tomorrow at two. Eat a good lunch first. I got a gym in the garage and we’re gonna work out real hard. Then Marcus and me are gonna fuck the shit outta you guys – and you’re gonna blow off some loads too.” He rubbed his cock which was semi-hard. Then he grabbed Justin’s hand and rubbed it all over his wet body, letting the little guy feel his huge, hard muscles and his semi hard cock. He whispered his address in Justin’s ear. “Oh fuck,” said Justin as he felt the big blond’s rock hard muscles and ten inch cock, which was now rock hard. Justin’s cock was hard too and he came right there as he felt Ryan’s body, spurting his cum all over Ryan’s abs. Ryan grinned. He knew his body was a total turn on.

Justin and Deon left the gym so excited it was unbelievable. Tomorrow was Saturday and they couldn’t wait for their hard workout. They flexed their little muscles and drank another protein shake. They loved being in the Muscle Club and building muscles. They ate huge dinners cooked by their mothers, who were buying all the good food on the list given to the boys by the Club. They drank another protein shake before bed. Then they ate a huge breakfast of eggs, steak and toast, with orange juice and a quart of milk. Each of their meals had way more protein in it than all three meals before they started working out. Plus they were drinking three protein shakes each day, each one with more protein than any of their previous meals. They were now eating ten times as much protein as they did before they joined the Muscle Club, and all that protein was turning into muscle in their bodies.

Saturday morning they went to the health food store and bought a huge supply of protein shakes and some creatine. The creatine, along with the steroids, would help their muscles grow faster and bigger. They wanted to get huge. They drank a protein shake and ate some creatine. Then they went home and had a big lunch at Justin’s house - they each ate four thick tuna fish sandwiches and a quart of milk. Then they went over to Ryan’s house for their workout.

Ryan and Marcus were waiting for them in the garage. They were dressed in green workout shorts and nothing else. Their bodies looked awesome. The garage had been converted to a weight room, with a bench, a squat rack, a leg press machine, a pulley machine and lots of weights. There was a big mirror on the wall and a mat on part of the floor. When the boys entered the garage, Ryan closed the door. “The Muscle Club is secret,” he said. “Strip off your clothes,” he ordered. Justin and Deon stripped off their shirts and shorts and their shoes too. Ryan and Marcus ripped off their own shorts. The boys were all now totally naked. Marcus faced the mirror and pulled Justin next to him. “A huge black muscle dude and a skinny white dweeb,” he said, looking at their reflections. Justin nodded, looking at Marcus’ huge body standing next to him. Marcus’ arms were as big as Justin’s legs. And Marcus’ legs were as big as Justin’s waist - and each leg was filled with rock hard muscle. His shoulders were at least a foot wider than Justin’s shoulders, capped with inches of hard, striated muscle. His chest was enormous, with huge pecs and lats, tapering down to a narrow waist with washboard abs and hard flexor muscles. And his huge uncut cock hung like a big hose off his athletic crotch. “You’re gonna have a body like this, white boy. When Ryan and me are done with you, you’re gonna be huge.” Justin’s cock started getting hard as he thought about getting a body like Marcus. “Time to work out, white boy. Time to build some muscle. Today we’re gonna do upper body. Tomorrow we’re gonna do legs. Bench press is first.”

The boys did a warmup set of bench presses, now using 70 pounds as their warmup weight. They cranked out 15 reps easy. “Fuck,” yelled Deon. “That’s 20 more pounds than I could press three days ago! And it feels like a feather. Jesus Christ.” He ran his hands over his pecs, feeling the hard muscles bulging underneath his black skin. “I got muscle I didn’t have before. I’m getting a pump and I got hard muscle. Fuck!” Ryan smiled. “Let’s add 10 pounds. Let’s make that muscle grow.” The bar was now at 80 pounds. The boys did 10 reps, not even slowing down. “Another 10,” said Ryan. “Pump up those muscles real big. Get ‘em real pumped and real strong.” The bar was now at 90 pounds, 50% more weight than the boy’s maximum bench three days before. Justin got under the bar and pressed up the weight. “Fucking strong!” he yelled when he got to the top. Then he cranked out eight more reps, needing a spot from Ryan for the last two. His muscles were exhausted, but they were pumped beyond belief. He flexed his pecs in the mirror as saw the muscle bulging. “Wow,” he yelled. “I feel so good. I feel so strong.” Deon got under the bar and started pressing. You could see the fibers in his pecs bulge with each press. His delts and triceps were also bulging tremendously as they pressed up the heavy bar. He did 10 reps, one more than Justin, with a spot for the last two. “Fucking strong,” he yelled as he jumped up off the bench and flexed his arms in the mirror. “Fucking muscles and fucking strong!” He could see his pumped up muscles bulging in the mirror. “Yeah,” said Marcus. “You’re lookin’ pretty good. Gettin’ strong too. Ten more pounds, nigger. You guys are gonna bench 100 pounds. You’re gonna strain those muscles so hard they’re gonna be way bigger and way stronger for their next workout. You’re gonna push those muscles beyond the pain barrier. You’re gonna force ‘em to grow huge and strong!”

Justin got under the 100 pound bar. He looked at the heavy weights, weights that he couldn’t have touched just three days before. He lowered the bar and pressed it up, yelling “Yeah!” when he got to the top. Then he did two more reps, with a spot from Ryan for both of them. Three hard reps. Real hard reps. His pecs were burning, but he still felt so good. He felt like a superman, pushing up all that weight. “Stronger than shit!” he yelled as he flexed his bulging pecs in the mirror. He rubbed his hands over the muscle, feeling the hard fibers under his skin. The fibers felt real hard, like cords of steel. His muscles had never felt like this before. Deon felt his friend’s pecs and said, “Getting big and hard, white boy. But not bigger and harder than my pecs. Watch me lift that little weight.” Deon was getting real cocky. He knew he was getting real strong, and he knew he was putting on muscle like crazy. Justin was cocky too. All that testosterone coursing through their bodies made them feel like total studs. Deon got under the bar and pushed it up. “No spot,” he yelled as he lowered the heavy iron to his black chest. Then he pushed it up His chest muscles bulged as he pressed up the heavy bar. His delts and arms also showed real muscle which was bulging under his black skin. In three days he had built lots of muscle on his pecs, delts and arms. He got the bar to the top and yelled, “Fucking stud!” Then he lowered the bar and cranked out two more hard reps with a spot from Marcus. He jumped up off the bench and flexed his muscles in the mirror. His muscles were aching, but he felt so good and he knew they were gonna grow. The pump he had in his chest was enormous. His chest had never felt or looked like this before. “Those two assholes are sure gonna be sorry what they did to us,” he said as he looked at Justin and his bulging muscles in the mirror. “We’re gonna get so fuckin’ big and strong. Those motherfuckers are gonna meet some real Thugs. We’re not gonna be video game Thugs. We’re gonna be real Thugs that are gonna smash ‘em up so bad they’ll wish they were dead.” Justin grinned and yelled, “Fuck yeah,” and flexed his arms in the mirror. Ryan and Marcus figured out that the assholes were bullies who were going to get their asses kicked. They smiled. They had done the same thing to some bullies when they were freshmen. It’s fun being a member of the Muscle Club.

The boys worked their chests, backs, shoulders and arms during this brutal workout. In each exercise they were at least 50% stronger than they had been three days before. Their muscles were just sprouting on their bodies, popping up and bulging where no muscle was before. Ryan and Marcus guided them on how to do the exercises in the correct way and forced them to use the heaviest weights possible. They did four sets of each exercise, one warmup with the maximum weight they could lift before and then on to the heavier weights. Their bodies started sweating and they drank lots of Gatoraid to replentish their water. Half way though the routine they ate a big energy-protein shake. Finally they did sets of exercises for their abs - crunches, leg lifts and hanging bar leg lifts. Their abs felt so sore, but they also felt hard. They were growing big and strong just like the rest of their muscles. At the end of their two hour workout the boys were completely exhausted. They had worked their muscles beyond the pain barrier, beyond anything they had done before. They had worked them harder than they had ever been worked before. Their upper bodies were totally fatigued. But yet they felt so alive. Their muscles were totally pumped and alive with muscle building blood. They felt that great rush of adrenaline surging through their bodies, adding on to the massive amount of testosterone that was also surging through their blood. They felt so big, so powerful, so strong. They felt like studs.

They looked at their pumped bodies in the mirror and flexed their muscles. Their abs were now showing under their skin. You could clearly see their six packs. Their chests were bulging with pec muscle and their lats were showing under their armpits. Their shoulders now had a layer of muscle covering the bone - their shoulders had grown an inch wider in just these three days. And their arms now had muscle in them. Their biceps bulged with brand new muscle and their triceps popped out as they flexed their arms. Their forearms were bigger too, with veins covering the muscle that was being added at warp speed. Their cocks started getting hard as they watched their flexing muscle. Ryan and Marcus stood next to them and started flexing too. The four boys flexed their muscles and their cocks sprang up and became rock hard as they looked at their bodies. "Time for some fucking," said Ryan, as he spun Deon around to face him and pushed him down to his knees before his rock hard ten inch cock. The big white jock was gonna fuck the little black boy and the big black jock was gonna fuck the little white boy.

And fuck they did, first with a blow job and then with an ass fuck. After their ass fuck, the big boys switched their fuckees and fucked their asses too. Then they fucked the pledges again and again. At the same time, the little fuckees shot their rocks as they felt the giant muscles and huge cocks of their fuckers. At the end of an hour, they had all shot their loads five times. The eroticism was amazing as their teenage hormones allowed them to cum again and again, surging sexual bliss throughout their bodies. Cum was dripping all over the mat and oozing out of the asses of the little fuckees. "God it's great to be a member of the Muscle Club," said Deon as he lay on the mat looking at his own body and the bodies of the other three Muscle Club members, rippling with muscle, soaked with sweat and dripping with cum.

Then Ryan brought out two syringes and shot Justin and Deon with another load of steroids. "Gonna get huge," he said as he shot the liquid into their asses. "Come back tomorrow at the same time for your leg workout. And some more fucking." The boys nodded, put on their clothes and floated out the door. It was like they were in heaven.

They continued eating huge amounts of food, plus their creatine and protein shakes. They spent two hours working out their legs and abs on Sunday. They could hardly stand up after that workout, but they still got off five times with Ryan and Dustin, who rammed their big cocks up their little asses. And they got another shot of steroids. The hormones in their bodies were raging. They had never felt so strong and cocky in their lives. Their bodies were surging with muscle building testosterone and all the protein they were eating. They were putting on strong muscle so fast it was scary. Monday was Labor Day, so they took the day off and rested their bodies, while continuing to eat tons of food, protein shakes and supplements. They could see the muscles growing in their bodies. They knew they were heavier and stronger. They could hardly wait for school on Tuesday. •

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