My Awakening


By johnd7102000

Tony finished putting on his condom while I was still on my knees, looking at his huge body. The muscles of his arms flexed as he put the condom over his mammoth 12 inch cock. I couldn’t get over the size and sheer hardness of his biceps and triceps. And his forearms were twice as big as my upper arms. His cock was hard again already, even though I had given him a blow job just minutes before. “Gonna fuck you real good,” he said. “I bet you got a hell of a tight ass. My big cock is gonna bust right through it. My cock loves to bust through things.” He looked at me with a sneer on his face and I looked at his thick 12 inch weapon. I started trembling as I thought about what this huge muscle monster could do to my virgin little ass with that giant cock. He could see the fear in my face.

He reached down and picked me up like I was a feather. Then he threw me on the bed so I was lying on my back. He picked up some lubricant and rubbed it in my ass, pushing the slimy liquid as far inside as he could with his big fingers. “Don’t be afraid, little boy. I don’t want to hurt you,” he said, looking at my blue eyes. “You’re my cute little girl-boy. I don’t wanna hurt my cute little girl-boy. This big cock would love to bust your little ass, but I’m not going to let it hurt you. I’m gonna be real gentle putting it in. Then I’m gonna fuck the shit outta you.” I sighed as I looked up at his brutally handsome face. What he said had calmed me down, but I was still nervous as I looked at his massive body and his huge cock. He rubbed some lubricant on his cock. Then he reached down with one hand and lifted my little ass off the bed. With his other hand, he guided the head of his cock inside my ass. “Oh it feels so big,” I said. “So big and so hard.” He said “Fuck yeah,” and pushed it in a little further. He started pushing it in and out with his muscular hips, going in a little further each time. I felt my ass opening up to receive the huge monster that my musclegod was pushing in. “So fucking tight,” he hissed. “So fucking hot.” He pushed harder. “Oh Tony,” I yelled. “Oh Tony!” My sphincter muscles were now in pain as he went further and further in, busting them open. But I also felt so erotically alive. His cock was rubbing on my prostate gland and I felt totally aroused as he drove the big weapon in further and further. Finally he gave it one big push and it was in all the way. I had 12 inches of thick cock inside my ass. That huge thing was pushing all the way up to my stomach.

“Yeah,” he said. “You took the whole thing. Your ass is so tight. Now I’m gonna fuck the shit outta you.” He started moving his hips back and forth, pushing his huge cock in and out of my asshole. His ab muscles were flexing as he drove his cock in and out. I grabbed his shoulders and started feeling his huge muscles as he fucked me. I had never felt so good in my life -- getting fucked by an enormous 18 year old muscle god while I got to feel his big, flexing muscles. I ran my hands all over his arms, feeling their huge muscles and their total hardness. I felt his big thick delts and his mountainous pecs. He was sweating again as he pumped his cock into my body and I rubbed my hands all over his sweaty skin. I felt his rock hard washboard abs. As he pumped, the muscle flexed and unflexed. I was in total muscle heaven as I felt him. My cock was rock hard too. I was just so aroused by Tony, his face, his body and his cock.

“Tell me what you’re thinking,” he said, looking into my blue eyes that were looking at him like he was a god. I looked up at his deep brown eyes and said, “Look at your muscles. They’re so big. They’re so hard. They’re so strong. You’re such a fucking man!” He smiled and started to pump harder. “Yeah,” he said. “Real big, real hard and real strong.” He raised his arm and flexed it in my face. I grabbed his bicep and felt the rock-hard muscle bulging. “Oh my god, I yelled. Your arm is like a huge muscle machine. So big, so strong.” He flexed some more. He was obviously liking my muscle worship. “Your face is so beautiful -- so masculine, so strong, so powerful. You are such a stud.” His cock seemed to get harder and he pumped faster. “Yeah,” he said. “I’m a fucking stud!” I squirmed my butt and so I could feel his huge cock better. “And your cock is so massive. So long, so thick and so hard. You’re completely dominating me with your huge muscles and your massive cock.”

He reached under my butt and lifted me up off the bed. Then he let go and was holding me up only by his cock. “Look how strong my cock is. It can hold up your whole body. My cock’s just as strong as my muscles,” he said. He flexed his cock and bounced my body up and down with the sheer force of his big cock muscles. “Fuckin’ strong cock,” he yelled. “My cock’s stronger than shit! I’m a fucking stud!” He was really getting excited. He grabbed me by my shoulders and started lifting me up and down on his cock, lifting me like a puny little barbell while his huge cock pushed in and out of my tight ass. I grabbed his shoulders and felt the thick hard muscles working. I knew he could press 200 pounds with one arm, so pressing my little 120 body with both arms was nothing for this huge muscle god. I looked at his huge delt muscles and said “Oh fuck Tony. You are so big. You are so strong. You have such incredible muscles. You have such a huge cock. I am nothing but a puny little wimp. I’m so skinny. My cock is so small. I am nothing compared to you.” Tony put me back down on the bed and rammed his cock deep inside my ass. “Yeah1” he yelled. He was totally aroused. I wanted him to get more aroused than he had ever been. “You are a total muscle stud. You are the most beautiful man I have ever seen. I want to feel your muscles. I want to smell your sweat. I want to lick your body. I want to kiss your lips. I want you to dominate my puny little body.” Tony yelled “Yeah! Yeah!” and I could feel his cock start twitching. “I’m such a fucking muscle stud! I got more muscle in one arm than you got in your whole body. I’m a fucking stud!” At that he yelled like a lion and started cumming in my ass, twisting his hips and gushing out spurt after spurt of his genetically superior muscle cum. I reached down and grabbed my own cock and immediately I came too, spurting a fraction of the cum Tony was spurting, on my soft belly.

When he finished cumming, he pulled his cock out of my ass and laid down on top of me. I was completely covered by his huge muscular body. Then he put his lips on my lips and kissed me as he moved his massive chest over my tiny little chest. I could feel his huge pecs flexing on top of me. “Great fuck,” he said. “You are such a pretty little girl-boy.” Then he kissed me some more as I ran my hands over his muscles.

After several minutes, we got out of the bed and I dressed. “Fucking great day,” said Tony. “I fucked Debbie this morning, fucked you twice, and now I’m gonna fuck Debbie twice tonight. I’m a fucking fuck machine.” He flexed his arms. His cock was still semi-hard and swung like a big fire hose. I looked at his huge, sweaty body and nodded. “You are a fucking machine. A muscle and cock machine.” He looked me in the eyes. “Yeah, it’s great being so big and muscular. I have a great life.” He flexed his arm in my face. “Be back here the same time tomorrow.” I put my hand on his huge bicep, getting one last feel of that gigantic muscle. Then he picked up some of the ripped up books from the floor and pushed the pages into my arms. “And clean up your mess, little boy.”

I could hardly wait for tomorrow. •

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