My Awakening


By johnd7102000

I looked at Tony with awe and envy in my eyes. Debbie said she wanted a real man and Tony was a man in spades. I was nothing compared to this musclegod. 的 graduated from high school last spring and I知 gonna enter the teen Mr. Ohio contest in a couple of months. I知 really training hard and building up my muscles real fast. I知 gonna be teen Mr. Ohio at age 18. My parents wanted me to go to college but I told 粗m to fuck that, so I moved outta my house and met Debbie at Denny痴. Now I知 livin here and training at Gold痴 gym. I知 really getting big. Adding more plates every week. He flexed his leg and I gasped. 鉄even hundred pound squats, he said proudly. I gulped. This kid was the same age as me! But he was everything I wasn稚. Huge, muscular and strong, bigger and stronger than the biggest guys in my school. He looked at me again and rubbed his cock. I think he noticed that my cock was rock hard.

展here are the books? he asked, looking around the living room where all his sweaty clothes were tossed around. 的 think they池e in the bedroom, I said and I started walking in that direction with Tony behind me. I entered the bedroom and saw the unmade bed. The sheets and pillows were thrown around. 迭ed hot sex, said Tony as he looked at the mess. On the floor there were two 50 pound dumbbells. The full length mirror was still there as were some muscle magazines and more clothes on the floor. I looked over and saw my two books next to the wall. I went over and picked them up. Suddenly, Tony ripped one of the books out of my hands and opened the covers. Then he grabbed the 250 pages with his two huge hands. 擢uckin little book, he yelled as he ripped the pages apart in one big tear. I couldn稚 even imagine the strength it took to rip all those pages apart with one grab of his big hands using the huge muscles in his arms. 滴ey, I yelled. 添ou wrecked my book. He looked at me in the eyes and sneered 展haddya gonna do about it punk? He made fists with his hands and flexed his forearms a couple of times to show me the bulging muscle that powered his hands. The muscles were so big they looked like giant bowling pins, covered with veins and shredded so much you could see the strands of muscle that looked like snakes. Then he grabbed the other book out of my hand, opened it up and ripped it apart too. 溺y muscles are stronger than any fucking book, he said, flexing his forearms and arms. I was petrified at this display of raw strength, but my cock was rock hard.

He grabbed my shirt and ripped it off my body with one strong pull of his right arm, tearing the fibers like they were paper. Then he put his right hand on the back of my head and gave me the biggest, most ravishing kiss I had ever had. I was overwhelmed. His lips felt so good against my lips. The stubble of his black whiskers rubbed against my fair skin. He held the kiss for a long time, pushing his big strong tongue into my mouth. It felt so good to be kissed by this huge man, to be completely overwhelmed by his strength and power over me. I wrapped my arms around his huge chest and felt his thick lat muscles flex as he held my face close to him. I had never felt this way in my whole life. Then he moved his left hand down to my crotch and grabbed my rock hard cock. He rubbed his hand over my cock, feeling the little five inches of hardness. 添ou like my big body, don稚 you little boy? I could tell as soon as you looked at me when I opened the door. I nodded my head as I rubbed my fingers all over his back and his hard, round muscle butt.

He finally released me from the kiss and tore off his shorts. His cock was now rock hard and I couldn稚 believe the size of his mighty weapon. Twelve inches of a thick hard battering ram. I took off my pants and shoes so we were now both naked. . He grabbed me and stood me beside him in front of the full length mirror. I couldn稚 believe the difference in our 18 year old bodies. He was a real man and I was a little boy. He was six inches taller and 120 pounds heavier than I was. He weighed twice as much as me and he was all muscle. His shoulders were over a foot wider than mine, but his waist was only a little bit wider. I couldn稚 believe the tremendous V shape he had, solid lat muscle tapering from his thick wide shoulders to his narrow hips. I had no muscle on my shoulders and no lats at all. His chest was the width of my shoulders, bulging with striated pecs while my chest was puny and flat. His waist was rock hard with corrugated steel washboard muscle while my waist was soft and flabby. His thighs were as big as my waist, huge pillars of solid muscle, striated with thick slabs of quads. His calves bulged with vein covered rock hard muscle. My legs looked like little sticks. His arms were gigantic, hanging down at his sides like huge slabs of beef. He bumped his arm on my arm and I could feel the hot muscle. My arm looked like a little twig. And then there was his face. His face was handsome, handsome in a very rugged, masculine way. His skin was very tan and with his dark brown hair, brown eyes and his one day whiskers he looked like the epitome of masculinity. His jaw was very strong and he had a strong chin. His nose was perfect on his face, not too big and not too small. And when he smiled his teeth were very straight and very white. He was a total stud. Meanwhile, I looked like a little boy, with my light brown hair and blue eyes. He was very tan. He had naturally dark skin and it was tanned to perfection. He had a tan line where his shorts would have been and near his crotch I could see the natural color of his skin. Even the natural color of his skin was tanner than my pansy white skin and with his sunshine tan he looked radiant. Yeah, I was a boy standing next to a real man. My little cock was rock hard as I looked at our bodies.

He moved behind me and held me by the shoulders. I gasped at how big his body was compared to mine. My shoulders were no wider than his chest and he had a foot of muscle-packed shoulders that sprang out on top of his huge chest. His neck was so muscular and thick sitting right above my scrawny neck. His huge traps flared out from his neck when I just had bone from my neck to my bony little shoulders.. His lats were way wider than my body, flaring down from his broad shoulders to his narrow hips that were hidden by mine. 添ou look like a little girl, he said as he looked at my puny little body in front of his huge physique. 添ou got real pretty eyes. He looked at my blue eyes and I looked at his drop dead handsome face. He started rubbing his rock hard cock on my butt and my back. I could feel how huge that cock was. It went way up my back as he rubbed it into my puny little body.. His cock was way more than twice as big as mine. Twelve inches of thick steel compared to five inches of nothing. 鄭 puny little body and a puny little cock, he said, looking at my pathetic dick. He put his big hands on my chest and abs, feeling my flabby wimpiness. I couldn稚 believe how big his hands were. They were way bigger than my hands, full of muscle. And his skin was callused and rough, callused and rough from handing all those heavy weights for years and years. He rubbed his rough hands on my white skin as he rubbed his cock on my butt and back.

的n high school I used to play around with puny guys like you like they were toys. You池e all so fucking weak. I could go up to a kid, grab him by his shirt and lift him up and down ten times with one arm. The kid would look at me with total fear in his eyes. Fuckin cool. Then I壇 put him in a locker and tell him not to come out for two hours. And the kid would always stay in the locker for the full two hours, because of these. He flexed his arms in the mirror and smiled as he looked at his muscles. 鏑ook at those fucking monsters. Those kids were so weak there was nothing they could do about it. He looked over at my body. 擢lex your arms little girl. I flexed my pathetic little sticks and no muscle appeared in the mirror. He laughed. 的 got more muscle in one arm than you got in your whole body. Here watch. Watch my guns pump up real big.

He grabbed the two 50 pound dumbbells and started curling. 的 can add over an inch to each arm by pumping 粗m up real good. All the blood surging into the muscle makes 粗m real big, really pumped and really huge. He curled the 50 pound weights like they were nothing. I knew I could barely lift one off the floor. I watched his biceps start getting red. I could see the muscles bulging out of his skin, covered with veins that were throbbing with blood. 鏑ook at the blood rushing into the muscle. Look how big the muscle is getting, said Tony. He was right. The bicep muscles were bulging more and more out of his skin. The veins were bigger and the muscles were very red. They were getting huge. I couldn稚 resist feeling his biceps as he curled the heavy dumbbells. The muscles were so hot and they felt like steel. When his arms were extended the biceps felt like steel cords, cords of solid muscle. Then when he curled the weights up, the muscle formed a solid ball bigger than a softball, a solid ball of rock hard muscle with a huge peak on top. I ran my hands all over his huge guns. I couldn稚 believe how much muscle he had in his arms. He smiled as he saw me admiring his gigantic guns as he pumped them up. His mammoth cock was rock hard as he watched me worship his huge pumping muscles.

After he finished about 25 reps, he dropped the weights and flexed his arms in the mirror. His upper arms were as big as his head. The biceps were peaked so high - full, round and packed with rock hard muscle. His triceps looked like big footballs of solid muscle underneath. They were pumped too and they were gigantic. 擢uckin huge, he said. 哲ow they池e 22-1/2 inches. One and a half inches of pumped up muscle from those curls. All that blood makes 粗m grow like crazy. They keep getting bigger, harder and stronger. He turned towards me and put his flexed arm right in front of my face. My mouth was open as I looked at his massive arm. 鏑ick it, he ordered. A spasm of erotic pleasure shot up my spine. He was ordering me to lick his huge bicep!

I placed my tongue on the top of his bicep. The skin was salty from all the sweat and it was hot! Blood was gushing through his muscle, bringing heat and redness to his skin. His skin was covered with sweat, first from his workout and now from his curls. I licked the sweat off the top of his bicep, feeling the hard muscle underneath his paper thin skin. I had never tasted anything so good in my whole life. I could feel the individual fibers of hot muscle as I licked. I ran my tongue down over the front of his bicep. The muscle was so large as I stared at it - it was way bigger than my head. I ran my tongue along one huge vein, feeling the hot blood surging through it. I could smell his sweat coming up from his armpit. The sweat smelled so good - the sweat of a huge jock who had just pumped his muscles in his workout with unbelievably heavy weights. As I licked his bicep I ran my hands over his sweaty chest and lats, feeling the giant muscles flexing. 添our muscles are so big, I murmered. 典hey are so big and so strong. You are such a fucking stud! I kissed his bicep and he groaned. 添eah, he said. 擢ucking huge and fucking strong. I could tell he was really getting into my worship of his body. I went down with my tongue to his tricep, which was so big I couldn稚 believe it. 添our arm is so big, so big and so muscular. So much muscle I can稚 believe it. I was almost beside myself. He had more muscle than I had thought possible. 添eah, he said, kind of groaning. 迭eal big. Real strong.

The smell of his jock boy sweat was powerful and I wanted more. I buried my face in his armpit, breathing in the heady powerful smell of his sweat. I took several breaths and it smelled so good. 添our sweat smells so good. You smell like a muscle god. I licked the salty sweat from his armpit, tasting and smelling his wonderful maleness. He was so much of a man! He put his hand on the back of my head and forced it deeper into his huge armpit. 添eah, he said. 典he sweat of a musclegod. His armpit was huge, formed by his massive lat muscles, his huge pec and arm muscles and his big, thick delt muscles. My whole head fit inside the giant cavern of muscle. He lowered his arm over my head and I was enveloped by his brawn. He was so warm, actually hot, and his arm muscles felt solid even though they weren稚 flexed. They enveloped my head like they were made of firm warm putty. I felt so safe and secure inside Tony痴 huge muscles. Then he flexed. Instantly those arm muscles and his chest and lat muscles changed into solid rock. He squeezed down, forcing my head against his rock hard chest. He was crushing my head. 徹h your muscles are so strong, I murmered, barely able to speak. He cranked up the pressure and my head started to hurt. 的知 not even trying hard, he said. 的 could break your head if I wanted to. 徹h shit, I said, thinking about how strong this kid who was the same age as me - really was.

Then he let me loose and forced my head over to his pecs. By now I was in a total frenzy, panting at all the muscle I was seeing and feeling. I started licking his pecs, feeling the huge mounds of muscle with my tongue. His pecs must have been four inches thick. Four inches of hard, striated muscle. I could feel the fibers with my tongue. At the same time, I was feeling his lats and abs with my hands, feeling more muscle than I had ever felt before. I licked the crevice between his pecs and he pushed my head inside the deep gap between his two giant muscles. Then he flexed his pecs, crushing my face between the two globes of muscle. 添our face is no match for those monsters, he said as he watched his muscles crush me. 的 can bench 500 pounds. Think about how strong that muscle is. I nodded my head as much as I could as his hand forced it between the huge mounds of solid muscle. 鉄o fucking big, so fucking strong, I groaned, still licking his salty skin. He let me go and I continued to ravish his body. I started sucking his big erect nipples and he started groaning very loudly. His nipples were huge, just like the rest of him, and it felt so good to be sucking them and feeling the inches of hard muscle underneath. I touched his cock and he moaned even louder. Slowly I wrapped my little fingers around the huge weapon. I couldn稚 believe how thick it was. It felt almost as thick as a soda can. I started running my hand up and down his rock hard cock. I had never imagined a cock could be so large and so hard. At the same time I was sucking his nipples and feeling his muscles with my other hand. I felt his abs, his flexor muscles and his firm round muscle butt. God he was so muscular! I was moaning too. By now, both he and I were in a total sexual frenzy.

鏑ick my balls, he ordered. I dropped down to my knees and looked up at Tony痴 cock and balls. Never before had I seen genitals that were this size. His 12 inch cock was standing straight up, with black pubic hair at the base. His balls hung below and they were massive. They looked to be the size of lemons. As my face got closer to his balls I could smell his hot sweat that was emanating from his crotch. God that smelled good. Hot pungent jock sweat. I opened my mouth and took one of the huge balls inside and started licking it with my tongue. Tony started to groan with pleasure. 添ou池e a great ball sucker, little boy he moaned as I moved from one ball to the other. The balls were too big to get in my mouth together. He was twitching he was so excited. While I was licking and sucking, I was feeling his huge calves and thighs with my hands, feeling the gigantic muscles of his young body. He started twitching more. I could feel his muscles flex as he became more and more aroused. My own cock was rock hard as well. I had never been so turned on in my whole life.

He grabbed his cock and slapped it a couple of times against my face. It was so big and so hard. I couldn稚 believe a cock could have that kind of size, hardness and force as it hit me. 擢ucking huge and fucking hard, he said. 鉄uck it. Suck my big cock. I had never sucked a guys cock before and now I was going to get to suck the biggest hardest cock imaginable. First I started licking the massive thing, starting at his balls and going up to his cock head. I couldn稚 believe how long it was. I couldn稚 believe how thick it was. I licked up and down several times and he was moaning loudly. Then I opened my mouth real wide and wrapped my lips around the thick hard rod. I pushed my head forward, letting about six inches of his cock in my mouth. Then I started licking and sucking. I was in a sexual frenzy and my licking and sucking was totally wild. 徹h fuck, he yelled as I licked and sucked the huge weapon. But I only had half of it in my mouth. Suddenly, he put his hand on the back of my head and pushed the rest of his cock all the way into my throat and esophagus. I wanted to gag, but I couldn稚 because he was in total control with his hand on the back of my head. His cock was deep in my throat and there was nothing I could do about it. But I didn稚 want to do anything. I was loving it. I kept licking and he started thrusting his hips back and forth, moving his cock in and out of my throat. His massive cock in my mouth and throat was so erotic. I was in a frenzy as I licked and sucked. 徹h fuck, he yelled again. His hips were moving faster. Finally he yelled 添eah! and I could feel gushes and gushes of hot cum spurt out of his cock and into my throat and esophagus. He came for over a minute, with spurt after spurt after spurt. I grabbed my own cock and instantly came as well. I had been ready to cum for a long time and I shot my load all over the floor. It was the best orgasm I had ever had. Tony痴 big dick shot five times as much cum as I did but my orgasm was fantastic.

After he was finished cumming, he kept his still hard cock in my mouth as I stroked his legs with my delicate fingers. 添ou池e a fuckin good cocksucker, little boy, he said. 釘etter than any woman I致e had. And I致e had a lot. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and stood above me. His body was really sweaty and his muscles were rippling. He reached over got a condom from the side of the bed. 哲ow I知 gonna fuck you, little boy. I can fuck twice one right after another. He looked at the condom as he stroked his hard cock. 泥ebbie had some condoms here but they were way too small for me. I thought about how those condoms were so big on me. 典hese are new ones. They池e super extra large. Just like me. He flexed his leg and I stared at the huge muscle. I looked up at his massive, muscular young body. My cock was getting hard again too. I had never come twice at the same time, but now I was thinking I would. I had an awakening. I was a total muscle freak. I didn稚 like Debbie痴 boobs. I liked her muscles. And now I was servicing the most beautiful muscular youth I had ever seen. I was in erotic ecstasy. I loved muscles! I knew I would never fuck a woman again. All I wanted was muscle. Tony started putting on the huge condom. He looked at my blue eyes. 添ou are so pretty. And you池e a great cocksucker. I hope your tight little ass can take this huge monster. Then he grabbed the back of my head and kissed me again, shooting his big tongue into my mouth.. My cock was rock hard again. 的知 gonna be fucking you every day, you got that punk? I nodded my head as I stared at his body, totally awakened to my craving for muscle. •

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